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The Best Short Inspiring Video Clips Around

Inspiring Videos

The short, inspiring video clips below will touch your heart and move your soul. Almost everyone who has watched these short clips has come away deeply moved and inspired. Let us spread the inspiration to those around us and throughout the world. For other highly inspiring resources, see our Inspiration Center.

#1 : Baby Laughing (2 minutes)

#2 : It's in Every One of Us (5 minutes)

#3 : Challenge Day (4 minutes - Emmy Award Winning film)

#4 : Softball Miracle (6 minutes)

#5 : W Mitchell (15 minutes)

#6 : Free Hugs Campaign (4 minutes)

#7 : World's Best Dad (4 minutes)

Inspiring Video #1: Baby Laughing

What is more inspiring than a baby laughing with pure joy? This rejuvenating video is guaranteed to at the very least bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. You might even want to bookmark this clip as a favorite after watching the infectious joy of this little one. It's a great one to come back to anytime you might be feeling down or getting too serious about life. Enjoy this precious innocence which we all carry deep within. - two-minute inspiring video clip

Inspiring Video #2: It's in Every One of Us

Gazing into the eyes of the many people you will meet in this five-minute journey, you cannot help but open your heart to the beauty within every one of us. This inspiring video is a potent reminder that each person we meet carries a spark of joy within. When we find ourselves having difficulty with someone in our lives, let us do our best to to remember the beauty and joy that is always there, even when it may not be apparent on the surface. - five-minute inspiring video clip

Inspiring Video #3: Challenge Day

These powerful clips of an Emmy-award-winning documentary are from an inspiring video which depicts the amazing Challenge Day story. Challenge Day has transformed the lives of countless teenagers and even entire schools across North America. Thousands of testimonials every year describe in glowing words how this one-day program dramatically improves teenagers' lives. Some had even been contemplating suicide before Challenge Day, yet now see meaning and real possibilities in their lives. Because of this most empowering work, the transformational Challenge Day program has even been featured several times on the Oprah Show.

Challenge Day is a one-day program offered in hundreds of high schools and junior highs every year which opens students to seeing their common humanity in a way that is simply miraculous. It is not uncommon by the end of the day to find rival gang members hugging each other and saying I'm sorry, even with tears in their eyes. "I am truly sorry to the millions of people I have picked on," commented a former school bully as he hugged a gangly boy he had tormented for several years. Watch either the 4-minute or the 15-minute clip of this video and see if you aren't moved and inspired by this life-changing program. - Inspiring video of Challenge Day (4 min) - Inspiring Challenge Day video (15 min)

For more information on this empowering work which spreads inspiration and transformation every day, explore the engaging material on the Challenge Day website.

Inspiring Video #4: Softball Miracle

Witness how one of the longest trips ever around the baseball diamond literally brings tears to the eyes of both the players and spectators. This closely contested women's college championship game in the American northwest had a most unexpected result. Not only were the losing team the heroes, everyone present left feeling deeply honored and touched at the incredible sportsmanship showed in this moving video clip. - six-minute inspiring video clip

Inspiring Video #5: W. Mitchell

Meet one of the world's most inspiring speakers, W Mitchell. We all face challenges of varying degrees every day. And change—sometimes invited, sometimes unasked for—is often our biggest challenge. W Mitchell knows about challenge, change, and courage—all first hand. From co-founding a company that put thousands to work, from his election as mayor, from a fiery motorcycle accident that burned over 65% of his body, and from the airplane crash that left him paralyzed, Mitchell exudes grace, good humor, and powerful inspiration.

W Mitchell's inspiring message reflects his philosophy on life: "It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it." See Mitchell's inspiring website at Don't miss the incredibly inspiring 15-minute video clip of W Mitchell at the link below: - 15-min. inspiring video

Inspiring Video #6: Free Hugs Campaign

In just four-minutes, the engaging video "Free Hugs Campaign" takes us on a wild journey with unexpected, yet heart-warming results. The video has spread rapidly around the Internet to inspire many millions to consider the changes we can make by simply giving more hugs. See also an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia's leading newspaper, on this wonderful phenomenon and explore the Free Hugs Campaign website devoted to this inspiring new movement. Other inspirational videos show how this wonderful campaign has spread around the world. - four-minute inspiring video clip

Inspiring Video #7: World's Best Dad

The final inspiring video on this list depicts the incredibly moving story of an amazing father who so loves his handicapped son that he almost moves mountains to bring joy and fulfillment into his life. Dick Hoyt's deep dedication to his son has touched the lives of millions. Their story continues to inspire all of us to remember that it is the deeper things in life that truly bring us closer to ourselves and to all around us. You may appreciate this inspiring video even more if you first read the short, powerfully moving story of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick as reported in Sports Illustrated at this link. - four-minute inspiring video clip

We invite you to share these inspiring videos with your friends and colleagues. Using the amazing power of the Internet, we can send waves of meaningful inspiration around our planet. And for a number of other truly amazing videos, click here. Have a most wonderful and inspiring day, week, and life ahead!

Special Note: This list was compiled by Fred Burks for this website and the PEERS team. Fred was a language interpreter for George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. You can listen to an engaging 24-minute radio interview describing Fred's high-level interpreting activities and more. This talk is from his appearance in an episode titled "Journeys Toward Truth" on the excellent program Hitchhiking Off the Map. Though not at the level of the inspiring videos above, you might enjoy his story.

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