Optical Illusions
Disappearing Dots: A Most Amazing Optical Illusion

This is one of the most amazing optical illusions ever: the disappearing dots. Below you see a rotating array of blue crosses with a central flashing green dot and three stationary yellow dots. Stare at the flashing green dot in the center. The surrounding yellow dots soon magically disappear; at times singly, in pairs, or all three simultaneously. A steady stare favors disappearance, while blinking and moving your eyes brings them back. In reality, the three yellow dots are always there!

Variations on this optical illusion: You can use the "slower" and "faster" buttons to the right of the image to change the speed of rotation. The optical illusion persists down to surprisingly low speeds. Use the "larger" and "smaller" buttons to change the size of the yellow dots. The dots continue to disappear up to surprisingly large sizes. The "back-col" button changes the background color. The yellow dots disappear no matter what the color of the background. The "defaults" button at the top restores the standard settings to this intriguing optical illusion.

This fascinating optical illusion was developed by Prof. Michael Bach PhD, Ophthalmology, University of Freiburg, Germany, from his excellent collection of optical illusions and visual phenomena. For more optical illusions developed by Prof. Bach, click here.

For another truly mind-boggling optical illusion, click here. And for an amazing demonstration of how our visual perception can be mistaken, click here. Enjoy!!!

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