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Battle of Harvest Moon &

The True Story of Space Shuttles

By "One Who Knows"















14 END OF THE WORLD 9-17-82

















Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttles


As I begin writing this report [1994], the news is telling about a strange USAIR airplane crash in Pennsylvania. Next day a plane crashed in Moscow. CNN told about a fireball that was reported from Bakersfield California, to Medford Oregon. They said it occurred about 6 or 6:15 in the morning on Saturday, September 10 (1994) and was so bright that the light shining through windows woke up some people. They showed a house in San Rafael with a hole in the roof from a piece of something falling from the sky.

An Ariane rocket was launched from French Guyana and was lost, a day before. Several earthquakes have occurred in California, including one that CNN showed on a map, southwest of Lake Tahoe. About 15 minutes later, CNN began telling about the Space Shuttle firing lasers at Earth and showed a view of Earth, with Lake Tahoe in the upper right corner of the screen. If you put the two together, then you see that the Columbia Space Shuttle is firing laser beams at Earth "for environmental purposes," precisely where the earthquakes are occurring. The President went to Camp David , then when the President returned (?), a plane crashed into the White House. Later he gave a speech in a room of the White House, then just after he left a fire broke out in the room. Rosh Hashanah is recently passed (September 6-7, 1994), and Yom Kippur is coming up (September 15, 1994). The President has ordered 8,300 Navy, 1,800 Marine and 4,000 Army personnel along with 15 or 20 warships to [prepare to] invade Haiti.


If what you are about to read does not scare the pants off you, then you must not be wearing any. Pay attention and this information may save your life. The purpose of this article is to inform you briefly about some of the secret wars that are going on between the Powers-That-Be that are struggling for control of the world.

In 1978, I was head of a Mensa special interest group called the Doomsday Club News and Intelligence Report. I wrote a newsletter for the Club. In the May, 1978, issue I said:

"WAR is an ever-present danger, much closer than most people realize. Now Russia is testing 'killer satellites' and laser and particle beam weapons, while the U.S. is undertaking a major program to develop counterbeam weapons - a real Star Wars battle is taking shape. War in space is now possible and the likelihood of it grows. A program is now under way to determine the feasibility of using the Space Shuttle for defense purposes." What I did not know at that time, was the fact that the space war had already started. This manuscript will provide more details.

In the same newsletter, I mentioned that Richard Helms of the CIA had been fired by President Carter, and recommended that the reader contact the Security & Intelligence Fund (at address included) for more information. I listed the staff members a s James Angleton, Elbridge Durbrow, Brig Gen. Robert Richardson, Former Secy. of Navy and Treasury Robert Anderson, former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral G. W. Anderson, and other names that become important later in this story.


On page 10, I said: "The U.S. is shifting its defense to sub-launched ballistics missiles and air-launched cruise missiles, as silo-based ICBMs become vulnerable to a pre-emptive first strike by the Soviet Union." The B-52, F-14, F-15, and F-16 will be equipped with cruise missiles over the next five years, in the Pacific Region. This posture indicates admission that nothing standing still in the U.S. can be protected - only aircraft and submarines have a chance of surviving a first strike.

"Independent congressional studies already have been completed that show that by 1980 the Russians could conduct a first strike against the Minuteman force with a strong probability of being able to destroy the majority of U.S. ICBMs, and that by as early as 1981 the U.S. will no longer have a sufficient deterrent to preclude a Soviet first strike." I continued with a quote from Aviation Week & Space Technology, (p. 14, Apr. 3, 1978), about the numbers of missiles that we and Russia had. Later on the page I mentioned about Defense Secretary Harold Brown proposing a sharp increase in civil defense spending, including funding a study to plan faster evacuation of cities during threat of a nuclear attack. What was going on? Why was the U.S. shifting its defense strategy, and suddenly emphasizing the importance of civil defense?

In my July issue of the DCN&IR newsletter, I quoted General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said: "What the Soviets are doing is unsettling, principally because none of us know why." I said: "General Alexander Haig, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe , warned Washington in March of the fundamental change in the Warsaw Pact Air Arm to "an offensive character." I continued by saying that I felt that Russia was preparing to defend itself from the threat of a rearmed Germany. I mentioned that most of the U.S. nuclear force was on German soil. On page 7 I said that " Japan , for the first time since World War II, has ordered its armed forces to prepare defense plans to protect itself from foreign attack."

On page 10, I quoted Alexander Solzhenitsyn as saying, "No weapons, no matter how powerful, can help the West until it overcomes its loss of willpower. To defend oneself, one must be ready to die."


Th cover headline article of my October 1978 issue was NUCLEAR WEAPONS - SOON OBSOLETE! The following is what that article said:

General George Keegan - grad of Harvard, flew 56 combat missions in WWII, earned Distinguished Service Cross in Vietnam , Executive VP of U.S. Strategic Institute, Chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence. About two years ago he retired from the Air Force, because he saw some critical dangers to the U.S. that he was not allowed to reveal to the public. He tried to warn the Powers in the White House but they laughed at him. So about 19 months ago he made the first public references to secret Russian research on *charged-particle beam weapons.* Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine followed up on his information and determined that he was essentially correct. However, President Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, both badly briefed by the CIA, ridiculed Keegan.

U.S. scientists at Lawrence Livermore Lab (bicycle riding distance from me) undertook Project See-Saw to determine if the U.S. could build particle beam weapons. The decision was that it was presently impossible to build such a weapon and since we are so far ahead of the Soviets technologically, it was ridiculous to think they were building one. Keegan revealed his findings on Soviet particle beam developments to CIA head William Colby in 1975. Colby convened the Nuclear Intelligence Panel which determined that, since the US could not build such a weapon, it was impossible that the Soviets were doing it. Colby never passed the information from the Air Force intelligence on to the President or Secretary of Defense.

Keegan retired and started making the information public, through the American Security Council (of which I am a member of the National Advisory Board) and other groups. His story was greeted with high-level official sneering, the most acrimonious sneers coming from the self-styled "nuclear engineer" President Jimmy Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown (formerly from Lawrence Livermore Lab). "But despite the official denials, the Soviets continued their work, carrying at least eight electron-beam experiments into space on board Cosmos, Soyuz and Salyut spacecraft..." (AW & ST) and conducting tests at Semipalatinsk and Sarova. "At the same time, younger U.S. physicists, uninhibited by the ego problems of their elders, also were making progress on the key techniques required for beam weapons development.  Now the tide has turned. A full-scale U.S. effort to tackle the technology required to determine the feasibility of beam weapons development is being organized at the highest level in the Pentagon. Even the most stubborn skeptics now acknowledge that leaving this field uncontested to the Soviets is a risk the U.S. cannot afford to take. Because of the extreme public embarrassment this series [of articles] will bring to... President Jimmy Carter, and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, who saw his contemporaries try and fail in Project See-Saw, there is still an attempt to shroud the program in official secrecy" (Aviation Week & Space Technology, Oct. 2, 1978).

The article states, "Experts on Capitol Hill, who have surveyed all the evidence including secret data not available to us, have concluded that Gen. Keegan's assessment was essentially correct..." Edward Teller has informed key senators that Gen. Keegan's analysis was right on the core of the matter."

The Soviets have already successfully tested particle beam weapons (as has France !). " U.S. particle beam weapons experts who have access to U.S. intelligence information and personal contacts with Russian physicists involved in magnetic and plasma physics programs believe the Soviets will field a ground-based proton beam weapon between 1980-1983."


The Pentagon has initiated a program called "Chair Heritage" to field our own system by about 1982. It formerly was mostly a Navy program at the Naval Post-graduate facility in Monterey CA, but is now being combined with the Army SIPAPU project (space beams, as opposed to beams carried on Navy vessels) and others - it seems that now everybody who is anybody is getting involved (Lawrence Livermore Lab, Sandia Corp., Defense Nuclear Agency, CIA, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, University of Texas , Austin Research Associates, etc.).

If you remember, Russia beat us into space with Sputnik, then we went into a crash program to get ahead of them. Vannevar Bush once said that it was impossible to build a ballistics missile capable of going 3000 miles, but within 10 years Russia had them and we were just beginning a crash program to catch up.

Now we are once again in a race for strategic superiority, but this time Russia may field their system in 2 years while it appears that we require at least 5 years - but then things can change quickly.

A problem we now have is the top leadership - the President and Secretary of Defense - may hold back progress because they do not like to admit their mistake. In the past, there were several intelligence services, all in competition with each other trying to be the most accurate and when one service goofed, the other pointed it out. Now, Carter has unified the intelligence services under Stansfield Turner and all intelligence reports must be through Turner before they get to the Defense Secretary or President from men such as Gen. Keegan, Gen. Singlaub, etc. It also creates the chance that the President can be considerably misinformed or uninformed. This, in the long run, could be an even greater danger to the U.S. than the particle beam weapon!


So what is a particle beam weapon? It is similar to a laser, but it is not a laser. Lasers shoot a beam of electromagnetic radiation (light), while particle beam weapons shoot a beam of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, ions, etc.). What this means is that NUCLEAR WEAPONS MAY SOON BECOME OBSOLETE.

Whoever puts satellites with particle beam weapons into orbit first (property controlled by complex sensors and computers) can control the world. ANY GUIDED MISSILE OR AIRCRAFT CAN THEN BE ZAPPED OUT OF EXISTENCE IN A FRACTION OF A SECOND AFTER LAUNCH.

Under those conditions, we will still have nuclear bombs, but it would be impossible to deliver them against an enemy who is protected by particle beams.

An editorial in AW & ST said, "For beam weapons offer the promise of reducing strategic nuclear weapons to a negligible factor in the future. If successfully deployed, beam weapons can end the long reign of nuclear terror introduced by the ballistic missile and its thermonuclear warhead. If the Soviets achieve this capability first, it will give them enormous crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the world. If the U.S. achieves it first, there will be no need for flimsy SALT agreements, and in a dead heat, the citizens of this planet can look forward to a shifting of international tensions from the strategic nuclear area to more conventional and less devastating weapons."

If you want to know what particle beam weapons are like, just watch "Star Wars" or Battlestar Galactica."

This is the end of the quote from my 1978 newsletter. And now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story!

Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle on September 26, 1977. The *Encyclopedia Brittanica* says its purpose was for "international scientific research in charged particles and micrometeorites." What, a charged particle satellite? Already in space? What did we just read above? "If the Soviets achieve this capability FIRST, it will give them enormous crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the world."


The Battle of the Harvest Moon began on September 17, 1977. Russia began destroying our spy satellites using "killer satellites." On September 27, Russia destroyed our SECRET MOON BASE. On September 29, 1977, Russia launched the Salyut 6 manned space station into orbit.

First, let's explore a little background. The book *War In Space* by James Canan, 1982, Harper & Row, p. 153 says: "High-energy weapons, their perils and their promise, began penetrating the congressional consciousness in the late seventies, and it was Major General George J. Keegan USAF - 'crazy George' to his critic, 'brilliant George' to his admirers - who started it all. Keegan undoubtedly harbored one of the very highest IQs ever to grace the military establishment, which is, stereotypes to the contrary, saying quite a lot.

Keegan was in Air Force intelligence for many years, and in charge of it, starting in 1972, for five... By the mid-seventies, Keegan's Air Force intelligence empire, as his critics dubbed it, had a population of about 50,000 and was spending nearly $3 billion a year. Keegan had access to HUMINT sources inside Russia and elsewhere, to all the albums of the photorecce satellites and all the tapes of the ELINT satellites."

P. 155: "In 1972, a young civilian scientist in the employ of Air Force intelligence had come to Keegan with 'evidence of a Soviet effort to develop one of the greatest strategic weapons of all time - a beam weapon of great, high energy that would be used to destroy ballistic missiles in flight for the ultimate defense of the Soviet Union.'

Having spent three years studying nuclear physics at the graduate level, Keegan took it upon himself to team up with that young scientist in the examination of evidence gleaned from unclassified Soviet scientific papers. He concluded that the young man was onto something, and he put his troops to work. With Keegan in direct control, an Air Force intelligence team sifted and collated reports from inside Russia and from satellite photographs and communications intercepts concerning a sprawling complex of buildings, pipes, and what-not at Semipalatinsk in south-central Soviet Asia.

What the Soviets had built there - starting with their underground positioning of two huge spheres in the early 1970s - was a facility for the testing of charged-particle beams... a sizable segment of the U.S. scientific community jumped all over Keegan, accusing him of trafficking in paranoia."

P. 157: "In 1974, two years after General Keegan began sounding off in top-secret circles about the Russian work at Semipalatinsk , particle beams came back into vogue at the Pentagon. A Defense Department document described what happened: the Navy initiated its "Chair Heritage' program involving electron beam development [for] 'application to defense of ships against all forms of attack by aircraft and missiles... The Army also began a separate program to demonstrate the production of high-current ion beams.'

The first Army program, called 'SIPAPU' (an American Indian word for sacred fire) is controlled by the Ballistic Missile Defense Command at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and centered at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Chair Heritage, transferred to DARPA control in 1980, is being conducted by the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Livermore..." I trust that some of my readers will take note of that word "Sipapu."


Until mid-1979, I worked for Control Data Corporation in Sunnyvale , California, in the "skunk works" division. One of the projects on which I worked was Chair Heritage.

For confirmation for researchers, I will provide the following information: My boss was Phil Myers. Program Managers were JM Moore (TIGS, IOS projects), Jack Crawford, JL Smith, CR Shuler, LH Woodward, WA Osborne, and others.

Some of the projects were code named STC, RFREDA, BRONCO, MARE ISLAND , A4, LATFAC, DALFAC, RKYDSO, etc. It would do you no good to know what these names stood for - TIGS stood for Terminal Integrated Graphics, IOS was Integrated Operating Systems, DALFAC was Dallas Facility, etc.

Just suffice to say that we had the world's most powerful computers (Star 100 which was a Cray computer, etc.) and we were involved in the U.S. 's most secret projects. Our customers included the weather facility at Monterey CA, (weather satellites do more than observe the weather), Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), NASA, and, oh yes, THE IRS. One of my friends spent all his free time away from the job studying anti-gravity, so it was not too hard to guess what his job concerned.

General Keegan and Carter's Secretary of Defense Harold Brown did not see eye to eye - could the fact that Brown's father was a Russian Jew (I forget his real name) have had anything to do with it? As a military officer, Keegan was forbidden to say anything to the public, so in January 1977 Keegan resigned and set up the civilian American Security Council and began traveling over the country giving speeches to try to awaken everybody. He failed.

Keegan died in March, 1993. His obituary in the *New York Times* said, "He asserted that the Soviet Union was building a civil-defense system that would ensure a reasonable rate of survival from nuclear exchange. He also believed that the Russians were close to deploying futuristic charged particle-beam weapons." The book *Deep Black: Space Espionage and National Security* by William E. Burrows, Random House, a history of spy satellites, has more information on Keegan.


Have you ever REALLY wondered why the U.S. never went to the moon again? Do you remember *Skylab?* The official story is *Skylab* was launched May 14, 1973. It was to be America 's manned space station. On 5/25/73 a Saturn rocket carried the first crew (Conrad, Kerwin & Weitz) to *Skylab,* a mission that lasted nearly a month.

The second crew (Alan Bean, Owen Garriott, and Jack Lousma) was launched 7/28/73, a mission that lasted nearly two months. Both missions were plagued by failures, leaks and other problems.

The third manned *Skylab* mission began November 14 with Gerald Carr, William Pogue and Edward Gibson. It was said that the mission was delayed six days because of cracks in the Saturn rocket's tail fins.

Russia had launched a space station on April 3, but on April 14 it blew up, what was described as a "catastrophic malfunction."


After the amazing successes of the Apollo missions, for some reason NASA started having all kinds of bad luck. "In the U.S. the success of the first flight of the Space Shuttle orbiter was clouded by two catastrophic failures of previously reliable rocket launch vehicles.

After preliminary taxi test on the runway and flights mated to its Boeing 747 jet carrier plane, the Shuttle orbiter Enterprise was pronounced ready for release from its mother plane. On August 12, at Edwards Air Force Base in California, astronauts Fred W. Haise, Jr., and C. Gordon Fullerton guided the Enterprise to a 'superslick' landing on the floor of Rogers Dry Lake 5 minutes and 23 seconds after being released from the 747.

A second flight, with astronauts Joe H. Engle and Richard H. Truly, on September 13 was equally successful. Haise and Fullerton put the Enterprise through yet another landing ten days later. An ill omen appeared at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in mid-May, when a small, strap-on solid-propellant booster rocket fell from its bracket on the first stage of a Delta vehicle and damaged it. The booster was being prepared to launch the Orbital Test Satellite for ESA.

The satellite was destroyed on September 13 when its Delta launch vehicle exploded one minute after lift-off, apparently because one of its solid-propellant strap-on rockets detonated. Only 16 days later, a Centaur booster with an Intellsat 4A communications satellite on board also went up in flames only one minute after launch" (*Encyclopedia Brittanica Book of the Year,* 1978, p. 638.

Friends, it's time you learned the real story. In October, 1977, a newly operational Russian Cosmos Interceptor shot down *Skylab. Skylab,* along with its crew of five American astronauts secretly aboard, died in a giant fireball over the United States. NASA immediately initiated a prolonged cover-up of what had happened. How do I know? Suffice it to say, I have a very high-up source of information.



NASA wanted everyone to forget about that mysterious headline-making fireball, so they pretended that *Skylab* was still in orbit but sinking unexpectedly. NASA used stories about the Space Shuttle as part of their *Skylab* cover-up. They pretended that perhaps the Shuttle would come along in time to save *Skylab.* This was simply a double lie by NASA. First, *Skylab* could never be saved because it had already been destroyed. Secondly, the United States was in no position at that time to launch the Shuttle or anything else of a military nature into space. Russia was deploying her secret new Space Triad of advanced manned space weapons.

Russian Cosmos Interceptors had starting sweeping the skies clear of American Spy Satellites, and Russian hovering electrogravitic weapons platforms, the Cosmospheres, were making headlines by creating enormous air booms along the coasts of America , and still do so. All of these things took place just as America's Space Shuttle Program was getting off the ground.


The result was a complete reorganization of the Shuttle Program. The old plans to bathe it in continuous publicity were tossed. The "Bolsheviks" in our government, who had replaced the Rockefeller cartel in many areas of power, cast a net of secrecy over all the new military plans. We were never told about the capabilities of the training Shuttle *Enterprise,* and we were never told about the many things which were going on at White Sands in the military Shuttle Program. By keeping these things secret, the Bolsheviks placed themselves in a powerful position to deceive us and the deceit has continued non-stop.

We were never told about the modified NASA 747 which carried a complete replica of the crew quarters and cargo bay of a Shuttle - and still does. We were unaware that that airplane, originally intended for training, was to become a Bolshevik tool of deception against us. When we saw video tapes of astronauts in the simulated Shuttle cockpit, we naturally thought it was the real thing. Seeing a notebook float in mid-air for a few seconds next to the astronauts, we were supposed to think they were weightless because they were in orbit.

We were given no clue that those moments of weightlessness had taken place months earlier in a mock-up. Further, what would you do if you were an astronaut faced with the fact that Russia has just turned the corner and can destroy your nation with one blast? Do you not think that a good patriot would go along with the game? However, that brings us to a serious problem - perhaps the pictures fooled a lot of Americans and the world - they did not fool the new rulers of Russia. They had learned the previous fall what the flight of the * Columbia * was really all about and, when the *Columbia* was launched on April 12, the Russians were ready and waiting!


The real mission plan was for a short mission. The astronauts were supposed to get into orbit and deploy the military satellite from the *Columbia's* cargo bay very quickly; then they were to return to Earth - not aboard the Shuttle but in a very special re-entry capsule. Two days later they were supposed to land the disguised Shuttle *Enterprise* at Edwards Air Force Base as the final act in the falsified drama staged for our benefit.

For the first time in three years the Pentagon was hoping to get a Spy Satellite into orbit that could not be shot down immediately by Russia. This attempt was destined to continue by our nerdniks into disaster after disaster.

You must know what happened in the front end to have any idea what continues. If you can think back to American space launches of the past, some may have noticed something very unusual about the launch of the *Columbia.* In the past, manned space launches from Cape Canaveral were always made toward the southeast, toward the equator, but not so with the *Columbia.* It was launched to the northeast, away from the equator. The reason for this was the secret space reconnaissance mission of the *Columbia.*

In its public news releases, NASA told everyone that *Columbia* was launching into a 44-degree orbit - that is, it would never go farther north or south than 44 degrees above and below the equator. But the actual orbit chosen for the *Columbia* was a 69-degree orbit. A 69-degree orbit was chosen because it would take the * Columbia , and the Spy Satellite inside it, all the way north to the Arctic Circle and beyond. That is the kind of orbit that is necessary if a spy satellite is to fly reconnaissance over Russia.

The northeast launch of the *Columbia* was done in order to enable the Spy Satellite to start gathering data over Russia only minutes after the *Columbia* reached orbit. Time was of the essence in any attempt to spy on Russia. Every American spy satellite launched at Russia during the prior three years had been blinded or shot down before gathering much data.

The secret flight plan for the * Columbia * was completely different from what NASA claimed in public. The plan called for *Columbia* to be launched on an initial northeast course in the general direction of Bermuda, then roughly 2-1/2 minutes after launch, *Columbia* was to begin an unorthodox course change - a wide sweeping turn into the north. This unprecedented curving launch was intended as an evasive sneak past any Russian Cosmospheres that might be waiting overhead. Still accelerating on its curving course, the *Columbia* was supposed to pass about 100 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Roughly 200 miles east of Washington, D.C., the Shuttle's main engines were to cut off. After coasting in silence for a few seconds, the fuel tank was scheduled to cut loose as the *Columbia passed 100 miles east of New Jersey.

For the next two minutes the Shuttle and its fuel tank were to be coasting onward past the east tip of Long Island , over Boston , and onward toward Maine. During that time the Shuttle was supposed to maneuver away from the fuel tank, using small maneuvering jets.

Finally, just as the *Columbia* passed over New Brunswick, Canada, the flight plan called for the orbital maneuvering engines to be fired. Somewhere over the Labrador Sea, flying upside-down, the *Columbia* was scheduled to reach Earth orbit. As soon as it did so, the flight plan called for astronauts Young and Crippen to go to work fast.


In less than ten minutes time they were supposed to open up the cargo bay doors and turn on the sensors of the Spy Satellite resting inside. As they did these things, the *Columbia* was to be racing over the south tip of Greenland, out over the middle of the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland, above the Arctic Circle, and then dipping back southward toward northern Norway, Finland, and Russia. According to the flight plan, the * Columbia * was scheduled to cross the Russian border just south of the strategic Kola Peninsula. This would be only some less than 23 minutes after lift-off. At that instant initial reconnaissance over Russia was to be under way. The Spy Satellite inside the cargo bay, even though not yet deployed, would have had a perfect view downward through the open doors of the upside-down shuttle.

The *Columbia* was intended to fly over a course across Russia that began just west of the strategic White Sea in extreme Northwestern Russia. From there the planned course of the *Columbia* was to take it southeastward over some 2500 miles of strategic Russian territory. During the first minute alone, the satellite was expected to see parts of the highly sensitive Kola Peninsula , the White Sea , including the super secret submarine yards near Kazan, one of the bases of Russia 's flying ABM system. This system uses charged particle beams carried by supersonic TU-144 Transports.

Toward the end of the first pass over Russia the Spy Satellite was expected to gather data on two more of Russia's four Cosmodromes - those of Baiokonur and Tyuratam. In between, numerous other war targets were also to come under scrutiny. The spy satellite in the * Columbia 's* cargo bay was expected to see all that during its very first pass over Russian territory. It would all take only 8-1/2 minutes. Then the * Columbia * would have crossed the border with Afghanistan , heading toward India. Barely 10 minutes later, the Spy Satellite was to be radioing its data down to the American receivers at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Now, that WAS the plan. The military planners were confident that their Spy Satellite would get at least this planned first look at Russia. They were sure that * Columbia 's* curving launch and the short time involved would prevent Russia from thwarting the mission. * Columbia * took off from Cape Canaveral at 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time, that Sunday morning. By 7:23 * Columbia * was expected to be over Russia already. By 7:31 * Columbia * was expected to be leaving Russian skies, and by 7:45 that same Sunday morning the military planners expected to have their first reconnaissance data from Russia.


The plan sounded plausible but the 'planners' were falling victim to the very intelligence gap which they themselves created in America years before. Russian Intelligence agents were able to learn the general outlines of the * Columbia * mission plan some six months prior to launch. It is worse today, for there are more KGB agents in the CIA than there are "loyal" Americans.

Fully a month before the public roll-out of the *Columbia * at the Cape in November of 1980, the Russian Space Command was studying the problem. There was no question about one thing: The * Columbia 's* mission could not be allowed to succeed.

Given even a shred of up-to-date reconnaissance data, the Bolsheviks in America were determined to set off a nuclear war. Even so, there was a question about the best way to spoil the mission. Several possibilities were considered, including sabotage or simply blasting the * Columbia * out of the sky. All were rejected because they shared one weakness. Each alternative would halt one Shuttle mission, but it would not stop the Shuttle Program as a whole, and Russia 's goal was to completely shut down the Space Shuttle Program.

At last they hit upon the solution. What was needed was a Space Age version of the famous U-2 incident of two decades prior. In the waning days of the Eisenhower Administration, Russia had publicly accused the United States of invading its air space with spy flights. That was before the era of Spy Satellites, and invading other countries' air space was a serious charge in the eyes of the world.

American spokesmen tried to diffuse the growing furor while carefully avoiding a definitive denial of the charges; but the Russians kept it up. Finally President Eisenhower became so exasperated that he flatly denied, in public, that America was flying spy planes over Russia.

That was exactly what the Russians were waiting for. The Russians promptly did what American Intelligence specialists thought they could not do - they shot down a high-flying U-2 on a flight over Russia. The name of the CIA pilot, the late Francis Gary Powers, filled the headlines world-wide overnight. The Russians had made a liar of the President of the United States.

A summit had been scheduled between President Eisenhower and Nikita Kruschev, but the Russians icily called it off. In studying the * Columbia * situation, the Russians decided to make the focus of similar nature. After all, all they would need would be to land that Shuttle intact.

Russia protested continuously about the military nature of the Shuttle Program, and perceived they would be able to shock the world with the truth of it by simply proving it. They would put the crashed Shuttle on public display together with its nuclear-powered, laser-firing Spy Satellite. The Kremlin liked the plan, and agreed to it. To further emphasize the parallels with the 1960 U-2 incident, Russia had recently proposed a summit with the United States. The plan was to withdraw the summit proposal in protest after shooting down the * Columbia. *

The Russian Space Command went to work several months earlier to get ready. They were faced with a big order: to bring down the * Columbia * on Russian Territory without totally destroying it. As recently as only a year prior it would have been totally impossible to even consider such a thing. However, the Russians now had a new space tool to do the job. It was the third version of the Russian levitating weapons platform, the Cosmosphere. They were and are called "Super Heavies" by the Russian Space Command.


The Russian Super Heavy Cosmospheres were still considered experimental in nature but had vast improvements integrated since the early 1980s. Even so, by '80/81 the Russians had already built seven of them. In terms of volume, they are bigger than the Goodyear Blimp, they are even bigger than the biggest dirigibles ("zeppelins") of the '30s. They could carry a payload of more than 50 tons, far more than the Space Shuttle; and they were equipped with powerful electromagnetic propulsion which could take the Cosmosphere all the way to orbital speed. In short, the jumbo Cosmosphere was actually Russia 's Space Shuttle. It was fully operational.

In order to carry out their attack on the Space Shuttle * Columbia ,* Russia 's entire fleet of seven jumbo Cosmospheres were made ready. Five were outfitted with special grappling equipment to enable them to seize a very large object in space. The other two were outfitted with neutron particle beam weapons. These weapons were the same type as were used in the " Battle of the Harvest Moon" in September 1977.


At 7:00 A.M. Sunday morning, April 12, 1981, the rocket engines of the Space Shuttle * Columbia * roared to life. Moments later the giant solid boosters were fired, and the * Columbia * took off. As it climbed, it rolled around and started leaning into the flight path toward space. As we watched on television, it rapidly dwindled off into the northeast. The solid boosters separated and peeled away to each side. Moments later the * Columbia * vanished from the TV screen.

The television scene then shifted to the alleged Mission Control in Houston - all of this had been set up well in advance. Yes, I know you will find this hard to believe!

The NASA computer-controlled map started tracking the alleged course of the *Columbia.* According to the map, * Columbia * was heading out over the Atlantic toward Bermuda ; but at that moment, free of the solid boosters, * Columbia * was already starting its long sweeping curve to the north. One hundred fifty miles east of Charleston South Carolina, Russia's fleet of 7 jumbo Cosmospheres were hovering high over the ocean as the Space Shuttle approached on its elaborate curving path, upside-down with the huge fuel tank on top.


The two Cosmospheres armed with neutron beams closed in on the * Columbia * from below and a bit to the rear, where they could not be seen by Young or Crippen. The other five jumbo Cosmopheres with their grappling equipment, flew in formation above and well behind the fuel tank to be out of the line of fire. The Cosmopheres pace the Shuttle until it reached a predetermined altitude and speed.

Then the armed Cosmospheres opened up with their neutron beams. Firing at point-blank range, each Cosmosphere fired just two bursts from its beam weapon, "WHOOMP! WHOOMP!" The first salvo flooded the cockpit area and an area near the engines in the rear. Young and Crippen died instantly, the neutron radiation having totally disrupted all activity of their nervous systems, brains, eyes, and hearts.

At the same time the Shuttle's engines shut down. A fraction of a second later, the second salvo flooded neutron radiation into the nose and an area beneath the cargo bay. These shots were calculated to derange and shut down the * Columbia 's* flight computers - that is, all the computers except one. The Russians wanted the backup computer to take over and do its job - that is, make an emergency automatic re-entry and crash landing in Russia. They anticipated that it would do so because the backup computer is heavily shielded against radiation. The shielding is a material more efficient than lead. It is GOLD!

The Russians fully expected that "Gold Computer," as it is known in certain circles, would take over after the engines shut down.

Within some 10 seconds after the engines shut down, the fuel tank, still a third full, was automatically cast loose. The Gold Computer was now flying the Shuttle. The five jumbo Cosmospheres with grappling equipment, fastened onto the fuel tank. Then using their powerful electromagnetic propulsion, they veered away with the tank. From its northeasterly course, the tank was swerved around over the North Atlantic in a great arc until it was heading southeast instead. The Cosmospheres then accelerated to orbital speed and cast the fuel tank loose.

Three years prior to this the First Cosmospheres had sen a message by way of enormous air booms along America 's East Coast. Do you remember hearing the discussion on the news about the mysterious "sonic booms" that were being heard along the coast? Now Russia 's newest Cosmospheres were using the Shuttle fuel tank to send a chilling new message to America 's Bolshevik war planners.

Meanwhile the armed Cosmospheres followed the *Columbia * itself. Having had its engines shut down prematurely, the * Columbia * was well below orbital speed. It was following a ballistic path, just like an ICBM, into the heart of Russia. It looked as though the Russian plan was going to work to perfection - but then the unexpected happened.


One of * Columbia 's* deranged computers apparently began to function. The brief shut-down had thrown it out of synchronization with the Gold Computer, so the two computers apparently did not communicate with one another. As the * Columbia * passed over the border of Russia , it was flying right-side-up instead of upside-down under control of the Gold Computer.

But the other computer opened up the cargo bay doors right on schedule. As the Shuttle began to re-enter over Russia , hot air flooded the cargo bay. Heat sensors in the Spy Satellite detected the heat build-up, which was programmed into the Satellite's computer as a sign of "attack damage." Finally, the temperature built up to a critical point, activating a self-destruct circuit in the Satellite. The Spy Satellite exploded, blowing the * Columbia * to bits.

The Russians had hoped for a crash landing in recognizable form. Instead, the * Columbia * ended up in wreckage strewn along a line some 85 miles long in central Russia southeast of the City of Kazan and the citizens had to be told a research satellite had fallen out of orbit. As it turned out, neither the American Bolsheviks nor the Russians got what they wanted. But there were destined to be more attempts, each just as foolish as the one before it.



On November 24, 1980, America 's Manned Space Program suddenly started showing signs of life after near death. It was the day when the Space Shuttle * Columbia * was rolled out into public view at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was the first public appearance by the Shuttle in almost two years. The Shuttle arrived at Cape Canaveral two years prior, in March of 1979.

From then until November of 1980 the Shuttle * Columbia * remained in hiding in a very large metal cocoon called the "Orbiter Processing Facility," but on November 24 suddenly the cocoon opened up and out popped the Space Shuttle.

It was not a very long trip set for that day - about 300 yards to the nearby Vehicle Assembly Building, where it disappeared once again as if by magic. For the first time in nearly six years the United States was committing itself in public to manned missions into space. The roll-out of the * Columbia * took almost everyone by surprise.

America 's Space Shuttle Program was a full three years behind schedule. Since late in 1977 we heard about nothing but problems, delays, and more problems with the Space Shuttle. In fact, just five days before, Dr. George Low, former director of the *Apollo* Moon Program, summarized it all in total disgust when he said, "Today I wonder whether we could start another *Apollo,* much less accomplish it."

The *Apollo* moon landing program was another program filled with lies, smoke and mirrors, but I will save that story for some other time. For now, the centerfold of *Spotlight* newspaper for September 5, 1994, will give you some hint of the lies involved.


Another recent source of information on this subject was an article called "The Great Lunar Quarantine" in *Air & Space* magazine for February/March 1994. If you remember, when the moon-landing astronauts came back they had to be quarantined for three weeks. Thinking minds questioned the reasons for this.

On page 39, the article states: "The problem was that [the quarantine] was all show," says Gerald Wasserburg, John D. MacArthur professor of geology and geophysics at the California Institute of Technology, who is still fuming 25 years later. "It really didn't prevent contamination. The people from Fort Detrick [the Army's biological warfare facility], who really knew how to contain pathogens, though it was ludicrous. It was all part of a fraud, but it couldn't be stopped because it was coming from such a high political level. Do you suppose there was some other reason for the debriefing, er, quarantining?


After three years on hold, the countdown was under way. There was a total air of urgency about it. Corners were being cut, safety precautions were being overstepped, unheard of risks were being taken; and when reporters asked why these things were being done, they received only double talk instead of answers.

The Space Shuttle was the most complex American spacecraft built to that point. There were more things to go wrong than ever before, and the entire future of America 's Manned Space Program depended on the shuttle. In fact, we were told that within a few years the Shuttle would be launching practically all American satellites.

As far as we were told, America had put all its eggs in one basket. The old NASA would have proceeded step by step with the greatest of care. Every manned spacecraft had made its first trip or two into space without astronauts to insure no loss of life in case of problems.


In 1981 things were done in a very strange manner indeed. The facts were, our American Bolsheviks were getting ready for nuclear war, and a wartime rush mentality dominated. They wanted to take out the Russians before they got any stronger. It was a case of certain Russian and American forces at war with other Russian and American forces! The very first Shuttle was to be manned and was to go all the way into high orbit. There was no regard for the safety of the astronauts; however, we did not know that they had been training in the *Enterprise.* Remember the *Enterprise ?* Whatever happened to it, do you know? I was telling people at that time that something fishy was going on.

For all intents and purposes, the new rocket engines of the Space Shuttle were radically untested, as far as anyone was aware. There were three main engines called SSMEs by NASA. Those engines had never flown into space prior to that time; in fact, they had never so much as been fired all together until just eight days prior to the flight.

On that day, the three engines were fired for only 20 seconds on the pad at the Cape. NASA did not run the risk of running them longer even though those engines were supposed to be reusable, launch after launch. Instead, based on a mere twenty-second test, NASA would have two astronauts risk their lives on the engines and, in the actual launch into space, the engines would have to operate full-bore for a minimum of nine minutes.

NASA knowingly gambled that the three fresh engines on * Columbia * would last long enough to get into orbit. The engines were only one example of NASA's unexplained haste because if * Columbia * didn't reach orbit, the next question was: Could it return? NASA didn't have the foggiest notion.

The recent launching of the Hubble telescope smacks of the same subterfuge for the "duplicate" scope which was launched was truly another attempt to fool the Russians and again the attempt was total disaster as only an evil empire can create.


In 1980 the new Thermo Protection Systems was radically new. All of the previous spacecraft had "heat shields" which carried away heat by burning away during re-entry, therefore they could be used only once. But the Shuttle was supposed to be reusable over and over, so it required a different kind of shield. They developed a lightweight ceramic, broken up into more than 30,000 small pieces called "tiles." Strange thing, they said a "few" fell off each time but not to worry, it was OK. How could it be OK? The heat would have burned a hole where the tile was missing. I remember they said they could not fly the * Enterprise * because they "forgot" to put heat shields on it, then the * Enterprise * just sort of faded from the picture. Then the * Columbia * flew with heat shields dropping off of it? Remember? Did you notice? Did you smell a rat? I did!

For at least two years before the original launch we had been hearing tales about problems with tiles. It began when the Shuttle * Columbia * arrived at Cape Canaveral in March of 1979 on the back of a jumbo jet. Many tiles had been lost or damaged during the flight and the *Columbia * looked like it had smallpox - and that was just from riding piggyback in the atmosphere.


The tile controversy made a perfect cover story to explain away the 3-year grounding of the Space Shuttle. The real reason was that America had been locked out of military space missions since late 1977. In August of 1977 the first pre-flight tests of the Space Shuttle took place. A Shuttle was carried aloft aboard a jumbo jet and cut loose and guided to a landing by the astronauts. It seemed that the age of the space shuttle was about to dawn.


Russia 's space program seemed completely silent. What we didn't know was that Russia had been deploying her secret particle beam weapons in space, and on September 17, 1977, Russia started smashing our spy satellites in what was called the Battle of the Harvest Moon. They launched their *Salyut-6* Space Station into orbit on September 29, 1977, and thus began a steady stream of Russian cosmonauts back and forth into space. They even took cosmonauts from at least seven other countries including Cuba and Vietnam into space with them, while we just wrung our hands.


The Bolsheviks had been kicked out of power in Russia , and the American Bolsheviks had been waiting long and watching for a moment of weakness among their enemies - the secret new rulers of Russia. The Bolsheviks wanted desperately to regain their former positions of power in Russia ; but for years, Russia 's new rulers had been expelling the Bolsheviks, who then flocked mostly to the United States.

The Bolsheviks had originally been put into power in Russia by the Rockefeller Cartel in November 1917. They were called Communists but were merely sadistic dictators and later had been kicked out of the Kremlin. By the last half of 1980, they began to regain power in Russia so the decision was made to go ahead with the space shuttle mission.

A top secret American spy satellite had been developed by the National Reconnaissance Office, a secret project that Control Date worked on (I did the paperwork for the people who programmed the satellite computer).


Russia destroyed an American spy satellite on September 20, 1977, and a week later put our secret Moon Base out of action. Seven months later, Russia finished destroying all our spy and early warning satellites. Since then, we have tried several times to deploy spy satellites to get targeting information to launch a nuclear war, a war we have come very close to starting several times. All we found out was the Russia had moved the targets around and we dared not launch (although some wanted to anyway).


Yes, there was a full-blown plan for the U.S. to launch a first-strike nuclear war against Russia. The nuclear first strike against Russia relied heavily on missiles, including America 's secret Minuteman TX mobile missile (not the MX that the media talked about), but it could not succeed without up-to-date information on the targets in Russia. The American Bolsheviks were doing all they could to get us into a nuclear war, while they had survival shelters for themselves (but not the rest of us!). Russia had and has extensive survival shelters, working civil defense plans, and great storage facilities full of wheat, corn, oats and other supplies we gave to them (we "sold" the supplies to them, knowing they would not pay us back).


In the book *Deep Black: Space Espionage and National Security* General George Keegan tells of the Russian civil defense shelters. He found that every factory in Russia had a shelter. The city of Moscow had 75 underground command post/shelters, each one the size of the Pentagon. Yes, that's what he said. They were each covered with 100 feet of reinforced concrete and four hundred feet of dirt. He said they were each 2 or 3 times as strong as Hoover Dam.

Every military city in Russia and most other cities had them. Keegan said that it would take five hundred billion dollars to build just one. I typed that right, billion with a "B," read it again. He said they were *plush,* they even had railroad trains going into them. They have shelters along the road from the airport into downtown Moscow.

Russia is fully committed if necessary to fighting a nuclear war and surviving. The United States , however, has no civil defense system at all - except for a very exclusive system for the Elite. Our program was officially called MAD, "Mutually Assured Destruction." However, we would have been the only ones destroyed. If you had 20 minutes warning that hydrogen bombs were about to be dropped all across America , WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I know what many of you will say. "I don't worry about it, whatever is God's will, will be." That type of brainwashing has gotten us into this mess. God's will, is for us to have free will. If you want to step in front of a railroad train, God will let you. He will not stop you! And if you do nothing about the mess you/we are in, God will let you die! If the Russians want to attack this country, or if we want to attack them, God will allow it - He allows free will to all sides!

The American Bolsheviks were doing all they could to get set for nuclear war, so they were desperate for new, up-to-date reconnaissance data from Russia. Russia knew this, that is why they finished perfecting a survival plan. We, however, were totally expendable, then and now. We filled their silos with survival supplies and emptied ours.

The elite Bolsheviks had, by this time, developed a satellite which they believed could survive in orbit for a while if they launched it in secret and took devious routes of flight.



Remember *Sputnik?* I first saw it one day as I was out in the field choppin' cotten (it pains me to realize that some of my readers will not even know what choppin' cotten is). *Sputnik I* was a 184 pound ball launched by an SS-6 ICBM by Russia at 9:36 P.M. on October 4, 1957. It was highly polished to make it easier to see, and carried a radio transmitting at a frequency that made it easy for ham radio operators to track. Our government made fun of the rocket, contemptuously calling by the code name Sapwood. The MIT humor magazine *Voodoo* had a cartoon of a cutaway *Sputnik* with a bearded Russian inside saying, "Beep...beep...beep."

A month later Russia launched the Sputnik 2, which weighed 1,119 pounds which was in the warhead range. Although we still made fun of Russia (the Senate majority leader said we were going to launch a better satellite, with chrome trim and windshield wipers), President Eisenhower took special note of the missile. Russia had leap-frogged our expensive bomber system and was becoming able to deliver warheads with their ICBMs. Between 1956 and 1960 Ike sent over 20 U-2 flights over Russia to try to learn Russia 's missile capabilities. Every U-2 flight was monitored by radar by Russia. Our Air Force reported that Russia would have a thousand ICBMs by 1961.

Two years after *Sputnik* we launched our *Discoverer* satellite, which had a camera and did a lot more than beep. We had a program called Pied Piper which did become SAMOS (Satellite and Missile Observation System). The first SAMOS launch was October 11, 1960, which failed, and SAMOS 2 was launched into orbit on January 31, 1961. The final SAMOS 30 was November 27, 1963, although officially the final *Discoverer* was 38 launched on February 27, 1962. At this point the program was changed and some of the satellites were back-named. The new program was KeyHole, and the satellites were called KH-1s (*Discoverers* were renamed KH-4s).

One of the most secret branches of the government was/is the National Reconnaissance Office, established officially on August 25, 1960. I believe that one reason for its establishment had to do with flying saucers, but that is another story. NRO developed the KH-11 (By a man named Kennan) spy (photo [and other]-reconnaissance) satellite in 1972. One of the projects I worked on at Control Data involved the KH-11. The KH-11 was used for such things as finding where the hostages were held in the Iranian Embassy and supposedly for observing the heat shield tiles on the Shuttle. It is obvious to me that they were also used to observe flying saucers, but then we all know flying saucers "*do not* exist* so I must be wrong, right?

America knew that Russia 's orbital fleet of manned Cosmos Interceptors would destroy the Shuttle, but planners hoped that before this happened the satellite would be able to radio back enough targeting information for a nuclear missile first strike. The first mission was a frantic rush job, and had to be manned because of the secret cargo.

If the Shuttle reached orbit, the astronauts were to be required to deploy the military satellite inside the cargo bay. The satellite was basically a spy satellite, but it was also much more. In order to do its job, it was designed to fend off Russian space weapons for as long as possible. As a result, it would be nothing less than a robot battle station in space. It was a "hardened satellite" able to withstand an attack without being easily destroyed, or so they hoped. It was equipped with active defenses, it could "shoot back."

All the components of the satellite were crammed into the cargo bay of the Shuttle *Columbia.* They were already there when the * Columbia * was rolled out the prior November. Once in orbit, the job of the astronauts, John Young and Robert Crippen, would be to assemble it and to get it operating, and rapidly.


Once it would be assembled and floating in space, the satellite would look like a giant rotating tin can perhaps 30 feet long and 20 feet in diameter, but on closer inspection it would seem to be made more like a wooden barrel except that the barrel staves are all made of tungsten.

Inside the outermost tungsten barrel was another smaller barrel and inside that was a still smaller barrel. At the very center was the heart of the satellite itself. The tungsten barrels were separated from one another by a foot or more of space. There was also considerable space between the innermost barrel and the core satellite. The tungsten barrels constitute the passive defense of the satellite. If a Charged Particle Beam blast would strike the outermost barrel, it would vaporize a spot on the barrel but in the process it would absorb energy and diffuse the beam. In theory, that would greatly reduce the damage done to the second barrel and do no damage whatsoever to the innermost barrel. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any workable metal in service at the time, so this system of particle beam shields was expected to last through a number of battles.

The three-layer tungsten shield system was also instrumented. When a blast would strike it, the blast pattern would be sensed as an initial indication of from which direction came the attack. A computer within the core satellite would then activate a secret new target acquisition system called LADAR (Laser Direction And Ranging). The removable barrel stave sections of the rotating tungsten shields would be opened. LADAR would peek out through the openings as they rotated past in ultra-fast scanning.

In the black void of space, LADAR was expected to be much more efficient than radar, picking up the Russian attacker very quickly, and the moment it would do so, the American robot battle station would open fire. When it did so, it would pose a major threat even to a Russian Cosmos Interceptor because the American satellite would be armed with a giant carbon dioxide gas dynamic blaser (CDDB).



The CDDB was a more compact version of the laser, which was successfully tested aboard a modified KC-135 jet tanker. It produced intense infrared radiation with a power of over one megawatt - which is 1,000,000 watts. An industrial 10,000 satellite laser was 100 times more powerful. I was not as powerful as the Russian Charged Particle Beam, but it was powerful enough that it should be able to cripple or destroy the Russian attacker. All this hinged, of course, on actually getting the Shuttle and payload deployed.

According to the plan, the * Columbia * was intended to lift off on a sunny morning in mid-April, 1981. Millions would be watching on television as Young and Crippen roared upward into the sky and into orbit. Then the scene would shift to the standard coverage of Young and Crippen in their cockpit, and for a little over two days the coverage would continue off and on. There would be cockpit scenes, scenes in Mission Control, and so on, and there would be some seemingly unexpected problems, nothing serious but just enough to add a touch of spice to the story and the real stuff. Television viewers would have no suspicion that they were only watching excerpts from numerous simulations of the flight. In its cover-up of the SKYLAB fiasco, NASA learned well the techniques of deception.

Meanwhile, there would be no television coverage at all of the real flight except for the initial lift-off. Instead, when Young and Crippen reached orbit, they would go to work instantly. They would depressurize the cabin, open the cargo hatch, and move the robot spy satellite component away from the *Columbia.* They would also remove a *Gemini*-type two-man space capsule from the *Columbia* cargo bay. After moving these things several hundred yards away from the *Columbia,* the two astronauts would close the cargo bay by remote control.

They would maneuver down underneath the * Columbia * for a quick visual inspection of the condition of the thermal tiles, but the urgency of setting up the robot satellite would leave no time for any attempt to repair any tiles. If the astronauts were to do that, they would lose precious time both in setting up the satellite and in making good their own escape in the *Gemini* capsule. This is why NASA refused to include a tile repair kit on the first Shuttle mission. As NASA administrator, Robert Forsch, said in a news conference, "I felt in the end that it would be likely to increase risk, perhaps not risk with regard to the tile system but risk with regard to the safety of the whole flight."

After a very brief inspection, the astronauts would turn over control of the * Columbia * to NASA in Houston with the words: "Okay for retrofire." Then they would float away from the *Columbia* and set to work immediately on assembling the robot spy satellite. It was expected that they would complete the job within about four orbits. As soon as the robot satellite would be assembled and operating, Young and Crippen would board their *Gemini*-type space capsule.

If all went according to plan, they would drop out of orbit and splash down in the Pacific Ocean. It would only be the evening of the same day of launch, but on television the falsified NASA coverage would still be showing tapes of Young and Crippen in the simulated cockpit of the *Columbia.* Young and Crippen would be then picked up at sea after their secret splashdown. From there they were to be transported to Edwards Air Force Base in California to await further events and orders.

Some 12 hours after the launch from Cape Canaveral , Houston would send a retrofire signal to the now unmanned *Columbia.* The Shuttle's engines would fire. Somewhere over the Indian Ocean the Space Shuttle would enter the atmosphere. It would be the first complete test of the Shuttle's thermo-tiles. If they worked, *Columbia* would survive re-entry. Then at lower altitude, piloting of the * Columbia * would be taken over by remote control. If all went well, the *Columbia* would touch down in the great sandy desert of western Australia.

For years I used an HP-41CX hand held calculator until I wore out the keys. When I bought it, the ads said that the Shuttle astronauts carried one of these in orbit so that it would take over and land the Shuttle in case the on-board computer failed. I probably still have that literature around somewhere. The point is, the Shuttle can easily be landed (launched and flown, for that matter) by computer.

It was planned that all of these things would take place during the first day of the supposed 54-hour mission of Young and Crippen. Then for the final act of the charade, we would be told on television that the *Columbia was re-entering over the Pacific Ocean; and finally, lo and behold the Space Shuttle would glide into view. Everyone would watch in awe and fascination as the Shuttle dipped lower and lower over Edwards Air Force Base, California, to the resounding double boom of the shock waves giving physical proof of the journey. The fact that everything passing through the sound barrier in flight would give a boom would be totally overlooked in the intrigue and relief of the moment.

Finally the craft would touch down on the dry lake bed and gradually brake to a stop, and out would climb Young and Crippen. Everyone would assume that they were climbing out of the * Columbia ,* HOWEVER THEY WOULD ACTUALLY BE DISEMBARKING FROM THE *ENTERPRISE.* It was the *Enterprise* which we saw in those landing tests in August of 1977, and it would be the familiar *Enterprise* which we would see making another perfect landing. The craft would have been touched a bit to appear that it had come from space, but that was intentional fraud.

This was, of course, a desperate gamble. However, if the mission worked, it would carry off a major deceit pattern for privacy to the program, but it would also bring the entire world much closer to thermonuclear war. Although failure was anticipated and carefully covered, and as it turned out was necessary, we would be on the road to one incredible hoax following another in ever-increasing magnitude. This, of course, has been the subsequent course of events. April 12, 1981, was the 20th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. It was the anniversary of the first orbital flight by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It also became a day of total confusion and disarray among the Bolshevik masters of America 's Space Shuttle program.

Less than eight minutes after launch that Sunday morning, they knew something had happened to the *Columbia.* We were still hearing the sound effects of a seemingly successful flight, courtesy of the NASA tape recording from Houston. But the military controllers at White Sands who were following the real flight were hearing nothing at all. * Columbia * had failed to arrive over the Indian Ocean on schedule.

More bad news came: NORAD was tracking the fuel tank of the Shuttle. It was not supposed to be in orbit at all - but there it was, in orbit. That looked impossible, to say the least.

That evening, Sunday, April 12, the Shuttle's fuel tank re-entered over the Gulf of Mexico just south of Louisiana. The tank had ruptured but there was still a sizable amount of liquid hydrogen and oxygen inside. When the tank re-entered, it heated up and set off an enormous explosion and also created a giant cloud at the fringes of space.

Goldplating, which is used extensively in the Shuttle fuel tank because of its heat transfer properties, was vaporized and scattered through the clouds which was interesting in itself and gave a wondrous show. The result was the same as when gold is added in tiny quantities to stained window glass - a brilliant pinkish-red color. The giant pink cloud, with chunks of ruined fuel tank flashing in the sun, created headlines as it passed to the northeast over Louisiana and Mississippi. Meanwhile our "good old boys" poo-poohed it all as, "a natural phenomenon."

The American elite Bolsheviks were not quite sure what had happened to the *Columbia,* but they did know that as far as Space was concerned, the Shuttle Program was their only hope. They had three more orbital Shuttles hidden away at White Sands and they intended to launch them all, no matter what the odds might be, so the NASA cover-up of the * Columbia * disaster went right on according to plan.


In the late part of the 1970s the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public. The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed. It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers. They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before our eyes. We didn't even blink at them - no sir, we just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

If I have not lost you yet, this will probably do it. Genetic replicas? Human robots? You can't be serious! you will say. Call them look-alike stand-ins if that will make it easier for you to believe, but they were in fact GENETIC COPIES. You need to study what is going on in such places as Dulce New Mexico! The Bible says that at the end time it will be like it was at the time of Noah, and records show that at the time of Noah, genetic manipulation was going on!

Using stand-ins is a common procedure. For instance, the book *The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt* by Emmanuel M. Josephson, copyright 1948, said in the chapter titled "Roosevelt's Odd Ailments and His Strange Death" that both Roosevelt and Churchill were poisoned at the Teheran conference with Stalin. "At Teheran Roosevelt and Churchill met with Stalin to confirm the division of the World between them. During the conference, Roosevelt had been prevailed upon by the Russians to stay at the Russian Embassy because, the Russians said, the American Embassy was not safe.

At the Russian Embassy, it is reported, a special courtesy was extended to the guests. They were assigned a special waiter who served them exclusively. It was later discovered that the waiter was a physician who specialized in the science of poisoning, toxicology. The use of doctors under Russia 's state medical system in disposing of persons whom the powers-that-be wished out of the way, by poisoning them, has been attested to in the Moscow purge trials. Dr. Levine testified that he had been ordered by his superiors to poison Maxim Gorki and had done so.

"Shortly after their departure, Winston Churchill became extremely ill. He was hurried TO EGYPT where he was so sick that his death was expected momentarily. But his life was saved by a protege of his, Sir Arthur Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin."

" Roosevelt also was extremely ill on his return. He was unable to walk or stand unassisted, and never recovered his strength." Friends, the man who was elected as President for the 4th term was NOT ROOSEVELT ! When he died, "Admiral McIntyre, FDR's physician, is reported to have said that Roosevelt 's body was not embalmed; that in less than four hours after death, it had turned black, a reaction that occurs among other cases, in event of arsenic poisoning" (p. 285).

On page 286, it says, "A careful study of the few photographs of Roosevelt released in 1944 raised the question of whether they are really photographs of Roosevelt or of a stand-in. It was widely known that there were a number of stand-ins who resembled Roosevelt so closely that they appeared for him on occasions. If the suspicions raised by the photographs are well founded, the mystery deepens. What did happen to Roosevelt? Who was it that campaigned and was re-elected in 1944?"

Who indeed? Remember, that book was written in 1948. On page 287 it says evidence indicated that Roosevelt had killed himself with a "small silver pistol." It says, "His burial without autopsy was a criminal act and a flagrant violation of the law. There is more in this situation than meets the eye." Ah, so! He ends the chapter by saying, "The deception perpetrated on the public in regard to Roosevelt 's health is characteristic of that which prevailed in all matters during his Administration." The situation is much worse, NOW, friends!


Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called "Synthetics" of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training Shuttle *Enterprise.* The Young and Crippen entities boarded the * Enterprise * which was mounted on top of the launched 747. After rocket fuel was loaded for the Shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic. The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles. Then it turned back east toward the California coast. On television we were told that the non-existent * Columbia * was re-entering from orbit.

Meanwhile the * Enterprise ,* re-labeled * Columbia ,* was cut loose from the 747 and fired its rockets. It sped up to a speed of nearly 6,000 miles per hour, then we watched it as it made that dramatic race in from the sea to a precise computer landing at Edwards Air Force Base. It was all timed to agree as closely as possible with the official NASA timetable to further convince us of the security and efficiency of the system.

Even so, a technical mistake was made that morning and as a result we were told that the Shuttle would land six minutes early. Think about it, six minutes in orbit corresponds to nearly a 2,000 mile error in the location of the Shuttle, but on TV nobody bothered to so much as question it. Everyone just smiled and said how lovely a day to watch a Shuttle land.

Following the dramatic landing, former astronaut Gene Cernan expressed surprise on ABC television. He said the Shuttle simply did not look scorched enough for a ship that had re-entered from orbit. Likewise, when the synthetics called Young and Crippen emerged, they did not act like men who had been weightless for two days.

Instead they bounded down the access steps and pranced around with restless energy but no one questioned it in the least. After all, we had all seen that Shuttle landing for ourselves and hundreds had been first-hand witnesses to the landing at Edwards; we had also heard and felt those sonic booms. Surely the government would not lie to us.


Three more identical Shuttles like the * Columbia * were waiting their turn in the desert at White Sands. Each would have the same label, "* Columbia ,*" painted on its side. The first * Columbia * was now quite dead along with its crew, but thanks to "doubles" the *Columbia * would continue to live on as the astronauts would be removed from public view except on rare and "distant" occasions when appearance would be inevitable and actors would be able to carry out the assignments.

On April 28, 1981, we were all tuned in to our TV boxes to watch President Reagan's address. The speech was to gain and build support for the Administration's budget, but most people were interested because it was the first speech by the President since the assassination attempt nearly a month earlier. People were too absorbed in the dramatic re-appearance of a wounded President to pay much attention to anything else. No one cared very much that the Space Shuttle "* Columbia *" supposedly arrived back in Florida that day - on the back of its transport ship. The *Columbia * was a great success as far as the citizens knew - we had seen EVERYTHING OURSELVES ON TELEVISION.




Based on that ONE Space Shuttle flight, we were then being told on all sides that we were once again on top in space. We were told that now we were five to ten years ahead of those poor, stupid Russians.

The Shuttle which we all saw land at Edwards Air Force Base in California was the training Shuttle *Enterprise.* I had simply been relabeled with the name " Columbia " on the side. When the Shuttle landed in California April 14, we were initially told that it would be flown immediately back to Florida, but as the days went by, the Shuttle just stayed in California. NASA created one excuse after another to explain away the delays to the public.

Meanwhile, frantic meetings were going on, involving key, joint military and NASA personnel. Things had not gone according to plan, and they were not sure what to do next. One faction insisted that NASA should go ahead according to the original plan. That plan called for a switch in Shuttles between California and Florida. On Day One a modified "747" would take off from Edwards Air Force Base, California, with the Shuttle * Enterprise * riding piggyback. News cameras would be on hand to record the take-off. The * Enterprise * would then be flown to its home base at White Sands, New Mexico. Meanwhile the public would be told that the "747" with the Shuttle had made an overnight stopover. Then on Day Two another modified "747" carrying a different Shuttle, would take off from White Sands and fly to Florida.

Once again, reporters would be on hand to watch the landing at Cape Canaveral. The new Shuttle, of course, would have the name " Columbia " on the side just as the * Enterprise * did. In that way the training Shuttle, * Enterprise ,* was to be returned to home base and a fresh orbital-only Shuttle sent to Florida. The switch would be made without the public suspecting a thing, and, after all, it is only the American public from which the above top secret secrets are maintained. The participants, by accident, believe the cover-up is in national security to prevent acceleration of the obvious war under way. Who is going to tell?

In those meetings behind closed doors about the situation, others protested that it would be foolish to go ahead as originally planned without more information. It was obvious that somehow the Russians had destroyed the * Columbia ,* but the question was: "How?" The military Shuttle planning group agreed that they needed the answer to that question, otherwise there would be no way to devise countermeasures to give the next Shuttle flight a better chance. You see, they never considered telling the truth and shutting down the upcoming plans.

Finally, it was agreed all around that the first urgent need was to buy time, so NASA spokesmen were told to give the press a series of stalling stories about the post-flight Shuttle procedures in California. Meanwhile, every available avenue of Intelligence world-wide was pressed to come up with an answer to that crucial question: "What happened to the Space Shuttle, *Columbia?*"

Day by day we saw well orchestrated brief new reports about the postflight checkouts of the Shuttle at Edwards Air Base. The Shuttle was then lifted onto the back of the "747," by the take-off kept being pushed back one day after another. The military shuttle planning group was drawing a blank from their intelligence sweep about the * Columbia. *

The Shuttle stayed on the ground a week longer than originally planned, and still no answer came about the *Columbia.* You see, if by chance the Russians turned up with the *Columbia* in tow the fallout would be worse than disastrous because, for the first day or so, the exchange could not be explained away as "preventing public panic."

NASA ran out of excuses for further stalling without raising unwelcome questions. The secret Shuttle planning team was still in no position to prepare for a second orbital mission, and yet appearances had to be maintained at all costs and every passing day became more critical.

The U.S. Government was crowing loudly about the supposed stunning success of the Shuttle because it was the only hope left for America in space. The Space Shuttle was the only program, other than Defense, which was given increased funding by the Reagan Administration. There was also the incredible fear that if the Russians did, in fact, have the Shuttle intact, the entire cover-up would be exposed world-wide. The Russians, on the other hand, had no proof and couldn't come forward with actions which would have caused all-out war.


Before the Shuttle * Enterprise * left California aboard its "747," the Shuttle planning group had to make a decision: Should they, or should they not, make the planned switch between Shuttles at White Sands? There were three more orbital-rated Shuttles at White Sands, and a specific mission was planned for each one.

One of the planners summed up the dilemma in these words: "How can we send an orbital bird to the Cape ?" STS-2, 3, and 4 may require major modifications in order to get past the Russians. We won't know what those modifications are until we get the missing feedback on STS-1. I say send the *Enterprise.* We can keep it sub-orbital by faking an abort - shut-down one engine before Press-to-MECO and let * Enterprise * return to Kennedy. That will keep * Enterprise * out of danger from 'Ivan.' It will also keep the ball rolling while giving us more time to set up a successful orbital shot."

Someone else asked: "What about the public relations impact? One thing we don't need is to abort a mission this early in the program."

The reply: "Would you rather lose another orbital bird to Ivan? Besides, if we do it right, we could end up with even more public support. You know what I mean - the idea that the Shuttle is safe even if something does go wrong, and so on."

There was a very long silence, followed by more discussion, but finally the suggestion was adopted.

On Monday, April 27, the "747" bearing the Shuttle * Enterprise * took off from Edwards Air Force Base, California. The following day we were shown the same Shuttle, the training Shuttle * Enterprise ,* landing in Florida. There was no switch made.

The secret Shuttle planners were still feeling their way and they left open an avenue for plan changes. Therefore, it would be the training Shuttle * Enterprise * that would later roll off the launch pad in Florida, that summer. It would look just like the * Columbia * did before its April launch, mated to a giant fuel tank and huge solid-rocket boosters.


NASA was then shooting for the very early launch date of September 30, 1981. According to the plans the launch would proceed smoothly for the first few minutes. Unlike the * Columbia ,* the * Enterprise * would not veer north toward the kind of orbit forbidden by Russia.

Then, one engine would shut down prematurely. It would be earlier in the flight than the point at which contact with * Columbia * was lost in April. Then, as we were still watching on television, the * Enterprise * would return for its alleged "emergency" landing at Kennedy.

By that time, the * Enterprise * had made so many computerized landings that NASA had confidence that the landing would be made safely. If other plans could be substituted as the summer progressed, so could the "flight" sequence be changed, even to aborting the launch at the pad.

There would, of course, be an uproar about the aborted space flight, but it would not last long because no citizen would risk the lives of astronauts to a possible accident. The entire scenario of an abortion would "only prove the efficiency of the computer check system and safety measures."

The hopes were, of course, to buy time and gain information regarding the first launch.


Let's go back to December of 1978 when air blasts at sea began shaking homes and frightening thousands along America 's East Coast. For a while government spokesmen tried to ignore them; but the booms, now known and recognized as Air Quakes, would not go away. In fact, they steadily increased in number and were also soon experienced on the West Coast and inland U.S. , as well.

As no explanations could be offered, they were next ridiculed in the controlled major media, but that tactic quickly changed, too, because too many people were hearing them to accept it all as a big joke. Then the tactic was to simply report them, promising follow-up and then simply never following up.

The news projectors never move from the scripts given them and there would be practically no fear of slip-ups. NOte this for yourselves during prime time newscasts; flip channels and you will hear the verbatim new items being read from the master script.

After these quakes had been going on unexplained for several months, the government tried to explain it all away by blaming the whole thing on freak weather conditions. Alleged experts were trotted out to impress the public with the mumbo jumbo about unusually cold air layers, ozone depletion, northern lights, electrical disturbances, and so on, ad nauseum.

Waving their arms about in master performances, other experts were touting that the booms were due to military aircraft, perhaps a hundred miles out to sea since nothing showed up on any radar screens.

Others managed to actually keep a straight face as they told you that the booms were caused by the *Concorde* supersonic transport and all but grounded the *Concorde* forever. They told you that the shock waves from that plane were striking America 's East Coast more than an hour ahead of the plane itself, and with incredible force, having "built up incredible sonic force as it traveled."

Explanations like these were ridiculous on their face; yet most Americans, eager to be pacified, accepted these insults to their intelligence at face value and even marched to stop the *Concorde* from landing in the U.S. Facts are that most of the quakes taking place nationwide were kept out of the press, and people calmed down.

For instance, there are almost daily Air Quakes in areas around an Air Force Base where you might find sophisticated aircraft capable of supersonic speeds. Usually, the later seen jet craft are not the cause of the blasts but are the INSPECTION TEAMS CHECKING OUT THE LOCATION OF THE BLAST.

Those of you who do not believe such a thing could be, had better think back to some unexplained booms you have noted and the media could give no explanation. As the phenomenon continued, people simply returned to sleep and ignored the interruption in their thoughts - simply no longer caring one way or another.

As early as December of 1977 it was told publicly, and suppressed governmentally, that the quakes were caused from newly operational Russian Cosmospheres firing their Particle Beam weapons in a defocused mode into the air over the Atlantic Ocean - and later over the Pacific. This information came forth right out of our top intelligence systems.

In 1977, there were some seven Cosmospheres hovering over the U.S. , but in the months that followed the numbers grew into the hundreds worldwide. Now you can find out more if you can get your hands on the materials from the Mitre Corporation because the government sponsored a study done by them. The material was quietly released and then faded into oblivion.

The report listed 594 air quakes of major impact between December 1977 and the following June. By June, of course, those alleged "freak cold air layers" had to be long gone. The study did its best to blame the booms on aircraft noises, anyway, but 181 air quakes were impossible to link to anything, even artificially, or to any acceptable excuse, so the report lamely concluded that they must be of some natural origin, and yet the government and military were fully aware of the origin.

The Cosmospheres are Russia 's version of the Hovering Weapons Platforms of which the late General Thomas Power tried in vain to give a warning over 15 years ago. General Power was former head of Air Force Research and Development and then of the Strategic Air Command. He knew what he was talking about and made every effort possible to alert the American people over the ensuing years but his efforts were suppressed and went ignored.

As the numbers of Cosmospheres multiplied worldwide during the following year, UFO sightings likewise mushroomed. Is it any wonder that the U.S. officially does not recognize UFOs and calls them weather balloons or swamp gas?


The "panic" which the government is trying to keep from us is not from "aliens;" if aliens were the problem then we would have been conquered long ago. The problems come from very Earth-oriented, physical humans at the controls.

Most UFO sightings are in fact Identified Flying Objects; they are Russian Cosmospheres. This is not to say that alien flying saucers do not exist, for the same intelligence that identifies and tracks the Soviet Cosmospheres has confirmed the existence of craft that are not from Earth.

Every astronaut of our moon landing programs has said they were followed by flying saucers, before Russia developed their Flying Platforms. Does this give you a hint as to the REAL reason why the astronauts were quarantined after they came back from the "moon?"

They had to undergo "debriefing" - they had to be taught how to keep their mouths shut about what they saw. Neil Armstrong said that when he stepped onto the moon, there were at least two "flying saucers" already sitting there watching him. He later had a mental breakdown. However, some of the moon program was also "smoke and mirrors."


The Center spread of the September 5, 1994, issue of *Spotlight* newspaper has an article by a man who points out some of the obvious problems with the moon program. The author, who used the name R. Ren_, has written a book called *IT'S ONLY A PAPER MOON (PUBLISHED TITLE IS NASA MOONED AMERICA)* in which he points out some scientific facts such as the space ships and space suits do not provide enough radiation protection for the astronauts to accomplish what they claim to have done (if the suits work, why don't they use them with nuclear reactor accidents?). He says that "the landings were faked and that the Apollo program was a very successful and expensive government hoax - a hoax that is about to be repeated using Mars as the new 'celestial' target." The Hubble Telescope is another NASA hoax - try reading *THE HUBBLE WARS* by Eric Chaisson.


Why does our government give massive aid in money, food and technology to Russia ? Could it be to keep those Cosmospheres stationed in appropriate orbit to take out every major dam, fault line, populated city and military base in our nation? The International Banker Elite know what is going on and have situated themselves to take advantage of the destruction of five out of every six persons on earth (according to their OWN PLANS). The only reason it has not happened already is that "They" have held off until they could finish gold-plating their commode handles and stocking their underground warehouses.


On this subject, here are some hints for UFO researchers. There are sonic quakes over Southern California that have been traced to an Aurora aircraft and OTHER CRAFT going to Groom Lake Nevada. If you plot that course backwards, you come to Australia. Check out the underground facilities at Pine Gap, Australia, if you want to know more about one of the hideouts of the "Elite." The research shows that one of these craft flies over 4,000 miles per hour, but one who should know says they can fly over 8,000 miles an hour. That craft can get to Australia quicker than I can get home from work.

UFOs have always been attracted by aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft, especially when those are new or experimental. The Cosmospheres are not exception to this rule. Wherever Cosmospheres are congregated UFOs will always show up and there is no exception to this rule. The "alien" craft observe and monitor the human craft.


A good example of this monitoring was witnessed in New Zealand as the secret bases there were under surveillance by the Russians. On December 30, 1978, an Australian television news crew made headlines worldwide by filming what they called UFOs from an airplane over New Zealand. The film, some seven minutes long, was purchased by the BBC and by the CBS TV Network. On January 2, CBS showed less than 50 SECONDS of the film which showed a glowing spherical object, and most of the objects sighted that evening by the camera crew and other observers were described as spheres of LIGHT.

However, as the film clip was shown, a soundtrack was played. The Australian newsman described a different object. He said it looked like a flying saucer. Walter Cronkite did not say whether or not the soundtrack had been recorded simultaneously with the film clip that was being shown.

In any case, the spherical object in the film was a Russian Cosmosphere, but the attempts to discredit the film were an echo of the ridiculous government stories about the air quakes the prior year. On the evening of January 25 Walter Cronkite of CBS News reminded viewers of the New Zealand UFOs; then he went on: "Well, the New Zealand Air Force reported today that freak atmospheric conditions, not visitors from outer space, were responsible. Investigators said one definite cause was an unusually bright "Venus" rising in the eastern sky."


The "friendly" "alien" craft will show strobing "COLORED" lights of red, green, yellow, blue. They are stationed in non orbiting sequence in strategic placements. The Cosmospheres do not strobe, and are stationed to appear as stars and planets. This is the real reason that there is a lot of hocus pocus involved with the Hubble Telescope, they cannot afford to let us see what that can see.




The Russian craft are not always visible; actually they are almost never visible and from an orbiting standpoint they are as any other satellite which would be too small to be seen by the eye alone. They are shielded by a very sophisticated stealth shielding system. The "aliens" sometimes neutralize the Russian systems in hope that we will see them and wake up to what is happening, but we are too brainwashed to accept the truth.

You may ask, if the aliens are benevolent, why don't they help us? Who would they help? Which side is the "good guys?" We have to first ask for their help, then we have to accept their help and follow their rules. Instead, both the American and Russian (and other) governments have tried to shoot them down.

The flurries of UFO sightings over Australia and New Zealand were actually due to Cosmospheres with monitoring alien craft along with some of our own monitoring craft with sufficient speed capability.

The U.S. in the 1970s decided to outflank Russia by deploying Minuteman and other nuclear missiles all over the world, since our main bases such as Edwards, White Sands, etc., were all monitored by Russian Cosmospheres. We believed that we could disable the Cosmospheres long enough to launch a missile attack against Russia. We came very close to doing just that several times, but each time we were defeated by the Cosmospheres which saved the world from nuclear nightmare. Who are the "Good guys," friends?


It is well known to U.S. scientific intelligence analysts that the Cosmospheres hover by floating in the earth's electro-static field. They also presume that the Russians use the same techniques we would use in order to aim their Particle-beam weapons - that is, a combination of infrared detection and radar. They reasoned that if the Cosmospheres can be disturbed from their hovering positions and if their sensing systems can be blinded, their particle-bam weapons would do no good - even if they fired they would be aimed wildly and miss our rockets as they would be launched.

The solution devised was called a Cobalt Ionization Bomb. Unlike a normal cobalt bomb, such a device is not designed to create a tremendous blast; its primary purpose, instead, is to create tremendous quantities of totally ionized cobalt atoms stripped of all their electrons, leaving bare nuclei. The plan is to detonate these at various locations in the upper fringes of the atmosphere, as high as possible, but below the hovering altitude of the Cosmospheres.

The result will be an enormous storm of electrons, spreading horizontally in the Earth's magnetic field to pass underneath the Cosmospheres. When you hear in the news that we have recently launched a satellite that "illuminates the electrostatic/magnetic field," does that make more sense now? And do you remember that the launch was considered to be a secret military mission? It would also disrupt the infrared and radar systems used to watch the missiles below; and while the Cosmospheres are briefly incapacitated in this manner, our rulers planned to launch our ICBMs right past them.

Meanwhile, ground-based high-power lasers would be used in the effort to shoot down the Cosmospheres. But, my friends, your masters fell victim to the very intelligence gap which they themselves brought about years past, which I wrote about in my newsletters in 1978, because the Russians well understand the importance of surprise, including technological surprise. And so, while they have allowed their space triad to become known in intelligence circles because of it deployment, they still have a master secret weapon in reserve for the war itself.

This weapon is a system to protect the Achilles' heel of their beam-weapons - the ability to aim them accurately. It is called "Psychoenergetic Range Finding" or PRF. PRF does not rely on conventional radiations like infrared or radar - instead, it is based upon detection of the actual atomic signature of the target, and normal jamming techniques have no effect whatsoever on PRF. Therefore, when the American cobalt ionization bombs explode, the Cosmospheres would be able to aim right through the electron storms to blast our missiles or ANYTHING ELSE in the target.

In November an alternate plan for the second launch was presented. This plan would be an abbreviated orbital mission. So, the second Space Shuttle launch took place from Cape Canaveral Florida, on November 12, 1981, seven months after the first launch.

Some seven hours after launch it was announced that the flight was going to be cut short. Therefore, the secret plan for an abbreviated mission was verified and under way. As an excuse, NASA pretended that a faulty fuel cell was responsible for shortening the mission.

The abbreviated Space Shuttle mission in November was the legacy of the total disaster which engulfed the first Shuttle launch in April. In November, just as the prior April, no part of the real Shuttle flight was heard other than the Florida take-off. The identical theatrical techniques that were used to fool the public in April were again utilized, including some of the same taped segments - no one noticed, not even when the story did not match the sound or pictures.

Remember, we watched the *Columbia* take off but it was the *Enterprise* that landed in California.

The *Enterprise* was a very specially designed Shuttle, unlike the *Columbia* or the three other Shuttles which secretly existed at White Sands. The *Enterprise* was a training Shuttle with its cargo bay filled with rocket fuel tanks. Launched from the top of an airborne 747, the *Enterprise* was able to make short suborbital flights into space, but due to its fuel tanks it could carry no payload in its cargo bay.

In the wake of the secret Space Shuttle disaster in April, the military Shuttle planners sent the *Enterprise* to Florida.

Originally, they were simply trying to buy time. But time was going by quickly because the American Bolsheviks were on an accelerated timetable to bring about WAR! Arguments broke out among the military Shuttle planners over the original plan to throw away a launch just to keep up appearances.

A scheme was finally constructed to use the *Enterprise* itself in November for a military mission.


Just as computers are handy for helping with the workloads of people, they also make handy scapegoats to cover a massive multitude of errors and omissions. This time a computer problem would be the important factor in deliberately shortening the second Shuttle flight - as information to be lied forth to the public. So, on the evening before the launch, there was a sudden flurry of activity at Cape Canaveral.

Supposedly a data processing module aboard the Shuttle - that is, part of its computer system - "was misbehaving." We were told that a replacement was flown in, and we saw workmen rushing to install something aboard the Shuttle. It was all going on, literally, at the very last minute, just before the large external tanks started being loaded with rocket fuel.

The last minute rush at Pad 39-A that evening on November 11 was not to load a computer module as we were told - and shown. Instead, special photo reconnaissance equipment was installed in the rear deck of the crew compartment. It was arranged to look out of the two overhead windows. The * Enterprise * was unable to carry a spy satellite in its cargo bay as mentioned earlier, so instead the * Enterprise * itself was turned into a spy satellite.

The makeshift spy apparatus installed in the crew compartment rear deck was not as good as that of a regular spy satellite, but the military planners were desperate. By the way, you can fool your friends quite easily but you can rarely fool your enemy for they are watching most closely and the Russians knew, moment by moment, what was happening.

It would soon be four years since Russia finished destroying all of the American spy satellites with her fleet of Killer Satellites. The military Shuttle team was hoping to use "surprise" in order to get at least a little bit of reconnaissance over Russia. It was hoped that the Russians would consider the *Enterprise* to be no threat since it could not carry anything in its cargo bay.

NASA, also, did everything it could to convince the Russians that a non-threatening orbit would be used. Finally, the launch time was shifted by about 2-1/2 hours on the morning of November 12th. That was intended to make it harder for the Russian Cosmos INTERCEPTORS to readjust their orbits to attack the * Enterprise. *

The last item reflects a deadly intelligence error made by the United States military Shuttle team. They knew about Russia 's orbital cosmos interceptors, the Killer Satellites. They also knew about the first generation Cosmospheres, Russia's Levitating Weapons Platforms. Both were first deployed some four years prior. The American planners knew that the Space Shuttle COULD probably outrun the "first-generation" Cosmospheres, therefore they believed that the orbiting cosmos interceptors were the main threat to the Shuttle.

WHAT THEY DID NOT KNOW - BUT DID SUSPECT - WAS THAT RUSSIA HAD DEVELOPED AND DEPLOYED A SMALL FLEET OF SEMI-EXPERIMENTAL SECOND GENERATION COSMOSPHERES. In April there had been seven in operation - by November there were at least eight or nine. The new Cosmospheres were called "Super Heavies, or "Jumbos," and could outrun and outlift anything America had, including the Shuttle. The Russians even gave NASA pointed information about them as far back as the April launch.

There were some in America 's intelligence community who correctly interpreted what happened and informed the planners. But the American Bolsheviks who controlled America 's military space program were refusing to accept it. They were explaining away the fragments of intelligence about the new Russian Jumbo Cosmospheres and thereby guaranteeing their own failure.

When the * Enterprise * took off there were no human pilots aboard. It was a known suicide mission. The * Enterprise * followed an evasive, curving launch, just as the * Columbia * had done in April. It headed toward the north which would indicate a near polar orbit. When it passed over Russia the * Enterprise * was to be upside down with its spy camera staring downward through the crew compartment windows.

Five nice bit fat Jumbo Cosmospheres were right on hand and kept pace along with quite a good number of "alien" craft, as it climbed toward orbit. Moscow was instantly notified of the course it was taking - but the Russians were told not to fire on the Shuttle. Instead the Russian Ballistic Missile Defense Forces were alerted. The Russians knew war was coming and the decided to use the approach of the Shuttle as a good test drill.


It had been known for two years that Russia had been preparing to deploy a new anti-ballistic missile system and underground shelter systems were improved and renovated along with new shelters being installed and totally updated for the population security. Our government did nothing for us good tax-paying citizens. The new missile system was based on charged particle beam weapons fired from modified supersonic TU-144s Jet Transports. On November 12 a squadron of TU-144s were scrambled to intercept and shoot down the * Enterprise. *


NASA went ahead with its made-for-television space movies and followed the preplanned script for a shortened mission. They knew within the hour after launch that the * Enterprise * had been destroyed. Having learned about Russia 's plans, in April, to create an international incident with the crashed Shuttle, they wanted to complete the flight, in the world's eyes, quickly.

The Shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on November 14th was a replay of the Shuttle we saw the previous April. Literally, those long distance telephoto shots of the Shuttle swooping in from the stratosphere were the very same ones that were shown in April. NASA merely fed videotapes of the long distance scenes from April to the networks and added a fresh narrative to them. The only part of the landing that was live in November was the terminal portion which could be seen from the ground.

The Shuttle we were shown landing was one of the new Shuttles from White Sands. It had been carried aloft by the launch aircraft, boosted to a modest speed and altitude by a pair of solid fuel booster rockets - enough to produce sonic resonance, and then it swooped down to the delight of the attending crowd.

Since we all witnessed how well that second Shuttle worked out the next launch was already set for March, just three months from that perfect landing. It was planned to launch the third Shuttle right on schedule. Well, * Enterprise * would no longer be an embarrassing problem to NASA.

We now had a new Shuttle, the third we were shown with " Columbia " on it and it awaited at Cape Canaveral. Its cargo bay awaited a NEW secret military pay load. That particular Shuttle had really been modified and ARMED FOR BATTLE in space. Our idiot Bolshevik military planners continued and still continue to refuse to understand what they are really up against - and thusly, another tragedy was already in the final stages of being made.


To give an overview of the world events coincidental to the Shuttle launches, we need to go back to the attempted assassination of Reagan, March 30. That news flashed myriads of questions around the world instantly as old concerns were triggered. Would some other country try to take advantage in some way? Most of all, would Russia decide to invade Poland ? At that time headlines were telling us that an invasion might be imminent. As it turned out then, our worries about that were unfounded but we had no way to know.

Instead of "invading," the Russians were in the process of cooling down the latest "Solidarity" labor crisis. Likewise, other nations around the world generally acted with restraint following news of the shooting and literally, without much surprise or reaction, for the planners know the plans. That is, all except one - the lone exception was ISRAEL ! You may want to look closely at the next bits of information and see what you can discern.


The timing could not have been more precise, *if it had been planned in advance.* As the first shocking bulletins of the shooting flashed across America , Israeli war planes were starting their engines. As White House spokesmen were gathering to brief the press, ISRAELI FIGHTER BOMBERS WERE GATHERING OVER LEBANON.

Through that afternoon and evening Americans huddled around their television sets for the latest word from George Washington University Hospital, completely transfixed on the happenings of our own day and totally distracted from anything else which might be occurring in the world.

Meanwhile, Lebanese villagers were huddling in basements and bombed-out shelters as Israeli missiles and bombs exploded all around them. On the BBS World Service and other short-wave radio news reports around the world, the sudden new Israeli raids on Lebanon that day were very big news indeed. But not so in America.

News of the presidential shooting and its aftermath drowned out everything else just exactly as it was supposed to do and you will never be told what REALLY happened with that shooting incident - but it didn't go exactly or precisely as planned but it did its job - after all, we ALL saw it, didn't we?

It was not until Syrian troops began making moves in response to the Israeli raids that Lebanon began to enter our consciousness in America. Day by day, the Israelis and Syrians lashed out at one another more and more, directly and through surrogates in Lebanon.

On April 28, Israeli jets shot down two Syrian helicopters over Lebanon. It was tremendous news overseas, but in the U.S. it was completely ignored in favor of an all-networks coverage of the President's speech to Congress the same evening. It was not until the following day, April 29, that the Lebanon crisis received billing in the American controlled major media.


The Syrians had moved Russian SAM-6 anti-aircraft missiles into the Beka Valley of Lebanon. This was Syria 's answer to Israel 's shooting down of two of her helicopters the day prior over Zahle. Thus, the Middle East missile crisis was born.




Another looming crisis was the growing FEUD between the U.S. and Japan. It seemed as if Washington couldn't do anything right toward the Japanese. On the morning of April 10, 1981, the first attempt to launch the Space Shuttle * Columbia * took place at Cape Canaveral. It ended in failure due to a computer problem, but it was the top story that day in America. It all but buried the news story that was tops that day in Japan.

The prior day, an American submarine had sunk a small Japanese freighter, supposedly by ramming it. Then the submarine had left the scene without making any attempt to rescue survivors. Worse yet, because the U.S. had not even admitted the incident to Japanese authorities until some 36 hours after the incident, the episode raised more and more questions in Japanese minds.


The U.S. Navy issued a report about it which differs drastically from the testimony of the 13 Japanese survivors. The Navy report even put the location of the collision 3-1/2 miles away from where it actually happened. The Japanese wanted to know WHY!

The Japanese began demanding answers to that and many other puzzling questions about the incident. The supposedly "accidental" sinking of the Japanese freighter was only the opening gun in the Washington-Tokyo feud.

One shock after another from America rocked Japan. American naval vessels sailed through Japanese fishing fleets, cutting fishing nets to ribbons. Suddenly, there were revelations that American ships with nuclear weapons aboard were using Japanese ports regularly, in secret.

Secretary of State Haig canceled a visit to Japan. Even the visit of Prime Minister Suzuki to Washington recently had backfired on him. He agreed to language in a joint communique that led to accusations in Japan that Suzuki was making a secret military alliance with the United States. The irony of it all was that Suzuki's troubles were due to the fact that he was resisting any such military alliance.

The facts, of course, were that an attempt was being made to pressure the Japanese because of the massive amounts of counterfeit money from South America and the Antarctic. In addition, the Bolsheviks in the U.S. wanted Japan to re-arm, to become the policemen of the Western Pacific. Suzuki's predecessor, Prime Minister Ohira, was ready to go along with America 's Bolsheviks despite stern warnings from Russia not to.

Then, surprise of surprises, Ohira died suddenly and Suzuki replaced him. Suzuki didn't want to re-arm Japan , and so America 's Bolsheviks wanted him out of office. Japan had endured all kinds of shocks in those particular months, but they all had one common denominator: they all involved loss of face for Japan as a whole and especially for Prime Minister Suzuki, and that is most painful for such an Oriental people.

In Asia , loss of face is a very, very serious matter. By using it as a political weapon, America 's Bolsheviks believed they could bring down the Suzuki government. Whoever would follow Suzuki would have to talk "peace" for domestic consumption, but he wold have to prepare for war if he was to get along with Washington.


Elsewhere in Asia , Red China and Vietnam had recently engaged in very heavy border fighting with many casualties. Meanwhile, the so-called Reagan Administration was preparing to declare openly that it would sell America 's most sophisticated weapons to Red China. Might you agree that the cancer eating away at America had caused total insanity? Do you think it has improved in the years since? Well, it surely has gotten far worse. You have no idea what kind of a decade the 1980s really was.

In Europe , too, there was turmoil at the hands of Bolshevik agents. The government of Italy had just been brought down in a tremendous scandal involving a massive conspiracy of many of the country's leading citizens. In West Germany , Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was under fire from forces who wanted to undo the balance he had struck between East and West.

And in France the Bolsheviks won a tremendous victory in the election. Until then, France had enjoyed a special relationship with Russia as well as with the West. The relationship was one of trust built up laboriously beginning with the former President Charles de Gaulle; but the new French President, Mitterrand, was working as fast as possible to change that. Mitterrand would try to bring France into the anti-Russian camp, headed by the American Bolsheviks. Note his current presence at every open meeting and secret meeting and put your own puzzle pieces in place.

At the time, crises large and small were multiplying and compounding all around us, and by and large they were not accidental. They were part and parcel of the deliberate war build-up strategy of the Bolsheviks in America. By turning the world into a cauldron of crises, they were setting the stage for NUCLEAR WAR NO. ONE. The entire world was filled with unrest just like the uneasy Balkans just prior to World War I. Has the confusion lessened?

World War I was set off, seemingly by accident, by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by terrorists.

When the Space Shuttle * Columbia * took off on its ill-fated flight on April 12, 1981, a fleet of special airplanes were aloft to help track it. The U.S. was depending heavily on its fleet of advanced range-instrumentation aircraft. These were flying radar and communications stations known as "Froop Snoots" for their huge bulbous nose.

This special airplane was a modified military Boeing 707, designated *EC-135N.* When they were not involved in space shots, the *EC-135Ns* also have many other uses, including the tracking of Russian satellites. There were only a few of these *EC-135ns,* so they were all very important. When the Space Shuttle * Columbia * took off in April, there were only eight of them.

The Space Shuttle Program was an indispensable key to the underway war plans of the Bolsheviks, and the *EC-135Ns* were crucial to the Shuttle Program. On May 6, 1981, an *EC-135N,* nicknamed the *"Boss Hog,"* took off from its base in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. It headed east on what was to be a routine training flight. As the modified 707 flew eastward, it was heading for an unexpected rendezvous.

Hovering high over the rolling hills of western Maryland, a lone Cosmosphere was waiting for the *Boss Hog.* At 10:51 A.M. Eastern Time the pilot of the jet radioed the words "Flight level 29" to controllers on the ground. The plane was at 29,000 feet.

Moments later the Cosmosphere fired its Charged Particle Beam weapon downward at the jet plane passing miles below it. The beam blasted a hole through the top of the fuselage and another out through the bottom. Explosive decompression emptied the cabin of its air. The blast also set off a secondary explosion, turning the jet into a ball of flames.

At the same time control cables through the tail were destroyed, and the jet turned violently nose down. Instead of gliding to a crash many miles away, the ruined airplane dropped like a rock, almost straight down.

Radar traffic controllers were startled to see the plane disappear suddenly from their screens, but it was all documented. It was all over before they even knew anything had happened, however.

On the ground, eyewitnesses heard a boom-boom-boom, and moments later a giant ball of fire came screaming downward out of the clouds. For at least ten minutes small pieces of debris from the plane kept settling earthward for miles around.

In any air disaster as violent as that one, the investigation usually extends over a period of months - but not this one. On Friday May 29, just over three weeks after the crash, the Air Force quietly announced that its investigation was already over and there had been "some type of pilot error" doing something to the whatchit which engaged the wrong whichit and poo! The Air Force knew what had blown their radar plane out of the air, but they also declared that "for the time being the results would not be made public."

While the Air Force was still reeling from the crash of the valuable *EC-135N,* it became the Navy's turn to have some fun. Is any of this beginning to allow you to piece together what "probably" happened to all those naval excursions? How about gun turret blow-outs, etc.?

The particle beams ARE SO EXACTING THAT THEY CAN BE SHOT RIGHT INTO A JET TURBINE - IN FLIGHT. Once again Russia 's target was a highly sophisticated electronic warfare jet. The plane involved was an EA-6B Prowler based on the nuclear supercarrier, *USS Nimitz.*

On the night of Tuesday, May 26 (1981) the *Nimitz* was engaged in night-landing exercises just off the East Coast. Carrier landings are always dangerous, and night landings especially so; but the EA-6B has a special advantage. It is equipped with an Automatic Carrier Landing System to permit safe landings even in conditions of zero visibility.

Partly as a result, the Prowlers are known as some of the safest of all carrier aircraft; but on the night of May 26 one of Russia 's new Jumbo Cosmospheres was hovering high above the *Nimitz.* It was one of the two which are armed with a Neutron Particle Beam Weapon.

As the EA-6B approached the *Nimitz* to land, the Cosmosphere waited. At a critical moment of the final approach, the Cosmosphere fired. The invisible neutron beam instantly killed the crew of three and temporarily deranged the airplane's electronic systems.

Being suddenly without guidance, the jet veered to the right and crashed into a deck full of airplanes. The toll: 14 dead, 48 injured, and 20 aircraft destroyed or damaged. It was the Navy's worst flight-deck disaster since the early 1950s.


During those times there was a lot of hocus pocus about "national security." What did that mean? Could there be any such thing as National Security without National Survival?

Funny thing - our leaders kept telling us that the threat to our security was Russia. Then, while we were not looking, they turned right around and TAUNTED THE RUSSIANS. Here is an example.

The supercarrier *Nimitz* entered port only very briefly after the fiery crash of the EA-6B. It entered port on May 28 and left again just two days later, May 30. The official story was that it was heading for the Caribbean for continued exercises.

The *Nimitz,* however, was ordered to the north, not to the south. In a drastic departure from normal procedure, an American carrier group was ordered into the Norwegian and Barents Seas , right on the doorstep of Russia. The deployment was expected to be brief, but it was indeed most dangerous to say the very least. It was in insane act of bravado by the American Bolsheviks, like walking up to a bully and throwing salt into an open wound.

The Russians had had their day and felt no need to push their advantage but undoubtedly there would come a time when the push would go too far.


The lie of National Security was as big a lie then as it is now. The more we pretend to spend on National Security the less security we can achieve. Those who secretly control America 's destiny (and thus the world) cannot stand the truth and this is why only the truth can begin to loosen our bonds.

There was so much going on at this time that I do not have time to even begin to mention is all, in Iran , Central America, Israel, etc. In January, 1982, Russia renewed geophysical warfare involving weather modification and artificial earthquakes - something which is going on now more than ever. Parts of Canada suffered such extreme blizzard conditions that a "National Emergency" was declared.

For over four years Russian electrogravitic weapons platforms called Cosmospheres had been hovering high over the U.S. They first announced their presence by creating giant air booms along the coasts. Their number continued to multiply and they patrolled continuously over all types of American strategic target areas.

Our American Bolshevik planners planned to shoot down as many Cosmospheres as possible using high-power lasers, when war came. Until late 1981, it was all but impossible for us to even detect the presence of the Cosmospheres floating overhead.

They were invisible to normal radar, except at very close range, but by late 1981 one crash weapons program had come up with a system that could sometimes detect the spheres and allow laser aiming. The new technique was called "Computer-Enhanced Infrared." It was an extremely sensitive means of detecting the heat radiation given off by Cosmospheres. It was recognized by the acronym CEIR (pronounced seer).

On the evening of January 12, 1982, a complete operational test was carried out against a Cosmosphere which was patrolling high over central New Jersey. CEIR was used to aim a ground-based high-power laser at the Cosmosphere, then the laser was fired. A section of the Cosmosphere erupted into blue-green flames.

As the flames started to spread, the crew accelerated the Cosmosphere toward the coast because all Cosmospheres are under very strict orders to make certain that their craft NEVER fall into non-Russian hands, and they were making for the sea post haste. The stricken Cosmosphere, trailing blue-green flames, was seen over a very large area of eastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey.

It had been hovering at an altitude of more than 40 miles, but it came down fast. Its semi-rigid shell started crumpling. It passed over Atlantic City at low altitude and plunged into the water just a few miles off shore. Many witnesses watched as the remains of the Cosmosphere burned, floating on the surface of the water for some ten minutes. The whole incident created a sensation in the local region, but official Government spokesmen treated it all as a usual non-event!

The first downing of a Cosmosphere created shock waves in the Kremlin. It was decided very quickly that a clear message would be sent to the Pentagon that they would pay dearly if the incident should be repeated.

The Russians knew that a laser had shot down their Cosmosphere so the very next day (January 13) an Air Florida Boeing 737 jetliner Flight 90 with laser warfare specialists aboard was caused to crash in Washington D.C. The plane crashed into a crowded bridge, broke into pieces, and sank into the river moments after takeoff from National Airport during a snowstorm. The crash claimed the life of 74 of the 79 persons on the plane and 4 others in vehicles on the bridge. Perhaps you remember seeing some of the rescue attempts.

Isn't war fun?


Then followed a string of crashed and near-crashes - all of them supposedly unexplainable. All four Air Force Thunderbird demonstration jets were made to crash. A Boeing 737 in California dropped far below its flight path, seemingly without cause, and narrowly missed disaster as it clipped some power lines.

And strangest of all, a Japan Air Lines DC-8 crashed into Tokyo Bay on February 9th during the final moments of its landing approach. It was a perfect flying day, clear and sunny. The DC-8 was only 1000 yards from touchdown, flying in a gentle glide. There were no mechanical problems.

Suddenly, the pilot acted as if he were dazed. Reportedly he reached over and reversed thrust on two of the four jet engines. The big jet nosed downward; it smashed into light stanchions marking the approach path and crashed into the shallow water; 24 persons were killed and some 150 others were injured.

Later, in the hospital, the pilot said he had blacked out. The co-pilot reportedly said he, too, suddenly felt woozy, but fought it and remained conscious.

Suddenly there was a release of information regarding UFOs and cover-ups of alien visitors and thus and so.


Neutron beams disrupt electronic instruments and also the mental and nervous systems of people. The Russians were saying to the American Bolshevik Pentagon in effect: "If you shoot down any more Cosmospheres, there would be no place to hide."

In February of 1982, there were three main Power Factions struggling to become king-of-the-hill. One faction was that of the Rockefeller cartel - the multinational complex of Big Oil, Big Banking, and Big Business.

Another faction was the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis with headquarters shared between New York City and Jerusalem.

The third faction was that of the NEW rulers of Russia who had expelled most of the Bolsheviks formerly in power there.


A new operational relationship was in the works between Russia 's new ruler and the Rockefeller cartel. The arrangement, however fell far short of the prior closeness.

The new arrangement was one of, basically an agreement not to damage one another as a matter of deliberate policy. The prime objective was to free both of them (the Russians and the Rockefeller cartel) to deal with their now mutual enemy, the American Bolsheviks who had infiltrated key policy-making government positions in Washington.

The main area in which the Rockefeller cartel could be helpful to the Russians was in the economic sphere. The American Bolshevik-dominated foreign policy in the U.S. was a policy of economic starvation against Russia and her satellites. The Rockefeller cartel was in a position to partially blunt those policies by cooperating with Russia in the East-West trade.

American Bolshevik economic warfare against the Soviet bloc was most apparent right then in the plight of Poland. The American Bolsheviks were finally succeeding in using the Solidarity Labor Union to push Poland into martial law. Martial Law was being used as an excuse to make the Polish people suffer even more at America 's hands. A thinly disguised food embargo was in place by the U.S. against Poland. Even chicken feed was being held back in order to create disaster for Poland 's own chicken farms. Everything possible was being done to drive the Polish people to such desperation that open revolt would erupt.

The collapse of Poland posed a military threat to Russia and was an economic drain as well. Russia 's new rulers were working with an unwieldy, centralized economy left behind by the expelled Bolsheviks. It could not be changed overnight so the Russians were vulnerable to economic warfare. In order to avoid economic disaster, the Russians were pushing hard for new ways to raise hard Western currency. One such move was a major coup in U.S. Treasury securities but, for the long term, the Russians wanted to establish more stable and mutually beneficial economic ties with the West.


The centerpiece of Russia 's economic drive became the Siberian gas pipeline for Western Europe. It was a 25 billion dollar project, the biggest ever between the Soviet Union and the West. It would be completed in 1984.

The Bolsheviks were trying to completely stop the pipeline project, but the Rockefeller oil and business cartel was working diligently to assist the go-ahead of the project. In mid-February the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a long-time Rockefeller public relations organ, went public about the pipeline. It called the Reagan embargo against pipeline equipment a strategy of economic warfare against Russia.

The "Joint Economic Committee" of Congress endorsed the pipeline project and in Europe , American multinational oil companies were lining up in support of the gas pipeline - all of them, that is, except one, Mobil Oil. Unlike the other members of the Rockefeller Big Oil cartel, Mobil Oil in West Germany had been publicly opposing the gas pipeline which, of course, was most interesting in itself.

To the Russians the gas pipeline was a matter of economic survival and, with all-out war on the horizon, the Kremlin had no patience with those who said one thing and did another. The Russians regarded Mobil's position against the pipeline as a double cross, in effect siding with the Bolsheviks in America. Russia 's rulers decided to give Mobil Oil strong reasons to rethink their position, and fast.

On Thursday, February 11, the Russian container ship, *Mekhanik Tarasov,* departed from a port in Quebec, Canada, bound for Leningrad. It headed northeast up the St. Lawrence River , then out through the Gulf of St. Lawrence into the Atlantic.

After skirting the south coast of Newfoundland, the *Tarasov* set course east by northeast. Its course was chosen to take it very close to the world's largest semisubmersible oil rig, passing it on the south. Guess what? - the rig was the *Ocean Ranger,* operated by none other than Mobil Oil. It was supposedly unsinkable - just like the *Titanic.*

The *Tarasov,* like many other Russian merchant ships, possessed a military capability that was not admitted. As it neared the giant oil rig in a mounting storm, it launched a homing torpedo with a low-yield nuclear warhead toward the rig.

Just before 1:00 A.M. Monday morning, February 15, the torpedo reached its target, one of the giant underwater pontoons. Nuclear explosions under water are far more confined than those in the air, and this one was well hidden by the hurricane-force winds and pounding waves. A hole was blasted in the pontoon, and the *Ocean Ranger* started settling toward the side.

The crew gave a trouble call by radio; half an hour later they reported that they were manning the lifeboats. But the Japanese-built *Ocean Ranger* was designed to be the world's most unsinkable oil rig! A corner of the upper platform dipped into the water and then stopped. The rig stayed afloat, listing at a crazy angle.

The roughnecks stopped boarding the lifeboats, hoping the boats would not be needed, after all. Then a Cosmosphere hovering above the rig took aim at the corner of the rig which had dipped into the water. A powerful blast from its charged particle beam weapon blew a hole in the partially submerged corner.

Immediately, the *Ocean Ranger* heeled over and sank. It went down so fast that it was too late for lifeboats to be launched successfully, and all hands were lost.

The freighter *Tarasov* continued on course after sinking the oil rig. The Russians expected that the freighter would be long gone before anyone figured out what had happened - but they miscalculated!

At around 2:00 P.M. that same afternoon, Monday, February 15th, an American attack submarine was closing in on the *Tarasov.* The sub fired a single torpedo at the *Tarasov,* hitting it broadside. Water surged in through a giant hole below the waterline, and the freighter started sinking.

Like the crew of the Cosmosphere that was shot down over New Jersey, the crew of the *Tarasov* had strict orders to protect the secrets of their ship, and so the Russian captain refused assistance from a nearby Danish freighter as his ship sank with its secrets.

Well, Mobil Oil certainly got the message and, just two days later, Mobil Oil shut down the other two oil rigs which had been nearby and towed them ashore.

I recommend you take a second look at all the "oil spill" accidents that have been happening.




On February 5, 1982, Vice President Bush made himself conspicuous by a trip to Cape Canaveral Florida. He was photographed with astronauts inside the European-orbital science laboratory called "Space Lab." It was planned to place Space Lab into orbit by Space Shuttle in late 1983. Bush also announced that Space Shuttle flight No. 3 was scheduled for March 22, 1982. It was supposed to be a week in duration.

For public consumption, NASA spokesmen were continuing to pretend that the Shuttle was merely carrying out leisurely test flights. We were told that the Space Shuttle Program was basically a peaceful civilian program in spite of the all-military crews flying the Shuttles. But the peaceful image of the Space Shuttle Program was a total lie. The fact was that the Space Shuttle flights under way were a part of a crash, er, sorry about that, program by the U.S. to regain a military toe-hold in space.

The United States had been virtually locked out of the military use of space by the Russians since late 1977. Russia 's domination of space for those prior four years and longer had been highlighted by numerous manned space flights. Those included cosmonauts from nine countries other than Russia.

Meanwhile, the U.S. went more than five years without admitting to any manned space flight attempts. The Russian, long-duration space spectaculars in Earth orbit were sufficient to build Russia 's prestige in the public eye but the Soviet Space Program involved more than was revealed publicly.

Since mid-October 1977, the Moon had been a Russian outpost. There were seven manned long-range particle beam installations on the near side and at least one large base on the far side. In the past, regular missions were flown to and from the Moon in order to resupply the bases and rotate crews, and slowly but surely, the Kremlin was inching its way toward breaking the news about its control of the Moon.

They were already beginning to drop hints about it as in the example of a publication circulated in the U.S. called *Soviet Life* in February, 1982. It stated: "Today spaceships shuttle between the Earth and the Moon with greater frequency than did the first voyages to the New World."

At the top of the page was a nighttime photo of a moonship ready to blast off from a Russian Cosmodrome. Below was a picture of the Earth as seen from space, and in between was a statement in bold type designed to give another hint about the moon flights which stated, "From a distance of 70,000 kilometers above the Earth, the planet looks peaceful and even defenseless. The common goal is to protect our blue and green home."

Friends, "satellites" are not used at altitudes of 70,000 kilometers. The highest orbit that is generally useful for Earth satellites is the geosynchronous orbit for stationary satellites over the equator. Seventy-thousand kilometers is almost twice that far from the Earth. The only time a spacecraft reaches that far from the Earth is when it is on its way to or from the Moon or another planet.

Russia 's interest in space extended far beyond military factors. The plans of Russia's new rulers were for the colonization of the solar system. Those plans were moving ahead steadily; in fact, at that time there were two Russian spacecraft approaching the planet Venus and sending back a steady stream of reports from the men aboard.

The Russians settled on Venus first, not Mars. It was the first target beyond the Moon for experimental colonization. Now do you better understand the inability of our government to allow a "Hubble Telescope" into space? The Russians first started landing unmanned craft on Venus in 1975! They learned some key facts that were yet unknown to the U.S. in 1982 when the Shuttle Program was starting up.

In 1978 the Russians began a series of increasing long-duration manned orbital space flights which were widely publicized. Those were gradually extended to six months and more to learn how well crews would stand up to interplanetary space travel. Late in 1981 those long-duration orbital flights were completed. The Russians had learned everything they really needed to know.

On October 30 and November 4, 1981, two Russian spaceships blasted off for Venus. Both ships were manned by Russian Cosmonauts, and both were prepared to land on Venus by early February (the first week) of 1982.

The comparison between the space program of the U.S. and Russia was a study in tragic ironies. Americans were being told that the Space Shuttle was primarily a civilian-oriented project, but it was actually military. We were being told that it was the world's first reusable spacecraft, but a Shuttle was actually being lost on every flight.

We were being told that the Space Shuttle had put us years ahead of Russia , but we had actually slipped years behind. We were often told that our Rulers wanted only peaceful activities in space, but they were shutting down almost all of the entire civilian scientific space program. Funding was continuing for one or two peaceful projects which were too visible to cancel without an uproar, such as the space telescope. The follow-up on projects to explore the solar system were being lopped off and discarded because they contributed nothing to our leaders' plans for war.

We were told that the Russians had nothing but war and conquest on their minds; but it was the Russians, not the Americans, who at that moment had two teams of spacemen ready to land on Venus. They were going there for reasons which had nothing to do with war.

The Russians were exploring the land of Venus. They were going there to explore the solar system simply because it was "out there." Russia's new rulers believed that it was man's destiny to move into space. The urge to explore that motivated their Viking ancestors of old was alive and well in the Russian Space Program. The only real prayer of equality for the U.S. was to somehow bring Russia to her knees economically and hence the orchestrated civil wars.

I know you will find this hard or impossible to believe. It is time for the truth to come forth. Why don't you try to prove me WRONG? Or better still, why don't you decide to seriously find out for yourself what is going on?

You might try reading *SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON* by George Leonard, Little, Brown & Co. *Publishers Weekly* said of the book, "Leonard has been clued by a pseudonymous ex-NASA scientist (his book's *Deep Throat*), and his photos from the 'haunted photo tub of NASA,' are truly mind-boggling when one begins to see what he sees: immense 'rigs' apparently 'mining' the moon; strange 'geometricities,' markings, symbols; lights, evidences of change and movement."

Or obtain Richard Hoagland's tapes and books such as Hoagland's *Mars, Vol. 3, The Moon-Mars Connection* (...our latest findings on the Moon").

On February 16, 1982, the Space Shuttle was moved out to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral , five days ahead of schedule. This would be America 's third Shuttle that was being used. The first, of course, was the real * Columbia * and was destroyed in the prior April. It was replaced by the training Shuttle * Enterprise * which landed at Edwards Air Force Base and was taken to Florida. The * Enterprise * flight in the previous November was simply a stop-gap measure while a third Shuttle could be extensively modified.

The new Shuttle at Cape Canaveral was one of the three secret Shuttles from White Sands. It had undergone extensive modification since the first Shuttle disaster ten months prior. It looked the same as the original * Columbia ,* at least from a distance, but the Shuttle was actually far, far different.

The Shuttle sitting on the pad was armed "to the teeth" for battle. The basic mission of the third Shuttle was the same as that of the first Shuttle's almost a year earlier. Its payload was a heavily armored laser-firing robot battle station designed for space reconnaissance over Russia. Russian space weapons finished destroying all of America 's Spy Satellites nearly four years prior.

That meant America 's war planners would be shooting almost blind at Russia if they began a war without somehow acquiring new reconnaissance date. The Space Shuttle was trying to solve that problem by getting a new hardened satellite into orbit. That was what the Space Shuttle flights were all about - attempts at reconnaissance so that nuclear war could be launched.

After each Shuttle would take off from Florida it followed a long, swooping curved launch into the north in order to immediately fly over Russia. The American Bolshevik military planners believed that if they could once get their new superspy satellite into orbit, it would do the job. They were confident that it could survive any attacks by Russian space weapons long enough to radio back large amounts of reconnaissance data and once they had that information, the Pentagon would be ready to take America to war.

In the spring of 1981, the * Columbia * was destroyed before the Spy Satellite could be deployed. Likewise, the makeshift * Enterprise * mission in November 1981 was a failure, but the military Shuttle planners believed it would be a different story with their Shuttle No. 3 preparing for launch.

In the cargo bay of this Shuttle there was a new robot reconnaissance battle station like the one previously described. There was also an additional laser mounted in the forward end of the cargo bay just behind the crew compartment. It was a hydrogen fluoride gas dynamic laser mounted vertically, aimed upward. It was equipped with a swiveling head consisting of mirrors that could aim the beam around a wide range of angles. The hydrogen fluoride laser in the cargo bay was intended mainly to protect the Shuttle while it climbed toward orbit.

The * Columbia * had come under fire shortly prior to reaching orbit. Intelligence analysts in the U.S. had eventually obtained enough information about what happened to decide on installing the cargo bay laser.

As a Shuttle climbs, the air grows thinner and thinner, dwindling to almost nothing long before rocket engines shut off. At the earliest possible moment, the modified cargo bay doors which had no hinges on the third Shuttle, would be blown off by special explosives. As the cargo bay doors would flutter away from the Shuttle, it would leave the upper half of the bay open. The cargo bay laser would be ready to fire from that moment onward. It was equipped with the same system called CEIR as previously described.

Since a laser thusly equipped successfully shot down a Cosmosphere in January (1982), the Shuttle planners believed the Shuttle would reach orbit safely. Once in orbit planners believed that the main threats to the Shuttle would be Russia 's orbiting Cosmos Interceptors. Those manned killer satellites were responsible for sweeping the skies clear of American Spy Satellites. In order to deal with that threat, there were truly radical modifications to the third Shuttle.

Whenever the space Shuttle was discussed, it was always emphasized that Shuttle astronauts could work in their shirt sleeves - no need for space suits because riding in a Shuttle was almost like riding in an airliner. Not so this time.

When Col. Jack Lousma and Col. C. Gordon Fullerton would lift off in this Shuttle, they would be in spacesuits. What's more, they would be depending on their spacesuits because their crew cabin would not be pressurized. The whole lower front portion of their ship below the flight deck had been turned into a weapons bay. As soon as the Shuttle would reach orbit, the nose would open up to the vacuum of space, the nose would fold downward and back, somewhat like certain cargo aircraft whose noses fold upward to load and unload.

As soon as the nose opened up, a complex laser system would emerge. The system had five tubular sections aimed up, down, to each side, and straight ahead. Each laser tube had a swiveling mirrorhead for beam aiming like that of the cargo bay laser mentioned earlier. Once deployed, the Nose Laser System would be able to fire in almost any direction, the only exception would be a narrow corridor to the rear of the Shuttle.

The Nose Laser System was described as a nuclear punt helium plasma laser with five resonators. The nuclear power pack could fire any one of the five laser tubes at a given time. It was not so powerful as the cargo bay laser but, unlike the cargo bay laser, the Nose Laser System could operate for a long time on an intermittent basis and the Shuttle planners believed it would be powerful enough to disable the manned Russian killer Satellites.

Under the protection of the Nose Laser System, Lousma and Fullerton were to deploy the robot Spy Satellite. As soon as it was deployed, they were to return to Earth in a small Gemini-type re-entry capsule. That part of the plan was the same as previously pointed out for the first flight. Meanwhile, the Shuttle would remain in orbit.

The Nose Laser System was programmed to keep right on zapping any Russian Cosmos Interceptors that would come within range. It would continue doing so until it would be destroyed or the nuclear laser ran down, which could be a very long time. It would constitute a very dangerous nuisance in space, and the Russians would have little choice but to destroy it. The American Bolsheviks hoped the Russians would lost a lot of spaceships and men before they succeeded in doing so.


If the military Shuttle planners were right in their calculation, the third Shuttle mission could turn into a battle royal in space. If they were wrong, they planned to try again. The fourth Shuttle mission was already scheduled for the Fourth of July. After that, no matter what happened with the Space Shuttle, they were planning to go ahead anyway in setting off Nuclear War Number One.

During the holiday season of 1981 from around Thanksgiving into 1982, Three major crises had besieged us. First, there were stories about the alleged Libyan "hit men" bent on assassinating top leaders of the U.S. Government; secondly, there was the military crackdown in Poland ; and thirdly, as soon as world eyes were riveted on Poland , came ISRAEL 'S ILLEGAL ANNEXATION of the Syrian Golan Heights.

On the surface these three crises might appear to have been unrelated, but they were all closely related indeed, and were certainly not what they appeared to be. Each was a consequence of the complex secret war plan for the joint military junta of the United States and Israel !

Ever since early spring of the year 1981 this war plan was reported to us, the public, but the big cover-up would sweep over us and it would be buried for no one would listen AND THE BRINGERS OF TRUTH WERE INCARCERATED, PUT UP FOR RIDICULE OR SIMPLY KILLED AND NONE OF THE CITIZENS SEEMED TO NOTICE - WORSE, WE DIDN'T CARE IN THE LEAST TO GET RID OF THOSE "WARMONGERS."

The conflicts were intended to gradually escalate until the time would be ripe. Then an American nuclear first strike would be launched against Russia. Nuclear war would break out in such a way that it would appear to be accidental. America 's nuclear forces would not realize that they were firing the first shots of nuclear war. Instead, they would be given false information that would trigger all-out retaliation against a non-existent Russian attack!

The prelude to all-out nuclear war was planned to include war in the Middle East. In the joint war plan of the American Bolsheviks and the Israeli military planners, the Middle East war was the responsibility of Israel. This was making Israel the eye of a growing hurricane of violence.

The crises continued to expand and grow outward without seeming control. Close to Israel , the top priority was to do everything possible to destroy the Camp David Peace Accords, so called. That is why President Sadat of Egypt was assassinated a few weeks prior (Oct. 6).

By early December we were being told that a group of three to six "hit men" were thought to be in the United States. It was claimed that they were gunning for the President and several other top Government officials. The U.S. shot down two Libyan jets and killed a child of Khadafy, trying to program him to behave like a madman. These plans were well laid to try to create situations to push us closer to nuclear war.

The old Bolsheviks from Russia who had gained control of America 's military policies had been trying to trigger revolution in Poland. They first attempted to do so by subverting the Roman Catholic Church and already turmoil was stewing in the Vatican. About three years earlier an attempt was made to turn the Catholic Church strongly anti-Russian in its policies. On September 28, 1978, thirty-three days after his election, the newly-elected pope, John Paul II, was murdered by poisoning and yet we are told he died in his sleep.

In my February, 1979, issue of *Doomsday Club News & Intelligence Report* newsletter, I said that there was evidence that Pope John Paul I had been murdered and that the Pope who took his place was a KGB agent! Malachi Martin wrote a popular book about the new Pope, *THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD,* but what you did not know was that Martin was a Jew using a fake name, and THE NEW POPE WAS NOT WHAT HE SEEMED TO BE, EITHER! A book called *IN GOD'S NAME* by David Yallop came out in 1984 with proof of the murder of the previous Pope, and Lawrence Patterson in his newsletter revealed the Jew hoaxer using the name Malachi Martin.

For those of you who still have a copy of my newsletter, why don't you check up on me: On page 6 of the February 1979 issue I said, "The present Pope (Pope John Paul II) will not last very long. I will go on record and emphasize it - *THE PRESENT POPE WILL LAST PROBABLY LESS THAN FIVE TO SEVEN YEARS"* (emphasis copied). Ah, I goofed, you will say, because he is still there. But let me quote from a book called *BLOOD AND ASHES,* a Phoenix Journal, which on page 133 says: "The Bolsheviks within the Vatican who engineered his election wanted only his potentially anti-Russian image, not the man himself and so he, too, WAS DONE AWAY WITH BY POISONING AND REPLACED BY A 'DOUBLE' ON NOVEMBER 21, 1978. THE NEW 'ACTOR POPE' THEN BEGAN ISSUING A STEADY STREAM OF STIFF STATEMENTS AGAINST ALLEGED RUSSIAN REPRESSION OF POLAND.

"The American Bolsheviks fully planned to use their power in the Vatican to set off what would be known as the 'Pope's Revolution' in Poland... Russian Intelligence was able to replace the Bolshevik actor Pope with their own 'double'."

Yallop, in his book on page 301, says: "Many millions of words have been written since the election of Karol Wojtyla in attempts to analyze and understand what kind of man he is. As can be seen, he is the kind of man who could allow men like Villot, Cody, Marcinkus, Mennini, de Strobel, de Bonis, and Poletti to remain in office. There can be no defense on the grounds of ignorance. Marcinkus is directly answerable to the Pope, and it is inconceivable that the Pope could be unaware of the degree of guilt that clings to Marcinkus." Marcinkus, my friends, was a member of the Jewish Mafia in Cicero Illinois who eventually gained control of the Vatican 's BILLIONS (that's dollars) (see book by that name, for instance) and killed the previous pope. Don't you just love religion and preachers?


PART 10:


The fake pope was scheduled to visit Poland to set off a revolution, but Russian Intelligence was able to stop it. Having had their Vatican intrigue spoiled for the moment, the Bolshevik planners in American started down a different route.

Their agents within Poland started agitation for an independent labor union to be known as Solidarity. Solidarity was created solely for the purpose of making conditions steadily worse in Poland until an unavoidable confrontation would be created with the government. Eventually they were successful and martial law was declared.

The news of martial law in Poland reached the West early Sunday, December 13th (1981). The very next day the Begin government in Israel launched the third Christmas crisis. On that day the Israeli government announced its surprise decision to annex the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is along the northeast corner of Israel 's border with Syria , and is Syrian territory. They have been occupied by Israeli troops ever since the 1967 war and then by Israeli civilian settlements, but under every rule of international law the Golan Heights belongs to Syria.

As always, the Begin government defended its actions in arrogantly self-righteous terms as it made a mockery of the rule of law!

World-wide, the reaction was universal condemnation of Israel , and within Israel itself there was also bitter criticism. The U.S. was in a most difficult position of what face to show publicly. Time slipped by while urgent secret decisions were made about how to handle the situation publicly.

Then, on December 18, the United States half-heartedly announced that it would suspend "indefinitely" the allegedly new strategic cooperation agreement with Israel. In response Israel canceled altogether the new agreement with America.

BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, THE U.S. AND ISRAEL STRUCK AN ARM'S-LENGTH POSE FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. This was specifically for the purpose of freeing Israel 's hands to act without restraint later on.

Israel Prime Minister Rabin summed it up with the words, quote: "Annexing the Golan Heights is the beginning of the end of ' Camp David '."

Well, at that time all the plans of the American Bolsheviks and the Zionists in Israel were still on track. They were shooting for Middle East war to break out before the end of the summer of 1982. From there, step by step, they planned to make the conflict escalate with other crises continuing to multiply world-wide.

On July 6, 1982 the "ISRAELI" government announced that American troops would be sent to Lebanon , if necessary. Hours later, Reagan announced that, "Yes, in principle, he was prepared to send in the Marines as part of a 'truce agreement'."


For public consumption, assurances were given that this would be done under certain comforting conditions. Supposedly, if the Marines are sent in it will only be temporary to police a truce, not fight, and only if all sides agree to their presence.

Doesn't if sound like a rerun - "We are just there to insure Iraq doesn't invade our little brother, Saudi Arabia ," and, "We are in Haiti only to preserve Democracy." Iraq had no intention of invading Saudi Arabia - then or later. Saddam Hussein was 'called in' to Kuwait to protect the interests of the Kuwaitis from being absorbed by the U.S. interests and a collapse brought on by calling of notes following default by the Kuwaitis, to the bankers. Dirty pool.

The following day a letter of warning against sending in the Marines was delivered to Reagan from Soviet President Brezhnev. It was a cryptic warning containing no specific threats. In diplomatic language it simply said, "Don't do it."

Anti-war warnings from Moscow were becoming increasingly urgent and frequent. On July 7 the Brezhnev warning against sending U.S. Marines into Lebanon was issued, and only six days later the Ustinov warning against an American nuclear first strike was issued. Does this surprise you? Don't you remember that little tidbit of news?

Russia's anti-war warnings included not only words but also deeds, my friends. The Kremlin was run by men who knew that words without deeds were useless against the American Bolsheviks. That is why we were given warnings a month prior to this that Russian preemptive measures must be expected to start taking place. Those pre-preemptive measures got under way promptly, in the form of warning strikes to send a clear, clean message.

The first of those warning strikes took place on Sunday morning, June 27 (1982). Millions of Americans watched the launch of Space Shuttle No. 4 that morning on television. You watched until the two solid rocket boosters separated and fell away from the Shuttle. Moments later a Jumbo Cosmosphere, which was pacing the Shuttle from a distance, fired two quick blasts at the falling boosters which were no longer visible on television.

The Cosmosphere's beam weapon blew a hole in the side of each $18,000,000 booster shell. An Air Force C-130 airplane was tracking the boosters and saw their parachutes open, but when the spent boosters hit the water they just kept right on sinking. Thanks to the holes which had been neatly blown into their sides - they certainly didn't float. Recovery teams watched helplessly as $36,000,000 worth of space hardware sank in several thousand feet of water.

Embarrassed NASA officials tried to explain away the loss of the two Shuttle boosters with the lie that the parachutes did not open (on both of them?). The odds are astronomical against the parachutes failing that way on TWO BOOSTERS, but they had no other excuse that they dared make public.


The *Encyclopedia Brittanica Book of the Year* says of this incident: "* Columbia 's* fourth launch from Kennedy Space Center was on June 27, with astronauts Thomas K. Mattingly and Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr. Fittingly enough, it landed on July 4 at Edwards Air Force Base in California, greeted by Pres. Ronald Reagan and an estimated 500,000 fellow citizens. A major problem occurred when the two booster rockets plunged into the Atlantic , apparently because of parachute failures. There was no danger to the * Columbia ,* however. Experiments included the first one to be developed by a private company. It was designed to produce certain pharmaceuticals continuously with high purity. The astronauts also helped save the first 'getaway special' when a defective circuit prevented power from reaching the canister."

Meanwhile, the Russian message was indeed clear. Had they cared to, the Russians could have destroyed the Shuttle itself on nationwide television, no less, instead of only the boosters. They were saving our government''s "face" to use more advantageously during the ensuing years. They certainly have managed to do that very nicely, at our expense.

Next came the Aeroflot crash in Moscow followed by the reprisal on July 9 against the Pan Am jet in New Orleans (a Pan American World Airways Boeing 747 jet carrying 145 persons crashed in Kenner, LA, shortly after taking off from New Orleans, exploded, and plowed through four residential streets; the accident, which killed 153 persons including 8 on the ground, was the second worst air disaster in U.S. history involving a single plane.) Both events were acts of war - the secret war which both sides were beginning to mention openly in public. The Russian message to the American Bolsheviks here was: "You are not as secure as you pretend you are."

Six days later the Russians reminded the Bolsheviks in the U.S. of their combined capabilities in geophysical warfare, a widespread sabotage here. As far back as 1977 we had been warned that the Russians were on a campaign of planting nuclear mines where they could destroy countless dams around the United States. Those devices are still there, waiting for use at the press of a button from a detonator trigger well out of our reach or ability to control.

How could subversive workers get within our boundaries without our knowing? They can't There are as many Russian KGB agents in our CIA as Americans. Our government thought, at the time, the mines were a big bluff because it was the Russians themselves who announced their presence to our government.

On July 15, 1982, the Kremlin said, "Think again" to the Bolshevik pentagon. That day northern Colorado was reeling from incredible rainstorms, the product of Russian weather modification. Dams in the area were straining to hold back the onslaught of water. Then a low-yield underwater mine was detonated at the base of the Lawn Lake Dam. The dam blew open, and the flood waters rampaged down the canyon and through the resort town of Estes Park. The government frantically tried to cover its tracks by saying they had been worried about that dam, but the disaster actually came with absolutely no warning because the dam was ruined instantly by the explosion.


The very next day there was still another Russian warning shot. This time it was couched in the centuries-old language of naval warfare, updated to the Space Age.

When confrontations take place at sea there are times when a warship will fire a shot across the bow of another ship. The shot is aimed to barely miss the ship, whistling past just in front of it. A shot across the bow is perhaps the most unmistakable military message on the face of the Earth. It means: "Halt immediately or you will be destroyed."

On July 16 a United Airlines DC-10 took off from Boston bound for Los Angeles. Among the passengers of the big jet were certain key members of the Bolshevik ruling group here in America.

For a while the flight progressed without incident but as the jet flew westward at 39,000 feet a Russian Cosmosphere was stationing itself to intercept it. The Cosmosphere hovered several miles off to one side of the jet's flight path and a few hundred feet above it. The charged particle beam weapon of the Cosmosphere was aimed horizontally to fire a shot across the bow of the speeding DC-10.

As the jet approached, the Cosmosphere crew charged up the beam weapon for a maximum energy blast in a defocused mode. This produces a violent air blast like those heard that winter along America 's East Coast and elsewhere. At precisely the right instant the Cosmosphere fired its shot across the bow of the oncoming DC-10.

The tremendous air blast just above the DC-10's altitude created a huge shock wave of downward-racing air. An instant later the DC-10 flew into it. Passengers later told reporters that they heard a big bang, then the whole plane shook as it was squashed downward as if by a giant hand. Everyone not wearing a seat belt was thrown to the ceiling, which is a long way on a DC-10. Many people were hurt, several seriously; then the episode was over as quickly as it had started.

The jet flew on to Los Angeles without further incident - but to certain individuals on the plane, the airborne shot across the bow was meant as a clear warning! It certainly meant something to the military and government personnel because they had been warned it would happen. It clearly said, "Halt now in your war plans or you will be destroyed."

The next warning shot took place on July 22. This was aimed squarely at the weapons specialists among the American Bolsheviks in the U.S. That day the first full-range test flight of the Army's new Pershing-2 missile took place at Cape Canaveral. The Pershing-2 is the nuclear missile which the Reagan Administration wanted to place in Europe where it could attack Russia. Europe would be used as a launching pad.

A few seconds after the Pershing-2 lifted off from Cape Canaveral it was bathed in neutron radiation from a Russian Cosmosphere high above. Remember, neutron radiation totally deranges all kinds of electronic equipment. As a result, the Pershing-2's guiding system went crazy.

The climbing missile flopped over on its side, then started cartwheeling through the lovely Florida skies. Seventeen seconds after lift-off, the Range Safety Officer pushed the self-destruct button and the missile blew up.

The Russian message to the Bolsheviks in the U.S. was very plain indeed. The plans to use missiles to help destroy Russia would not succeed. The attempt to do so would only rain destruction on America itself.


PART 11:


The Reagan-Begin Axis of Bolsheviks and Zionists intended to manipulate those crises, and more to come, to pave the way for war. Suddenly, certain crises would combine to trigger a chain of events leading to Nuclear War One. The joint military junta of the United States Pentagon and Israel were working on a fast timetable for all of this. They were aiming for deadline time of midsummer 1982 for the final war sequence to begin; fulfillment of the plan was set for September.

This would involve regional conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere which gradually would escalate to engulf the superpowers. The whole thing was being set up to make nuclear war appear unavoidable. At last all-out nuclear war itself would break out between the United States and Russia. It would be made to appear accidental, but as we have detailed in the past, Nuclear War One would actually begin with an AMERICAN FIRST STRIKE AGAINST RUSSIA.

Up to that point, the secret war planners in the U.S. had been expecting that it would take many months for the final war buildup to run its course. For example, a Mideast war might be triggered by the summer of 1982, but it could take until the spring of 1983 for the resulting nuclear war to actually erupt. That plan had actually been changed and by winter 1982 drastic changes took place in the secret war planning under way in America.

The timetable for Nuclear War One was speeded up by many months in order to render the oncoming winter an ally. This was when the target date was set for mid-September 1982. That was little more than six months from the third Shuttle launch and thus the desperate need for intelligence surveillance information regarding the Soviet Union. Well, then a major intelligence coup was scored by the American Bolsheviks which would allow for fairly accurate targeting.

Two high-ranking soviet generals were spirited out of Russia and brought to Washington. Those two men were Bolsheviks whom Russia's new non-Bolshevik rulers failed to detect and weed out. In Intelligence parlance, they remained as "moles" in Russia's military apparatus.

Now they had been brought to America, and they brought with them a wealth of data about Russia 's current military posture. Thanks to those two former Bolshevik Soviet generals the secret war planners in the U.S. now had enough information.

If they could get more data from Space Shuttle flights Nos. 3 and 4, so much the better, but if neither of those two flights was successful, the war planners intended to wait no longer and go with ground intelligence. They wanted to make use of the intelligence obtained from the Soviet generals while it was still fresh and changes could not be made in the Soviet Union who would suspect treason. Therefore, the deadline to attack the Russians was rescheduled.

If the U.S. had realized and listened, we would have all realized that the fourth launch was a crossing line to countdown to war.


In early 1982 there was a tremendous hidden struggle for power that was dividing the U.S. government. On one side were the American Bolsheviks whose chief government operative was Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. On the other side was the Rockefeller cartel whose chief government spokesman was Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Weinberger and Haig were constantly at each other's throats in the news, and worse, in private. Caught in the middle was the puppet, President Reagan.

Reagan was installed by the Rockefeller cartel but came to be largely under Bolshevik control after the assassination "attempt" in March of 1981. By February of 1982 the American military was dominated by the Bolsheviks, but that had not always been so.

By 1982 a plan for a Rockefeller cartel-backed military coup was being set in motion (again) and this time it was a crash program. The Rockefeller cartel could not afford to let their Bolshevik enemies succeed in setting off nuclear war; therefore, the military coup must take place before the American Bolshevik surprise attack against Russia. If possible, the coup would be carried out before the fourth Space Shuttle flight planned for the summer of 1982, because the war was scheduled immediately following that flight.

The man who was in charge of the military coup preparations was a four-star Army General who was also Secretary of State - General Alexander Haig. If you remember the Falkland Islands War occurred about this time and the Bolsheviks foiled the coup. Haig was fired and Bolshevik George P. Shultz took his place, on June 25th.


You need to know the facts behind the Falkland Islands War, the shooting of the *U.S.S. Liberty* by the Israelis, the turmoil in Central America, developments towards the Iran-Iraq war, Libya's Kadhafi, Afghanistan, Poland, etc. Things were and are not as you think they are, friends!

I have mentioned about doubles. For example, on March 6 the BBC quoted a *London Times* article questioning whether or not Khomeini was still alive. The article expressed suspicions that fake pictures were being used showing the "double" for Khomeini.


I remember, I believe, the article was in *Reader's Digest,* an article that said that when Khomeini went into exile to Paris, he was missing a finger. When he later returned to Iran , Khomeini was not missing any fingers. Khomeini was quite a miracle worker, don't you think? Or could somebody be pulling a fast one?

The Reagan-Begin Axis, in cahoots with their Zionist partners in Israel , were going all out to try to start a nuclear war.

The Manhattan Project went from a decision to make the bomb (on the day before Pearl Harbor in December 1941), to a working bomb exploded on Hiroshima in August, 1945. And this was before computers.

In 1982, a new program was started similar to the Manhattan Project. It was called the "Stealth" program, and, surprise, surprise, it succeeded the same year! It succeeded because of the immense computing power of the Control Data Corporation Star 100 and Cray computers (an offshoot of Control Data).

The most secret branch of the Stealth Program was developing aircraft that would be invisible to more than just radar. They must be invisible even to the eye. These invisible "Phantom" war planes would carry special electromagnetic gear.

You see, there was already the capability, for Russia had the know-how to cause the Cosmos Interceptors and Cosmospheres to be invisible. All that was really needed was to get defectors and most defectors had a "price" under which they will bargain.

The equipment included superconducting magnets which were maintained at temperatures close to absolute zero. The cryogenic equipment creates an enormously powerful electromagnetic field around the aircraft. The field is designed according to the principles of Einstein's "Unified Field Theory."

Einstein never completely finished his Field Theory, but it was studied by numerical techniques using the Star 100 and Cray computers and others and integration became a simple game. By this method, enough could be learned, coupled with stolen information, to apply the Unified Field Theory to the new "Phantom" war planes.

Think of the magnificent possibilities. Time is a function of the measurement of movement of "things" - atoms, matter, and stuff. At absolute zero, atoms stop moving. Time stops. When atoms speed up in relation to surroundings, time speeds up. Frequency is everything.

When you understand the rules, wondrous things are possible. For hints of the possibilities, study the Philadelphia Experiment and Project Montauk. Read *A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME* by Stephen Hawking or *HYPERSPACE, A SCIENTIFIC ODYSSEY THROUGH PARALLEL UNIVERSE, TIME WARPS, AND THE 10TH DIMENSION* by Michio Kaku.

This is why the government must keep the Stealth aircraft a "national security" secret. They have revealed the part of the secret telling that the shape of the surfaces affects the radar signature, to explain the strikes in Iraq and so on, but they don't want you to know the rest of the secrets. By revealing this much, they kept the Stealth program from being scuttled by Congress.

Under this program they can send 22 planes into battle, and 22 planes return. Mission accomplished! You do not see all the others that also went into battle, and those that are lost are made up for so that you see the same number return.

When the invisibility field would be turned on, a "Phantom" war plane would be encased in a sort of electromagnetic bubble. Light that strikes the field from any direction divides, passes around the plane, comes together again on the other side, and goes on. The effect is like a boulder in a stream - water flowing toward the boulder divides, goes around it and then comes together again on the other side.

When you "see" something, light bounces off the object and strikes your eyes. Your eyes then recognize the pattern. If something comes between you and the object, you can no longer see it. But if the light from the object goes around the obstruction, you see the original object, but not the obstruction. This is how Phantom planes work, although up close they can be dimly detected, while farther away they are totally invisible. Do you now understand why so many "UFO" sightings are blurry?

Radar behaves the same way as light, it just has a different wavelength, so Phantom planes are invisible to both light and radar, unless they turn off their fields. This explains some of the reported sonic booms where there was no visible airplane.

The Russians, however, can see through these fields using sophisticated infrared beam detectors.

Phantom war planes are totally immune to lasers because a laser is just a beam of intense light. An invisibility field also would give protection against the Russian Particle Beam system in tracking ability but the plan backfired because the Russians had already developed anti-invisible shield technology. Ordinarily, charged particles are far easier to deflect than light, so the charged particle beam is no match for the light-deflecting shield. Ah, but when you get into pulsed neutron beams - you have a real handful of troubles.

And so that leaves only neutron beam weapons. Russia's neutron beam would penetrate the invisibility shield, but ways were thought to have been found to shield against neutron radiation well enough to make neutron beams ineffective in stopping a Phantom war plane. This was conceived as true because extremely effective shielding would be part of the basic design of the Phantom war plane whereby the plane would have to first be "located" in order to be fired upon. The basic design would require such sophisticated shielding in order to prevent derangement of the electronic instruments as well as the crew, if it were a manned craft.

So the result of the program would be craft which would be undetectable by conventional means, and it was believed to be invulnerable to all of Russia's beam weapons. Those beam weapons had been the key to Russia's military superiority since late 1977, so the Phantom war plane was the hope-for weapon to attack Russia in the upcoming planned nuclear strike.

The Phantom war plane had one recognized major drawback. In a way, its greatest strength would also be its greatest weakness. When the invisibility field would be turned on, incoming light waves would not strike the plane; instead, the light flows around the plane. That is what makes the plane invisible to observers at a distance but, at the same time, the field prevents light waves from the outside world from reaching the cockpit of the plane. In other words, the pilot cannot see anything outside the invisibility field. He is required by physical law to fly blind.

There was only one technique known in the West by which a Phantom war plane could be navigated. It is called "Inertial Guidance," a technique used for ICBMs. In Inertial Guidance, a computerized system keeps track of all the forces and maneuvers experienced by the vehicle. By adding these up over time, the system calculates where it is without reference to the outside world. For a Phantom war plane, the Inertial Guidance problem is very difficult. The guidance system must operate for as long as several hours while the plane flies to its target. That gives lots of time for errors to build up which would send the plane off course, but the problem was thought to be solved sufficiently to utilize the Phantom planes in the attack.

New Inertial Guidance technology had been developed using lasers in place of the old mechanical gyros used in ICBMs, and so the supersecret Phantom war plane project had basically succeeded in concept - and, for all intents and purposes, we now had a new superweapon. It was revolutionary, prototypes were flying and a rush production program was already under way by the early 1980s. The secret war planners expected to have an operational fleet ready by summer, 1982. This was the "pacing item" in the short war timetable.

Because of inertial guidance, absolutely accurate reconnaissance data on Russian targets was totally critical to the war planning. When Phantom war planes would take off to attack Russia, they would have to know ahead of time exactly where the target would be. Therefore, for a year the Space Shuttle had been making a desperate attempt to obtain the needed target information from space. It would be the first new data since Russia destroyed our Spy Satellites in 1978. The first two Shuttle flights were NOT successful in their secret military mission, but in February, 1982, Shuttle No. 3 was more successful. The war planners now obtained the most crucial target data needed for a Phantom war plane attack against Russia. As a result, a whole new war plan was being prepared for the coming planned nuclear war.

America 's war strategists were eager for war because they believed they could achieve victory over Russia - the concept of victory, however, DID NOT INCLUDE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THE SECRET WAR STRATEGISTS WERE PREPARING TO SACRIFICE AMERICA AND MOST OF HER PEOPLE ON THE ALTAR OF WORLD DOMINATION - AND ONLY THE TIME AND PLACE HAS CHANGED.


PART 12:


The radically new Phantom war plane caused an equally radical revision of the master war strategy of the U.S. Elements of several past strategies were being blended together to create a new and grander plan. It was the new grand master strategy which America 's war planners were counting on to bring them victory in Nuclear War One, and they planned to use the war plan very quickly - by Autumn of 1982, with or without the proper surveillance hoped for by Shuttle flight No. 3.

Strategic nuclear war planning in Washington was being carried out under the code name "Project Z." The letter "Z" was chosen because it is the final letter of the alphabet. The war planners were confident that this would be the last war plan they would need against Russia. War planning under Project Z was so secret that it was not being done at the Pentagon itself; instead, an elite group of war strategists were assembled at a special war room in downtown Washington. The war room was hidden away in a building which would never be suspected for the purpose. It was practically within the shadow of the White House.

The elite war planners for Nuclear War One were a very small group. Their job was to think in terms of the big overall picture. They had at their fingertips computer terminals with which they could access any information they needed from other government computers (using PROMIS software stolen from Inslaw, for instance). This included not only Pentagon data banks but also the computer files of all other government agencies.

By May the Project Z planners had already arrived at the broad outlines for their master war plan. Countless details and refinements still lay ahead, but the basic strategy was already decided. That strategy bears looking at herein.

The Project Z strategy for Nuclear War One was a three-phase plan - that is, the war planners intended for the war to proceed in three distinct phases known as: Phase 1 - Initiation; Phase 2 - Attrition; and Phase 3 - Domination.

The major process was based on ever-increasing world crises, like those that led up to World War I. We were seeing that process in full swing all around us. It was planned that these crises escalate for about six additional months and finally the spark would be set off. The Project Z war planners were concerned with the military acts from that initial spark onward.

Phase Number One: In their plan, the Initiation Phase would begin with an American surprise attack against Russia. The surprise attack would use the new Phantom war planes. They would be the key to the outcome of the rest of the war.

In the summer of 1978 America had begun major shifting to a first-strike nuclear strategy against Russia. It would be a first strike. It would be to knock out the Earth bases for Russia 's space triad of strategic weapons. If that could be done, Russia 's overwhelming military power in space would soon wither and perish.

That would leave the U.S. and Russia on more equal terms for the rest of the war. The plan was to use a combination of Subcraft and Unmanned Aircraft called RPVs for the initial attack. That plan was actually attempted some two years prior but ended in total failure because Subcraft of RPVs were no match for Russia 's Cosmospheres with their beam weapons, but the new Phantom war planes were almost ready and the plan was being revived in updated form.

Phantom war planes were intended to be based in at least three countries on Russia's doorstep. These basing areas were: northern Norway; eastern Turkey; and most critical of all, Sinkiang Province in northwestern China. Now you know why Reagan and others became so cozy with China! Already, high-powered lasers were being moved into those areas. They were equipped with the new aiming device called CEIR (see-er). Those lasers had the proven ability to shoot down Cosmospheres. They would be used to protect the Phantom war planes from destruction on the ground by Cosmospheres.

The Phantom war planes which would be used were unmanned. They were equipped with robot pilots which would be programmed for a one-way trip. The invisible robot pilot and aircraft would fly through Russian air space, invulnerable to any beam-weapon attacks. Anti-aircraft missiles fired at them would be unable to home in on them, and so the Project Z planners believed that the robot Phantom planes would reach their targets.

Those targets were Russia's four Cosmodromes for rockets plus several Cosmosphere installations in central Siberia. The invisible robot planes would crash like kamikazes into their targets. Seemingly out of the clear blue sky, all of Russia 's space bases would suddenly vanish in thermonuclear fireballs.

In addition to Russia's space bases, the Phantom war plane assault would also be directed at one other category of prime targets. These were the bases for Russia's flying Anti-missile System. The system consisted of a fleet of TU-144 Supersonic Transports equipped with particle-beam weapons. They were supposed to provide Russia's final line of defense against incoming missile warheads. American Phantom war planes would be programmed to destroy the TU-144 bases.

Phase #1 was continuing on a very tight timetable by May, 1982. If the invisible war plane attack would succeed, a furious counterattack by Russia was guaranteed. Project Z called for the U.S. to beat Russia to the punch. The entire U.S. nuclear arsenal was to be fired at Russia.

It would be done by creating the false indication that America was under nuclear attack. The method which would be employed was known as Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP. EMP is a phenomenon associated with nuclear blasts at the fringes of space. The strategic forces were programmed to consider an EMP episode to be positive proof of a Russian attack. Under those circumstances, they were instructed to counterattack against Russia without waiting for any further orders.

In the Project Z timetable, the Phantom was plane explosions in Russia would be followed moments later by nuclear detonations over North America. These would be the warheads of American high-speed missiles called ACMs. They would be launched into the sky from various locations around the U.S. to create a violent EMP episode. The Strategic/Nuclear Forces, obeying orders, would launch what they would believe to be a retaliation against Russia.

As the American ACMs would be launched into the sky over our heads, still another event was to be underway. Keep in mind the episode of January, 1982, whereby a Russian Cosmosphere had been shot down for the fist time - over New Jersey. In the same way, high-power lasers located in many places around the U.S. would be shooting down as many Cosmospheres as possible.

By the time our ICBMs were launched a few minutes later, it could be expected that many of the threatening Cosmospheres overhead would have been destroyed. They would be unable to blast all of our missiles as they were launched, and many would survive to be on their way to Russia. Thanks to the initial Phantom war plane attack, Russia 's flying ABM system would also be out of action. Stripped of all her defenses against missile attack, the Soviet Union would soon be aflame with a sea of nuclear firestorms.

In the Project Z war plan, the arrival of American ICBMs on Russian targets would mark the end of Phase #1, the Initiation Phase.


Phase Number Two: This is the Attrition Phase. During Phase #2 the war planners envisioned extreme damage to both the U.S. and to Russia , with the war gradually running down. First there would be a rain of Russian missile warheads on the U.S. There would also be missile attacks on certain other targets around the world where American Military Forces were located, but the real destruction would be right in the U.S. itself.

The Project Z war planners did not expect America , as you know it, to survive a nuclear exchange. Unlike Russia , the U.S. has no Civil Defense worthy of the name, let alone hardened blast shelters and, because of the need for total surprise in the attack against Russia 's space bases, the ensuing nuclear exchanges would come without warning. Vacationers would be on beaches, businessmen would be making deals, housewives would be in supermarkets, children would be at play, etc.

In my July 1978 newsletter I warned that it was the policy of the U.S. to NOT warn its population. Suddenly air raid sirens might start to blare, as they would do so on a summer day in Hiroshima years ago, but it would be too late. The America you know and love would die in a thousand Hiroshimas. The war schemers have planned for all that and have only updated the plans to suit changes in happenings TODAY.

While you and your children vanish from the face of the Earth, they fully intended and still intend to be riding out any attack they have caused, inside Government war bunkers build with your taxpayer money, at Camp David, Mount Weather , Pine Gap, China Lake and DOZENS of other locations. Do you have your passes to these places? I thought not.


Gradually, over a period of many months, they fully expected the conflict between Russia and the U.S. to sputter out. Both sides would be exhausted and ruined; both would lose the capacity to carry the war any further.

In Russia , the wound would be grievous - up to 50 million dead and millions more injured and dying. BUT IN THE U.S. THE WOUND WOULD BE MORTAL. The Project Z war planners had figured it out on their computers. If we were lucky, from 40 to 50 million Americans might survive at the end of the war. All the rest would have been killed outright in the nuclear attacks or would have died of injuries and disease. Nuclear War One would leave medical care virtually nonexistent in what would be left of America.

The American Bolsheviks intended to ride out the war after setting it off. They would wait until the stalemate point would be reached with both sides unable to fight any longer. That would mark the end of Phase #2, the Attrition Phase.


Phase Number Three: Finally, the Project Z war plan would move into the third and final phase. That phase, of course, would be world domination by the SATANIC BOLSHEVIKS/ZIONISTS (PARASITES) who already controlled and control the U.S. military.

In the final phase as planned for 1982, the Bolsheviks/Zionists in America would be taking advantage of secret preparations which began long, long prior.

One arm of the prior plan had been strategy which required the U.S. to give the impression that it was growing steadily weaker, disarming unilaterally, closing military bases, and so on, but that was only for public consumption. The secret side of the strategy involved an actual buildup of armaments, in secret. This necessitated a secret government, which was set up by Jimmy Carter, Oliver North, George Bush, et al., under the smokescreen of FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

When the Bolsheviks/Zionists in the U.S. seized power from the Rockefellers, they continued the stockpiling of secret reserves of armaments world-wide, and especially in Israel. It was well planned that as the war began to sputter, all these armaments would be brought into the open.

Even if the entire populations of the U.S. and Russia were destroyed, that would still leave 95% of the world's population alive, and under total domination of the "Elite." Both the Bolsheviks and the Zionists despise and loathe both the Russians and the Americans and world domination could only come to the bankers and global cartel through massive damage and/or destruction to both major powers.

Where does all this leave our ally Great Britain ? Could it be they plan to survive free and clear in domination of the world?

On March 30, 1982, one day behind schedule, we got to see a Shuttle landing at the White Sands Missile Range New Mexico. White Sands is the true nerve center of the Space Shuttle Program, regardless of what the media tells you otherwise.

The third Shuttle flight, regardless of which Shuttle did what, represented another "first" and that one was not visible on television. For the first time a Space Shuttle had succeeded in its secret military mission. By so doing, another barrier was removed in the path to nuclear war.

The third Shuttle mission took place nearly a year after the first flight of April, 1981. A comparison between the first and third flights is a study in ironies.

In the April fiasco, publicity about the first flight was designed to give the impression that it was unnaturally perfect. Meanwhile, the secret military mission - which you did not see - was a disaster. With the third flight, it was the other way around.

From start to finish the publicity emanating from NASA gave the impression that the Shuttle was plagued with problems. NASA wanted to be able to explain it away if disaster should strike again but, as it turned out, the military mission in space, hidden from our eyes, was a success and the loss of one more Shuttle was not so detrimental to the program as a whole.


Space Shuttle No. 3 was supposed to orbit a special new Spy Satellite. It was hardened against attack from Russia 's space weapons and armed with a robot-controlled laser that could shoot back. In addition, the Shuttle itself was armed with lasers on this third try.

The public image of a troubled, plagued Shuttle flight actually got underway several days prior to launch, thanks to the weather. Drenching rainstorms turned Edwards Air Force Base in California, used for the prior two landings, into a wet bog. The tight military schedule of the Shuttle Program required that the flight take off on schedule anyway, so for public consumption a 23-car railroad train loaded with equipment was sent from California to New Mexico.

Ostensibly, NASA was setting up a spur-of-the-moment landing site at the White Sands Missile Range. This was done so that the central role of White Sands Missile Range in the Shuttle Program would not be suspected by the public and would also delete the need for substitute Shuttles in the landing itself because it is publicly closed.

Space Shuttle No. 3 lifted off from Cape Canaveral only an hour behind schedule on Monday morning, March 22nd. Beginning at the moment of liftoff, NASA started laying the basis for a cover-up story should the military mission fail.

First you heard the pre-recorded voice of Shuttle Commander Jack Lousma saying unexplained white flakes were flying past the windshield. Later, after the Shuttle was out of sight, we were told that one of the power packs called an APU was not functioning. These initial hints of possible trouble had been pre-recorded for broadcast during the launch - for a reason. There was fear that the Shuttle might be destroyed by Russian space weapons before reaching orbit altitude.

Had that happened, the Shuttle managers wanted to be able to initiate a cover-up which would not reveal the military situation; but as it turned out, the preparations paid off and, through the radical new maneuver already discussed, the Shuttle did at least reach proper altitude.

When the Shuttle No. 3 took off, it headed into the northeast. Long-distance cameras followed it until the two solid rockets separated and fell away. Then, as the Shuttle disappeared from sight, it started its long sweeping turn into the north. It was heading toward a near-polar orbit so that it would pass over Russia. This much of the flight plan was the same as in the past, but this time a critical new feature was added.

Less than 30 seconds after the Shuttle disappeared from TV cameras, the cargo-bay doors were blasted completely off. This opened up a field of fire for the defensive laser at the front of the cargo bay. Then the Shuttle and its giant external tanks started rotating slowly in a space-age version of a barrel-roll.

In World War II, fighter pilots made use of the barrel roll to avoid bullets from enemy airplanes. Likewise, the Space Shuttle used a barrel roll to protect itself against probable attack from Russian Cosmospheres. By rotating like a corkscrew, the Shuttle made it impossible for a Cosmosphere to approach safely from any direction. The barrel roll maneuver was a very risky one, however, for the Shuttle. The Shuttle and tank were not designed with "aerobatics" in mind but calculations showed that it should survive a slow roll, and somehow it did.

One of the biggest questions about the barrel roll stunt was what it would do to the astronauts Lousma and Fullerton. They were required to withstand these dizzying gyrations for about six minutes. At the same time, the Shuttle was still accelerating with up to three times the force of gravity; and because of the peculiar design of the Shuttle and fuel tank, the gyrations were sickening indeed.

Military space doctors knew that at best Lousma and Fullerton would be very sick for some time after reaching this low orbit. Their wild, bruising, spinning ride would end abruptly in weightlessness. That is a combination guaranteed to derange the equilibrium of even the toughest astronaut. Nothing remotely like it has ever been done. Doctors were rightly worried that even if the two survived the mission and returned to Earth, there could be permanent damage to their equilibrium.

When orbit was reached, they did indeed become violently ill. That is why you heard those reports about nausea striking both men. NASA wanted to pave the way for a plausible public explanation if they should not appear well when they returned to Earth. At the same time, the Shuttle planners knew perfectly well why they were sick. That is why NASA spokesmen acted so unconcerned when discussing the space sickness with reporters. When they called it "motion sickness," they were making a gross understatement.

Lousma and Fullerton were to begin work immediately upon reaching proper orbit - sick or not. Their extensively modified crew compartment was to be depressurized already - automatically - with the two men depending upon their space suits. This plan had to be modified slightly when the barrel roll was added to the flight plan.


When the Shuttle reached orbit the astronauts were in space suits, but the cabin was still pressurized. They were allowed several minutes to get from the flight deck to the Gemini-type escape capsule stored below. Once inside the escape capsule they then depressurized the cabin; then the Nose Laser System deployed automatically to protect the Shuttle against any attacks by Russian space weapons. This allowed Lousma and Fullerton to recover from space sickness while inside the capsule.

For the ensuing two days or so, getting well was their main task. It was a period of total vulnerability, of depending on the untried Automatic Laser System for protection. The Shuttle planners wanted to have the excuse ready later should the Shuttle be attacked and destroyed. So the day after the launch you were shown TV pictures of missing tiles on the nose of the Shuttle. According to those pictures at least a dozen tiles in the black area were lost.

If that had really happened, it would have been cause for extreme alarm. Later a NASA spokesman downplayed it, saying the tiles were noncritical. But there is no such thing as a noncritical black tile. The black tiles supposedly lost are to withstand temperatures above 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Under th tile there is nothing but a piece of felt called a "strain isolation pad" which would not last five seconds in those temperatures, and under the felt is the metal skin of the Shuttle. It is made of aluminum, which loses its strength above 350 degrees. If exposes to 1500 degree heat by a few missing tiles, the Shuttle could not possibly avoid very severe, crippling damage or destruction by rupturing.


The nice NASA space movies we saw on TV were a pre-recorded hoax to provide an excuse if something went wrong, but it didn't. The astronauts recovered, went to work, and deployed the new military satellite. Meanwhile, NASA spokesmen waved aside the alleged tile problem as minor. It had served its purpose and was no longer needed.

Throughout the remainder of the week we heard about one problem after another. Supposedly the cargo bay doors would not close and I guess not, since they were blown completely away, the toilet would not work, three out of four communications channels went out, one of the three crucial data display screens in the cockpit failed, etc. None of these stories was true; all were devised to provide blather material and cover story for possible problems with the secret military mission. But in the end none of them was needed and so NASA spokesmen just waved them aside as unimportant.

The secret military mission was a success, so the pretended mission which was cooked up for TV was declared an overwhelming success, also.


PART 13:

Late Friday night, March 26th (1982), Lousma and Fullerton finished deploying the new Superspy Satellite. It had taken longer than planned, but it was done. The Shuttle was left in orbit. The astronauts re-entered their Gemini-type escape capsule, fired its retrorockets, and dropped out of orbit to an Indian Ocean splashdown. From there they were flown nonstop to the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The Shuttle directors took advantage of a sandstorm at White Sands to delay the public landing for an extra day while the astronauts recuperated. Then the next morning they boarded one of the two remaining secret Shuttles at White Sands. The Shuttle took off from the north end of the immense White Sands Range, using small solid rockets. Just moments before 11:00 A.M. it made its appearance on TV. They swooped in from the north, dropped down over the mountains, and touched down in a cloud of white dust. Finally, after a respectable wait, out stepped Lousma and Fullerton all rested and refreshed.

On Memorial Day, May 30, 1982, Richard Halloran leaked the existence of Project Z in an article in the *New York Times.* The article said: "PENTAGON DRAWS UP FIRST STRATEGY FOR FIGHTING A LONG NUCLEAR WAR. Defense Department policy makers in a new five-year defense plan have accepted the premise that nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union could be protracted, and have drawn up their first strategy for fighting such a war."

It did not say, however, that the plans were to launch the war in three months. The article went on to mention that the plan was laid out in an unpublished document of 125 pages. It was drafted for approval by a man who served Satan directly, Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger.

Caspar Weinberger is a most interesting guy, but his story is so mind-boggling that I will have to save it for some other time. The U.S. Pentagon was controlled by the Bolsheviks who formerly controlled Russia. Weinberger was the highest *visible* agent of the Bolsheviks in the U.S. government at that time.


The nuclear war plan of the Bolsheviks was moving most quickly, but the U.S. Government was a house divided. The Bolsheviks were opposed by their bitter rivals, the Rockefeller cartel. Their top visible operative in the federal government at the time was Secretary of State Alexander Haig. The often visible feuding between Haig and Weinberger was only a pale shadow of that deadly power struggle behind the scenes. Unlike the Bolsheviks, the Rockefeller factions did not want nuclear war. In a word, they couldn't "afford" it. They would lose everything, and so the Rockefeller faction was working feverishly to head off the Bolshevik nuclear war plan.

The new anti-Bolshevik rulers of Russia were also against nuclear war. The anti-Bolshevik, anti-nuclear war attitudes of the Rockefeller cartel and the Kremlin led to a limited coalition between them. The most spectacular result from this Rockefeller-Russian coalition was the Falklands War raging between Argentina and Britain.

The Falklands was the visible aftermath to cover warfare which took place during April, 1982. The Rockefeller cartel and the Russians joined forces to destroy certain military installations and weapons reserves. These were key ingredients in the final phase of the Project Z war plan.

The whole operation began at South Georgia Island on April 3. With the help of Argentina a joint Rockefeller-Russian commando team was able to knock out the giant hidden naval base there. The base, built during the 1960s, was originally controlled through the U.S. Government by the Rockefeller cartel but the Bolsheviks acquired control of the bases in the late 1970s when they also seized control of the American Pentagon.

The major base was contained within a giant man-made cavern hollowed out inside a mountain near the water. With the camouflaged ship entrances sealed, the base was bombproof, but the joint Rockefeller-Russian commando team succeeded in attacking the base by drilling a shaft through the mountain. Then a compact Russian neutron bomb was inserted through the shaft and detonated inside the cavernous naval base. The process took several weeks. The Thatcher government which - like the U.S. government - was Bolshevik controlled, dispatched the Royal Navy.

First, it was supposed to dislodge the heavily-armed Rockefeller-Russian military force before it could destroy the naval base, then it was to move on to the Falklands for the publicly-admitted fighting. The Royal Navy arrived several days too late to save the secret base on South Georgia Island. But by that time the panicking Thatcher government had already committed some two-thirds of the Royal Navy to the South Atlantic. On top of that, at least one British ship had already been sunk by Russia in connection with the secret South Georgia operation. That left the Thatcher government with no choice but to engage Argentina in battle, otherwise it would have been impossible to explain away Britain's huge deployment to the South Atlantic, much less the heavy losses which had been sustained.

On April 30 the British blockade of the Falklands was just beginning. Later that day President Reagan announced that the U.S. was actively siding with Britain. The announcement was a victory for the Pentagon war faction. Right away warfare around the Falklands started heating up quickly.

On May 1, the British launched bombing raids against the airport at Port Stanley, and on May 2 a British submarine torpedoed Argentina's second largest ship, the cruiser *General Belgrano.* It sank within 24 hours, leaving a death toll of more than 300 Argentine sailors. The sinking of the *Belgrano* was expected to demoralize the Argentines, but instead it enraged them. The *Belgrano* had been sunk at a time when it was not threatening the British forces. The Argentines decided it was time to start playing their ace-in-the-hole against the British.

Argentina had been given certain promises in return for making the secret South Georgia operation possible. One of these was the promise of covert military assistance by Russia against Britain. Specifically, it was pledged that the Russians would intervene in parallel with Argentine air and naval operations in ways designed to even the odds. In this way Argentina's military leaders could take full credit for both their own and covert Russian attacks on the British. At the same time, the procedure was designed to keep Russia's role in the fighting quite obscure.

I simply do not have time to go into what the real truth was about the Falklands War, just suffice to say that what you were told was worlds away from the truth.

On August 24, 1982, another Cosmosphere was blasted out of the sky over the New York City vicinity, to be sure the New Jersey shot event could be duplicated. It created a high-speed fireball, described in the *New York Times* as a possible asteroid burning up.

When the American Phantom war planes would be launched into Russia on Z-Day, they would be swarming toward only six primary and about a dozen secondary targets. The six primary targets were the Russian Space bases, four Cosmodromes at Baikonur, Tyuratam, Plesetsk, and Kaspusin Yar, and two Cosmosphere facilities at Semipalatinsk and Novosibirsk.

As for the dozen or so secondary targets, those were the complex of Russian flying ABM bases. The system consisted of anti-missile particle beam weapons carried aboard converted TU-144 Supersonic Transports. The Transports were mysteriously removed from service in June 1978 for conversion to anti-missile defense but by September 1982 the system was fully operational. The intent was to knock them all out, if possible, to make the American follow-up attack more devastating.

Some other "stuff" came down about then, also. It was determined that if the strike against those bases failed, the war plan was doomed. There was only one satisfactory geographic location from which to launch a strike against the Russian Cosmosphere areas and that location was Sinkiang Province, China. The Bolsheviks must have access to Sinkiang Province at all costs it was decided - so - the Carter Administration unexpectedly dumped Taiwan on December 15, 1978, and suddenly announced full diplomatic relations with Peking.


THE "END OF THE WORLD" WAS SET FOR 3:00 P.M. E.D.T., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1982. This was the second date set to launch Nuclear War One (the first in late January of 1980 had been postponed). This date, by the way, WAS THE "FEAST OF TRUMPETS."

At EXACTLY 3:01 P.M. E.D.T. all of Russia would be in darkness. When the Indian Ocean Satellite signal would arrive confirming the attack, it would be followed within a minute or so by the EMP episode described above.

If you were watching TV or listening to the radio, there would suddenly be horrendous static and possibly permanent damage to the receivers. There would have been a total power blackout and the telephones would have gone dead. Russian short-range underwater launched missiles were planted along OUR shores and in the Great Lakes in 1976 and 1977 (and are still there). We would have had from 24 to 10 minutes to live depending on how far from the launchers we would be.

In addition, Russia had Moon bases and Cosmospheres overhead, both armed with their charged particle beam weapons.

So what happened? The Superspy Satellite launched in March 1982 by the third Shuttle had detected something most puzzling in Russia. The puzzle consisted of large numbers of small domed installations arranged in rings around strategic Russian targets. There was a ring of those domes around each Cosmodrome and around each Comosphere Base in particular. They were obviously defensive weapons of some sort.

There were heated discussions about what they might be. Actually, they were Rail Guns. I shall not spend more time on them, if you want to know more, do your own research. The information is available to the public. For now, I will just say the Rail Guns cannot be deflected by electronic defenses.

Because of the arguments over the uncertainty of success, the attack was called off five hours before launch time. It was rescheduled. IT WAS RESCHEDULED FOR FEAST OF TRUMPETS, ROSH HASHANAH, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1990.

This last one was also rescheduled and that date also passed. The time was again reset for a later date for the launch of Nuclear War One.

Guess for when the new date was set?

Please review the first paragraph of this paper. I will copy it for you here:

"As I begin writing this report, the news is telling about a strange USAIR airplane crash in Pennsylvania. Next day a plane crashed in Moscow. CNN told about a fireball that was reported from Bakersfield, California, to Medford, Oregon. They said it occurred about 6 or 6:15 in the morning on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 (1994) and was so bright that the light shining through windows woke up some people. They showed a house in San Rafael with a hole in the roof from a piece of something falling from the sky. An Ariane rocket was launched from French Guyana and was LOST, a day before.

Several earthquakes have occurred in California, including one that CNN showed on a map, southwest of Lake Tahoe. About 15 minutes later, CNN began telling about the Space Shuttle firing lasers at Earth and showed a view of Earth, with Lake Tahoe in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you put the two together, then you can see that the *Columbia* Space Shuttle is firing laser beams at Earth 'for environmental purposes,' precisely where the earthquakes are occurring. The President went to Camp David, then when the President returned (?), a plane crashed into the White House. Later he gave a speech in a room of the White House, then just after he left a fire broke out in the room. Rosh Hashanah is recently passed, and Yom Kippur is coming up. The President has ordered 8,300 Navy, 1,800 Marine and 4,000 Army personnel along with 15 or 20 warships to *[prepare to]* invade Haiti."

Now, as I finish this article, as I am typing this the TV is telling that Carter and Colin Powell have arranged for the invasion of Haiti to be called off.

The payload launched from Guyana was a relay mirror satellite for the weapon carried on *Columbia.* It was to be fired into earthquake lines in Southern California to trigger bombs that have been placed there, to set off earthquakes. The resulting destruction would allow the government to bring in FEMA and declare martial law.

There are presently thousands of Russian troops across the border in Mexico and Baja California. The headline of the August 1994 *Criminal Politics* newsletter says, "International Zionism Planning War in Mexico, 300 Tons of Soviet Hardware Landed in Veracruz." Recent articles in *SPOTLIGHT* newspaper and several other newspapers across the country, including the *San Francisco Chronicle,* have reported on thousands of Russian troops and military equipment presently seen inside the U.S. Clinton called two aircraft carriers into the Caribbean and called up the Reserves (usually, you call up the reserves when you are losing the battle!). The relay satellite for the Shuttle was shot out of the sky by a "FLYING SAUCER."

The USAIR flight that was shot down, probably by a Russian beam weapon (the pilot said "traffic," and the cockpit recorder recorded what is described as a "WHOOMP, WHOOMP" sound) WAS CARRYING PAUL OLSON, WHO HAD JUST TESTIFIED CONCERNING AN UPCOMING DRUG TRIAL.

CNN is talking about the Shuttle in orbit firing lasers at Earth. The President just happened to be sleeping across the street when an airplane crashed into the White House, and later he gave a speech in a room in the White House and walked out and a fire broke out where he had just been.

September 6 was Rosh Hashanah and September 15 was YOM KIPPUR. Today as I finish this article it is September 18. I had to work, today, at a trade show. One of my customers was a Russian. I have a man (whose boss is Secretary of State Warren Christopher) speaking on audio cassette tape saying he PLANTED A NUCLEAR BOMB UNDER THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS IN AUSTIN.

Friends, there is much more that I could say, but I am tired. It is time you started doing YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. That is, if you care. DO YOU?



PART 14:


God did not say, "Righteousness will make you free." He did not say, "Obedience shall make you free." Obedience to a preacher, pope, pastor or guru WILL NOT DO IT. Neither will counting beads, ringing gongs, sitting cross-legged or chanting mantras. HE SAID THAT "THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE." (John 8:32)

We have lost a great deal of our freedoms, (and what is so appalling, most people are not even aware of it!) and are fast losing the rest. This must mean there is not much truth known and being taught! It is time we search for real truth!

I have been asked for the rest of the story about what happened with the American Space Shuttle Program, so I will try to add more information as I have a chance. Now to continue the story.

In my previous writing, I said that the "End of the World" was set for 3:00 PM E.D.T., Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets), Friday, September 17, 1982.

At exactly 3:01 PM E.D.T. all of Russia would be in darkness. When the Indian Ocean Satellite signal would arrive confirming the American Phantom aircraft attack, it would be followed within a minute or so by the EMP episode described previously. This would signal all U.S. military forces to launch a full scale "retaliatory" nuclear attack against Russia.

Obviously this did not happen, and I did not go into detail at the time about what really happened.

A syndicated article published by *NEWSDAY* said that on June 10, 1982: "President Reagan stunned allies at the NATO summit by telling them that as far as he is concerned the Soviet Union is at war with the United States, European officials said last week. The statement, which came as the President was summing up his views on the two-day meeting in Bonn, so surprised the other heads of state that they remained silent, and NATO Secretary General Joseph Luns immediately adjourned the session, according to these officials who were present at the summit a month ago."

For several years prior the war had raged between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. There was just no public admission of the fact that the war was already under way between the superpowers.

On July 13, *Pravda* published a speech by Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Ustinov which said that the U.S. was orchestrating a trade, credit and technological war against the Soviet Union. He also gave a blunt warning to Washington that a: "...pre-emptive first-strike use of nuclear weapons could not insure an American victory."

This indicated that Russia's new leaders knew about the Reagan Administration plan to launch nuclear war soon and they were prepared to defeat the Bolshevik-triggered American first strike if it was carried out. The Satanic Bolshevik-Zionist (Reagan/Begin) axis did not listen. They plunged right ahead with plans for all-out nuclear war.

They had a 5-part plan.

Part 1 was to stir up as much internal turmoil in Russia and her satellites as possible. This included sabotaging an Aeroflot jet which crashed in Moscow on July 6 (are any of you watching what is currently going on over there?)

Part 2 called for conditioning the American people for war (anything like that going on now?).

Part 3 of the plan involved the Space Shuttle Program. *Columbia STS-1* was launched April 12, 1981, on the 20th anniversary of the first orbital space flight of Russian Yuri Gagarin (and about two weeks after the "attempted assassination" of President Reagan). It was shot down by two Russian Cosmospheres. Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen were burned up when it crashed 85 miles south of Kazan in central Russia. A fake landing was staged at Edwards Air Force Base using the Shuttle *Enterprise* and actors.

*Columbia STS-2* was launched November 12, 1981. It supposedly carried Astronauts Joseph Engle and Richard Truly. In fact there were no human pilots aboard. It was shot down by Russian TU-144 jet airplanes using beam weapons, over the White Sea (near Finland on your map).

*Columbia STS-3* was launched March 22, 1982. It was supposed to orbit a special new Spy Satellite. It was hardened against attack from Russia's space weapons and armed with a robot-controlled laser that could shoot back. In addition, the Shuttle itself was armed with lasers on this third try. It landed one day behind schedule on March 30, 1982 at White Sands. That is, something landed. Astronauts Lousma and Fullerton successfully deployed a new laser-armed spy satellite then abandoned ship and entered an escape capsule and returned to Earth splashdown in the Indian Ocean. From there they were flown to White Sands Missile Range, where they later faked another Shuttle landing.

The "End of the World" was set for 3:00 PM E.D.T., Friday, Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets, September 17, 1982. However, what the Superspy Satellite found scared them into waiting, and the new launch date for Nuclear War One was eventually rescheduled for Feast of Trumpets, Thursday, September 20, 1990. This is where I left off in the previous article.

*STS-4* was launched June 24, 1982, with Astronauts Thomas Mattingly and Henry Hartsfield (STS is Space Transportation System). Its purpose was to deploy a satellite that would be used to confirm the Phantom aircraft attack which was then the go-ahead for launching the nuclear missiles upon Russian targets. The Attack Confirmation Sensor was placed in geostationary orbit over the Indian Ocean by an auxiliary rocket. It was a cryogenic satellite - that is, it was maintained at super-cold temperatures close to absolute zero. This cold state was intended to protect the satellite from detection by Russian space weapons which would be partially based on "heat" (infrared) sensors.

For several years prior to 1982 the American scientific Intelligence analysts knew that the Russians had a new technology for target acquisition. The Russian technique was not radar, nor was it any other conventional means of detecting and tracking targets. The technique was deadly accurate, reliable, and, unlike radar, impossible to jam. Analysts were convinced they had figured out what the Russian technique was. They believed it was a Russian version of computer-enhanced infra-red detection. This was then developed in the U.S. and was called CEIR (see-er).

Shortly after development, a CEIR-equipped American laser was used to shoot down a Russian Cosmosphere. All objects warmer than absolute zero emit infra-red radiation. The warmer the object is, the more infra-red for sensors to detect it. The only way to hide from CEIR is, therefore, to reduce the temperature as low as possible. That is why the Air Force Attack Confirmation Sensor was a cryogenic satellite.

When our government tells us that the Shuttle payloads are carrying equipment to peer through clouds and electronic shields around planets and so on, don't you believe it. They are trying to develop a weapon they feel will give them the advantage when they launch all-out nuclear war, which they have tried to do several times. What do you think is really going on now with Korea, Haiti, Bosnia, Iraq, etc.?

Back to Shuttle mission #4. A liquid helium cooling system was originally used to keep the satellite only a few degrees above absolute zero, reducing infra-red emissions to nearly nothing.

The cryogenic design of the Air Force satellite was what gave the Bolshevik war planners so much confidence that it would succeed. They were sure that the Russians would be unable to find it in time to destroy it before it was used in war.

WRONG! The Pentagon Bolsheviks were wrong about the new Russian target-tracking technique. It was not an infra-red technique at all; instead, it was a revolutionary system which detects the atomic vibrations of matter. The Russians call it Psychoenergetic Range Finding, or PRF. The Russians regarded it as their master secret weapon. The longer it remained a mystery to the American Bolsheviks, the better it would be for Russia and so, when Space Shuttle #4 launched the Attack Confirmation Sensor in June, the Russians began the game playing.


Instead of destroying the satellite right away, they allowed it to be orbited successfully. The Russians knew that the Attack Confirmation Satellite could do them no harm until war itself was about to begin, so they allowed it to stay there untouched for as long as possible. The result was exactly as expected: The long term survival of the Air Force Sensor convinced the Bolsheviks that they were right about Russia using CEIR. The Pentagon had walked right into a major intelligence blunder and the Russians were encouraging them to keep it up.

Throughout the summer Rockefeller cartel operatives within the CIA fed updates about the Pentagon war plan to the Russians. Those reports continued to say that the war timetable was remaining unchanged, targeted for mid-September, so the Russian Space Command let the Air Force Sensor alone for the interim time.

Meanwhile, the Russians began preparing in a totally unsuspected way for the moment when they would destroy the satellite. Those preparations had to do with Russia's international telephone service.

MEN IN OUR COUNTRY WERE PLANNING AN ALL-OUT FIRST-STRIKE HYDROGEN BOMB WAR WITH RUSSIA! Our government, friends. THEY HAD A BACKUP PLAN. If something happened to the Attack Confirmation Sensor, they could still tell whether or not the Phantom planes took out the Russian space bases, because the attack would shut down the Soviet telephone system!

Or so they thought.

In order to keep our Intelligence analysts from guessing what was afoot, the Russians resorted to a little disinformation in the right places. They created falsified leaks that there were unsettled conditions in the Kremlin, a power struggle (just like what is said to be going on over there right now). The Bolsheviks in the U.S., who are always struggling for power, swallowed the bait completely. First, in June of 1982 the Soviet Union drastically reduced the number of telephone links to the West. They also made clouded threats to reduce service still further at a later date.

The next major step was to suddenly cut off all automatic dialing service to and from the West. The U.S. Bolsheviks were startled but still did not suspect what it really meant. They were too preoccupied with rumblings of trouble in China to worry for long about Russia's telephones.

On April 21 the Rockefeller faction scored a major gain, while all eyes were on the Falklands crisis. The Bolshevik Admiral Bobby Inman was forced out as Deputy Director of the CIA and replaced by the Rockefeller man John McMahon. On June 24 the Shuttle was launched, and the next day a coup occurred when Rockefeller operative Alexander Haig was forced TO RESIGN and Bolshevik/Zionist (BZ) GEORGE SHULTZ took over as Secretary of State.

The World War III (Nuclear War I) date was set for September 17 (Feast of Trumpets), but on September 1 Communist Party Chairman Hu Yaobang dropped a bombshell at the Party Congress in Peking. He declared that China should no longer ally itself with the U.S. against Russia; instead Hu said China should regard both superpowers as equal threats but at the same time he included some conciliatory language toward Russia and said high Russian officials would come to China to begin talks around mid-month at China's invitation!

By disowning the Sino-American alliance, Hu Yaobang made it clear that the secret American Stealth attack-base IN CHINA WAS IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY.

That base, located in Red China's western Sinkiang Province, was essential for the intended attack on Russia's two Cosmosphere bases in Siberia. That war base was the reason for the joint communique of August 17 by the U.S. and Red China concerning Taiwan.

The communique committed the U.S. to discontinue arms delivery to Taiwan at some future date in violation of Reagan's past pledges. The communique was agreed to in order to head off a threatened shutdown of the Stealth base by the Chinese, but it was not enough to satisfy the Chinese.

On September 6 former President Richard Nixon arrived in Peking, adding further to the troubles of the Pentagon war-planners (think about what has happened recently with Clinton-Carter, Korea-Haiti and such. THINK!) Nixon had long been cooperating with the Rockefeller cartel.

Nixon went to Peking as a Rockefeller envoy and one with far more credibility for the Chinese than anyone the Bolsheviks had. Nixon shocked the Chinese by confirming what Russian sources had already told them - that the Stealth base was about to be used in war.

Nixon then counseled them not to shut down the base outright at that time for fear of undesirable reactions by the trigger-happy Pentagon Bolsheviks. Instead, he urged the Chinese to start interfering with operations of the Stealth base by bureaucratic devices. That is one thing the Chinese are very, very good at, and they accepted Nixon's advice.

By September 9 the American Stealth base in Sinkiang Province was effectively put out of action. Critical base personnel were tangled up in Chinese "red" tape, preventing them from reporting for duty. The Chinese were giving hints to Washington that all this was due to continued dissatisfaction over Taiwan but the real reason was that they wanted no part of a nuclear war with Russia and Russia would have taken that base right off the map.

The Kremlin received word through Rockefeller channels on September 9 that the Sinkiang Province Stealth base had been effectively neutralized. At that point the Russians could rest assured that even if the Pentagon went through with its nuclear attack plan, Russia's Cosmospheres would survive quite nicely. Russia's critical space triad of strategic weapons COULD NOT BE DESTROYED.

The next Friday, September 10, there was a sudden total shutdown of most International Telephone service to and from Russia but, in order to send a message to America's Bolshevik war planners, a few selected circuits were kept open. Those included Leningrad, Kiev, Minsk, and Tallinn. Their significance lay in the fact that none were targets planned for the initial Stealth attack.

The phone lines were cut off at 7:10 AM E.D.T., or 2:10 PM Moscow time. Moments later the Russian Space Command went to work.

A Russian Jumbo Cosmosphere was parked in a pseudo-orbit about two miles above the Air Force Attack Confirmation satellite. It had been there for well over two months - from the moment the satellite was launched into orbit from Space Shuttle #4.

By using its electromagnetic propulsion system at low power the Cosmosphere had remained on station instead of slowly drifting away as a normal satellite would and, parked as it was above the downward looking Air Force satellite, the presence of the Cosmosphere was never detected.

The time had come! The Cosmosphere aimed its beam weapon and fired. Shortly after 7:10 AM E.D.T. on Friday, September 10, there was very bad news for the Bolsheviks. At the newly operational Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs (which used Control Data Corporation computers) there was a sudden loss of signal from their Indian Ocean satellite.

At first they could not believe that their critical Attack Confirmation Satellite had been attacked. All sorts of things were tried in an effort to reestablish contact with the satellite - all to no avail. The satellite no longer existed!

However, their attitude was, it really didn't matter. America was going to be sucked into a totally annihilating war at any rate. We are speaking about reactions and actions regarding the planned war - not what was or was not actually possible.

As that Friday morning of September 10 wore on, the "Project Z" war planners were convened in crisis conference. The question was: What do we do now?

Someone suggested falling back to the back-up plan based on the telephones. "We can still go with the back-up plan - every target in Russia that is attacked by our birds will be obliterated. If international telephone service to Russian target areas is suddenly cut off at zero hour, we can assume that our birds made it."

There is always someone who didn't get the word. Nearly everyone yelled at him, "The Russian phones are already shut down!!"

For a while there was an atmosphere of near panic. Some were sure that a first strike by Russia was sure to follow and that the Pentagon should push the Nuclear Button without delay.

Others argues that if that were the Kremlin's intention, it was already too late - Russia's missiles would be on the way already. Someone suggested that the whole Project Z war plan be aborted and rescheduled for later on.

Everyone agreed on one thing: without the Attack Confirmation Sensor, any attack on Russia had become far more risky. After launching the Stealth planes from Norway and Turkey, it would just have to be assumed that they had destroyed their targets. But, you see, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE! With the Attack Confirmation Satellite gone there would be no way to confirm that, so the all-out follow-up attack by America's nuclear forces might run into a lot more than just the trouble which might have been expected. Not much has changed, friends, we are still ruled by snakes!

The Russians kept the International phone lines shut down for seven hours that day. They wanted to make sure that if the Pentagon Bolsheviks pushed the Panic Button, they would obtain absolutely no intelligence at all by monitoring telephone circuits. After the first two hours of the morning blackout, Secretary of State George Shultz was asked by reporters about it. Shultz told them, "It is very significant," but would say no more.

The idiots still planned to go through with it, and the go-ahead was set for Rosh Hashanah. Project Z would continue on schedule. Meanwhile, every effort would be made to cut through the Chinese red tape that was restricting use of the critical base in Sinkiang Province. At the same time, it was decided to set other plans in motion, too, just in case Project Z should finally fall through.

The countdown continued until Z-Day, Friday morning on September 17. At about 8:30 AM in Washington, a well-known national newspaper reporter was interviewed on the Washington NBC radio station, WRC. The reporter of the *Washington Post* called attention to the war warning he had learned about as set forth herein.

He outlined the plan briefly for everyone listening in the Washington metropolitan area, and he added that, "if the Pentagon did have such a plan, public exposure through information brought forth had probably reduced the chances that it would be carried out!"


The countdown was called off with less than five hours to go. It has been rescheduled and aborted at least four times since then, including, as well as I can figure it out, the last time was Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) this past month (September 1994).

When ancient Israel was warned about Nebuchadnezzar, they said, "We are God's people, God will protect us." The survivors were marched naked into captivity in Babylon. In 70 AD the Jews in Jerusalem said, "We are God's people, God will save us." They all died.

I continually hear good people today saying, "I can not do anything about it; I leave it up to God; it is HIS will." BUT GOD SAYS, I GIVE YOU FREE WILL, NOT PROPHECIES. PROPHECIES SHALL FAIL, UNLESS YOU CHOOSE THEM (I Cor. 13:8). If you sit and do nothing, while your enemy works to destroy you, then you will be destroyed. Free Will is God's Will. So be it.

Have a nice day.


PART 15:

FORWARD by the Author

Many who read "Fire >From The Sky" (Parts 1-14) were shocked at the story. Some have said "I don't believe it" or "It can't be!"

It is true, whether you believe it or not. For those of you who want to better understand, I will try to share with you some of the things I have learned. I will reveal here some more things that "our" government wants to keep TOP SECRET.

The *FIRE FROM THE SKY* material told of anti-gravity Cosmospheres, invisible ships, and other "far out" stuff such as "Psychoenergetic Range Finding." "Psycho" is right, you may think.

Before you make judgments about something about which you know nothing, why not try to learn more about it?

This material is for those of you who wish to research and learn more about the subject.


Many top scientists are recently talking about "Universes" coming into existence out of "nothing" and such. How can this be, isn't this thinking a form of insanity?

Those of you who completed your brainwashing classes (I believe you called them college and university courses) a few years ago, may not be aware that the top scientists are now discussing about things coming into existence out of nothing, etc.

*Science News,* Feb. 18, 1995, in an article called "Making universes, constants out of nothing" (p. 102) says, "Quantum cosmology posits that incredibly tiny universes spontaneously nucleat out of nothing." Weren't we taught that "spontaneous generation" is along the line of "old-wives' tales?"

If you stop and think, you will realize that the material universe had to come into existence out of "nothing," or else it had to have existed forever with no beginning. If you check current literature, you will find much discussion among top physicists, mathematicians, etc., about these questions.

For an example, read "Nothing's plenty: The vacuum in modern quantum field theory" by I.J.R. Aitchison, *Contemporary Physics,* 26(4), 1985, pp. 887-894.

Or see Yu. G. Itnat'ev, "Relativistic kinetics of an anisotropic plasmalike medium with damping in the field of gravitational radiation," *Soviet Physics Journal,* 27(12), Dec. 1984, (English translation: Plenum, June 1985), pp. 1066-1069. The article is about producing energy from a vacuum.

Michio Kaku, author of *Hyperspace, A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension,* speaks of empty space "bubbling" and the universe coming into existence from these "bubbles."

Fritjof Capra, in *The Tao of Physics,* (Bantam Paperbacks, p. 208), says:

The distinction between matter and empty space finally had to be abandoned when it became evident that virtual particles can come into being spontaneously out of the void, and vanish again into the void, without any nucleon or other strongly interacting particle being present... the vacuum is far from empty. On the contrary, it contains an unlimited number of particles which come into being and vanish without end.

Here, then, is the closest parallel to the Void of Eastern mysticism in modern physics. Like the Eastern Void, the "physical vacuum" - as it is called in field theory - is not a state of mere nothingness, but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms, in turn, are not independent physical entities, but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void. As the *sutra* says, "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form."

The relation between the virtual particles and the vacuum is an essentially dynamic relation; the vacuum is truly a "living Void," pulsating in endless rhythms of creation and destruction. The discovery of the dynamic quality of the vacuum is seen by many physicists as one of the most important findings of modern physics. From the role as an empty container of the physical phenomena, the void has emerged as a dynamic quantity of utmost importance. The results of modern physics thus seem to confirm the words of the Chinese sage Chang Tsai: "When one knows that the Great Void is full of *Ch'i,* one realizes that there is no such thing as nothingness."

This science of applying the physics of creating "something" out of "nothing" is variously called "energetics," "Psychoenergetics," "scalar electromagnetics," "orgone energy," "radionics," etc.

*Air & Space* magazine, June/July 1995, in the article by Frank Kuznik (p. 70) about making a vacuum, starts:

Can something ever come of nothing? Alex Ignatiev fervently hopes so. Ignatiev, a University of Houston physics and chemistry professor, is scribbling equations for that very process on a board in his cluttered campus office.

*Fer-De-Lance,* by Col. T.E. Bearden, p. 106, #60, says:

Interactions which occurred between Krushchev and renowned physicist and Nobelian P. Kapitsa are of interest. Krushchev desired absolute defense of the Soviet Union so that the Soviets might be able to launch any action desired without risk of serious concern. Kapitsa informed the Soviet leader that, if a means of total neutralization of foreign missiles was to be found, it could only come from a group of new principles in physics which was called "Energetics." The term "energetics," of course, was contracted from "psychoenergetics," and is essentially the expanded physics/electromagnetics that this author (Bearden) has dubbed, *scalar electromagnetics.*

Now you know what "psychoenergetics" in the *Fire From The Sky* document is the same as what T.E. Bearden calls "scalar electromagnetics" and the Russians call "energetics." (The Russian rocket that supplies their Mir [Russian for "World"] Space Station is called "Energia.") Bearden has had a considerable amount of writings published on the subject. For a list of his books, contact the Tesla Book Company, P.O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912. To further track this information, take note of the following:

So about 1950 or so, the Soviet Union would have started phenomenology experimentation in earnest, with phase conjugate radar mirrors and phase conjugate radars. This is what was referred to as *energetics.* The Soviets began a massive program in energetics about the time of the beginning of the Korean War (p. 86, *Aids, Biological Warfare* by T.E. Bearden).

Building upon Whittaker's important work, I formulated a conceptual revision to electromagnetics, which I dubbed *scalar electromagnetics* to accent that the observable EM vector force fields did not exist as such in a vacuum, but dynamic scalar fields did ["vacuum" is not empty]. I also wished to call strong attention to the fact that observable force does not exist until an observable particle of mass is coupled to the interference of the two scalar fields (much like in the Aharonov-Bohm effect). The Soviets, of course, call this area *energetics.* Energetics technology has been used in gigantic weapons programs of the Soviet Union for decades, and it appears to be developed under the most highly classified program that the Soviets possess. All development and deployment of energetics weapons is under the KGB and controlled directly by that organization, not by the Soviet Armed Forces (p. 88, *Aids, Biological Warfare).*

P. 89 says scalar electromagnetics "allowed the direct engineering of the unified field theory, including structuring the vacuum, curving local spacetime, and producing effects at a distance [like shooting down aircraft] and in higher dimensions."

Please take special note of the above key identification terms "phase conjugate mirrors," as this helps us to identify this subject in other literature! At this point you do not need to understand what it is talking about, just remember the term.


We think of vacuum as zero, nothing, empty, nada, nichts, zilch. If we have 7 rocks and we take away 7 rocks, then we have no rocks, zero rocks.

Later we learn that this is not always so. If we have 7 pieces of matter and 7 pieces of anti-matter, when combined we have zero, although we actually have 14 pieces. You may say that they canceled out each other and you now have nothing. Think of what you are saying. Are you saying that 14 things can be combined and cease to exist and become nothing? Then isn't it conversely possible that "nothing" can yield or be divided into 14 "real" "things."

In algebra we add seven plus-ones to seven minus-ones and get a sum total of zero, again in spite of the fact that there are actually 14 numbers.

Bearden states it as: "Although zero is the absence of just a *single* thing, it can be the presence of *multiple* things" (p. 98, *AIDS*).

You already know that "empty space" is not too empty - it contains radio waves, radar waves, gravity, cosmic rays, etc. Even when these are removed, Bearden and others point out that what we think of as "empty space" actually consists of an incredible amount of positive and negative forces that cancel each other out and sum to zero, thus appearing to be "not there." By "curving space" and such, some forces become "out of balance" and the result is light, or gravity, etc. Normally this is expressed as positive gravity, but under the right conditions, the gravitation force is reversed. This is called anti-gravity. And, yes, my friends, the Russians (and now others) have anti-gravity.

Note: For those readers who might already understand Bearden, I am aware that he says that force does not exist in a vacuum. ("But if force CONSISTS OF mass welded to acceleration, it cannot exist in the absence of mass. Hence force does not exist in vacuum... Therefore neither magnetic field nor gravitational field exist in vacuum. The greatest error in physics has been the assignment of a force as a cause, and thus assigning it to the vacuum. The force is an *EFFECT,* and it never exists in a vacuum, a priori." (Toward A New Electromagnetics Part 4: Vectors And Mechanisms Clarified, slide 14.) The problem is physics and electronics as taught in universities are WRONG and there are problems with definitions, so in this brief introduction, I will say things in a simplified way that may not be correct in a higher understanding, but are necessary steps in beginning to understand. My purpose is not to explain the mechanics of exactly "how it works," I am not qualified to do that. My purpose is to encourage you to break through your brainwashing and WAKE UP to reality and see who is your REAL ENEMY. A *knowledge* of these things *IS* a MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.


PART 16:


If all this energy is available from empty space, then how come we are still using fossil fuels, you might ask? The answer is simple. The powers that control us are very rich. They got very rich by controlling such things as the energy (mostly oil and nuclear) industry. The last thing in the world they want is for us to have free energy, which is what results from understanding psychoenergetics (scalar electromagnetics, energetics, etc.).

What does all this mean to you? Let's look at one example. There is a major government project being built in Alaska called the "HAARP" Program. "High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program." One of the patents for this project claims that it can "cause... total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth... disrupting not only land-based communications, but also airborne communications and sea communications (both surface and subsurface)... missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion... weather modification... by altering solar absorption... ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations could be artificially increased..."

I have a friend who returned from Canada recently. He was in contact with Nick Begich, Jr., who is monitoring the HAARP project (contact Nick at P.O. Box 201393, Anchorage, AK 99520). The friend was told that the government did a full wattage power-up test of HAARP on December 14, 1994.

This date is rather interesting when you match it with the following article which appeared in the *Austin American-Statesman* newspaper on the next day, December 15, 1994.

Western cities in the dark after 8-state mystery blackout. *Power surge might have triggered outages for up to 2 million people, by Richard Cole, AP.

SAN FRANCISCO - An unexplained power surge in the West Coast's main electrical transmission line caused blackouts and other power power disruptions across eight Western states early Wednesday, shutting down a nuclear plant and forcing doctors to operate by flashlight.

As many as two million customers from Arizona to Washington went without power for periods ranging from a few seconds to several hours when a stretch of the giant 500-kilovolt Pacific power grid went dead just after midnight.

The blackout darkened the homes of 1 million California customers and interrupted power to patches of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

An initial inspection showed no breaks in the section where the trouble began, a 60-mile line between Tracy and Fresno in California's Central Valley.

"We believe it was a power surge from outside our service area, and a substation tripped to prevent an overloading of our system, just as a circuit breaker would do in your house," said Bill Sessa, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. spokesman.

Now let's look more closely at one of the HAARP patents (excerpted from HAARP file downloaded from the Internet):

INVENTOR: Peter Koert, Washington, DC ASSIGNEE: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC (U.S. Corp.) APPL-NO: 07/524,435 DATE FILED: May 17, 1990 INT-CL: [5] HO4B 7/00; HO1Q 3/22 US-CL-ISSUED: 342/367, 372 US-CL-CURRENT: 342/367, 372 SEARCH-FLD: 342/367, 353, 371, 372; 455/64 REF-CITED:


3,445,844 5/1969 Grossi et al. 342/367 4,253,190 2/1981 Csonka 455/12 4,686,605 8/1987 Eastlund 361/231 4,712,155 12/1987 Eastlund et al. 361/231 4,817,495 4/1989 Drobot 89/1.11 ART-UNIT: 222 PRIM-EXMR: Gregory C. Issing LEGAL-REP: Foley & Lardner


This invention relates to generation of an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances. A tiltable AIM is created by a heater antenna controlled in phase and frequency. The heater antenna phase shift scans a beam to paint a plasma layer. Frequency is changed to refocus at continually higher altitudes to tilt the plasma layer.

Here is a quotation from *Youth Action News* concerning HAARP:

Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund's Aug. 13, 1991 patent (No. 5,038,664) describes the system now being implemented in the U.S. HAARP transmitter:

If the particles which form the plasma along the Earth's field lines continued to move with a constant pitch angle, often designated "alpha," they would soon impact on the Earth's surface. However, in converging force field, the pitch angle does change in such a way as to allow the particle to turn around and avoid impact.

The point at which the particle turns around is called the mirror point. This process is repeated at the other end of the field line. The particle again turns around and this is called the "conjugate point" of the original mirror point. The particle is therefore trapped and bounces between the two magnetic mirrors. The particle can continue oscillating in space in this manner for long periods of time. (Letter with July 1994 copy of *Youth Action News,* P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, VA 22313.)

I think it is obvious that the HAARP project is the same as the scalar electromagnetics phase conjugate mirrors that Bearden describes in articles he has written detailing Russian weather warfare against the United States and the shoot-down of the *Challenger* Space Shuttle, the destruction of numerous rockets and missiles, and relative to the ongoing (including recent) shoot-downs of many aircraft (such as the USAIR crash near Pittsburgh). And now, it was revealed soon after the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, that there were two bomb blasts, the second of which came from overhead pulse beam blasts. (*CONTACT: The Phoenix Project* newspaper, April 25, 1995, p. 31. For subscriptions, call 1-800-800-5565.)


One of the results that scalar electromagnetics can produce, as listed above, is "confusion." We hear of controllers becoming "confused" in Iraq and shooting down our own helicopters. We hear of a pilot trying to land on a carrier and becoming "confused" and crashing.

Recently in the news we hear of a helicopter pilot in Korea who got "confused" and strayed across the border and was shot down. In today's newspapers, as I write these notes, is an article which states: "Human error alone was to blame for a U.S. Army helicopter straying into North Korea and getting shot down last winter, but no one involved should be punished, the Army said in a report Thursday. It said Hilemon and Hall had become disoriented in unfamiliar terrain." (*Austin American Statesman,* "Army blames none for North Korea shootdown," p. A3, June 23, 1995.)

This sounds reasonable enough until you stop and think. It is almost impossible for today's highly sophisticated military vehicles to become "lost," unless something pretty major happens, because of geo-positioning satellites and such. Any fisherman can buy a little hand-held device that will tell him where he is. How can pilots flying one of the world's most dangerous borders just "stray" across?

Do you remember the infamous raid into Iran to rescue the hostages during President Carter's administration, April 24-26, 1980? If you recall, the raid failed, because the helicopters got lost and had their equipment fouled because of sandstorms and the pilots got "confused" and crashed into each other. It was a very embarrassing incident for the United States.

These were the most highly-trained people in the world (U.S. Army Special Forces Delta Teams) flying the best equipment in the world, and they got defeated by "dust storms?" Did it never occur to any of the pilots to simply fly above the dust storms? Doesn't that suggest there must be more to the story?

Let's examine this event more closely. Col. Charlie Beckwith was the officer in charge of the Delta Teams and writes of the event in his book *Delta Force.* (Harcourt Brace Janovich, with Donald Knox, copyright 1983.)

Three troop-carrying MC-130s and three fuel-bearing EC-130s left from Masirah Island off the coast of Oman and flew to a desert spot in Iran. There they were to wait 30 minutes for eight helicopters to arrive. Then the 118 man assault force would load on to the RH-53D helicopters and continue the raid.

For some reason, the helicopters were up to an hour and a half late. When the helicopters started arriving, Beckwith quoted them as saying, "Its been a hell of a trip," and "words to the effect that if we had any sense we would move the helios out into the desert and load everyone on C-130s and go home."

Strange words for the most highly-motivated, gung-ho soldiers in the military, don't you think? "I didn't understand how tough a time he'd really had; and he didn't elaborate on his statement." Two helicopters never arrived at all, and the six that did eventually arrive came from scattered in all directions.

One pilot said, "I don't know who's really running things at my level, but I'll tell you this much, that some very careful consideration ought to be given to calling off this operation. You have no idea what I've been through. The damndest sandstorm I've ever seen hit us. It was tough! I gotta tell you, I'm not sure we're going to make it. I'm really not sure we can make it."

"Here were two very strong officers whom we'd observed and knew, who now were pretty well shattered.

"Things were so confused that the mission was called off. They began to load back onto the C-130s to leave. I turned around and began to walk quietly toward the head of the line. It was nearly 2:40 A.M. Some of the C-130 pilots had started to gun their engines. Dust was blowing all around. Between wind gusts, I saw one of the choppers lift off and bank to the left. It slid slightly backward. Then, BALLLOOEE! It wasn't a bomb, not a CRACK! It was a THUMP!"

Next a "gasoline" explosion. A blue fireball ballooned into the night. Obviously, the chopper I'd just seen lift off - it had been Major Schaefer's - had struck the northernmost EC-130, the one on which Blue Element had just boarded" (pp. 244-248).

P. 251: "Just two hours into the mission, this helicopter received an indication that one of its main rotor blades was about to malfunction. It landed at once. Another helicopter (Number Eight) landed with it. When it was determined that Number Six could not proceed farther, its crew climbed aboard the other chopper, which then proceeded to Desert One. Helicopter Number Five, the one in which Colonel Pittman was flying, turned back to the carrier four-fifths of the way to Desert One, when after flying through several cyclonic sandstorms, it began experiencing instrument problems."

Dr. Peter Beter recorded the following comments on this incident a month later on June 28, 1980, which were published in *Wisconsin Report* newspaper on July 31, 1980. (Dr. Beter was an attorney practicing before the U.S. Supreme Court, appointed to U.S. Export-Import Bank by President Kennedy, was involved in intelligence activities, originator of the term "stagflation", responsible for revealing that there is no gold in Fort Knox, and had many intelligence contacts. He had access to very high-level sources of information.) [Quoting:]

The American Commandoes who were sent into Iran tried their best to follow orders and do their duty; but unknown to them, those who had planned the raid did not intend for it to succeed. They were supposed to reach Teheran but discovered too late that they were too small a force to do the job. As soon as the Commandoes ran into big trouble, that was to be used as an excuse for American navy jets to strafe Teheran; and with American passion stirred up, the Iran crisis was to escalate with additional military moves. But for more than a year now, Russian Intelligence has been informed about even the most secret plans in Washington; and so the Russians were ready.

They unraveled the latest Bolshevik war plan in two ways. First the huge armada of cosmospheres were floating overhead on April 25 as the American helicopter force entered Iran. Using their weather modification capabilities, the Cosmospheres intensified dust storms in the area. They also utilized microwave brain-scrambling radiation to cause nausea, disorientation, and fatigue among the helicopter crews. The Russian brain-scrambler is the same technology which I first revealed in Audio Letter No. 20.

The Russians were hoping to cause the mission to be given up as hopeless without casualties, but the American Commando force reached its first check point, regrouped and prepared to continue.

So the Cosmospheres turned up their brain-scrambling transmitters to full power. One helicopter took off but veered off crazily, and sliced into a C-130 Troop Transport airplane. Two others prepared to take off. The Cosmospheres overhead fired low-power bursts from their Particle Beams, rotor blades flew off, and the helicopters went nowhere. At that point it was obvious that it was all over.

The raid was aborted, and all energy shifted to efforts to explain away the disaster to the public. Soon the charred bodies of slain Commandoes were flown home to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. It was the second time in less than two years for Dover to receive bodies from a secret Commando raid by the United States! The first time they had paid the price for a successful operation was in Guyana [Jonestown]. On April 28... Cyrus Vance resigned as Secretary of State in protest.

In the next paragraph, Beter continues by telling of Russian pulse beams triggering the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, but that is another story.

Don't you think you NEED to learn and understand what has been going on?

The single best source of ongoing and background information is *CONTACT* newspaper. For subscription information, call 1-800-800-5565 or write Contact, Inc., P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126.

For Dr. Beter's information, write to the *Wisconsin Report,* P.O. Box 45, Brookfield, WI 53008-0045.

Also write for the Tesla Book Company's catalog and order *Fer-De-Lance* and/or *AIDS: Biological Warfare* by Lt. Col. Tom E. Bearden, Tesla Book Company, P.O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912.

For [*more*] Tesla information contact International Tesla Society, P.O. Box 5636, Colorado Springs, CO 80931.

Truth is the only thing that can save you. Learning Truth is a lifelong journey. May you enjoy the trip.


PART 17:


In studying what the truth is behind many of the events in recent history, you will find some amazing interconnections. Once you realize that the same "elite" groups of conspirators are behind many of our problems, it should not be surprising that there are connections because it is the same people involved.

A better known example that could be given of this is E. Howard Hunt. Most researchers know that Hunt was involved in such seemingly unrelated events as the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Kennedy assassination and Watergate. If you "do your homework," you will find connections between the Jonestown massacre, the Waco massacre, and the Oklahoma City federal building bombing.

To understand the Jim Jones Jonestown tragedy, you need to understand some of the background.

In 1976-79, I worked in the classified section of Control Data Corporation. Control Data had the world's most powerful computers at that time, and they were used by the U.S. in its most secret and most important projects. I was also coordinator for the Mensa Special Interest Group called the "Doomsday Club."

I wrote a newsletter called the *Doomsday Club News and Intelligence Report.* I learned some things that concerned me about what Russia was doing and quoted an article from the Oct. 2, 1978, *Aviation Week and Space Technology* magazine in my October newsletter.

I learned, for instance, that Russia had been shooting down our spy satellites. What I did not know at the time was that Dr. Peter David Beter was also concerned because he was getting information superior to some of our intelligence services about what was really going on.

For example, in June 1976, Dr. Beter received information that Russia had planted a nuclear bomb on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, near the Seal Harbor home of Nelson Rockefeller. He reported the information to General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, who had the information checked AND FOUND THE BOMB.

Nelson Rockefeller immediately put his home up for sale, although it had been in the Rockefeller for two generations. Dr. Beter said, "But my report of June 1976 about the Seal Harbor bomb led to far more than the present unsettled real estate conditions there. It proved to high intelligence that the Dr. Beter Audio Letter could be trusted to tell the truth; and from that point onward, I began receiving large amounts of intelligence information that is not entrusted to any other public information channel." (Dr. Beter Audio Tape #39 recorded 10/29/78.)

Dr. Beter continued to give Gen. Brown such information as the precise location of Russia's secret missile and bomb emplacement, including some that had been planted on American soil and in U.S. rivers, near dams, etc. Russia would plant them, Dr. Beter would tell Brown, and Brown would have them removed.

The Bolsheviks in our government who were working with Russia arranged to have Brown replaced, and the bombs were no longer removed. On October 1, 1976, President Gerald Ford (a secret Communist and member of the Michigan Mafia) signed what has been called the treasonous Red Friday Agreement and the Russians were allowed to continue without interference.

In Beter's Audio Letter #39, recorded 10/29/78, and printed in *Wisconsin Report* of November 16, 1978, he quoted the same October 2nd article from *Aviation Week* that I quoted in *my* October 1978 newsletter, about Russia attaining Particle Beam weapons technology. In his letter he said, "Last September 1977 I reported Russia's first operational use of Particle Beam weapons in space.

On September 20, 1977, the Russians blasted an American Spy Satellite into a huge fireball in space as it passed over the Petrozvodsk Observatory in northern Russia. And barely a week later, on September 27, 2977, the secret American Moon Base in Copernicus Crater was silenced by Russia's neutron-beam attack from Earth orbit. America had just lost the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Immediately America was forced to stop short in her secret Beam-weapons race with Russia, for suddenly our Unseen Rulers were teetering on the edge of war itself - and Russia suddenly was calling the shots."

And now, friends, you know what the Apollo Moon Landing (hoax) was about - it was a cover for the real above-top-secret military missions. Although top secret, hints of the base have appeared here and there. The December 1993/January 1994 issue of *Air & Space* magazine, in the article "Securing the High Ground," said:

"Details of the moon base, which were contained in a thick secret report called 'Military Lunar Base Program or S.R. 183 Lunar Observatory Study,' were revealed by the Air Force Ballistic Missile Division's Directorate of Space Planning and Analysis *in April 1960.* The heart of S.R. (Study Requirement) 183 was an underground lunar-Based Earth-Bombardment System that would insure 'positive retaliation' in the event of a Soviet attack against the United States. Although the report said that construction of the missile complex could be postponed for three or four years, it called for active planning for the base to begin '*immediately* if maximum military advantage is to be derived from a lunar program."

The broad outlines of the moonbase plan had been published in the April and September 1959 issues of *Aviation Week.* Richard Hoagland, R. Ren_, Bill Kaysing, and others have determined that the NASA moon landings as presented were hoaxed and they discuss what might really have happened. Hoagland has found evidence of the remains of highly advanced structures on the Moon AND Mars. What Hoagland does not know is that *some* of those structures could be American built. This is a story that remains to be told.

You will wonder where Beter got his information, including information that not even our highest intelligence services knew. Most of you are not ready for the answer to THAT QUESTION, but for those of you who are ready, I will tell you that the answer is revealed on page 204 of *Missing the Lifeboat?* Phoenix Journal #86 and page 29 of *Ascension or Never-Never Land?* Phoenix Journal #98. [Call 1-800-800-5565 to order.]

On May 25, 1961, President Kennedy (in his state of the union address, not the inaugural address as sometimes reported) made the famous speech in which he said: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth."

Apparently he did not know at the time, although he soon began to learn, that at the time he made that statement, there was a base already on the Moon. A year later, on May 22, 1962, a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars was begun in real earnest.

If you want to learn more, I suggest you research the subject known among the UFO crowd as "Alternative 3" (the book by that name is about 75% true and 25% disinformation). "Bob Grodin" was a pseudonym for an astronaut who saw the real base. The moonbase was set up by our *actual* rulers, known as Bilderbergers (this project was headed by the particular group known as the Jason Society), with headquarters in Switzerland.

They have meetings to make their plans and *Spotlight* newspaper likes to brag that it is able to penetrate the meetings. What *Spotlight* doesn't know is the main meetings were conducted on a nuclear submarine under the Polar ice cap. There are fewer party crashers there. For proof that NASA has lied to you, contact Richard Hoagland of the Mars Mission. While you are at it, ask him about Dan Quayle. *(The Mars Mission,* 122 Dodd St. Weehawken, NJ 07087).

The RAND Corporation developed nuclear powered machinery for creating the underground tunnels at the base. The machinery was also used in the U.S. to build a huge network of underground tunnels and complexes. You might want to read *Underground Bases and Tunnels - What is the Government Trying to Hide?* by Richard Sauder, a book available from *Spotlight* newspaper.

People who worked on the Apollo programs and in NASA will say that I do not know what I am talking about, after all, they were "there," they "know." For serious open-minded researcher, those who realize that something is fishy with NASA and want to know the real truth, I will tell you that the *REAL* Moon vehicles operate out of S-4 in Nevada (and sometimes Area 51), not to mention the Russian bases.


In 1962, it was learned that Russia was deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba. The information was obtained from photos taken by a U2 aircraft piloted by Roger Chaffee. President John F. Kennedy, thanks to information provided to him by the Russian defector Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, knew Russia's military weaknesses and warned Khruschev to pull the missiles out. Khruschev was in no position to stand up to Kennedy, so he removed the missiles. The story has been written many times in books and articles.

The U2 pilot Roger Chaffee later was chosen as an astronaut on Apollo 1, commanded by veteran astronaut Gus Grissom (Mercury and Gemini flights). The evidence indicates Chaffee, Grissom and White were murdered, perhaps because Grissom did not like to cooperate in the hoax.

Grissom told his wife, "If there ever is a serious accident in the Space Program, it's likely to be me." Grissom tried to get NASA chief administrator Joe Shea to go through the Apollo test with him. Chaffee had never been in space, but was a veteran of secret intelligence missions such as the U2 flights. NASA had 7 oxygen fire accidents before Grissom, Chaffee, and White were "accidently" burned up in Apollo I in January, 1967.

General Phillips, Frank Borman's superior, did an investigation which was withheld from the public as "classified." Why classified? What were they hiding? Eight astronauts died of "accidents" in 1967. Is it any wonder that the other astronauts "got with the program?" For more details see *NASA Mooned America!* by R. Ren_. (R. Ren_, 31 Burgess Place, Passaic, NJ 07055.)

What Kennedy did *not* know when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred was that Russia was very close to deploying a totally new weapons system. Khruschev lost much face with his countrymen, temporarily. To regain face with his leaders, on April 10, 1963, he tested his new weapons system by destroying the *U.S.S. Thresher* nuclear submarine. That is another story for another time.

What all the many books about the Cuban Missile Crisis did not tell you, however, was where Khruschev moved those missiles.

At that time the secret Rockefeller/Soviet alliance was in full swing, and the long range joint plans for a controlled Nuclear War were moving right along. Both sides were looking ahead toward an eventual double-cross, but that still lay far in the future at that time. The deliberate strengthening of Russia at America's expense was part of their joint plan for World Government and conquest.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 threw a temporary monkey wrench into the program when President Kennedy intervened personally and stopped the nuclear arming of Cuba; and for doing that, and other humane "indiscretions," he lost his life in Dallas barely a year later. For additional information on Kennedy's secret plans, read *Final Judgment* by Michael Collins Piper, available from *Spotlight* newspaper, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.

PART 18:


Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, made sure that *he* followed the script more carefully. In the wake of the Cuban crisis, the Russians needed a new forward base in the Caribbean area for strategic purposes until the heat was off in Cuba. To accommodate Russia, Guyana was selected for this purpose, and David Rockefeller saw to it that a Marxist named Forbes Burnham became Prime Minister. In return, the Chase Manhattan Bank became fiscal agent for Guyana, giving Rockefeller access to the gold produced in Guyana; and as a key factor in all this, then-President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 turned over the American Air Base, Atkinson Field, to Guyana.

America's right to retain control over the base for several more decades was simply thrown away without any excuses offered. Atkinson Field, which was then renamed Temehri Airfield, is south of Georgetown, the capital city. This is the airfield to which American helicopters carried bodies to be airlifted to America after the Jonestown disaster.

When Johnson gave the Temehri Airfield to Marxist Guyana, he handed Russia a very large plum indeed. The Temehri Airfield is the largest in all of Latin America, larger even than New York's largest airport, the John F. Kennedy Airport; and its location makes it ideal for ferrying Cuban troops and supplies to Africa.

As a result, Johnson's action on behalf of the Rockefellers robbed the United States of an important logistic connection to Africa while opening the door for Cuban troops. Our later troubles with Cuban troops in Angola and elsewhere in Africa were partly the result.

For a number of years, Russian military activity in Guyana was heavily concentrated around the vicinity of the Temehri Airfield. In 1974, the Russians placed missiles in sites that ringed the airfield. Then the missiles were pulled out from those locations and moved to a separate missile complex west of Georgetown, over the following two years.

In that new complex, the missiles were deployed at sites scattered over an area some 30 miles in diameter. In the approximate center was a Command and Control installation commanded by Russian personnel. And the plot began to thicken.

After the missile base relocation was completed, the missile complex was centered at a point about 70 miles northwest of Temehri Airfield. It was no accident that the Peoples' Temple kibbutz was located so close to the missile base.

At the time the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was established in WW II, Nelson Rockefeller already had a strong presence in Latin America with his own agency called the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. I am reminded of a story told to me by a friend who, as a young German in South America, was arrested for being German and sent to a concentration camp in Texas for the duration of World War II. Later he often returned to South America. He told me of the time he lived near the border of Colombia and Venezuela and admired the huge beautiful field of flowers owned by Rockefeller. Did you know that Rockefeller loved flowers and was in the flower business? What kind of flowers, you ask?



The origins of the Peoples' Temple in the 1950s had nothing to do with government intrigues. It was not until about 1970 that certain elements of the United States intelligence community began to infiltrate and subvert the Peoples' Temple. The Rockefeller brothers have always had a standard practice of supporting not only the faction in power but also spies and opponents to that faction - and who doesn't want a little "free" funding and support money? In this manner they are always in a position, at least theoretically, to cut down anyone who tries to break free of their control.

In the case of Guyana, the Rockefellers wanted to have such a tool in Guyana as a check on Forbes Burnham, the Prime Minister, whom they had put in power with the use of their money. Certain elements within the United States intelligence community under general coordination by the CIA were given the task of finding ways of accomplishing this.

In the course of evaluating various options, it was concluded that the Peoples' Temple would prove ideal. The psychological profile of the leader, Jim Jones, indicated that he could be converted into a powerful tool of the Unseen Rulers. Contrary to reports in the controlled major media, Jim Jones was born a Jew, and he already exhibited tendencies toward kibbutz-style organization that could be channeled into useful directions. This would be brought about through a combination of both conscious and unconscious factors.

At the conscious level, money and powerful political support would be channeled in his direction; at the unconscious level, the technique of psychological programming would be employed.

Gradually, Jim Jones would lose control of his own personality and become what our Unseen Rulers wanted him to be. The process would inevitably create tremendous internal conflicts and turn Jim Jones into a troubled and dangerous man.


By 1973, changes in Jones' behavior began to be noticed by his friends and followers. His conversion into a semi-conscious agent of death and intrigue was underway in earnest by that time. That same year the mushrooming funds of the Peoples' Temple were used to launch the agricultural kibbutz at Jonestown, Guyana, though only a few people went there at that time.

Guyana was a rigid Marxist police state, and no one could have launched a new enterprise like the Commune without its approval by Forbes Burnham; but David Rockefeller agents made sure that Burnham received all the assurances he needed that the Jones compound would fit neatly into the Marxist environment of Guyana.

At the same time, Forbes Burnham had begun double-crossing David Rockefeller, exactly as had been feared. He was now playing ball politically but he was hiding much of Guyana's gold production in caves in the mountains. David Rockefeller found this out sometime later, but by then the much bigger problem was developing from a double-cross by Russia so Burnham was left untouched in order to make way for bigger things.

By summer 1974, the Rockefeller brothers were still soundly in bed with the Kremlin, and there were already ominous signs that something was happening in Russia which they did not understand; but they simply could not imagine that their old Kremlin allies, the Bolsheviks, were being overthrown.

Public warnings about Guyana missiles were denied or ignored. The planned and programmed Nuclear War was being blueprinted for the late 1970s and they did not want the plan to be spoiled by public awareness; but two years later Russia's all-out military double-cross of America began with the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976, another story for another time.


The Guyana missile base was one of the major targets of the revised planning. When this planning began more than two years prior, the Space Battle of the Harvest Moon still lay in the future. It seemed quite inconceivable that America could lose its secret beam-weapons base which was soon to be operational on the Moon; and so long as they had this Moon Base to depend on, our Unseen Rulers thought they could not lose. But in light of the Underwater Missile double cross, they wanted to be able to pull as many of Russia's military teeth as possible. In this way, their destruction of Russia would be even more complete than originally planned.

The planners of Operation Guyana were given a difficult problem to solve. The objective was to wipe out the Russian missile base in Guyana by removing the threat it posed to the Panama Canal and southern American cities; but this was to be a pre-war operation carried out covertly and with complete surprise. It had to be covertly, because neither the United States nor Russia could afford to have it known that the base ever existed; and the surprise had to be complete, because with even the briefest warning the base could be reinforced and defended by Cuban troops.

From these requirements it was concluded that a commando-style raid would be necessary, something like the Israeli raid at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in July 1976. Any other kind of attack would have required our leaders to do what President Kennedy did in 1962, that is, tell the American people what was afoot and ask for our support. At all costs, the one thing our Unseen Rulers were determined not to do was to tell us anything. The problem then arose - how to get the joint attacking forces into Guyana in a force large enough and fast enough to do the job without betraying their hand.

Wiping out a base like that one in Guyana, after all, was no small task. It was then concluded that somehow some very sudden, massive, compelling excuse would have to be provided in order to enable the secret joint military to enter Guyana temporarily. The excuse, whatever it was, would have to be so visible as to tie Russia's hands so that Russia could not retaliate in Guyana without giving away what she had been up to there; and the excuse would have to appear non-military yet require military expertise.

Furthermore, some provision would have to be made for ALL casualties in the missile-base attack to be removed from Guyana after the raid, otherwise their presence in Guyana could have been made the basis of an international incident trumped up around some different story unrelated to the secret missile base.

For example, the government of Guyana, following Russian dictates, might have publicly displayed the bodies of the joint military forces killed in the attack and said they were killed in an attempted coup d'etat against Forbes Burnham. It was a very big order, but the Jonestown kibbutz proved to be the answer. All that was necessary was to arrange for many hundreds of American citizens to die *suddenly* in Guyana and under conditions guaranteeing instant massive publicity.

The sheer enormity of the tragedy would require military involvement, and the location of Jonestown was made to order. Helicopters commuting between the Temehri Airfield and Jonestown would naturally fly over the missile complex - whose details were known in spite of expert camouflage. This meant that joint special armed forces could be set down near the perimeters of the missile base and later recovered, along with casualties, with relative ease.

And as the reporters at the Temehri Airfield watched helicopters leaving to the northwest and return from the same direction, they were led to assume that all were going to and from Jonestown some 150 miles away. They had no way of knowing that many of the flights were to and from the Russian missile base, which lay in the same direction but only half as far distant.


When it was decided to use mass deaths at Jonestown as a cover for the missile-base attack, Jonestown was functioning only as an outpost of the Peoples' Temple. There were not enough people there to provide a sufficiently major incident to serve the intended purpose, and so, through both direct and indirect means, Jim Jones was persuaded to go to the Guyana kibbutz himself, taking as many of his flock as would follow him.

That turned out to be about 25% to 30%, and by following him they automatically identified themselves as the group most highly dependent upon Jones personally. They were also most susceptible to the combined influences of exhaustion, intimidation, and isolation from outside help - in other words, just right for thorough brainwashing.

Ever since the days of the Korean War it had been known conclusively that brainwashing techniques can cause many people to do all kinds of things. Even hardened American GIs in Korea fell victim to brainwashing in surprising numbers because they did not understand what they were up against. The Jonestown victims were anything but hardened soldiers.

In August 1977, Jim Jones left for Guyana with his large sacrificial flock. That same month, United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young carried a message to Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana. He said that under certain conditions the United States and the World Bank would increase its aid to Guyana - that is, line Burnham's pocket by a factor of ten times more than previous levels. And so the key disaster of Jonestown was set into motion shortly before the Battle of the Harvest Moon.


To trigger the whole tragedy and in a blare of publicity, the interest of late Congressman Leo J. Ryan was developed and programmed.

In a display of courage that is practically unknown today in the U.S. Congress, Ryan went to Guyana knowing that it might be dangerous. But what he did not know, of course, was that he had been lured into making a trip whose tragic outcome was planned well in advance.

Congressman Ryan and those who died with him at Port Kaituma Airport were casualties in the secret war that was leading up to Nuclear War One. And so were the hundreds of other American civilians who died in the so-called "mass suicide" at Jonestown, Guyana.

As the time approached for Congressman Ryan to make his anticipated trip to Guyana, other activities were set in motion on the diplomatic and military state. It was essential that Russia's attention be diverted away from Guyana until too late to take action to protect the missile base.

Russia's prize in the Western Hemisphere, of course, is Cuba; and so in the final days before the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving Day 1978, the trumped up MIG-23 crisis was used to divert Russian attention to Cuba. Only too late did the Kremlin discover that the real target was not Cuba but Guyana.

PART 19:


Close aides of the late Congressman Leo Ryan have reported publicly that his ill-fated decision to go to Guyana was triggered by a State Department report to him that he found totally unsatisfactory. This reaction of Ryan's had been correctly predicted and, in fact, deliberately encouraged. With elections coming up, Congressman Ryan decided to schedule the trip after the election during the Congressional recess.

This was a quite natural decision, and had also been anticipated by the planners behind the scenes. No politician would miss the opportunity to campaign right up to election day.

As the time approached for his trip, the false issue of the Cuban MIG-23 crisis erupted. The Carter Administration had learned nearly a year prior that the Russians were going to send the MIG-23s to Cuba and decided that it would be a perfect pretext for a fake crisis. The MIG-23 can carry certain types of nuclear weapons as claimed; but even this role it is a tactical weapon best suited for support of ground or naval forces.

The MIG-23 in and of itself did not threaten America in the same way that the 1962 Cuban missiles did, and so when the United States began playing up the MIG-23s, it was very obvious to the Kremlin that this was a deliberate effort to stir up public tension over Cuba.

The questions were: Exactly what was the United States up to? Would the Carter Administration be so crazy as to invade Cuba? Such a thing sounded irrational, but America's Unseen Rulers were behaving more and more irrationally.

This, too, was partially deliberate and was intended to keep the chess players in the Kremlin off balance, but it was also partly a result of the increasing degree of control over America by those Satanic schizophrenics, the Bolsheviks.

Cuba was, after all, very important to Russia, for Russia was looking ahead to world domination after Nuclear War I; and for that, Cuba is Russia's main beach-head in the Western Hemisphere. Even more urgently, Cuba was the unadmitted home of Russia's Caribbean Submarine Fleet, and that fleet had repeatedly moved into attack positions in the Gulf of Mexico over the prior two years and more during periods of tension.

As if that were not enough, there were concentrations of nuclear weapons in at least four land locations in Cuba. One was near the north coast roughly 10 miles inland southeast of Cardenas. This location is 150 miles due south of Cape Sable, Florida. A second site was about 150 miles to the east-southeast of that and about 10 miles inland from the north coast. One hundred twenty five miles farther to the southeast was a third concentration 15 miles northeast of Marti, well inland. A fourth nuclear site was near the eastern tip of Cuba, 18 miles north-northwest of the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay.

With all this at stake, American publicity over the MIG-23s caused worry in the Kremlin. And in early November the tension increased when the United States began sending SR-71 reconnaissance flights over Cuba - shades of 1962 and the U-2.

In response, massive formations from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean Submarine Fleets of the Russian Navy began fanning out along America's east, west, and gulf coasts on November 6. They did not deploy into attack formations but their sheer numbers signaled a clear warning to Washington. At that moment they were still on station, many with neutron weaponry.

Then during the week immediately preceding the tragedies in Guyana the MIG-23 pseudo crisis built to a climax. Beginning on Tuesday, November 14, a huge combined American and British naval Task Force began heading toward Cuba. By midweek, Cuban defense forces were on full alert, and on Thursday, November 16, a group of twelve United States Senators in Moscow - supposedly to discuss the SALT talks - met with Russia's Kosygin.

There they pressed the alleged issue of the Cuban MIG-23 argument, calling it a "false issue." As a former test pilot and America's first astronaut in orbit, Senator John Glenn knew what he was talking about, but Kosygin's anger over the other comments about the MIGs provided the United States intelligence community with valuable proof that the decoy action toward Cuba was working. The next day, November 17, Russia publicly admitted sending MIG-23s to Cuba, calling them strictly defensive weapons.

The same day an editorial in the *Washington Post* typified the crescendo of media attention to the Cuban MIG-23s. It was titled: "A New Cuban Missile Crisis?" The very next day, Saturday, November 18, Congressman Leo Ryan, three newsmen and a woman seeking to escape from Jonestown were slaughtered at the Port Kaituma Airport. At least a dozen other people were also wounded, but there was no effort to destroy the airplane filled with terrified escapees from Jonestown. Instead, many witnesses were left alive, and a smaller plane managed to take off right after the airport massacre and report the attack in the capital, Georgetown.

Immediately world attention was focused on Guyana, and meanwhile the mass murder at Jonestown - wrongly called a mass suicide - was underway.

At this point, the elaborate decoy action toward Cuba was no longer needed, so the Pentagon announced that a routine naval exercise was in progress which would approach no closer to Cuba than 50 miles. Cuban defense forces relaxed, but the real action was only beginning in Guyana. The methodical executions of Congressman Ryan and three prominent newsmen had guaranteed that Jonestown would shortly be in the glare of publicity. Having guaranteed this publicity, Jim Jones then ordered the mass executions at the Jonestown kibbutz.


The complete details of the Jonestown disaster may never be known publicly. It is certain, however, that very few if any of those who died there willingly took their own lives. Some were tricked, not realizing that the death rites were real. Many more resisted, but they were weak, helpless, and confronted with armed execution squads. So by various means, several hundred people were poisoned with potassium cyanide, many by being forcibly injected. Many more fled into the jungle, where U.S. Army Green Berets and British SAS special forces troops tracked them down and killed them with a shot to the temple.

Finally, when the mass murder was completed, the executioners performed their final task of stage-managing the horrible death scene. In order to achieve the surprise needed in attacking the Russian missile base, it was critically important that the first reports from Jonestown described the scene as a mass suicide. Only in this way could its actual military significance be hidden long enough to fool the Russians.

Therefore, all the bodies free of gunshot wounds were carefully arranged in neat rows and other groupings, suggesting at first sight that everyone died willingly and deliberately. This was the scene that greeted Guyanese troops late the following day, Sunday, November 19. It was more than 24 hours after the kibbutz victims died and the executioners, including the real Jim Jones, were long gone. Jim Jones did not die at Jonestown.


The Guyanese troops were afraid of possible disease but counted the bodies as accurately as possible without close handling or moving the bodies. The total they reported was 409 on that Sunday night. The initial impression of a mass suicide was seized upon by the controlled major media of the United States. Without waiting for an investigation, the media drummed away at the suicide image of Jonestown as if it were a proven fact. After a few days a few people did begin to raise questions, but by then the initial image of suicide had served its purpose of opening Guyana's doors to the United States.

For example, on Tuesday, November 21, Jim Jones' surviving son, Steven, said in a Georgetown press conference, "There's no way it could have been mass suicide." And that same day, according to the *Washington Star,* a Guyanese source pointed out a serious medical discrepancy in the Jonestown kibbutz death scene. He said, "If you die of cyanide, which seems to have been the poison, your body goes into spasm and contortion death, but at Jonestown everyone looked totally relaxed."

The reason for this discrepancy was that by the time the Guyanese troops arrived, all the bodies had been rearranged. They were also placed face down for the most part. This was so that the widely publicized news photos would not ruin the desired impression of calm by letting you see the victims' final expression of agony.


To continue the nightmare charade to fool the Russians, the United States at first publicly urged Guyana to collect and bury the hundreds of bodies. As arranged, Guyana replied in effect that it was America's problem and that America should take the bodies back to the United States - just as planned. To facilitate this huge and hideous task, Guyana obligingly agreed to waive the usual Guyanese law that requires any body to be autopsied before removal from the country. With this arrangement, the United States achieved the carte blanche military access to Guyana that was needed.

Russian intelligence realized what was afoot by early Monday, November 20, but it was already too late to stop it. Russia could hardly announce to the world that, "We have a secret nuclear missile base in Guyana and the United States is getting ready to destroy it." That would have rallied world opinion behind America; and, although Russian Cosmoshperes quickly converged over Guyana, they, too, were useless in the covert conditions of battle there.

Their Charged Particle Beam Weapons could have made short work of the commando-style forces, but in the process they would have wiped out the Russian base itself. The Guyana missiles had become only a minor factor in Russia's military power since the Battle of the Harvest Moon the year prior. They were not valuable enough to Russia to declare open war on their account. And so under these conditions, Russia was powerless to act once the Jonestown tragedy had been staged.

As Thanksgiving Day approached, huge American transports, helicopters, troops, and medical teams swarmed into Guyana. In a remote corner of the huge Temehri Airfield a command post was established for the twin operations of Jonestown and the Russian missile base.

As some of the troops began the nauseating task of cleaning up the Jonestown kibbutz, other joint attack forces were taking up positions around the missile base in preparations for the surprise raid. Meanwhile, day after day the death count reported at Jonestown remained unchanged at 409.

Then on Thanksgiving Day itself, the Battle of Guyana took place. Crack military forces experienced in jungle and surprise warfare moved in on the Russian complex, striking all the dispersed sites simultaneously. Like the Entebbe raid, the battle itself did not last long. It had to be over quickly to be successful.

First the small crews on site near each missile were overwhelmed, and then killed. The missiles themselves were quickly disabled. Next the military forces converged on the Missile Command and Control Center, where a bloody pitched battle took place.

When the smoke cleared, every single person manning the missile base had been killed, including the Russian commanders.

When the battle was over, American helicopters from Temehri Airfield began landing within the ruined missile complex and flying out the wounded. Then the remaining attackers were left with two more jobs before they could retire from the area. First, they were under strict orders to leave no bodies in the attacking forces on Guyanese soil, and so the entire area was scoured until every single member of the attacking force had been accounted for. Their bodies, like those of the victims at Jonestown, were sealed in Vietnam-type body bags and collected in clearings where helicopters could land to pick them up.

Finally, the combined forces were under orders to remove the nuclear warheads from the missiles and take them back to Georgetown for airlift to the United States. Specially trained members of the attacking force had set to work on this task immediately after the initial attacks on the missile crews.

By early Friday, November 24, all the warheads had been removed. They, too, were placed in body bags, one per bag, with some jungle foliage stuffed in to give the bag a reasonable appearance.

Of course none of this war was apparent to the reporters at Temehri Airfield, whose access to the American Command Post there was carefully controlled. When wounded members of the attacking force were flown back to the Airfield, after the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving afternoon, they were kept out of sight of the reporters. Otherwise, when reporters occasionally saw body bags being moved from place to place they just naturally assumed that all contained victims from Jonestown. They had no way of knowing that some contained slain Commandoes and that others contained Russian nuclear warheads. The continual cargo of death from the Jonestown kibbutz made the perfect cover for the aftermath of the Battle of Guyana.


Many reporters were totally puzzled at the choice of Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the Guyana airlift. Most of the Jonestown victims were from California, and there is a mortuary facility, similar to the Dover facility, at Oakland Air Force Base in California. Dover was chosen to facilitate transfer of the Russian nuclear warheads to the nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground and Arsenal. This was done by means of shallow flights from Dover to Phillips Air Force Base.

Originally the Guyanese count of 409 had been accepted as firm by United States officials in Guyana. That had raised questions as to where the rest of the one thousand or so residents reported to be in Jonestown had gone. Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, with the body clean-up operation well under way, a military spokesman told reporters, "The evaluation that we have made is simply that there were not many more people in Jonestown at the time of the suicide." But even as he spoke, the Battle of Guyana was raging at the Russian missile base. By midday on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, 485 body bags had already arrived at the Temehri Airfield. The "bodies" of warheads from the Russian missile base were destined to raise the total far beyond the total of 409 bodies originally counted by the Guyanese at the kibbutz. It was a bad mistake, the kind of thing that happens in the heat of battle. Something had to be done, and quickly.

So, on that Friday after Thanksgiving, a breathless and nervous Pentagon spokesman at the Temehri Airfield made a stunning announcement over CBS television [some of us call it CIABS Television, don't we, Dan Rather?]: "The original count of persons found dead at the Jonestown site has been found to be seriously in error. It now appears there may be as many as 780 bodies, total, found at the site. They were found simply buried under other bodies. There were larger adults that were grouped together, and under their bodies were found bodies, and under their bodies were found the bodies of smaller adults and children."

Rather a curious mass suicide, I would say.

Badgered by incredulous reporters, the Government embellished the cover story later on. The *Washington Star* quoted the same spokesman as saying Friday night: "Near the center of the pile of bodies, near the assembly hall, they were three deep in some areas. They were in layers with blankets between them." Wasn't it just nice of all those people to fall over in well orchestrated and neat rows?

The story was so unbelievable that within two days the United States Government dismissed its own story about the blankets as a "rumor." Still the basic idea of bodies on top of bodies had to be maintained, so on Saturday, November 25, another Air Force spokesman tried to make it all sound plausible in the following words:

"From what I observed, the people, when they committed suicide, would line up in nice neat little circles, children in front of them, and as they died they folded into the interior of the circle."

Even though the story kept getting curiouser and curiouser, nearly everybody accepted it hook, line, sinker and fish!

The Guyana cover-up was world-wide in its dimensions - it had to be. In Guyana, Deputy Prime Minister Reid made the first public announcement to the Guyanese people about Jonestown on Friday afternoon, November 24, in parliament. Then he refused to answer questions, and rushed out to cries of "Shame, Shame" and "Cover-up" from parliament members.

And in the United States on Thanksgiving Day, FBI Director William Webster said that the: "FBI disaster squad had positively identified the body of James Warren Jones through fingerprint identification records." This was a lie, and at that moment Jim Jones was making good his preplanned escape from Guyana.


The plans for removal of Jones were laid well in advance. An ocean-going boat, well stocked with supplies and money, was waiting for him near the river town of Bartica, 35 miles southwest of Georgetown. In order to make his way to Bartica from Jonestown, Jones had a Safe Conduct Pass.

In the early morning of Thanksgiving Day, as the Battle of Guyana was beginning, Jones headed downstream toward Georgetown. Shortly after noon Guyana time his boat left the mouth of the Essequibo River into the Atlantic Ocean.

From there Jones followed a complicated itinerary which was designed to prevent his being followed; but in spite of that, he was followed. From Guyana Jones headed due east for about 330 miles and then turned south, landing near La Mere, French Guyana, at about 5:30 A.M. local time, November 27. From there he traveled by land to the capital of Cayenne, and took an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean to Freetown, Sierra Bissau Airport, arriving there approximately 7:00 P.M. local time, November 28.

There, less than two hours later, he boarded a DC-3 and took off. His route took him eastward to Tambacounda, (Senegal); from there onward into Mali with stops at Segou, Mopti, and Gao; then onward to Agadez (Niger), and Largeau (Chad). From there his plane continued to Atbaqra (Sudan), and then a short final hop to Port Sudan where he arrived shortly after 4:00 A.M., November 30, local time.

When he arrived at Port Sudan, Jones found a Turboprop Executive Transport waiting for him which was owned and operated by Israeli Intelligence. Within 20 minutes the plane took off with Jones and headed up the middle of the Red Sea toward the Gulf of Aqaba. At 6:30 A.M. local time on November 30, Jones' plane landed briefly at Elath, the back door to Israel; then on to a private airport outside of Jerusalem, arriving at 7:20 A.M. local time. From there he headed to a nearby location for an intelligence briefing.

I have information that Jones was in Israel for about 7 or 8 years then was killed by his "keepers" as being too dangerous to have around. However, I have other information that conflicts with this, so I do not know his current status.

I have heard preachers giving sermons making a point by telling about Jim Jones and Jonestown. They are really just snorting in the wind; they have no notion of truth and are merely reinforcing the brainwashing that has been laid upon them.

PART 20:


The officer in charge of all U.S. Army Special Forces for Latin America at the time of the Jonestown holocaust was Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz. Gritz was the original soldier after which the movie character "Rambo" was patterned. Gritz was the most decorated soldier to come out of the Vietnam war.

The Guyana massacre was carried out by Bo Gritz' men (along with British SAS troops). *Flatland* (#10) magazine, in an interview with Gritz, asked him:

Question: You trained Special Forces that went into Jonestown? What was the precise nature of the operation?

"I don't know precisely because it was a compartmentalized operation. The only thing that I do know for certain is what the Sergeant I quote coming out of Jonestown, he was insistent because he was disgusted, on writing this book. He was, without compromise, going to call it *All the Niggers Are Dead.* I asked him, 'Why would you want to entitle anything such an offensive way?' 'It doesn't make a difference what your color, your creed, your sex,' he said, 'when you are treated the way they were, that's what you are; you're a nigger, you're nothing else.' I think that those soldiers saw things that affected them and made them very angry. I've seen other things like that in combat where there have been abuses. I wrote about one of them in my book where the Captain tortured the young severely and the young Sergeant put on a swastika and said, "If I'm going to act like a Nazi I'm going to look like one.' I think that the same kind of negative impact occurred in Jonestown."

Gritz has more about Jonestown in his autobiography, *Called to Serve.* Perhaps you simply cannot believe what I am telling you. Will you believe it if told to you by the Green Beret officer in charge of the men who did the killing? He admits that the information was "compartmentalized" and it was not until later that he learned what his men were actually doing. The following information is from pages 584-587 of his book:

"The true story of the Jonestown camp in Guyana has been brought to light through an extensive investigation conducted by John Judge, from Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and other dedicated researchers and investigators. The truth, which was thoroughly suppressed by the American media, is that it was actually a slave-labor camp run by Jones with the assistance of the CIA. Most of the information which follows is from John Judge's summary of the investigation, supplemented with information provided by Special Forces teams I had earlier trained and commanded, who were sent in to 'clean up the remains of Jonestown.'

"Most of the black and Hispanic poor people and social activists who became the inmates of the camp were brought there either by force or coercion, or lured under false pretenses, where extensive experiments of drug-induced mind control were performed on them. Even before they were moved to Guyana, reports of beatings, kidnappings, sexual abuse and mysterious deaths had leaked out to the press about the earlier Peoples' Temple in Ukiah, California.

"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: During the time his friend Dan Mitrione was teaching torture techniques to the Brazilian and Argentineans, Jones was also sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia. Most of Jones' top lieutenants were from wealthy, educated backgrounds, many with connections to the military or intelligence agencies. These were the people who were involved in setting up the bank accounts, complex legal transactions and financial agreements which put people under the control of the Peoples' Temple.

"Some of Jones' Lieutenants were: Dr. Lawrence Layton was chief of Chemical and Biological Warfare Research at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah for many years and later worked as Director of Missile and Satellite Development at the Navy Propellant Division at Indian Head, Maryland. His wife, Lisa, was the daughter of Hugo Phillips, who had represented the huge Nazi manufacturing cartel, I.G. Farben, as a stockbroker. Their daughter, Debbie, met and married George Philip Blakey, whose parents had extensive stock holdings in Solve Drugs, a division of I.G. Farben.

"Blakey was reputed to be training mercenaries in Jonestown who were sent to work with CIA-backed UNITA forces in Angola. Terri Buford's father, Admiral Charles T. Buford, worked with Naval Intelligence. Marie Katsaris' father was minister with the Greek Orthodox Church, thought to be a conduit of CIA funding, and she claimed she had proof he was a CIA agent. The 'official survivors' were represented upon their return to the U.S. by Joseph Blatchford, an attorney who had been named in a prior scandal involving CIA infiltration of the Peace Corps.

"The people who were taken from San Francisco to begin their 'new life' in Guyana were bussed to Florida and arrived in Guyana bound and gagged, where they were forced to work 16 hours or more daily, and were fed on minimum rations. As more and more rumors began to filter back to the United States of druggings, beatings, torture, sexual humiliations and coercion at the Guyana site, Congressman Leo Ryan decided to go to Guyana and verify the situation for himself.

"Ryan had challenged the CIA's overseas operations before, as a member of the House Committee responsible for oversight on intelligence. He was co-author of the controversial Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which would have required advance CIA disclosure to the congressional committees of all planned covert operations. The amendment would be defeated shortly after his death in Jonestown.

"With Ryan on the way to Jonestown, the secrecy surrounding the camp would be broken and desperate measures would need to be taken to keep the truth from escaping, much less the inmates. In a futile attempt to test their conditioning methods, the leaders at Jonestown apparently tried to implement an actual suicide drill, but it was obviously ignored. Official stories first numbered the victims at 408, but later revised the toll upward to 913. It was claimed that some 505 bodies had been covered by those of the first 408 who had fallen directly on top of them, confusing those who had been counting from aerial photographs. - a blatant and ridiculous attempt at cover-up.

"However, the first reports were true - 408 had died, and 700 fled to the jungle where British Black Watch troops and American Special Forces were conducting 'training exercises.' Of the 700, 505 who had been deliberately shot in the jungle were added to the count of those who had supposedly committed suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid.

"The truth is that nearly 400 inmates were forced to die by injection, according to the Chief Guyanese medical examiner, Dr. Mootoo, who arrived at Jonestown within hours of the massacre. He found needle marks on the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims, and the others had been shot or strangled.

"As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo's testimony to the Guyanese Grand Jury led to their conclusion that all but three of the people who had died at Jonestown were murdered by 'persons unknown.' Several pictures show the gunshot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, told the press, 'No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here,' and the forensic doctors who later performed the autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's findings.

"Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of drugs, enough to control the entire population of Georgetown, Guyana (pop. 200,000), for over a year. One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of Thorazine, a dangerous tranquilizer, and others such as sodium pentothal (truth serum), chloral hydrate (a hypnotic), demerol, Thallium (confuses thinking), haliopareael and Largatil (powerful tranquilizers) and many others. It was very evident that Jonestown was a tightly-run concentration camp, complete with medical and psychiatric experimentation.

"Direct orders to cover up the cause of death came from the top levels of the American Government. Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's national security advisor, authorized Robert Pastor to order Lt. Col. Gordon Sumner to strip the bodies of the medical bracelets they had been forced to wear for identification. Pastor later served as Deputy Director of the CIA.

"One of the Special Forces sergeants assigned to the Jonestown massacre was so outraged about what he had witnessed that he had decided to describe the events in a book. While the Secrecy Act prevented him from detailing all that went on, SFC Inman carefully hid the entire story within his title: *All The Niggers Are Dead!* When I asked that he explain the crudeness of so naming his report, he replied, 'Sir, that's what they were. Both blacks and whites were niggers; that's what any slave is; that's what they were. That was our final radio message when the job we were assigned was finished.' I could tell by his bitterness that the government had no fear that the book would ever be printed. He just needed someone to vent his anger on.

"Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham rose to power as the result of a CIA-inspired coup against the recalcitrant Guyanese leader Cheddi Jagan. Richard Dwyer, a CIA agent working as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Guyana, was shown to have been at the scene at the time of the massacre and at the airport strip, where he failed to order Guyanese troops, armed with machine guns, to defend Ryan and his staff.

"Chief Consular Officer Richard McCoy, who was described as 'close to [Jim] Jones,' worked for military intelligence and was 'on loan' from the Defense Department at the time of the massacre. Dan Webber, who was sent to the Jonestown site the day after, was also named as a CIA agent.

"U.S. Ambassador John Burke, who had served in the CIA since 1963 and had worked with Dwyer in Thailand, according to Philip Agee, tried to stop Ryan's investigation. The State Department concealed all reports of violations at Jonestown from Congressman Leo Ryan, while the Embassy regularly provided Jones with copies of all congressional inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act.

"According to current reports, Jonestown has been 're-populated' with over 1,000 Laotion Hmong people who grew opium and served under General Vang Pao during our 'secret war' in Laos and Cambodia. According to these reports, World Vision was also attempting to move the population from the island of Dominica to Jonestown.

"In addition to the already mentioned torture camp, Colonia Dignidad, another is reported to be located at Pisgua, Chile. Inside Guyana itself is another 'religious community,' named Hilltown, also operated under iron discipline, with 8,000 blacks from Guyana and the U.S. They were allowed to clear the Jonestown site of shoes and weapons, both of which are in short supply in Guyana. It may only be a matter of time before another Jonestown is exposed. It is sad to know that what started out to be an information gathering organization has turned into an instrument of the dragon."

PART 21:


In the March 1919 issue of *Electrical Experimenter* magazine, details of the Roger's underground communication system were released. This system was later classified SECRET and used to communicate with submarines during World War I. It involved using frequencies through the ground and water. The signals were 5,000 times stronger than signals through the air.

The patents are confusing to most engineers, but to someone who understands, it is obvious that the transmitters were using scalar waves. If you wonder if it could be possible for scientists to devise the type of technology written about in the early *Fire From The Sky* articles, you need to be aware that this technology has been around for a long time. Actually, for a very long time.

For instance, in 1977, Louis Kervran won the Nobel Prize for showing that plants and animals (his main experiments were with chickens) use "scalar wave" type technology to transmute elements, for instance, turning potassium into calcium. This is impossible according to the "laws" of physics currently taught in schools. The ruling Elite does not want you "common folk" to have this type of knowledge, as it will undermine their control over you. So the "laws" they teach are WRONG.

While the oil barons sabotaged Nikola Tesla's efforts to provide cheap or free energy to the world, the Russians took an interest in his material and developed it.

Nikita Kruschev asked his physicists, specifically Pyorte (Peter) Kapitsa, to develop a system for total defense against missiles and aircraft. By studying Tesla and others they were successful and, in 1960, Kruschev announced the development of a "fantastic" Soviet weapon, one that could destroy all life on the world. ("Kruschev Says Soviets Will Cut Forces a Third; Sees 'Fantastic Weapon'," by Max Frankel, *New York Times,* Jan. 15, 1960, p. 1.) However, it was not quite ready and in 1962 Kruschev was forced to back down during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This caused him to lose much face with his government and people.


As things were not going well with Kruschev, he decided to use the weapons system before it was fully operational and on April 10, 1963, he successfully detected and destroyed the nuclear submarine *U.S.S. Thresher,* using an underwater scalar howitzer. The next day, they celebrated by firing a pulse blast creating a tremendous underwater explosion about 100 miles north of Puerto Rico, south of where they had sunk the *Thresher.*

Col. Tom Bearden described the event: "It left a signature: the sub's surface companion, the *U.S.S. Skylark,* was in the splatter zone of the underwater scalar interference. That is, spurious EM noise was being generated in all the *Skylark's* electrical systems, some of which were actually disabled. So intense was the "electronic jamming" that it required over an hour and a half for the *Skylark* to transmit an emergency message back to its headquarters that the *Thresher* was in serious trouble and contact with it had been lost.

Some of the *Skylark's* communication systems actually failed, but later resumed operation inexplicably, once the jamming was gone. That type of "jamming" of multiple bands and multiple electronic equipment, of course, together with the anomalous failure of electronic equipment and its later mysterious recovery, were direct signatures of the use of the exothermic scalar interferometer against the undersea target area in the vicinity of the *Skylark.*

"The very next day, April 11, 1963, the same Soviet scalar EM howitzer system was tested in the "destroy submarine" pulse mode. A huge underwater EM blast occurred off the coast of Puerto Rico, about 100 miles north of the island. The underwater explosion caused a huge boiling up of a giant mushroom of water about a third of a mile high. The mushroom of water then fell back into the ocean, completing the signature.

"Fortunately the entire incident was seen by the startled crew of a passing U.S. jetliner which was just passing its checkpoint in that area." (See Robert J. Durant, "An Underwater Explosion - or What?" *Pursuit,* 5(2), April 1972, p. 30-31.) For more information on the *Thresher* disaster and *Skylark* problems, see John Bentley, *The Thresher Disaster,* Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y., 1975, particularly p. 164.

"These two incidents were full-up operational tests of Kruschev's newly-deployed superweapons. He probably staged this dramatic one-two punch in a desperate effort to recover face with the Communist Party after his disastrous facedown by Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis a few short months previously. Apparently the attempt was successful, since he remained in power another year before being deposed."

There is also evidence that the U-2 flight of Francis Gary Powers was shot down by this technology. Bearden says: "In fact, Gary Powers' high-flying aircraft was probably shot down in 1960 by a 'jury-rigged' scalar EM howitzer using modified radars and timed scalar pulses to provide an aerial explosion and EMP." (*Fer-De-Lance,* by Tom Bearden, p. 65.)


PART 22:


In 1968, the Soviets made a statement in *Military Strategy* that the USSR has achieved a 100% defense, and the West has not (*Sokolovsky,* 3rd Edition). Were they telling the truth, and if so, to what were they referring? It is only a matter of life and death, you know.

Dr. Edward Teller said in 1987: "Today, the Soviets have a monopoly on defense and they intend to keep it. We have done practically nothing about civil defense." He also said, "The Soviets have worked for the past 10 years perfecting laser weapons and now have a laser capable of shooting 1,000 miles without its beam *spreading more than 5 feet"* (Jan.-Feb. 1987 *Fusion*).


Before we continue in time sequence of what happened, I want to go back and point out some connections you need to know. The earlier *Fire From The Sky* material says that Russia succeeded in developing anti-gravity levitating platforms, which are the same things as commonly called flying saucers. In fact the Soviets used former Nazi scientists to achieve their advances.

The Nazis actually originated the "flying saucers," and they got their ideas and information concerning them from extraterrestrials. This is what all the records indicate. I will give you some leads and if you are serious, you can do your own research and prove it to yourself. You don't have to believe me or anyone else - check it out for yourself!

For information about the Nazi scientists, I suggest you study material about Project Paperclip. (*Project Paperclip* by Clarence Lasby; *The Torbitt Document* by William Torbitt; *The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination* by Mae Brussell; etc.) A former member of that operation is a *good friend of mine.* Among the Germans (Austrians) involved in Paperclip was a *Communist spy named Henry Kissinger* - you've heard of him, perhaps?

Another German was Werner von Braun, who was brought to this country and became head of the U.S. space program. Von Braun worked for a German general named Walter Dornberger, and had been an *SS Sturmbannfuhrer* since 1937. Dornberger was in charge of Peenemunde. At the end of the war, von Braun and 115 other German scientists surrendered to the Americans and were brought to Fort Bliss Texas (just across the state line from White Sands Missile Range New Mexico).

In 1950 they were transferred to the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama. Col. Tom Bearden was a nuclear physicist at Redstone Arsenal. Von Braun's original security report said: "He was an SS officer but no information is available to indicate that he was ardent Nazi. Subject is regarded as a potential security threat by the Military Governor."

Von Braun played down his SS membership and said that it was only honorary, and that "his real reason for working in the Nazi missile program, he said, had been the potential usefulness of his machines in 'space travel'" (*Blowback,* p. 39).

Dornberger was convicted as a war criminal, then later was secretly brought to the U.S. at the request of von Braun to High Commissioner John J. McCloy. He went to work for Bell Aircraft (Bell Textron) where he worked on the space program as director of R&D (James "Bo" Gritz, *Called to Serve,* p. 511). He was also a special CIA consultant (*The Nazi Hunters,* p. 217).

Eventually he served on the board of several aerospace companies. He helped develop a nuclear powered trans-atmospheric vehicle (TAV). These vehicles began operating out of Area 51 in Nevada, and other places. Dornberger became a boss of Bell Aerospace Corporation and had about 30 former Nazi scientists working for him. A man named Stanton Friedman is going around the country saying he has worked on these type of nuclear propulsion systems. He sells videos with photos.

McCloy was Assistant Secretary of War and blocked the executions of many Nazi war "criminals." He is the one who was overseer of the internment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps in California. In 1949 he became High Commissioner in Germany and pardoned convicted war criminals such as Alfred Krupp and Dr. Hjalmar Schact (who went to work for Aristotle Onassis).

He became legal counsel to the "Seven Sisters" oil companies, one of which was managed by the father of CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt who was a Nazi spy in WW II. "George's cousin, the movie producer Baron Constantine Maydell, was one of the top German Abwehr agents in North America , and was recruited by Gehlen..." (Gritz, p. 538).


According to Col. Bo Gritz, former head of U.S. Army Special Forces for Latin America , "General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union , had struck a deal with the Americans (Called OPERATION SUNRISE ) that was not, for obvious reasons, released to establishment media. The principal negotiators were Allen Dulles and William Casey of the OSS , Sir William Stephenson for the British, and SS General Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy and former chief of Heinrich Himmler's personal staff" (p. 562).

Operation SUNRISE developed into Operation OVERCAST with General Walter Dornberger and Werner von Braun, and then became Project PAPERCLIP, BLOODSTONE AND BELARUS, etc. (ibid.).

John McCloy, by the way, would later serve the Warren Commission and helped cover up the assassination of JFK. He became head of the World Bank, head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, head of the Ford Foundation, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, and co-author of *Freedom From War, The United States Program For General And Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World* (Department of State Publication 7277).

Von Braun had an assistant named Fred Wolff: "...that matter had been amply met through Dr. von Braun's suggestions (which Wolff sketched out quickly to receive von Braun's check)." *War For The Moon* by Martin Caidin, E.P. Dutton, 1959, chapter "Project Moon," p. 61 (this book was illustrated by Fred Wolff). Note above that the head of the Gestapo in Italy , Karl Wolff, was working with von Braun. Was Fred's name originally Karl, or was he a son? We are not talking Smith or Jones here, how many men named Wolff (spelled with two f's) that were close friends of von Braun were there in this very small organization?

Gehlen, von Braun and Dornberger continued to have considerable influence on American politics, as evidenced from this quote from *Blowback,* p. 64: "Gehlen also played a role in the creation of the famous missile gap of the 1950s. 'Gehlen provided us [the CIA] with specific reports on the Soviet ICBM program,' Victor Marchetti says. 'He said, "We have two reliable reports confirming this," and they [the Soviets] have just installed three missiles at that site,' et cetera, claiming that they had contacts among the German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war." The intelligence reports were transmitted to the Pentagon through interagency channels, and word about the alarming new development eventually leaked from there into the press.

"Walter Dornberger added fuel to this fire in 1955 by publishing alarming speculations that the Soviets might attack from the sea, using shorter-range missiles deployed in floating canisters off the coast of the United States. He was deeply involved in the United States ' own ICBM program at this point, and his opinions were given considerable weight in public discussions."


On July 19, 1945, the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a program called Operation Overcast. Under this program, 350 German scientists and technicians would be brought into the United States for a period of six months. The program was labeled Top Secret to keep it from the American public. (Ashman, Charles & Wagman, Robert J., *The Nazi Hunters,* Warner Books, p. 212.)

When the Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S., they were first put up at Camp Overcast. Camp Overcast was at Wright Field, which later became famous among UFO researchers as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, home of the infamous Hangar 18. Even Senator Barry Goldwater was not allowed access to this facility.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, head of the American Jewish Congress, discovered that the wife of one of the Wright Field rocket team was a former Nazi Party official and in May 1946 said: "This operation [Paperclip, formerly called Overcast] is all the more deplorable at a time when officials of our government find every possible reason for failing to fulfill the declared policy of President Truman to rescue as many victims of the Nazi terror as our immigration laws permit... As long as we reward the former servants of Hitler while leaving his victims in DP camps, we cannot even pretend that we are making any real effort to achieve the aims we fought for."

Rabbi Stephen Wise is also famous for the quote: "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism!"

When the Germans were first brought into New York, "At Port Washing, they lived in comfortable conditions at a castle that had been build by the multimillionaire Jay Gould. They soaked in marble bathtubs and ate in an imposing dining room" (p. 203, *American Swastika* by Charles Higham).

"In August 1945, General Walter Bedell Smith's private plane was used to fly Gehlen and five of his general staff to the American capital. They traveled in plain clothes, one of their members using a violin case for a suitcase. It is interesting to note that Bedell Smith was Eisenhower's chief of staff" (p. 260, *American Swastika*).

On March 4, 1946, the operation was changed to Operation Paperclip, with no limits on the time or to the number of Germans.

Another German brought in, who was not a scientist, was Otto von Bolschwing. He was educated at the University of London and the University of Breslau. He joined the Nazi Party on April 1, 1932 and developed an import/export business, owned a coal mine, and was involved with several drug companies.

When the war broke out, he joined the SS and became an intelligence officer, working with the German branches of General Electric and Standard Oil. He was in charge of important funds that came through Nazi connections with Allen Dulles in the Schroeder Bank of New York. In 1945 he was contacted by the Army CIC and in 1947 was a member of the Gehlen organization. He came to the United States and got a job with Alfred Driscoll, former governor of New Jersey and president of Warner-Lambert drug company.

Later he joined the Transinternational Computer Investment Corporation (TCI) in Silicon Valley, California and became vice-president of the company. Reinhard Gehlen worked for TCI during the time he was helping Richard Nixon run for President.


Those who studied the assassination of President Kennedy perhaps will recall that Lee Harvey Oswald's wife Marina was staying with Ruth Paine. On April 30, 1961, Oswald married Marina Pruskova in the Soviet Union. He wrote to U.S. Senator John Tower for help in returning to the United States, and it was granted. Remember, Oswald had denounced and left the United States, then he asked a U.S. Senator for help in returning, and got it! Why did he pick Tower to ask, and why did Tower help him? Tower took Lyndon Johnson's place in the Senate and later became head of the Armed Services Committee.

A special non-quota immigrant permit was issued for Oswald's wife. Oswald and Marina arrived in the U.S. on June 13, 1962 and went to Dallas. "He returned to Dallas on October 2, 1963, and was met by fellow CIA agents George de Mohrenschildt and Ruth and Michael Paine. Michael Paine worked for Nazi war criminal Gen. Walter Dornberger at Bell-Textron in Dallas" (Gritz, p. 529). Next page - "Most of Oswald's contacts in Dallas, in fact, were with persons hired by Dornberger."

The majority of people who testified about Oswald before the Warren Commission were carefully selected Dornberger associates. Gritz says of these very people: "Eastern European and Russian emigre groups supplied by Gehlen were the personnel initially trained for these missions at a special camp set up at Oberammergau in 1946, under the command of General Sikes and SS General Burckhardt, and with the assistance of Henry Kissinger and Lucius Clay. The camp held 5,000 anti-communist elements who were prepared there and called themselves "Special Forces" (p. 564).

This was the origin of the U.S. Army Special Forces and on the next page Gritz says: "Many of the remainder underwent special guerrilla training as Special Forces recruits at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and helped form the nucleus of the present-day Green Berets. They would later be quite at home at their first assignment - the SS Bad Tolz Flint Kaserne in the heart of the Bavarian Alps."

And on page 566 Gritz says: "Gehlen's immediate staff of about 350 agents, in fact, were brought en masse to the U.S. Army's Historical Division. Almost all resistance to using Nazi war criminals to accomplish the CIA's missions seemed to have been overcome by the time Allen Dulles became Director in 1953." The Nazi SS Death's Head insignia was adopted as the symbol of the U.S. Army Special Forces (p. 567).

CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt's boss in the CIA was George Bush. De Mohrenschildt had a close friend, John W. Mecom, who was one of the incorporators of the San Jacinto Fund which was used to launder Bush's drug money. ("Surreptitious Entry: The CIA's Operations in the United States," by Thomas B. Ross of the *Chicago Sun Times* in *The CIA File,* edited by Robert L. Borosage and John Marks (Viking, 1976), and quoted in *The Mafia, CIA & George Bush* by Pete Brewton, p. 317.)

De Mohrenschildt had another friend, Jean de Menil, president of Schlumberger Corporation. Jim Garrison tells of Schlumberger being the source of weapons involved in anti-Castro operations and in Algeria. In 1977, hours after arranging to meet an investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, de Mohrenschildt joined the long line of people involved in the Kennedy assassination who "committed suicide."

If you have the stomach to check into it, you will find that Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and Bush *shot* their way into the Presidency. And people keeping a list have identified over 30 people close to President Clinton who have been murdered or at least died under mysterious circumstances. If you count the wars, our Presidents have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Tell me, friend, are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Oswald told a public stenographer that an "engineer" (Michael Paine) offered to publish a book about the Soviet Union for Oswald if he would write it. The Paines began to subsidize the Oswalds and later Mrs. Oswald moved in with the Paines, where she and Ruth chatted every day in Russian.

Lee Harvey Oswald then went to New Orleans and became involved with the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee." The head of that committed was a Jew named V.T. Lee, real name Tappin. Researchers of Lee Harvey Oswald must take into account the fact that there were several people claiming to be Oswald.

While living with the Paines, Oswald practiced shooting with a rifle he kept in their garage. Some say he took a pot-shot at General Walker at this time. In September, it was announced that President Kennedy would visit Dallas, and three weeks later Mrs. Paine called Mr. Truly, the manager of the Texas School Book Depository and got Oswald at job working there, under the name of "O.H. Lee." (*New York Post,* Dec. 10, 1963, p. 22.)


PART 23:


Immediately after Kennedy was assassinated there were three main investigations launched - by the Texas Attorney General, the FBI, and the U.S. Congress. On Dec. 9, 1963, seventeen days after the assassination, the Communist *Worker* Newspaper demanded that the three investigations be stopped and that only Earl Warren do the investigation. Three days later, President Johnson ordered the three groups to stop and put Earl Warren in charge, exactly as the Communists had ordered.

Warren immediately began destroying evidence. While the other groups were finding information of multiple people involved, Arlen Specter came up with the "magic bullet" theory to explain what happened. No one else supported that theory except Gerald Ford, but that became the conclusion of the Warren Commission. Gerald Ford, whose real name was Leslie Lynch King (*American Heritage Dictionary,* 1979), in his book *Portrait of the Assassin,* page 51, tells about Lee Harvey Oswald being on the payroll of the American Red Cross while in Russia. The current head of the Red Cross is Elizabeth Dole, the wife of Senator Bob Dole. Specter has become prominent recently in the Waco and Ruby Ridge investigations, and is campaigning for President. Does it sound like maybe the Communists were behind the assassination of Kennedy? If only it were that simple! We need to pay attention to who and what these people are, as their names come up in all kinds of strange places.

Ruth Paine's husband Michael worked as an engineer at Bell Aerospace for the German ex-General Dornberger, head of research for Bell. Paine was part of the Gehlen operation.

Werner von Braun became a close personal friend of J. Edgar Hoover and soon after he came to the U.S. he also became a close personal friend of Lyndon B. Johnson. Von Braun worked with Hoover in security projects at the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Redstone Arsenal and later in the National Space Agency. In 1958 Lyndon Johnson, majority leader of the Senate, helped push through the National Space Act, which gave funding to von Braun.

The Navy and Air Force were in charge of the U.S. missile programs when Russia launched its Sputnik satellite in October of 1957. Two weeks later, they launched the much larger Sputnik II which carried a dog into space. The Russians had put a six-ton package into orbit, while two months later the Navy tried to launch a three-and-half-pound grapefruit-size satellite on their Vanguard missile. It rose a grand height of four feet and blew up, on national television. Eisenhower was reminded about the little-known bunch of Nazis at Huntsville, so he gave them the go-ahead. Less than two months later, the (ex) Nazis put America's first satellite, Explorer I, into orbit on January 31, 1958.

"Sputnik forced two space agendas on the United States, one public, the other top secret." (Burrows, William E., *Deep Black - Space Espionage And National Security,* Random House, 1986, p. 138.)

Reinhard Gehlen was head of the Nazi Abwehr spy organization during WW II, and at the end of the war he approached the OSS and offered to work for them, with his team and records. They accepted and brought many of his team into the U.S. under Projer Paperclip.

Gehlen remained chief of the West German Intelligence service until he retired in 1968. Frank Wisner, who worked for Allen Welsh Dulles, was a Wall Street lawyer who became head of Dulles' Secret Intelligence Branch and was responsible for the Gehlen organization. Working with Wisner were Harvard grad Harry Rositzke who worked in the same room with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and Richard Helms, who later became Director of the CIA in 1966.

One of Wisner's team was George Bookbinder, who later became President of the Rand Development Corporation. It was the Gehlen organization that dug the famous Berlin tunnel. They, especially the Rand Corporation, became good at digging tunnels (except they have not quite conquered that annoying "hum"!).


The book *Air America* says, during the Vietnam conflict, "An HQ was established in Singapore where Frank Wisner, the Deputy Director of Plans for the CIA, went personally to head the operation." (Robbins, Christopher, *Air America,* New York: Avon Books, 1979, p. 70).

Air America was the secret CIA airline involved in Operation Phoenix in the Vietnam war. One of the pilots was John Lear of UFO fame. The name Phoenix was a translation from the Phung Hoang, a mythical bird the Vietnamese said had magical powers to bring news of peace. The CIA bought drugs from Khun Sa, leader of the "Shan" people.

Bo Gritz, in *Called To Serve,* tells that Khun Sa tried to STOP the drug trade and was forced to continue by the Americans. On page 300, Gritz tells that President Reagan offered to recognize Shanland as a new and independent nation. I suppose it is "only coincidence" that the command ship ("flying saucer") of the ships involved with UFO legend Billy Meier was called the "Phoenix" and the extraterrestrials involved said that their name for Earth was "Shan."

The man in charge of the CIA Vietnam drug operation was Richard Armitage, who later became Assistant Secretary of Defense. Armitage shipped the drugs to Manuel Noriega in Panama, who shipped them to George Bush, head of the CIA and later President, at Bush's drug bases in Mena, Arkansas, Homestead Air Force Base in Florida, and through the Zapata and Black Rose and such Bush family operations.

Armitage had a best friend named Erich von Marbod, also a Gehlen Organization person and a friend of Bo Gritz. At the end of the war in Vietnam, "he [Armitage] and Erich secreted tons of munitions in strategic caches around Southeast Asia. Erich's friends read like a global Who's Who. He was a best friend to the Shah of Iran. He is also very close to James Schlesinger, who was appointed Director of the CIA by Richard Nixon in December 1972. Schlesinger later became Secretary of Defense from 1973-1975 and Secretary of the Department of Energy from 1977-1979" (Gritz, p. 300). Erich "...was a protege of Henry Kissinger."


On page 572 of his book, Gritz says: "The Indonesian campaign marked the entry of the CIA into large-scale operations, and although it was a failure, the more the Agency failed in the future, the more it grew and prospered. Oddly enough, the man who had helped back Dulles and Frank Wisner [remember, Wisner was over Gehlen's Nazi spy network] on the campaign was Richard Nixon."

In 1969, Richard Nixon was in California campaigning and one of his campaign supporters was Reinhard Gehlen, former Nazi head of the German Secret Service (Abwehr). Gehlen was with a high-tech firm called TCI (Transinternational Computer Investment Corp.) that worked on classified Defense Department projects. His translator for German projects was Helene von Damme, who was also Governor Ronald Reagan's personal appointments secretary and personal secretary to Reagan when he became President. Von Damme later became U.S. Ambassador to Austria. Von Damme was former secretary to the Nazi German High Command.

William Donovan, head of OSS, and Allen Dulles, head of OSS in Europe under Donovan (who later became head of the CIA until President Kennedy fired him - it was said that he told Kennedy, "You can't fire me, you don't even know who I work for!"), and J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, brought Reinhard Gehlen and his Abwehr spy group into the United States. One of the men involved was counter-intelligence officer William P. Clark. Clark married Werner von Braun's niece, Joan von Braun (Brauner). Clark at one time was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Clark moved to San Luis Obispo in California and joined Ronald Reagan. He became President Reagan's National Security Advisor on the National Security Council. A suit was filed in Southern California naming William Clark as being involved in the Kennedy assassination. Researchers Mae Brussell, William Torbitt, District Attorney Garrison, and others say Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Werner von Braun, and Walter Dornberger were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Also involved were Richard Nixon, George Bush and Allen Dulles.

Col. Bo Gritz, in *Called To Serve* (p. 534), quotes a memo written by an FBI staff assistant in 1947: "Nixon intervened on behalf of a Chicago gangster who was about to be called as a witness before a congressional committee... It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubinstein of Chicago, noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, is performing information functions for the staff of Congressman Richard Nixon, Republican of California. It is requested Rubinstein not be called for open testimony in the aforementioned hearings. That same year Rubinstein moved to Dallas, Texas, and changed his name to JACK RUBY..."

Sam Giancana bragged that Nixon was controlled by the "Mob," see the book *Double Cross* written by his brother.


Dick Russell in *The Man Who Knew Too Much* is one of the researchers with many details of the involvement of Nixon, Bush, and Dulles and said, "Willoughby was in regular correspondence with Allen Dulles - before JFK fired Dulles - and with ex(?) Nazis who ran the CIA's European-based spy network" (p. 707).

Gehlen was responsible for reviving the Nazi German General Staff after the war by placing his agent Adolph Heusinger in charge of the German General Staff. *Der Spiegel* said: "It is quite true that General Gehlen had engaged the former Chief of Wehrmacht Opertions for a purpose other than his espionage service. The West German spy boss did not at that time think of confining himself to merely collecting and sifting information. Two years before Adenauer offered soldiers to the Allies, General Gehlen was, with General Heusinger, already engaged in assembling a new general staff high command." (*Der Spiegel,* Feb. 29, 1956.)

The Heusinger Wehrmacht were involved in the space race (remember, it was the Germans who started rockets, "flying saucers," etc.). The book *Heusinger of the Fourth Reich* by Charles R. Allen, Jr., said: "The conservative columnist Edgar Ansel Mower on September 28, 1962 reported that the West German newspaper *Die Welt* of Hamburg devoted a lengthy series to the vigorous efforts being made by the West German Defense Ministry to perfect 'death rays' (LASERS) which, when fired from a space platform, 'WOULD BURN, VAPORIZE, DESTROY ANY KNOWN MATTER AND MATERIAL BY ITS FANTASTIC ENERGY CONCENTRATION OF MILLIONS OF WATTS and, from the DISTANCE OF THE MOON, WOULD TAKE EXACTLY 1.3 SECONDS TO KILL." (*Long Island Daily Press,* September 28, 1962). Note they were talking, in 1962, of lasers from a Moon base.


Paperclip Operation member William Clark was one who pressured to pardon Ollie North. Clark has a ranch in California called the "Eagles Nest." There was (is?) a machine gun in Clark's living room which came from a National Guard Armory robbery in Oxnard, California. The rest of the weapons from the robbery were stored at a hideout at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. When "they" wanted "their" guns back, David Koresh did not want to give them back. Oh, friends, why don't you check up on your leaders?! Why waste your time on soap operas, when the real thing is so much more "interesting"?!

As another interesting "coincidence," not that our present Jewish Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Shalikashvili (who succeeded the part-Jewish, part black CFR member Gen. Colin Powell) speaks English with a foreign accent and was born in Soviet Georgia. The media has reported that his father was a major in the Nazi Waffen SS. In spite of this, he is the darling of the Zionists, with strong support from Les Aspin, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Senator Carl Levin, etc.

When Reagan became Governor of California, he appointed William Clark as Superior Court Judge in San Luis Obispo County. Later Reagan appointed him Deputy Secretary of State. When James Watt resigned as Secretary of the Interior, William Clark replaced him. Reagan appointed Clark's wife Joan Brauner (von Braun) Clark as alternate United States representative to the United Nations General Assembly.

Ray Renick says: "The American headquarters of the Gehlen Organization is in San Luis Obispo County. The main office is called "Eagles Nest." Many public officials, judges, supervisors and law enforcement personnel are personal friends and business associates (in drug trafficking, no less) with the Gehlen Organization and "Eagles Nest." Judge William P. Clark and Mrs. Joan Clark (nee von Braun, Brauner) are the executives behind the Gehlen Organization, "Eagles Nest" and the Zapata Cattle Company's drug trafficking interest. [The cattle are brought in from Mexico. Cattle have four stomachs.] Ronald Reagan is a slient partner in the San Luis Obispo cattle/drug business. Remember, Clark was one of the original architects of "Project Paperclip"! The Zapata Cattle Company is affiliated with George Bush's Zapata Oil Company of Houston, Texas (REF: "The SLO Connection," Barrons article "The Mexican Connection") - Sept. 19, 1988.

A major law firm for the Gehlen Organization is Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut, and Baggett.

The Gehlen Organization, copying Hitler's New Order, established a concentration camp system in San Luis Obispo County. It was called the California Specialized Training Institute. It developed plans called the *King Alfred Plan, Operation Cable Splitter, Operation Garden Plot,* and *REX-84* and was later renamed as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). You can get more information on these subjects from Militia of Montana, Bo Gritz, *Spotlight Newspaper,* etc.

Also brought in under *Paperclip* was Henry Kissinger. The U.S. Army 44th CIC and 970th CIC Detachments negotiated the surrender of the German Army in Northern Italy and Austria in Operation Sunrise from which Paperclip took over. Later the Vatican provided documents and help for many Nazis to escape to South America, including Martin Bormann.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands created a group that became known as the Bilderbergers. Many "conservative" researchers have come to recognize the Bilderbergers as an important force for the "New World Order." What they probably don't know, though, is that Bernhard was a former Nazi SS storm trooper.

Some of the *Paperclip* surrender operation personnel included Theodore Shackley and Heide Kingsbury (daughter of General Galland, designer of the Messerschmidt ME 262). Kingbury became secretary and court transcriber to Judge William Clark. Shackley became head of Operation *Phoenix* in Vietnam (Laos). Shackley was head of JM Wave, code name of the CIA Miami office during the Bay of Pigs and Kennedy assassination events (Furiati, p. 41). (Furiati, Claudia, *ZR Rifle - The Plot To Kill Kennedy And Castro,* Ocean Press, Victoria, Australia, 1994. From declassified Cuban records of the Kennedy assassination.)

For more information see *Reinhard Gehlen, Master Spy* (I can't find my copy at the moment and don't remember the author). In 1968, after the Kennedy assassination, Gehlen retired to his chalet in Bavaria. The chalet was a gift from Allen Dulles. *The General Was A Spy* by Heinz Hohne and Hermann Zolling,, *Project Paperclip* by Clarence Lasby, *Shootdown* by R.W. Johnson (tells about Clark's involvement in the shootdown of Korean Airlines 007), *Project Paperclip* by Ray Renick, and the *Torbitt Document* by William Torbitt are all resources for more information. The most accurate source of information for a general overview are the *Phoenix Journals* and *CONTACT* newspaper.


PART 24:


Here is something you should think seriously about. The ONE thing that "everybody" agrees on. Christians, atheists, Republicans, Democrats, Communists, whatever, is that the Nazis were degenerate, sick, nuts, weird, the ultimate evil. I ask you: realistically, how can this be?

Is it possible that this is another "lie?" You ask, am I saying the Nazis were not evil? What is your definition of evil? Does the evidence support what you believe? How can a whole nation of Germans - many of them our brothers and sisters and direct ancestors - all be totally evil? Were they that different from us? Was our government telling us the truth? Has the government ever told us the truth about ANYTHING?

Let's go back to Werner von Braun. IN 1959, (in *News Europa,* Jan. 1, 1959), von Braun states this about extraterrestrials in an interview: "We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base of operations is at present unknown to us" (when asked about the deflection of a U.S. satellite). "More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into a closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months' time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter."

The great German space pioneer Hermann Oberth said, "We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped." When asked who helped, he said: "The people of other worlds." (Robin Collyns, *Did Spacemen Colonize the Earth?* London: Pelham Books, 1974, p. 236.)

Noted German rocket expert Dr. Walter Riedel said: "I'm convinced that saucers have an out-of-world basis." (April, 1952, *LIFE* magazine, p. 96.)

The *American Weekly* of October 24, 1954, quoted Professor Oberth of Germany: "It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system."

General Douglas MacArthur, quoted in the *The New York Times,* Oct. 8, 1955, said "The nations of the world will have to unite - for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets."

There is plenty of proof that "flying saucers" are real. The questions now are, what are they, and from where do they come?


The National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was founded in 1956 by Navy physicist Thomas Townsend Brown. Brown is known as the discoverer of the electrogravitic capacitance effect. He was former Vice President of Douglas Aircraft (one of the founding groups of the RAND Corporation). NICAP gained a reputation as being a CIA front operation. For many years it was headed by Marine Major Donald Keyhoe.

In *Der Weltraum Rueckt Uns Nagher, Blanvalet Verlag,* Chapter III, by; Major Keyhoe, he says that the U.S. infiltrated 600 scientists into Bohemia in tank crew uniforms, in 1945, to check out some of the U.F.O. bases. Vice-Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, a former director of the CIA, was a board member of NICAP for years.

Colonel Joseph Bryan III, chief of the CIA psychological warfare staff and Count Nicolas de Rochefort of the same CIA staff were board members. Karl Pflock was chairman of NICAP's Washington sub-committee. John Acuff "who was alleged to have CIA affiliations" per the *UFO Encyclopedia* by John Spencer, took over as head of NICAP. Then Acuff did a curious thing, according to *Cosmic Patriot Files, Vol. 2,* by the "Committed of 12 to Save the Earth,"* edited by Commander X, p. 137, Acuff sold classified CIA documents to a Nazi organization in Canada called Samisdat.

Samisdat is the publisher of two books called *UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon?* by Mattern-Friedrich and *Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions* by Christof Friedrich, both of which were available from Samisdat Publishers, 206 Carlton St., Toronto, ONT., M5A 2L1, Canada, or from Liberty Bell Publications, Reedy, WV, 25270.

A video called *UFO Secrets of WW II German Flying Saucers* and one called *UFO Secrets of the Third Reich,* both produced by the American Academy of Dissident Scientists, are available and a phone number from the tapes is: 310-473-9717. (American Academy of Dissident Scientists, 10970 Ashton Ave. #310, Los Angeles, CA 90024. One of their Presidents is Vladimir Terziski.

Acuff was kicked out and replaced by CIA agent Alan Hall in 1979. Christof Friedrich campaigned to become Prime Minister of Canada. A Jewish radio announcer interviewed Friedrich to try to discredit him, but the result was the firing, blacklisting, and subsequent persecution of the Jewish moderator.

*Cosmic Patriot Files* (currently available from ads in UFO publications and most UFO book dealers) says in *Vol. 2*, p. 131 that in 1945 the Germans began transferring their flying saucer projects to a secret underground base near the South Pole. Also in 1945, General Hans Kammler disappeared from Germany and went to the South Pole on German U-Boat U-977, and German flying saucers began appearing over the United States.

Samisdat was selling a manuscript called "The Lightning & the Sun" by Savitri Devi, a "guru" from India whose book connected roots of Naziism with the pyramid in Egypt and Pharoah Akhn-aton and the "ancient cult of the Sun."

Willard McIntyre, a friend of Stuart Nixon, who was the assistant to NICAP President John (Jack) Acuff, accused Acuff of selling the material to Samisdat and of intending to merge Samisdat and NICAP. One NICAP board member, the Jewish Senator Barry Goldwater, was quite upset upon learning about the involvement with Samisdat, considered a Nazi organization.

Goldwater was busy running for President and no doubt would not appreciate the link to Nazis and UFOs. The head of his Presidential Campaign Committee was someone you have perhaps heard of, named Ronald Reagan. Goldwater was Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee. He tried to obtain entrance to the infamous Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson and was denied. There was more going on with this situation than we are allowed to know.

Anyway, Acuff had to go and was forced out. A new board was voted in which included two new board members: one was Senator Goldwater's aide, Charles Lombard, and the other was John Fisher. If you recall, in the early *Fire From The Sky* writings, I said that General George Keegan, head of Air Force Intelligence, inspired the founding of the American Security Council to try to warn the American public of what was happening. The President of the American Security Council was - did you guess it? - John Fisher. A Co-Chairman of the Council was Senator Robert Dole. The members of this council did not understand who was the real enemy, and they were sabotaged.

"NICAP continued to have confidential UFO data leaked to it during Acuff's tenure. Late in 1976, for example, an officer in the Pentagon provided Acuff with copies of a number of classified documents, including the now-famous Iranian report and several other 'hot' reports." This had to be stopped, so Acuff was canned and retired CIA agent Alan Hall was brought in to replace him. "Not much is known about Hall's background, except he evidently worked in some technical capacity - perhaps with the Office of Scientific Intelligence..." My-Oh-My. What tangled webs.


The famous Roswell crash occurred in 1947. That year, Operation Majestic-12 was supposedly established by Truman to control the UFO situation, the National Security Act was passed, Project SIGN was established at Wright-Patterson and the CIA was established. Admiral James Forrestal was soon appointed Secretary of Defense, later to be murdered when he was tossed out of a hospital window by CIA agents, because he wanted to tell about the flying saucers.

The Roswell, New Mexico, crash of a flying saucer in 1947 has been described by the government as nothing but a weather balloon. Yet, an investigation by the Government Accounting Office and others has shown that all records pertaining to this event were illegally destroyed.

Another strange thing about this event is that the government must have released HUNDREDS of these "weather balloons" in 1947 - or - perhaps they were not weather balloons? A file in the MUFON computer bulletin board called *1947.SIT* lists the reported sightings of UFOs during 1947, sorted by state. There were 853 events and 3283 witnesses *reported.* How many more were not reported? Quite a lot of "weather balloons," don't you think?

In 1951, Congress was talking about turning Antarctica into a nuclear test area, but suddenly changed their mind when Washington was buzzed by UFOs and pictures of flying saucers over the White House appeared on the front pages of newspapers.


In early 1980, I received the following letter from Christof Friedrich of Samisdat, written in 1979, the same year John Acuff was kicked out of NICAP for selling classified CIA documents to Samisdat. As it is too long, I will quote only part of it.

"SEARCH FOR HITLER'S ANTARCTIC U.F.O. BASES. Due to an overwhelming number of letters and telephone calls requesting details about our new books, new products, speaking tours, psychic research projects and our intensive experimental UFO-construction programs, we have to use this less personal form of keeping in touch with our many friends and collaborators around the world.

"Your response to our most recent mailout and activities has been most encouraging! We have received orders and enquiries from as far away as Nomea in the South Pacific, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Soviet Satellite countries, China, South Africa, Persia, the Congo, Australia, Japan, as well as from every country in Western Europe and almost every state in the U.S.A.

Not only is this response extensive, it is massive - a clear indication on the part of knowledgeable UFO researchers and members of the public that they are tired of the 'junk food' being served up by old-line UFO groups and publications who expound the official CIA-KGB alibi that all UFOs are extraterrestrial. What the UFO-watching world wants now is the real meat of the matter - a serious investigation of UFOs whose origins are terrestrial. SAMISDAT is the only organization making such an effort, but we are not alone, for we have thousands of supporters like yourself who want to know the truth which the saucer-charlatans have for 30 years tried to cover up with fairy tale fantasies of 'little green men.' It is people like yourself who have made SAMISDAT the most active UFO organization and publisher on Planet Earth!

[I want to insert a question to readers who consider themselves serious UFO researchers. Have you ever heard of Samisdat? That's what I thought. Continuing:]

"Certainly we can be proud of this achievement which is the result, not only of our own Herculean efforts and sacrifices, but of your faithful support during this 5-year-long struggle against the forces of vested interest, deceit and prejudice which have attempted to hide the UFO story under a cloak of childish nonsense and outright lies.

For many years we have determinedly pursued this new course of investigation, firm in the knowledge that man is able to achieve that which he perceives. Our researchers' keen sense of direction and perception has guided them unerringly in their discovery of seemingly insignificant clues and the derivation of meaningful patterns therefore. Only such devoted and painstaking research could succeed in unEarthing the present array of facts which indicate the Earthly origin of most flying saucers. As one vital discovery has led to another, we have reached certain conclusions which are logical and inescapable, however unpopular they may be today.

"Our discoveries have led us into the production of a number of currently suppressed and sometimes vilified books which are now underground best-sellers. *UFOS - NAZI SECRET WEAPON?* was our first title, now sold out in five complete editions. Our second book, *SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS,* is coming up fast and has sold out two full editions. Foreign language translations of these books are selling briskly, and it is becoming obvious to everyone that the media-enforced blockage of the truth has now been broken. Three additional books are currently under production and these will round out our Phase I Publishing Program: *THE CIA-KGB-UFO COVERUP, THE ANTARCTICA THEORY* and *THE LAST BATTALION.*

"During the course of our research, we have discovered some of the original German flying saucer scientists who are still alive! These space pioneers are, of course, old men now in their 70s and 80s. Our interviews with them will be incorporated into our regular lecture program as well as into our future books.

"We have also been able to establish research teams in Canada, the U.S.A. and in particular, Germany, whose task it is to rediscover basic principles of wingless flight which brought the original Nazi UFOs into being. Already, these teams have designed and constructed small scale models, some using conventional power and others which have propulsion systems unprecedented in today's aerospace technology. With additional research, we hope to make available several different models in kit form for hobby-builders." END OF QUOTE.


Also in 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica (Operation Highjump and follow-up), but encountered heavy resistance from Nazi flying saucers and had to call off the invasion. A Rear-Admiral who was in that invasion has retired in Texas, and said he was shocked when he read the *Fire From The Sky* material. He knew there were a lot of aircraft and rocket shoot-downs but did not realize the situation was so bad.

The invasion of ANTARCTICA consisted of three battle groups from Norfolk, VA, on Dec. 2, 1946. They were led by Byrd's command ship, the ice-breaker *Northwind,* and consisted of the catapult ship *Pine Island,* the destroyer *Brownsen,* the aircraft-carrier *Phillipines Sea,* the U.S. submarine *Sennet,* two support vessels *Yankee* and *Merrick,* and two tankers *Canisted* and *Capacan,* the destroyer *Henderson* and a floatplane ship *Currituck.* A British-Norwegian force and a Russian force, and I believe some Australian and Canadian forces were also involved.

On March 5, 1947 the *El Mercurio* newspaper of Santiago, Chile, had a headline article "On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas" which quoted Byrd in an interview with Lee van Atta: "Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The admiral further stated that he didn't want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. (Earlier he had recommended defence bases at the North Pole.) Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service."

When Byrd returned to the States, he was hospitalized and was not allowed to hold any more press conferences. In March 1955, he was placed in charge of Operation Deepfreeze which was part of the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958) exploration of the Antarctic. He died, some have suggested he was murdered, in 1957. UFO researchers are familiar with a diary purported to be Admiral Byrd's diary which tells of an entrance to a hollow Earth at the poles and a being called THE MASTER. The diary is generally considered to be a hoax, but even if it is a hoax, it is an indication that there was SOMETHING going on upon which to build the hoax.

UFO researchers are also aware of strange sightings of flying saucers with swastikas or iron crosses on them, "aliens" speaking German, etc. An example is the American Reinhold Schmidt, whose father was born in Germany, who tells in his book *Incident At Kearney* (Nebraska) that he was taken on a flying saucer on several occasions. He said the crew spoke German and acted like German soldiers. He said they took him to the Polar region (if someone were making up a story, why would they claim to be taken, of all places, to the pole?)

After returning he was subjected to persecution by the U.S. Government. His description of the flying saucers matched pictures captured from the Germans. In 1959, three large newspapers in Chile reported front page articles about UFO encounters where the crew members appeared to be German soldiers. IN the 1960s there were reports in New York and New Jersey of flying saucer "aliens" who spoke German, or English with a German accent.

In the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg atomic espionage trials, they spoke of "warships of space." Since they had access to top secret information, about what were they talking?


PART 25:


I remember hearing, in the 1950s, rumors that Hitler had escaped to a secret Nazi base at the South Pole. In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin."

When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, "No." Stalin's top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: "We have found no corpse that could be Hitler's."

The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremburg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead." Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped. Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, "No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was: "There was no evidence beyond that of hearsay to support the theory of Hitler's suicide." He also stated, "On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler."

Nuremburg judge Michael Mussmanno said in his book *Ten Days to Die,* "Russia must accept much of the blame (to the extent that it still exists) that Hitler did not die in May 1945." However, Mussmanno stated that he interviewed Hitler's personal waiter, his valet, his chauffeur, his two secretaries, pilots, top generals, etc., and they all agreed perfectly that Hitler committed suicide. He said they could not have gotten together afterward and made up a story that agreed in perfect detail without one flaw anywhere, so they must be telling the truth and he was absolutely convinced that Hitler committed suicide. The story at first sounds convincing, until you realized that they could have memorized a story BEFOREHAND and these were all people who almost WORSHIPPED Hitler. Do witnesses ever agree *perfectly* in detail in real life?

Former Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes in his book *Frankly Speaking* (as quoted in the April 1948 *The Cross and The Flag*): "While in Potsdam at the Conference of the Big Four, Stalin left his chair, came over and clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to him: 'Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?' Stalin replied: "He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina.'"

I still have the September, 1948, issue of a magazine called *The Plain Truth* with the headline article: "IS HITLER ALIVE, OR DEAD?," subtitled: "Here is summarized the conclusions of an exhaustive three-year investigation - together with reasons for believing Hitler may be alive and secretly planning the biggest hoax of all history."

Another article in November, 1949, says "The Nazis went underground, May 16, 1943!" and details a meeting at the residence of Krupp von Bohlen-Halbach, the head of I.G. Farben, etc., at which they planned "for World War III."

Another article in August, 1952, entitled "HITLER DID NOT DIE," subtitled "Adolph Hitler's fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as History's greatest hoax! Positive evidence comes to light that Hitler did not die - here's new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing Nazi underground, today!"

The June, 1952, issue of *The Plain Truth* is headlined: "HITLER *May Be Alive!"* The article states: "Now, NEW FACTS, or purported facts, leak out. It's reported now that in 1940 the Nazis started to amass tractors, planes, sledges, gliders, and all sorts of machinery and materials IN THE SOUTH POLAR REGIONS - that for the next 4 years Nazi technicians built, on an almost unknown CONTINENT, Antarctica, the Fuhrer's SHANGRILA - a new Berchtesgaden.

The report says they scooped out an entire mountain, built a new refuge completely camouflaged - a magic mountain hide-a-way. The recently discovered continent is larger than Europe - 5,600 miles from Africa, 1,900 miles from the southern tip of South America, 4,800 miles from Australia.

It is NOT a mere ice-covered surface, but a real continent, with plains, valleys, mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet. The temperature in the interior is around zero (?) in the summer, and never drops below 20 or 30 degrees below in the winter. In other words, it is not as cold as in parts of North Dakota or Canada."

*Bonjour* magazine, the *Police Gazette,* and the Paris newspaper *Le Monde* all had articles about Hitler's South Pole hideaway. Admiral Doenitz, in 1943, stated, "The German submarine fleet has even now established an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress, for the Fuhrer, in whatever part of the world." Although he did not specify where the exact location was, *Bonjour* pointed out that in 1940 Nazi engineers had begun construction of buildings that were to withstand temperatures to 60 degrees below zero.

There have been strong rumors, from the end of the War, that Hitler escaped to the South Pole. Yet, most people simply REFUSE to believe the evidence, the idea that Hitler survived the war is just unacceptable! It is too upsetting to too many people!

There is plenty of PROOF that the Americans and Russians LIED about what happened to Hitler, and there are strong rumors that he escaped to Antarctica. There is ample proof that a major group of Nazis escaped to Argentina. What do YOU think? Why did Admiral Byrd lead an *invasion to Antarctica,* and why the extreme secrecy about the whole situation?

In 1981, Donald McKale wrote *Hitler: The Survival Myth* to try to lay to rest the questions about what happened to Hitler. The flyleaf says: "In this book a distinguished historian examines the postwar world's most absorbing and persistent mystery, revealing why it has endured and where the mystery leads" (emphasis mine). The back flyleaf says "Absolute certainty about what happened still eludes us today."

Just recently on TV there are STILL programs telling "at last, the final, once and for all, this is the real story" about what happened to Hitler, yet they all do not really answer the question. A recent TV program, called "What Really Happened to Adolph Hitler," after investigating numerous stories, ends by saying that, in spite of Glasnost and the new freedom of access to Russian files, the files on Hitler are still some of the most highly classified items of the Soviets.

The *Diario Illustrado* of Santiago, Chile, January 18, 1948 issue, said: "On 30th of April, 1945, Berlin was in dissolution but little of that dissolution was evident at Templehof Airfield. At 4:15 p.m. at JU52 landed and S.S. troops directly from Rechlin for the defence of Berlin disembarked, all of them young, not older than 18 years.

The gunner in the particular plane was an engineer by the name of B... whom I had known for a number of years and for whom I had endeavored to get exemption from military service. He sought to tank up and leave Berlin as quickly as possible. During this re-fueling interval Mr. B... was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain direction.

At about 100-120 meters he saw a sleek Messerschmitt Jet Model 332 [an editorial comment says this should be an ARADO 234]. Br. B.. and the radio operator saw, and without any doubt whatsoever, standing in front of the jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler, dressed in field-grey uniform and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionaries, who were obviously seeing him off.

For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refuelled the two men observed this scene and around 4:30 p.m. they took to the air again. They were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news bulletin, some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed suicide."

On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called *As It Happens,* September 17th, 1974 at 7:15 p.m., a Prof. Dr. Ryder Saguenay, oral surgeon from the Dental Faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, said that Hitler had ordered a special plane to leave from Berlin with all medical and dental records, especially X-rays, of all top Nazis for an unknown destination. He said that the dental records used to identify Hitler's body were drawn from MEMORY by a dental assistant, who disappeared and was never found.

An editorial in *Zig Zag,* Santiago, Chile, January 16, 1948, states that on April 30th, 1945, Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark (still German controlled). From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway (also German controlled). From there they joined a submarine convoy. (*U.F.O. Letzte Geheimwaffe des III Reiches,* Mattern, pp. 50-51.)

The Jewish writer Michael Bar-Zohar in *The Avengers,* p. 99, said: "In 1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: 'The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer, somewhere in the world.' He did not say in what part of the world it existed, but fairly obviously it was in South America."

The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Doenitz told a graduating class of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944: "The German Navy has still a great role to play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to take the Fuhrer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last measures in complete quiet."

The Germans say they were in contact with extraterrestrials. Now consider what Ronald Reagan, who was involved with the formerly Nazi Gehlen spy organization, said to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the November 1985 Geneva summit conference: He told him, "How much easier your task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together." (*International Herald Tribune and Daily Telegraph,* 5 Dec. 1985.)

On September 21, 1987, Reagan spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations and said: "I occasionally think, how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask, is not an alien force already among us?"

On May 4, 1988, at Chicago's Palmer House Hotel, Reagan said: "I've often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer... a power from outer space, from another planet."

You of course have heard about Reagan's Star Wars program. If you study what was reported *after* the Gulf War about the Patriot missiles, you will find that the Patriot missile program and the Star Wars program were a big lie and the money was spent on something other than what we were told. The Patriot missiles never shot down a Scud, as learned by Congressional inquiry and reported by Israel.

There are so many facets to this story, it is hard to explain one part because it will not make sense unless you understand the other parts.


PART 26:


One thing that Admiral Byrd stated in a press conference after his defeat at Antarctica was that the Antarctic continent should be surrounded by a "wall of defence installations since it represented the last line of defence for America." Although the U.S. and Russia had been allies during the war, suddenly the "Iron Curtain" was created and we and the Russians became enemies.

Both the Soviets and the United States ringed the poles with defense and detection bases, and in between was the barren no-man's-land of the poles where absolutely nobody lived, or did they? Could it be that we pretended we were protecting against the Russians and they pretended they were protecting against us, while really we and they were both scared of what was in between us - the Nazi Last Battalion?

UFO researchers should now begin to see the light of why the Navy has always been in the lead of UFO research. And you should now understand why, right from the beginning, they issued shoot-to-kill orders against any UFOs and why the situation was so highly classified! And anti-communist researchers have more clues now as to why we were giving aid to the Soviets at the same time we were calling them our enemies!


Let me be sure you understand, though, that NOT ALL UFOs ARE NAZIS. Originally they were Nazi with some alien. Later the U.S. developed UFOs, and the Russians, and who knows who else. But all along there really were extraterrestrials, that is from where some of the technology originally came. Read the lives of Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, the world's most advanced mathematician Ramanujan, etc., and they all say they were in contact with "gods" (The Goddess Namagiri, in the case of Ramanujan) or they had "enlightenment" from a "cosmic messenger" as in the case of Walter Russell. Russell is one who understood true physics, as opposed to the deceptions taught in modern physics.


Let's return to the origin of the Russian space program. The Russians also captured many German rocket and space scientists. Later the chief Russian physicist was Kapitsa, who once headed an atomic research laboratory at Cambridge University. (*Assault on the Unknown, The International Geophysical Year* by Walter Sullivan, McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, p. 56. Part of the IGY explorations were covers for secret investigations into the Nazi UFO base at Antarctica, see books referenced elsewhere.) The Russians were successful in their endeavors and in 1972, at a meeting of Communist leaders in Prague, Brezhnev stated that the Soviets would be able to dominate the world by 1985. He specifically stated they would control the oceans, 90% of the land, and the air and space. He said they would control, not invade and conquer.

In 1974, the construction of the Tara directed-energy facility at Saryshagan was begun.

In 1975, a Soviet article in *International Life* talks about weather war, changing the nature of lightning, increasing the power of lightning, and using directed energy of tremendous power at specific targets. It tells of using "atmospheric electricity" to suppress mental activity of large groups of people.

On June 13, 1975 - he repeated his call for a ban on doomsday weapons to visiting U.S. Senators. They could not understand what he was talking about.

In August 1975 - Ponomarev made the same proposal to a group of U.S. congressmen visiting the Kremlin, same result.

In November of 1975 - large amounts of hydrogen gas with traces of tritium were detected at Semipalatinsk by U.S. Air Force TRW reconnaissance satellites. General George Keegan had been paying special attention to this facility ever since one of his men warned him of something "fishy" there in 1972. This was evidence confirming his suspicions of Soviet particle beam research.

In October-December of 1975 - the Soviets destroyed at least five U.S. satellites over the Indian Ocean.

In 1976 - the State Department revealed that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had been continuously under some sort of microwave radiation attack from the Soviets. Two ambassadors were killed, other people got sick. All Embassy employees were given a 20% hazardous duty pay increase.

In 1976 - Soviet nuclear physicist Rudakov visited the U.S., and gave a talk which was immediately classified and the blackboard ripped down and carried away. Material which was open public scientific material in the USSR was considered classified here in the U.S. Who was being kept in the dark?

March 30, 1976 - a huge unexplained boom occurred over the Netherlands. Probable Soviet scalar howitzer test.

July 4, 1976 - Independence Day! Russia joined our celebrations by activating its giant *Woodpecker transmitters* causing worldwide interference in all frequencies from 3 to 30 MHz. Transmissions have been continuous ever since. Later the U.S. government said these were merely Russian over-the-horizon radar.

September 10, 1976 - European Airways Flight 831, Moscow to London, saw a huge blinding ball of light below them. Pilot contacted Soviets, was told to not ask questions. This was probably a test to measure the British reaction and to determine if the British knew what it was.

In 1976 - Sweden detected evidence of nuclear explosions from Semipalatinsk but without seismic activity.

In 1976 - Legionnaires Disease strikes in downtown Philadelphia. Kills 34, 187 others got sick. Dr. P. David Beter said this was actually caused by Soviets releasing plutonium gas, but Bearden says it was a scalar electromagnetic attack.


March 24, 1977 - a luminous patch of light appeared off the coast of Spanish Sahara, Africa, and a large globe of dynamic lights appeared over it. Bearden says this was a test of the Tesla shield which shields everything within it from any outside attack.

June 11, 1977 - Soviet scientist gave a report to *Los Angeles Times* journalist Robert Toth (who was in Moscow) which spoke of energy coming from the vacuum of space. KGB quickly arrested both and charged them with possessing Soviet state secrets. Most American scientists at the time thought energy from the vacuum was nonsense.

September 26, 1977 - Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle and destroyed the U.S. moon base, as mentioned in earlier *Fire From The Sky* material. Soviets also destroyed our spy satellites and "took the high ground." Russia has prevented us from controlling space ever since.

December 1977 and later - mysterious unexplained booms began occurring off the U.S. coasts. This was, according to Bearden, Soviet weapon registration and calibration, and according to Beter was warnings to our government.

Also in 1977 - Russia began weather war in earnest. Two huge hot spots in the Pacific were created which caused an El Niħo effect and resulted in one of the most severe winters on record. For more information, read Tom Bearden's materials and check his reference material.

January 27, 1978 - all three engines fail on a Boeing 727 off U.S. east coast, restart one by one as plane falls 8,000 feet. Bearden says this was a Soviet test and warning. Four planes crash in 6 days NW of Las Vegas in February, 1978. From this point on the aircraft events and crashes are too numerous to list and are still ongoing. Atmospheric booms were reported over Texas coast, Nova Scotia, South Carolina.

April 2, 1978 - 39 pilots in a race off Florida experience "time loss" on synchronized watches. Unexplained lights and lighted objects seen and tracked on radar over Florida.

For more information on scalar EM bird kills, earthquakes, Tesla shield observations, crashes, and much more as part of Soviet man-caused events, see Tom Bearden's material, Dr. Beter's material, and related material from other authors. There are far too many for me to list.


In December, 1978, I received Vol. 1, No. 1 of the *Coalition Insider,* a report of the Coalition for Peace Through Strength. This was published by the American Security Council, started by General George Keegan after he resigned as head of Air Force Intelligence to become a private citizen so he could warn about the Soviet particle beam and other weapons developments. The back page article entitled "Soviets Have Satellite Killers" says: "At a news conference recently, Defense Secretary Harold Brown revealed that the Soviet Union has placed into operation a space interceptor satellite capable of shooting down U.S. military and civilian satellites." How did he know the capabilities of these interceptors? Because they had already knocked out our satellites!

The article further stated: "Last year, the Soviet Union denounced the U.S. for even considering the development of a similar space interceptor satellite, capable of shooting down Soviet interceptor satellites, before they could knock out our reconnaissance satellites. Any such plans, warned Moscow, would be in 'direct violation' of the treaty for peaceful uses of space. But, the Soviets already had a 'killer satellite' of their own!"

The co-chairman of the press conference is pictured; his name was Senator Robert Dole.


Also in 1978 I received a packet of Communist literature from the Soviet distributor Northern Book House, Box 1000, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. At the time, I considered the material as worthless nonsense garbage. Now, as I review it, I am shocked. They talk about humans and animals responding to "electromagnetic waves." They talk about Soviet scientist Dr. N. A. Kozyrev's study of earthquakes on the moon. They talk about getting energy out of the vacuum.

They brag about the "world's first supersonic aircraft," the Soviet TU-104, introduced in 1956 (they ignore the German supersonic bomber code-named Horten XVIII, made in 1945). I'll just quote the article: "Remember back to 1956? World's first jet passenger plane. Changed whole course of flying (vastly increased people carried).

When NN [*Northern Neighbors,* publication of Northern Book House] said it (15 years ago), hor-hor-hor, such exaggerating! Plane was, of course, famous Soviet TU-104, long far ahead of USA. Now they've {Russia] got the TU-144 supersonic aircraft.

And where is USA? Where NN said it would be. Far behind USSR's. But darn it all, we missed out! We didn't say USA would not have any SST at all, like it hasn't. Sorry, but don't expect to see us exaggerate all the time. These days it's hard to see how far behind USA is falling."

Oh, but now we are far ahead of them, we are told. Our supersonic passenger transport is the, ah, er, it's the - somebody help me out here, please? And our space station is the ah, er, oh - never mind. We have Disney World, so there!

They quote a *U.S. News & World Report* article "U.S. Superiority Has Ended," April 5, 1971. The centerfold of the magazine is a spread of pictures of the inside of their space station and the four men working there for months at a time. They point out that the U.S. astronauts have to crash land in the ocean on return, while Soviet astronauts land on the ground.

The next page is an article condemning Zionism as racism! One of the articles tells of the Russian educational system. In their system, there is no homework, all study is done at school. Everybody learns another language starting in Grade One. In some of the schools physical training consists of three hours a day! No wonder they win all the Olympic medals. Oh well, they are probably just bragging.


Anybody familiar with Nazi Germany will be familiar with Himmler, Speer, Bormann and such but few have ever heard of Hans Kammler. Kammler was a General in the SS, rather an accomplishment any way you look at it. Kammler "was regarded by many in the Nazi hierarchy as the most powerful man in Germany outside the Cabinet." (*Blunder! How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Supersecrets to Russia,* by Tom Agoston, Dodd, Mead & Co., p. 4.)

Kammler, whose position of authority was directly under Himmler, was in charge of Hitler's most secret projects, specifically projects such as the world's first jet engines and rockets. He had over 14 million people working for him, mostly building underground factories. Agoston said his projects were equivalent to being in charge of building the Great Pyramids of the Coliseum in Rome. Speer said that he believed that Kammler was being considered to take his (Speer's) position.

Working under Kammler in charge of rockets was General Walther Dornberger, who with Dr. Werner von Braun, developed the V-2 rocket. Working with Kammler at the "Reich's most advanced high-technology military research center" at the Skoda armament complex in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia was General Dr. Wilhelm Voss. Some of the projects at Skoda remain secret to this day, but it is acknowledged that among the projects was one by Dr. Franz Josef Neugebauer, "a specialist in thermal systems for aircraft nuclear propulsion." (Agoston, p. 12.)

Albert Speer, in his book *Spandau, The Secret Diaries,* brags that it was he who ordered Werner Heisenberg to stop building an atomic bomb and concentrate on a "uranium motor" for aircraft. Towards the end of the war, Hitler even made Goering and Speer subordinate to Kammler. Eisenhower admits in *Crusade In Europe* that the Nazis were within 6 months of developing advanced weapons that would have changed the outcome of the war.


Rudolph Hess, Hitler's best friend and second in command, went to England to try to stop the war with Britain and was arrested as a "war criminal" on May 10, 1941 and was kept from having any contact with the public until he was recently murdered. He was the only prisoner in Spandau prison. Ones who paid any attention to his situation at all have wondered what was the big secret he knew that made him so dangerous to the Allies? Perhaps the answer is revealed in Friedrich's book *Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions* on page 34: Hess "was entrusted with the all-important Antarctic file... Hess, himself, kept the Polar File..."

If you look at a map of Antarctica you will see that a portion of Queen Maud Land is called new Schwabenland. This is the part of the continent nearest to South Africa. The Germans made a major expedition to this area in 1938-1939 and began the construction of a major base. For details of this expedition, see the book by Friedrich. This book has pictures of the *warmwater* ponds and other information that will surprise you. It has maps showing that Admiral Byrd's Operation Highjump (Naval Task Force 68) military invasion landed on the side opposite the German bases. The book tells of a major food item in the area called krill. Ever heard of "Krill?" The maps of Operation Highjump say that they left the German side of the continent unexplored.

A man who was very influential in modern German post-war politics was Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a frequent guest speaker in German military and political circles. Rudel was the man groomed by Hitler to become his successor. It is known that Rudel made frequent trips to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America nearest Antarctica. One of Martin Bormann's last messages from the bunker in Berlin to Doenitz mentioned Tierra del Fuego.

The book, *UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon?* says (p. 8) "Hitler's appraisal of the Jews can best be summed up as contained in '*THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.' This is a very important aspect of the whole U.F.O. story, because in it, we find the seeds for many far-reaching decisions made 30 years later." Do you have any idea what such a politically "incorrect" subject such as the *PROTOCOLS* could have to do with UFOs?

A book called *America's Aircraft Year Book* tells about the U.S. using captured German scientists at Ft. Bliss and Wright Field. "Among those in the German group at Wright Field were Rudolph Hermann, Alexander Lippsisch, Heinz Schmitt, Helmut Heinrich, and Fritz Doblhoff and Ernst Kugel. Hermann was attached to the Peenemunde Research Station for Aerodynamics, where Germany's V-2 rockets were hatched and launched against England. A specialist in supersonics, he was in charge of the supersonic wind tunnel at Kochel in the Bavarian Alps. He also was a member of the group entrusted with Hitler's futuristic plans to establish a space-station rocket-refueling base revolving as a satellite about the Earth at a distance of 4,000 miles - a scheme which he and certain high-ranking AAF officers in 1947 still believed to be feasible."

Later evidence shows that most or all of the craft and flying saucer scientists disappeared. The available evidence indicates they went to South America or Antarctica.

The *El Mercurio* and *Der Weg* papers told of a large submarine convoy discovered by the British Navy at the end of WW II. All available Allied units engaged the convoy and were totally destroyed except for the Captain of one destroyer, who was reported as saying, "May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force."

On July 10, 1945, more than two months after the end of the War, the German submarine U-530 surrendered to Argentine authorities. The Commander was Otto Wermoutt. The sub had a crew of 54 men (the normal sub crew was 18 men) and the cargo consisted of 540 barrels of cigarettes and unusually large stocks of food. The Commander was 25 years old, the second officer was 22, and the crew was an average of 25 except for one man who was 32 years old. This was an unusually young crew and upon questioning it was learned that they all claimed that they had no relatives.

A map from a Spanish book called *Is Hitler Alive?* with the route of the Fuhrer convoy shows it passed alongside South Georgia Island, where later a secret underground base was the focus of a secret battle during the Falkland Islands War.

On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m. the German submarine U-859 left on a mysterious mission carrying 67 men and 33 tons of mercury sealed in glass bottles in watertight tin crates. The sub was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew died. One survivor on his death bed about 30 years later told about the expensive cargo and some divers checked out his story and found the mercury. For what purpose was this mercury to be used? And where were they trying to take it?

There are many other stories of other U-boats and German survivors, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. The Germans and other European nations required very meticulous registration records of everybody, including their relatives, employment, addresses, children, etc., and at the end of the war the Allies, cross checking these records, taking into account casualties and deaths, determined that there were 250,000 persons unaccounted for.


Hitler signed the order for the atomic bomb to be built on September 26, 1939. The top scientist on this project was Dr. Werner Heisenberg. (Powers, Thomas, *Heisenberg's War,* Alfred A. Knopf, 1993, p. 16.) Heisenberg won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1932 "for the creation of quantum mechanics." He was professor of theoretical physics at Leipzig and later Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics. His best friend, until the war, was Niels Bohr. Edward Teller received his doctorate by studying under Heisenberg (Powers, vii).

Thomas Powers wrote the book *Heisenberg's War, The Secret of the German Bomb,* in which one of the main themes was trying to account for the fact that Germany was far ahead of the rest of the world in developing the bomb and yet the Allies were astonished when they found the primitive experimental reactor at the end of the war that was supposedly the best the Germans were able to accomplish. Excuses such as German inefficiency, etc., do not fit the evidence, and to say that the Germans were more moral than the American Jews that developed the bomb is not politically acceptable.

It is known that the Germans were also working on the hydrogen bomb, and the Allies frantically bombed the heavy water plants. There are many books and movies about the heroes who stopped the German nuclear efforts, yet somewhere in the hoopla you find that at least one large load of heavy water was never accounted for.

In a speech in June 1949, Vannevar Bush tells that the Allies were extremely concerned that the Germans were ahead of them on the bomb, but finally found out "they had not accomplished five percent of the undertaking which had been brought to success... in this country." He blamed their failure on typical German "regimentation in a totalitarian system." But if you think about it with an open mind, you should realize that "regimentation in a totalitarian system" is usually MORE efficient, especially when it comes to making weapons.

Powers explores Heisenberg's explanation that the Germans "had used their influence as experts to direct the work into the channels which have been mapped in the foregoing report." But the "foregoing report" did not explain what happened. Powers said: "His account is incomplete. Something is withheld" (p. 482). On the last page he sums up by saying, "No one denies what Samuel Goudsmit found in southern Germany in 1945 - a small-scale program of atomic research that posed no threat to the Allies. It is the difficulty of assigning reasons for the failure that have kept the issue tender for nearly fifty years."

When Field Marshall Erhard Milch visited the Gottow laboratories in 1945 where atomic research was being carried out, he asked Heisenberg, "How big would a bomb have to be in order to destroy New York or London?" Heisenberg replied: "About as big as a pineapple, and we will have a basketful for the Fuhrer by Christmas...!" (Mattern-Friedrich, *UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon?,* p. 77. Some of the material in the book came from classified documents obtained from the CIA. See elsewhere in this text.) (It takes 33 pounds of highly-enriched uranium or 13 pounds of plutonium to make a small atomic bomb).

In 1943 Niels Bohr escaped from Denmark to London and reported that Germany was making the bomb. They also had proof that the Germans had "cornered the major supplies of uranium and also of thorium."


PART 27:


Boris Pash, head of security for the Manhattan Project, and scientist Samuel Goudsmit followed the lead tanks into Paris and into Germany, looking for the German nuclear laboratory, which they found in Strasbourg. This was called Operation Alsos (Greek for "Groves"). Peter Goodchild in his book *J. Robert Oppenheimer, Shatterer of Worlds,* p. 110 said: "Very soon a picture of the Germans' progress began to emerge. They revealed that Hitler had been told of the possibilities of a nuclear weapon in 1942 and that there had been a whole series of uranium pile experiments.

But the crucial facts were that even as late as August 1944 the experiments were still at an early stage. The Germans had neither the certain information that an explosive chain reaction was possible, nor did they have the material or the mechanism to make their bomb. It was apparent that the project had moved forward hardly at all since 1942. There were one or two people in Washington who, when they read Goudsmit's final report, suspected that the information had come too easily, but most people believed it."

It is possible that Germany DID develop the bomb, and the Allies kept it secret? In *Heisenberg's War,* p. 481, Vannevar Bush is quoted as saying in June 1949: "The Nazis wanted an atomic bomb; we knew that. They had as good a chance at it as we had. In the tense years up to 1945 we thought that they were close competitors, even that they might be six months ahead of us. Then after Stuttgart fell and the Alsos mission did its work, we found out. The Nazis had not even reached first base." Surprise, surprise. Or was it lie, lie?

My best guess, based on the evidence, is that there is a strong possibility Germany DID develop the atomic bomb! The Americans managed to capture some of them in early 1945, then on August 6, 1945, dropped one on Hiroshima. This would account for J. Robert Oppenheimer's curious statement that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany. Could the Germans have taken some bombs with them when Hitler escaped? Was the submarine convoy protected by nuclear weapons, and were they what stopped Operation Highjump? Perhaps not, that is just conjecture, but I strongly suspect we got the "bomb" from the Germans.

In *Blowback,* "the first full account of America's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy" by Christopher Simpson, he states: "On July 6 [1945] the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) specifically authorized an effort to 'exploit... chosen, rare minds whose continuing intellectual productivity we wish to use' under the top secret project code-named Overcast... At first this was justified on the grounds that German scientists might be useful in the continuing war against Japan" (p.33).

When the Allies found the German atomic bomb laboratory, they were amazed that it was just a small concrete reactor in a cave, too small to go critical. Yet they went to considerable trouble in a top secret program to grab these scientists because they might be useful in defeating Japan? What were they going to do, throw radioactive concrete at the Japanese? Tom Agoston in *Blunder!* says (p. 38) that "Unknown to Allied scientists, the Germans had been able to build up a sizeable stockpile of U-235 and had held up to two tons, as well as two tons of heavy water."

William Stevenson, in *A Man Called Intrepid,* says "The Germans had the man [Heisenberg] whose theoretical work was the basis of the bomb" (p. 456) and "In the military field, the view prevailed in 1939 that the country with the greatest chance of brining together the pieces was Germany."

Let's see now, the atomic bomb was a German idea, they had the best scientists, they had a proven ability to develop advanced weapons, they had plenty of raw material, and yet their "bomb" consisted of nothing more than some radioactive concrete in a cave in a hill at the base of a church? (*Heisenberg's War,* p. 421.) The German laboratory was captured on April 21, 1945, then three months later on July 16 a bomb was tested at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Then on August 6, 1945, one was dropped on Hiroshima, and August 9 on Nagasaki. This is not counting the nuclear explosion in the Oakland, California, area, but we are not supposed to know about that.

Pash and Goudsmit in Operation Alsos captured several tons of uranium and "it was shipped to Britain and then the United States, transformed into uranium hexaflouride gas for isotope separation at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and finally in the form of U-235 used to destroy Hiroshima." (*Heisenberg's War,* p. 362.)

Most classified files from World War II have been routinely declassified under the provisions of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Tom Agoston (*Blunder!,* p. 124) said of the Alsos information, "The files continued to be suppressed and remain under lock and key in Washington, well beyond the thirty-year rule. The motive for this remains a four-decade mystery."

He also said that the testimony of Albert Speer, referring to General Kammler, "The transcript continues to be classified beyond the normal thirty-year rule, and is not expected to be made public before 2020."

Kammler disappeared at the end of the War and it was reported that he committed suicide (four different versions). If he were dead, why the secrecy? Kammler was regarded as "the most important man in Germany outside the Cabinet." The chain of command was Hitler to Himmler to Himmler's Deputy SS General Karl Wolff to SS General Oswald Pohl to Kammler, and later the link was more direct.

Dr. Wilhelm Voss told Agoston what happened to Kammler was a "hot matter" that could not be revealed. Agoston said one of Kammler's close associates was Rudolph Hess, who flew to Britain on a secret mission in May 1941. "The secret British file that might explain why he flew to Britain will remain closed until the year 2020" (p.160).

What clinched the proof for me was when I read in Phoenix Journal #18 (*Blood And Ashes*), speaking of the Manhattan Project, "Of course, they utilized the German production urn and, actually, the bomb used on Japan was constructed in Germany" (p. 159). The author of those Journals is "One Who Knows."


The newspaper *France Soir* had the following account: "Almost 1-1/2 years after cessation of hostilities in Europe, the Islandic Whaler, "Juliana" was stopped by a large German U-boat. The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas [now Falkland] Islands when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official naval Flag of Mourning - red with a black edge.

The submarine commander sent out a boarding party, which approached the Juliana in a rubber dinghy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been unwise. The German officer spoke a correct English and paid for his provisions in U.S. dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew. Whilst the food stuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales. Later the Juliana found the school of whales where designated."

The French *Agence France Press* on 25 September 1946, said: "The continuous rumours about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland, in German), between the southernmost tip of Latin America and the continent of Antarctica are based on true happenings."

There have been stories and books written about Germans counterfeiting U.S. currency and otherwise obtaining American money printing plates, which may account for the German use of American money.

The Guinness Book of World Records says that the "greatest unsolved robbery" was the disappearance of the entire German treasury at the end of the war.


In January 1946 industrialist Donald Douglas approached the Army Air Force with a plan for government and industry to work together on long range strategic planning. This was called Project RAND, a name coined by Arthur Raymond from Research ANd Development. Much of their first government money went to the von Braun team. (McDougall, Walter al....*the Heavens and the Earth, A Political History of the Space Age,* Basic Books, New York, 1985, p. 89.)


Groves is known as the General in charge of the Manhattan Project which built the Atomic Bomb. He was chosen because he is the one who supervised the building of the Pentagon, and by 1942 was in charge of all U.S. military construction everywhere. After the war he went to work for Remington Rand Corporation.


"The stakes in the search for the scientific expertise of Germany were high. The single most important American strike force, for example, was the Alsos raiding team, which targeted Axis atomic research, uranium stockpiles, and nuclear scientists, as well as Nazi chemical and biological warfare research. The commander of this assignment was U.S. Army Colonel Boris Pash, who had previously been security chief of the Manhattan Project - the United States' atomic bomb development program - and who later played an important role in highly secret U.S. covert action programs.

Pash succeeded brilliantly in his mission, seizing top German scientists and more than 70,000 tons of Axis uranium ore and radium products. The uranium taken during these raids was eventually shipped to the United States and incorporated in U.S. atomic weapons." (Simpson, Christopher, *Blowback,* Collier Books, New York, 1988, p. 26.)

"Another notable Bloodstone veteran is Boris Pash, a career intelligence officer identified in the Final Report of the U.S. Senate's 1975-1976 investigation into U.S. intelligence activities as the retired director of the CIA unit responsible for planning assassinations" (*Blowback,* p. 108).

*Blowback,* p. 152-153 says: "The records of Operation Bloodstone add an important new piece of information to one of the most explosive public issues of today: the role of the U.S. government - specifically the CIA - in assassinations and attempted assassinations of foreign officials. According to a 1976 Senate investigation, a key official of Operation Bloodstone is the OPC officer who was specifically delegated responsibility for planning the agency's assassinations, kidnappings, and similar 'wet work.'

"Colonel Boris Pash, one of the most extraordinary and least known characters in American intelligence history... his work for U.S. intelligence agencies places him in the critical office given the responsibility for planning postwar assassination operations... Colonel Pash is one of the few remaining originals of U.S. intelligence, and his experience in 'fighting the communists' goes back to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

He was in Moscow and Eastern Europe in those days with his father, a missionary of Russian extraction, and the young Pash spent much of the Soviet civil war working on the side of the White armies, then with Czarist refugees who had fled their country. In the 1920s Pash signed on as a reserve officer with the U.S. military intelligence service... he... played a role in the internment of Japanese civilians in California, and was soon assigned as chief counterintelligence officer on the Manhattan Project, the supersecret U.S. effort to develop the atomic bomb. (More than a decade later it was Colonel Pash's testimony that helped seal the fate of scientist Robert Oppenheimer in the well-known 1954 security case.)

Before the war was out, it will be recalled, Colonel Pash led the series of celebrated special operations known as the Alsos Mission that were designed to capture the best atomic and chemical warfare experts that the Nazis had to offer.

"After the war Colonel Pash served as the army's representative on Bloodstone in the spring of 1948, when the tasks of that project, including recruiting defectors, smuggling refugees out from behind the Iron Curtain, and assassinations, were established. Bloodstone's 'special operations,' as defined by the Pentagon, could 'include clandestine warfare, subversion, sabotage and... assassination,' according to the 1948 Joint Chiefs of Staff records. In March 1949, Pash was assigned by the army to the OPC division of the CIA... His five-man CIA unit, known as PB/7, was given a written charter that read in part that 'PB/7 will be responsible for assassinations, kidnapping, and such other functions as from time to time may be given it... by higher authority.'"

From *Dulles* by Leonard Mosley (A Biography of Eleanor, Allen and John Foster. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1978.), we find, p. 459: "But now he [Allen Dulles] was interested in the more sinister Agency experiments in mind-bending drugs, portable phials of lethal viruses, and esoteric poisons that killed without trace. Allen's sense of humor was touched when he learned that the unit working on these noxious enterprises was called the *Health Alteration Committee* (directed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Boris Pash)... Richard Bissell... had now succeeded Frank Wisner as deputy director of Plans..."

To learn more about the mind-control and torture experiments of Pash and Gottlieb, read *Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse* by Gordon Thomas (Bantam Books, New York, 1989).

One of the people they killed was Frank Olson (a CIA germ warfare doctor whose specialty was anthrax), while they were working on Subproject-68, also known as MK-ULTRA. MK-ULTRA started as *Project Bluebird,* set up on April 20, 1950, by CIA Director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (who later was a member of NICAP), and on July 20, 1950, they began using sodium amytal, Benzedrine and other drugs to "brainwash" prisoners.

In September 1950, the *Miami News* published an article under the headline BRAIN WASHING TACTICS which was considered the first formal use of the term. One of Gottlieb's partners was Dr. Harold Wolff, who appears to be a Paperclip doctor. He worked with Parke-Davis and "...remained closely connected with the M-K Ultra brainwashing project" (p. 191). He helped set up an apartment and introduce LSD to the hippies in San Francisco, and worked on Project Mindbender (a Manchurian-Candidate type operation) with William Buckley.

Isn't it interesting that so many of the participants in the most secret of secrets of World War II are still very involved in the Kennedy assassination and other more current affairs. Many books and articles have been written about the CIA being involved in the JFK assassination, and now you know that the man in charge of CIA assassinations was Boris Pash, formerly chief of security for the Manhattan Project. He was also head of the group trying to capture Hitler's advanced technology, including "flying saucers" and other secrets.

The book *ZR Rifle - The Plot To Kill Kennedy And Castro* by Claudia Furiati, p. 36, says that a man named William Harvey had been in charge of the CIA post in West Berlin until 1960, then was placed in charge of CIA assassinations by Richard Bissell in 1961. The plans to assassinate political leaders was code-named *ZR-RIFLE,* headed by Harvey. Bo Gritz said on p. 525 of his book: "The Kennedy assassination was code-named 'ZR-RIFLE'." It seems apparent to me that Harvey and Pash were wearing the same pair of pants.

In 1941, Ian Fleming, the future creator of the "James Bond" stories, and at that time a high ranking officer of British Intelligence, suggested to William Donovan that he set up a specially trained and selected assassination unit. PB/7 (Pash Boris Seven) was the original of the "Agent 007" concept. If my memory is correct, I believe Nixon stated that William Harvey was the real 007.

I assume Pash was Agent 001, or perhaps he had seven agents working for him (originally five). If you want to understand more of how these various factions such as CIA, KGB, Nazis, Communists, FBI, etc., can be fighting each other and working together at the same time, you need to understand who was above them, controlling them. To understand that, look to British Intelligence! You will find British Intelligence to be an operation of British and European Royalty and "Aristocracy"!

E. Howard Hunt, while in prison in December, 1975, in an interview with the *New York Times,* said that the head of the CIA assassination unit was Boris Pash. Pash was assigned to Angleton at this time (see *Final Judgment,* p. 207). Angleton was head of the Israel desk of the CIA and was very pro-Israel. He was also closely involved with Meyer Lansky.

In *Cold Warrior,* the biography of James Jesus Angleton by Tom Mangold, he says on page 362: "I would like to place on the record, however, that Angleton's closest professional friends overseas, then and subsequently, came from the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence-gathering service) and that he was held in immense esteem by his Israeli colleagues and by the state of Israel, which was to award him profound honors after his death." His place was taken after his death by William Colby. When Kissinger wanted to "get LaRouche," he turned to Angleton for help. Angleton's tombstone is in Hebrew.

On page 97 of *Final Judgment,* Piper says that "The ZR/Rifle Team, in fact, was one of Angleton's pet in-house CIA projects, which he ran in conjunction with his CIA colleague, William Harvey."

According to Claudia Furiati, Joseph Schreider was in charge of the CIA laboratories and of developing poisons for assassinations, and says that Harvey was in charge of political assassinations, working out of the Miami office run by [Paperclip] Shackley, and was working with Schreider to try to poison Castro. Above we have Boris Pash and Sidney Gottlieb working together in the same manner. We have Pash and Harvey in the same locations, doing the same jobs, in charge of the same projects - talk about featherbedding. I believe that Harvey was actually at headquarters in Langley, over Shackley in Miami.

*Blowback,* p. 153, says that Pash "...served as the Army's representative on Bloodstone in the spring of 1948, when the tasks of that project, including recruiting defectors, smuggling refugees out from behind the Iron Curtain, and assassinations, were established. In March 1949, Pash was assigned by the Army to the OPC division of the CIA."

Harvey died June 6, 1976, according to Dick Russell, and Pash was in his 80s in 1988 according to Simpson.


PART 28:


Hitler's advanced technology included intercontinental ballistic missiles, vertical takeoff aircraft, jet engines, cruise missiles, sound cannons, and many other advanced items. The Allies captured plans for what became the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet. Among the most secret items captured were plans for flying disks, that were at first called "Krautmeteors." Based on the evidence, they were built as early as around 1933 and went into mass production in 1940. Scientists involved in these projects were Bellonzo, Schriever, Miethe and Victor Schauberger.

Schauberger developed the "flying hat" type disc that was later seen over the United States. The final version was the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus, as large as 135 feet and some up to 225 feet in diameter. They traveled over 2,000 km/hr and were planned to go over 4,000 km/hr. In 1945 they could reach a speed of 1,300 mph and an altitude of 40,000 feet in less than three minutes. The Germans developed the Delta wing craft, and were working on stealth technology, etc.

Many pilots saw the strange craft over Germany. However, as soon as a craft was built, Hitler ordered it disassembled and shipped somewhere - probably Antarctica. None of the craft were captured by the Allies, although some of the scientists were captured and then mostly disappeared, but can somewhat be traced to Bell Textron and to places such as Area 51, which, surprise!, is infamous for its UFO sightings.

Here are some examples of news items during WW II concerning Germany's UFOs, from the *New York Times:*

*NEW YORK TIMES,* December 14, 1944:

"Floating Mystery Ball Is New German Weapon. SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force, Dec. 13 - A new German weapon has made its appearance on the western air front, it was disclosed today.

"Airmen of the American Air Force report that they are encountering silver colored spheres in the air over German territory. The spheres are encountered either singly or in clusters. Sometimes they are semi-translucent."

and, "SUPREME HEADQUARTERS Dec. 13 (Reuters) - The Germans have produced a "secret" weapon in keeping with the Christmas season.

"The new device, apparently an air defense weapon, resembles the huge glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. There was no information available as to what holds them up like stars in the sky, what is in them or what their purpose is supposed to be."


The Falkland Islands War had more to do with Nazis than with Argentina, for more details of what happened please refer to the *Phoenix Journals.*

The Germans, from their Antarctica base, began to infiltrate into Argentina, Chile, etc., and bought large tracts of land and swept up corporations. They also invested in corporations in Germany and elsewhere, with plans to make a comeback. They used the German treasury, captured treasure from other nations, and counterfeit American currency printed on real U.S. currency printing plates given to the Russians and captured by the Germans.

Some plates were stolen by Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Harry Dexter White (real name Weiss) under Henry Morgenthau and sent to the Soviets for use in occupied Germany. He also arranged for the mass theft of tons of our special money-paper. When J. Edgar Hoover went to President Truman with all the evidence that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury was a Communist spy and thief, Truman of course removed Weiss (White) from his job - and promoted him to head of the International Monetary Fund. I kid you not, look it up. The story has a rather common ending - when a controversy developed in the press concerning this incident, Weiss became a "suicide."


For more information on how the "economic miracle" was accomplished after the war by the Germans, you can read such books as *Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile* by Paul Manning ("...Bormann became the guiding force in the 'economic miracle' that led to the rebirth of German industry and finance in the thirty-five years following political and military defeat. In the waning months of World War II, as the Third Reich was tottering and finally crumbling in defeat, Bormann set up 750 corporations scattered among those nations that had remained neutral. Those corporations received the fleeing wealth of Germany and became the power base that enabled Germany to climb back to economic and political strength." From flyleaf). This book expands on the meeting in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944, mentioned in Michael Bar-Zohar's book *The Avengers.*

In 1986, while researching these subjects, we received 161 pages under a Freedom of Information search concerning what happened to the German treasury at the end of WW II. Many of these documents had been SECRET until declassification to fulfill our request. One document was No. 19,489, November 27, 1944, Subject: Transmitting Intelligence Report No. EW-Pa 198 [?, barely readable] by G-2 Economic Section, the Secretary of State, from Lt. Col. John W. Easton, Economic Warfare Division.

The cover letter stated "I have the honor to enclose Intelligence Report No. EW-Pa 198 by G-2 Economic Section, SHAEF [*Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces*], dated November 7, 1944, describing the plans of German industrialists for the post-war resurrection of Germany. Among the topics dealt with in this report are: patents, financial reserves, exportation of capital, and the strategic placing of technical personnel." It is obvious that Manning quoted from these documents in his book on Bormann.

In describing the meeting of August 10,1944, in Stasbourg, some sentences in the documents stand out: "German industrialists must, it was said, through their exports increase the strength of Germany. They must also prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground as Maquis (in Gebirgverteidigungsstellengehen). From now on the government would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign countries.

Existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the Party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat. It is also immediately required that the large factories in Germany create small technical offices or research bureaus which would be absolutely independent and have no known connection with the factory. These bureaus will receive plans and drawings of *new weapons* as well as documents which they need to continue their research and which must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy" [author emphasis].

The last sentences in this document are, "After the defeat of Germany the Nazi Party recognizes that certain of its best known leaders will be condemned as war criminals. However, in cooperation with the industrialists it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of its research and designing offices."

Some of the documents were concerning "Looted Gold (1945-1948). Accession Number 56-75-101, Agency Container Number 169, File Number BIS/2/00." These documents concern Germany's "looted" gold being transferred to the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. One important paragraph (#9) says: "It is clear both from correspondence and from testimony that the management of the B.I.S. during the war was 'in the hands of the Administration Council, in which the Axis representatives have an authoritative influence,' and that in 1942 the Germans favored the reelection of President McKittrick whose 'personal opinions' they characterized as 'safely known'."

Enclosed in the file is a clipping from the *New York Times,* date not included but appears to be in 1945, that states: "McKITTRICK SLATED FOR POST AT CHASE. He Will Take Over Duties as Vice President of Bank Here Next Autumn. Thomas H. McKittrick, American banker who has served as president of the Bank for International Settlements [B.I.S.] since the beginning of 1940, will become a vice president of the Chase National Bank of New York next fall, Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman of the board of Chase, announced yesterday." The article ends by quoting McKittrick: "I realize it is my duty to perform a neutral task in wartime. It is an extremely difficult and trying thing to do, but I do the best I can."

Another formerly Top Secret document declassified was "Subject: Conversation in Switzerland with Mr. McKittrick, President of the Bank for International Settlements" from Orvis A. Schmidt to Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau, dated March 23, 1945. It describes McKittrick's dealings with the real head of the Nazi banking system, a Vice President named Puhl.

"Puhl was described by McKittrick as a career banker who had been with the Reichsbank for some twenty years, who does not share the Nazi point of view... the Swiss National Bank said that in order to be sure they were not obtaining looted gold they had requested a member of the Reichsbank, whom they regarded to be trustworthy, to certify that each parcel of gold which they purchased had not been looted. The person who had done this certifying was Puhl."

Puhl was Reichsbank Senior Vice President Emil Johann Rudolf Puhl. He was in charge of taking booty into the bank and was in charge of it for the Nazis. His Senior Shipping Clerk Albert Thoms said that they needed up to thirty men to help him sort and repack the valuables, which consisted of "millions in gold marks, pounds sterling, dollars and Swiss francs, 3,500 ounces of platinum, over 550,000 ounces of gold, and 4,638 carats in diamonds and other precious stones, as well as hundreds of pieces of works of art" (p. 226, *Aftermath,* Ladislas Farago, Avon, 1974).

This material was shipped out of the country in Operation Fireland or Aktion Feuerland in German, which Farago explained in a footnote in his book on Bormann: "The transaction was named 'Land of Fire' after the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego at the southern extremity of Argentina and Chile, the area to which some of the shipments were originally consigned" (p. 228). On the next page Farago said: "Only a relatively small portion of the SS treasure was impounded by Bormann and sent overseas in the course of Aktion Feuerland. Much of it is still missing."

Germany had developed self-sufficiency before the end of the war, and was manufacturing their own oil, produced "butter" from coal, invented powdered milk, developed freeze drying, learned to store flour indefinitely, were growing their food in greenhouses on chemical "soil," etc. These projects were also necessary for survival of the secret UFO force, which Hitler called the "Last Battalion," at the Antarctic.

The counterfeiting of British and American money was under Operation Bernhard. The fake British notes have been often discussed in books and articles about Bernhard, but the fake American currency is not as well known. Recently the U.S. announced that it was issuing new money to counteract the counterfeit, which was said to be coming from Saddam Hussein and Lebanon. It would be more correct to say it is coming from South America, but that money is supposed to all be drug money. Life gets complicated.

When *CONTACT* newspaper first ran the series on *Fire From The Sky,* it followed with a reprint of the information about the truth about the Falkland Islands War. In that series, it revealed that the Russians, working with Rockefeller forces, defeated the British Bolshevik forces on South Georgia Island.

If you have not read that series, this information may not make sense to you. It is important to know that information, if you intend to try to understand what is happening. Nazi forces were involved in the Falkland Islands War, on the side of the Russians. This is hard to believe if you have no idea of what IS.

The Russians were nationalists, as opposed to the Zionist Bolsheviks who took their country away from them. The Zionist Bolsheviks were trained in the lower East Side of New York City and financed by New York and London bankers. They invaded Russia, killed the Tzar and many Nationalists and took over the government.

Can you begin to see how someone like Boris Pash, with a Russian Nationalist family background, could work with Nazi Gestapo and SS agents? Even the American General George Patton said we should have fought WITH the Nazis against the Bolshevik Communists. Patton said there was an international conspiracy of Zionist bankers who were the world's problem (see *Patton's Papers,* Vol. 2, p. 735 for example).

In 1982, on April 20, Hitler's birthday, the Russian/Rockefeller/Nazi commando force broke through and inserted a neutron bomb into the underground naval base at South Georgia Island.

For more of the story of what *really happened in the Falkland Islands crisis, read the January 17, 1995, issue of *CONTACT: The Phoenix Project* newspaper or Phoenix Journal #13, *Skeletons In The Closet. (Contact,* Inc., P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565. For *Phoenix Journals,* write Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P.O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565. The phone numbers are the same, but the mailing addresses are different.)

Alexander Haig was the General representing the Rockefellers. In his book *Caveat,* the chapter on the Falklands starts: "On March 28, 1982, a Sunday, the British Ambassador, Nicholas ("Niko") Henderson, brought me a letter from Lord Carrington. A party of Argentineans, wrote the foreign secretary, had landed nine days earlier on the island of South Georgia, a British possession lying in the South Atlantic a few degrees above the Antarctic Circle and some 600 miles to the east of the Falkland Islands, a British Crown colony." I'll bet you thought the Falkland Islands War was about the Falkland Islands!

Much ado was made in the media about the conflict between Jeane Kirkpatrick and Alexander Haig. Kirkpatrick is a Zionist and was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She has a regular feature column in *The Jewish Press* newspaper, "The Largest Independent Anglo-Jewish Weekly Newspaper." Haig has had a long relationship with Henry Kissinger, to whom Haig became senior military advisor in 1969. Remember that Kissinger came out of the Paperclip Operation personnel.

In January 1982, Reagan replaced his national security advisor, Richard Allen, with William P. Clark, another Paperclip person, and who was Haig's deputy. Nixon said, "When you see the lights burning late in Henry's [Kissinger] office, it's usually Al Haig." (*War In The Falklands, the Full Story* by the *Sunday Times* of London Insight Team, Harper & Row, New York, 1982, p. 123.)


PART 29:

If you doubt the fact that the Nazis never gave up and that they planned to continue the war after their defeat in Germany, and planned to make a comeback to finally achieve their goal, then perhaps you should read the following books:

Connell, Brian, *A Watcher On The Rhine,* William Morrow & Co., New York, 1957. "Old wine in new bottles," how the Nazis have come back into power.

Horne, Alistair, *Return To Power,* Fredrick A. Praeger, Inc., New York, 1956. "The struggle for unification, rather than any revival of Nazism, may one day force Germany out of the Western camp."

Tetens, T.H., *The New Germany And The Old Nazis,* Random House, New York, 1961. "A frank and often shocking account which details how 'Hitler's own' have managed to return to power in almost every walk of German life..."

Winkler, Paul, *The Thousand-Year Conspiracy,* Charles Scribner's Sons, 1943. "Secret Germany behind the mask."

White, Theodore H., *Fire In The Ashes,* William Sloane Associates, New York, 1953. The fire of Nazism in the ashes of Europe.

Sayers, Michael and Kahn, Albert E., *The Plot Against The Peace,* Book Find Club, New York, 1945. "...uncovers Nazi Germany's secret plans for a Third World War."

Schultz, Sigrid, *Germany Will Try It Again,* Reynal & Hitchcock, New York, 1944. Does the title give you a clue?

Dornberg, John, *Schizophrenic Germany,* MacMillan Company, New York, 1961. "Is the new West Germany of the postwar years as democratic as we have been led to believe, or does Nazism still smolder?"

Lord Russell, Brigadier, of Liverpool, C.B.E., M.C., *Return of the Swastika?" David McKay Co., New York, 1969. Russell was part of the Nuremberg prosecution team.

There are more, these just happen to be the ones in my personal library. I read them, mostly about 20 or 30 years ago. I do not mean to give the impression that Germany is the source of the world's problems; Germany has simply been a part of a much bigger picture. Other valuable books that will give you insight are:

Bacque, James, *Other Losses,* Stoddart Publishing Co., Canada, 1989. The truth about how Eisenhower murdered thousands of German prisoners of war AFTER the surrender. Many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies you have seen in atrocity photos were NOT Jews, they were Germans. Don't argue with me, read the book. General George Patton wrote in 1945 that Eisenhower was using "practically Gestapo methods" in torturing and killing German POWs. You can obtain the book probably from *Spotlight* Newspaper if you can't find it otherwise.

Sutton, Anthony C., *Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, '76 Press, Seal Beach, Calif., 1976.


Albert Einstein is a good example of another deception and hoax involved with the atomic bomb program. When many people think of the atomic bomb they think of Einstein. He was presented as the world's greatest scientist, and a hero of the atomic bomb program. Upon closer inspection, you will find that his major contributions were his use of his influence to obtain President Roosevelt's support for the bomb and he was the one personally responsible for bringing the major Communist atomic spy Klaus Fuchs into the Program. The Russians know nothing about the atomic bomb until Fuchs brought it to their attention in 1942. (*Heisenberg's War,* p. 524).

Thanks to Fuchs, (and to a massive amount of Secret material illegally shipped through Lend-Lease) they were able to explode their own bomb in 1949. Einstein was a communist cell member with Fuchs. Fuchs was the top scientist on the Manhattan Project and he gave the atomic secrets to the Soviets. (Jordan, George Recey, *From Major Jordan's Diaries,* Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York, 1952.)

We are taught that Einstein is the author of the Theory of Relativity, yet evidence has come for the proving that the real author was Mileva Maric, Einstein's first wife.

Einstein had a reputation at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich of being a man with poor work habits and was often reprimanded for laziness during all his school years, including the University. He developed a romance with classmate Mileva who helped him with his math. His autobiography says "In my work participated a Serbian student Mileva Maric who I married later." She had an illegitimate daughter in 1902, which they gave up for adoption. They got married in 1903, separated in 1912 and divorced in 1919. This is when Einstein married his cousin Elsa. The original manuscript of the *The Theory of Relativity* submitted for publication had Maric's name on it as co-author.

For more proof, see the article "Theory of Relativity - Who is its Real Author?" by Dr. Rastko Maglic and J. W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Society, in the Jul/Aug 1994 issue of *Extraordinary Science* magazine, which contains references for further documentation.

Einstein was a hoax and fraud saddled on the scientific community to prevent them from learning too much and to promote Jews as being superior, sort of Nazism in reverse.

Einstein's famous equation "E=MC squared" is WRONG, or at best only partially correct. His definition of energy is WRONG, his definition of mass is WRONG, C is defined as the top speed possible for anything, then it is squared, which would be even faster and thus contradicts the definition. Light is described as a constant, which is WRONG as defined. In a higher understanding, light does not move, our perception of the speed of light is WRONG.

Those who REALLY understand, and who can prove it by creating matter out of "nothing" for instance, say that the original WHITE LIGHT is invisible and still. Read books by Walter Russell for more information.

Einstein was a Zionist with membership in at least 16 Communist front organizations such as Friends of the Soviet. Einstein was head of the Jewish Black Book Committee, which was listed as a Communist front in the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Report.

The correct science being discovered and revealed by such as Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Tom Bearden, Andrija Puharich, etc., was suppressed to prevent humanity from achieving energy independence (and thus political and military independence) from the Rockefeller/Rothschild oil/nuclear energy barons. This same technology leads to understanding of good health, and thus independence from the drug/medical crowd, who happen to be the same oil crowd crooks.


Rosbaud was one of Britain's top spies in Nazi Germany. He worked as scientific adviser for the publishing firm of Springer Verlag. He came to know Albert Einstein, Peter Kapitsa, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, Leo Szilard, Otto Hahn, and others of importance in the quest for the Bomb. Kapitsa was the one later credited by Tom Bearden with creating Russia's advanced Tesla technology weapons. Kapitsa won the Nobel Prize in 1978 for his work on the physics of low temperatures and very strong magnetic fields, areas that were pursued in developing anti-gravity platforms.

Rosbaud was code named The Griffin. History books say that the Allies found out from The Griffin that Germany did not have the atomic bomb, and thus the military could advance with more confidence. A book entitled *The Griffin* by Arnold Karmish (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1986, on page 199, chapter titled "Double-Cross" tells of this):

"On Sunday, December 26, 1943, the day the *Scharnhorst* was sunk, the major headline in the London *Sunday Express* was THE SECRET WEAPON MAY NOT COME OFF. Beneath it was a long and accurate feature article by Kai Siegbahn, the son of Lise Meitner's reluctant host, Manne Siegbahn. He explained the fundamentals of nuclear energy and described the prewar research. As for the bomb, Siegbahn concluded: 'Despite all the secretiveness about researching in the uranium problem, I venture to say that the uranium bomb is still non-existent, except as a research objective It is rather difficult to say if it is possible at all to construct such a bomb, but for the present it seems as if an essential link is missing for making the uranium bomb a reality.'

Even more remarkable, the *Sunday Express* went beyond Siegbahn's opinion to assure its readers that 'it may therefore be a source of consolation to know that able Swedish atoms-scientists believe that the Germans have not succeeded in creating atom explosives.' The *Express* explained its sources for the information by saying, 'Swedish scientists had close contacts with German scientists until the Germans recently arrested Norwegian professors and students.' Among those recently arrested was, of course, Odd Hassel.

"Press security on the atomic bomb was extremely tight in the United States and even tighter in Britain, so the article's appearance seemed at first a puzzle. The *Express* was owned by William Maxwell Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook, formerly minister of war production and now lord privy seal. Lord Beaverbrook was intimately familiar with the history of the atomic bomb project and its present course, and he was in constant touch with his editors about what they should print. It was quite clear, then, that Kai Siegbahn's article was no accident - but what was its purpose?

"It was not hard to discern the reassuring purpose of the message to the British public. Rumors about Hitler's secret weapons had been rife, and the actions against Rjukan had focused attention on the bomb. But the Gestapo and the Abwehr also read the British papers.

"From the exploit of Jacques Allier to the attacks on the Norwegian installations, the Germans had kept reading the lesson that heavy water was essential for atomic research and that the Allies would do anything to halt production. Now, an article by a distinguished neutral scientist - apparently published with official approval - carried the strong implication that the British were still in a research stage and without much hope of 'making the uranium bomb a reality.'

"The article was, of course, a deliberate SIS plant, conceived in the Double-Cross Committee (The XX Committee), chaired by John Masterman of MI-5."

Lies were and are standard operating procedure for both sides. The article continues: "The top SIS expert on the Abwehr was Frank Foley [who worked with Masterman] of Section V, so he was recruited to the XX Committee as a senior advisor. In the early months, his work was interrupted by a special assignment, conducting the lengthy interrogation of Rudolf Hess. When he returned four months later, Foley took up the deception business once more."

So you see that the ones involved with lying about the bomb were the same ones very interested in what was said by Rudolf Hess. Hess' information remained highly classified long after the war, until he was recently murdered so that they could close Spandau Prison and keep him from talking. In the book *Journey Into Madness, The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control And Medical Abuse* by Gordon Thomas, p. 152, tells of one of the heads of the CIA mind-control programs, Dr. Grant Cameron, going to Nuremberg to "establish the state of mind of Rudolf Hess." I wonder if that is "establish" as in "to determine," or as in "to create."

Rosbaud was a close friend with Goudsmit who ran Operation Alsos with Boris Pash. Goudsmit "formed a close friendship with Rosbaud that endured until Paul died" (p. 241).

After the war, Rosbaud formed Pergamon Press with Robert Maxwell. Maxwell went on to become a British "press baron" (p. 250, *The Griffin*) and was working with the Israeli Mossad selling Israeli briefcase nuclear bombs like the ones used in the New York Trade Center bombing. (Interview with Galen Winsor by Tom Valentine, *Radio Free America,* March 23, 1993. These bombs were used by Special Forces as early as 1960 per Sgt. Joe Garner, "Army vet tested nuclear 'suitcase bombs' in 60s," *Houston Chronicle,* January 23, 1995. Also see "Backpack Nukes for 'Nam, Inside SF's Super-Secret A-Bomb Project" in *Soldier Of Fortune,* May 1995.)

The information that spy Rosbaud, who was Jewish, provided is mentioned in a U.S. Department of Justice memorandum dated April 26, 1955, which reads: "[Rosbaud] returned to Germany determined to assist England and its allies at all costs. This he accomplished. The records in this matter contain official corroboration that Dr. Rosbaud remained in Berlin during World War II for the purpose of obtaining certain technical intelligence for the United States and the United Kingdom. This information was extremely useful and invaluable for the allied cause and involved great risk on the part of Dr. Rosbaud. His activities on behalf of the allied cause were successful and of such importance that even today they cannot be disclosed and are still highly classified."

When you read the book, you see that the most important information that Rosbaud provided was the non-existent status of the German bomb. Yet, the exact details are still "highly classified." So what's the big deal, why is the information still above top secret (top secret items have been declassified)? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Another curious "coincidence" is that, after Samisdat published the Nazi UFO information, two journalists from Springer Publishers flew to Toronto to interview Ernst Zundel (head of Samisdat) in person. Samisdat used to sell an audiotape of the interview.


Another curiosity is Goudsmit. He turns up in interesting places. He supported Oppenheimer during Oppenheimer's espionage trials. The APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, founded in 1952) *Bulletin,* August 1975, contained information obtained from declassified (and well sanitized) CIA records concerning the Robertson Panel which was convened in 1953 to study UFOs. Dr. H.P. Robertson was an expert in cosmology at California Institute of Technology, director of the Weapons System Evaluation Group in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and a CIA classified employee.

The panel was convened by the Office of Scientific Intelligence of the CIA and included Dr. Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, theoretical physicist and Chairman of the Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratories. Goudsmit was rather a heavy dude to be "wasting" time on UFOs that the government maintained did not exist. Other OSI panel members were Panel Chairman Dr. Howard Percy Robertson, on leave from his job as professor of Mathematical Physics at California Institute of Technology to be full time to OSI; physicist Dr. Luis Walter Alvarez, University of California, Berkeley, a specialist in magnetism and microwaves (it was speculated that the Roswell UFO was shot down by microwaves) and according to UFO researchers a member of Majestic-12 and the Jason Group; geophysicist Lloyd Viel Berkner, President of Associated Universities, Inc., which operated the particle accelerators of the Brookhaven National Laboratories (according to David Jacobs, *The UFO Controversy in America,* Berkner "accompanied Admiral Byrd" on Antarctic expeditions. Berkner is generally listed as a member of Majestic-12 and the Jason Group); astronomer Dr. Thornton Leigh Page, Deputy Director, Office of Operations Research, Johns Hopkins University and formerly a physicist with *Naval* ordnance.

Others included Frederick Clark Durant, a rocket engineer; astronomer Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, Ohio (home of Wright-Patterson) State University who was also a consultant to the U.S. Air Force Air Technical Intelligence Center (which did the UFO Blue Book Project). The Panel interviewed a long list of Generals and Chiefs and other Big Boys and Heavy Dudes.

Fred Durant met regularly with Stuart Nixon, assistant to John Acuff, head of NICAP. (Timothy Good, *Above Top Secret,* William Morrow & Co., New York, 1988, p. 349.) Durant worked with von Braun, Krafft Ehricke, Harvard astronomer Fred Whipple, Maryland physicist Fred Singer, Navy Commander George Hoover and others on Ehricke's Moonbase and Marsbase projects.

Army General John Medaris was in charge of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency over von Braun and on March 20, 1959, received a directive for a study of a manned lunar base. "General Medaris organized a crash effort to carry out the study, which became Project Horizon. Less than three months later, on June 8, the study was completed.

On the first page of the study (four or five volumes of which have been declassified), the conclusions are stated: Military, political and scientific considerations indicate that it is imperative for the United States to establish a lunar outpost at the earliest practicable date... Project Horizon represents the earliest feasible capability for the U.S. to establish a lunar outpost" [Project Horizon 1959, vol. 1, p. 1]. (Marsha Freeman, *How We Got To The Moon, The Story of the German Space Pioneers,* 21st Century Science Associates, Washington, D.C., 1993, p. 210.)

Ehricke worked with Dornberger at Bell until 1954 when he went with Convair Astronautics in California which was in charge of building space stations and the lunar base. *The Washington Star,* December 29, 1958, described the Convair station as "the brainchild of Krafft Ehricke." Durant, Whipple and George Hoover were part of the Office of Naval Research. Whipple's assistant, J. Allen Hynek, was part of the Robertson Panel, as was Durant.

In UFO researcher William Steinman's correspondence with Grant Cameron, he states: "I contacted Dr. Alvarez in private, when he admitted that he did take part in the recovery of a saucer in Mexico. He would not go into detail concerning the events and who else was involved." Steinman wrote the book *UFO Crash At Aztec* which is an excellent source for more information on these men. Unfortunately it is a large, heavily documented book but with no index.

Dr. Lloyd Berkner is also listed in *Assault On The Unknown, The International Geophysical Year* as the head of the American part of the International Geophysical Year study. He was radio man on the first Byrd Expedition to the Antarctic and developed the sounder that charts the radio-reflecting layers of the atmosphere. Berkner was Chairman of the Space Science Board of the National Academy of Sciences. Operation Highjump is not mentioned, but Berkner was part of Operation Deepfreeze at the Antarctic in 1957-1958, headed by Byrd until his death, as were Werner von Braun and Frederick C. Durant. Berkner became a Navy Rear Admiral.

Another Antarctic scientist was Dr. Carl Augustus Heiland, who worked with Vannevar Bush and who was part of the on-site recovery team of the Aztec UFO crash (p. 85, *UFO Crash At Aztec*). He appears to be a Paperclip scientist, as he received his Doctorate from the University of Hamburg. Another very important scientist was Dr. Eric Henry Wang. I will not go into his story at this time, except to quote Steinman: "The subject of Dr. Eric Henry Wang remains one of the most touchy and sensitive areas in all ufology" (p. 282). Dr. Eric Wang was head of the Office of Special Studies of the Air Materials Command at Wright-Patterson AFB. He was an Austrian-born graduate of the Vienna Technical Institute and "a close associate of Victor Schauberger." (Hamilton, William F., *Cosmic Top Secret,* Inner Light, 1991, p. 23.) Steinman's book has a whole chapter on Nazi German "flying disk" projects, many of which used Schauberger's designs.

Goudsmit concluded that UFO sightings were "due to a formation of ducks or other birds." The official conclusion of the panel was that interest in UFOs was dangerous and that the situation should be downplayed and covered up. Jacobs said that Robertson showed the final report of the panel to General Charles Cabell, director of Air Force intelligence and later Deputy Director of the CIA in charge of clandestine operations, "who expressed satisfaction with it."

Cabell's brother Earl was the Mayor of Dallas during the Kennedy assassination, and apparently was the one who ordered the motorcade to change routes into the ambush area. Earl later went to work for Howard Hughes. General Cabell was the person who briefed President Kennedy prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Robert Groden in *High Treason* quotes Victor Marchetti as saying that Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Charles Cabell, and Richard Nixon "were all working together in the CIA's Bay of Pigs planning operation."

Kennedy later fired Cabell. Cabell and Richard Bissell were in charge of the U-2 program. Lee Harvey Oswald was given a job within one week of his arrival in Dallas working on maps for the U-2 flights (Jim Garrison, *On The Trail of The Assassins*). In 1957, Oswald was a radar operator at the U-2 base in Atsugi, Japan.

General Cabell ordered the re-activation of Project Grudge on October 27, 1951, and on December 11, 1951, Major General John A. Stamford, "having replaced Major General Cabell as director of intelligence, was given a full briefing of the service's UFO program by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and Colonel Frank Dunn, chief of the Air Technical Intelligence Center." (Flammonde, Paris, *UFOs Exist!* Ballantine Books, New York, 1976, p. 392-393.)

According to Leonard Moseley, *Dulles,* p. 366, Bissell "was a friend of Frank Wisner, and had first met Foster [John Foster Dulles] when Eleanor threw a party at McLean for her brothers, Vice-President Nixon, Bob Bowie, and other members of the administration." I don't have the proof, but I'll bet that Cabell and Bissell and Boris Pash were very cozy, especially when Cabell was second in command under Allen Dulles. Recall that Wisner was the CIA head of the Gehlen Nazi spy group.


PART 30:


JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, had a reputation of being pro-Nazi or at least pro-Hitler. Joe was a bootlegger and a member of the Mafia, although he hated the Jewish Mafia (Mishpucka) boss Meyer Lansky (real name Maier Suchowljansky). He was U.S. Ambassador to Britain but was recalled because of his pro-Hitler viewpoint. His code clerk was Tyler Kent, which is a story in itself.

In the book *Final Judgment* by Michael Collins Piper, you will find a story about DeWest Hooker. Hooker was a good friend of both Joseph Kennedy and George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party. Piper tells of the arrangement made with Hooker and Rockwell to help JFK get elected. Hooker said, "Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, it was my work that got Johnny Kennedy in the White House." I suggest you read the book, it is available from *Spotlight* Newspaper or Liberty Lobby. If I quote small portions from it you probably would find it too hard to believe! I assure you the story is true, for I know well the man who was the bodyguard and stenographer/scribe to Commander Rockwell.

When Senator Joe McCarthy was conducting the hearings on Communists in the government, his assistant, seated at the same desk beside him, was Robert Kennedy. The Senator at the desk beside McCarthy was Senator John F. Kennedy. JFK was an *insider* who KNEW the source of the problems. When he became President, he fired the CIA heads, installed his brother as Attorney General, and said he was going to put the United States back on the silver standard, stop the Vietnam War, eliminate government involvement with the Mafia, and eliminate the Federal Reserve problem. It has also been reported that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs. Ten days after he gave a speech at Columbia University making these statements, he was murdered.


When Dornberger went to work for Bell, Bell recruited another former German army scientist, Krafft Ehricke, "who had been an adviser on the German wartime atom bomb project" according to Jack Manno, *Arming The Heavens* (Dodd, Mead & Co., 1948). We read a book that says Germany had no atomic bomb project, we read another that says they did. Manno said that Wolfgang Noggerath was brought in and put in charge of what became the Polaris missile. Willy Fiedler was brought in and made chief of planning of the underwater launch systems for submarines.

Let me summarize for you the story as presented. We Americans were far ahead of the stupid Nazi Germans,although we had not yet made any atomic bombs. As the war was ending, we sent in teams and frantically searched for the German atomic scientists. We captured some of those dumb, incompetent scientists, quickly brought them to the United States in top secret programs that are still highly classified, we put those stupid losers in CHARGE of our projects, and we suddenly started making Atomic Bombs. An missiles - and satellites - and whatever else.

I just want to be sure you got the story straight.


Speaking of lies and deception, it would be reasonable to think that if our spy satellites were destroyed in 1977, as stated in *Fire From The Sky,* then there would have been all kinds of repercussions and a lot of people who depend on those satellites would know about it. How was the truth kept secret?

One part of the answer is revealed in a book called *The Falcon And The Snowman* by Robert Lindsey (Pocket Books, New York, 1979). This book tells the story of Christopher John Boyce. Boyce went to work for TRW on July 29, 1974. TRW is the company that made the Viking probe that went to Mars and the satellites which provided General George Keegan with information on the Russian activities at Semipalatinsk and such.

Boyce worked in the top-secret "black box" section, he was the man with the keys and codes to access the vault. He had access to Projects Rhyolite, Argus, Pyramider and "Project 20,030" files, projects which involved spy satellite data coming to the American base at Pine Gap (code named Moreno), Australia, near Alice Springs. He learned things that upset him, such as the CIA interference in Australian elections, the U.S. was lying to other governments, etc. Read the book for more of the story. He began stealing and selling secret documents to the Russian Embassy in Mexico and in January, 1977, he was arrested and charged with espionage.

"It came out during the Boyce-Lee trial that data from these satellites goes to a readout station in Australia - but *not* the one that monitors the early warning satellites. Instead, the data goes to a CIA-run complex in a valley called Pine Gap. After the Pine Gap computers have processed the data, it goes to the TRW Defense and Space Systems headquarters in Redondo Beach, California" (p.111, *The New High Ground* by Thomas Karas).

It was claimed that as a result of his selling secrets to the Soviets, the Soviets changed and encoded their transmissions, camouflaged their facilities, etc., so that the spy satellites suddenly no longer worked. Stansfield Turner, director of the CIA, said the results of Boyce's spying were "distressing, perhaps appalling."

As a result of his spying, we are told, the CIA no longer had satellite coverage of Iran, for instance, leading to the Iranian hostage crisis. Do you remember when the CIA was criticized for being surprised at the fall of the Shah and for not foreseeing the Iranian Hostage Crisis? In truth the U.S. DID know beforehand, as they orchestrated those events, but it is too much to try to cover here. Oh, what a tangled web... NOTHING is as it is presented to the public by our media and leaders.

"Our intelligence community is in disarray. A major satellite intelligence system, developed and deployed at a cost of billions of dollars over the past decade, without Soviet knowledge, has been compromised by intelligence procedures as porous as Swiss cheese." This was a statement made on December 8, 1878, by William Clements who was Deputy Secretary of Defense at the time Boyce worked in the Vault and who later became governor of Texas.

Would you be surprised to learn that Boyce may have been manipulated/set-up? Even the author of the book noticed mysteries: "Why TRW would place a $140-a-week, twenty-one-year-old college dropout in such a sensitive national-security position in the first place is, at least in retrospect, a puzzle. Circumstantially, TRW's decision to leave the Pyramider papers unlocked in the vault where Chris could read them shortly before his departure suggests they could have been left as bait. And there was the mystery of Daulton's [Boyce's assistant in crime] fingerprints on the circuit boards.

An FBI fingerprint expert testified that he had found Daulton's prints on a circuit board from one of the encrypting machines in the vault. Yet both the two spies, when denials meant nothing regarding whether they might be convicted or not, insisted that Daulton had never entered the vault nor had he ever touched the circuit boards. And certainly, the presence of a U.S. Embassy official at the Soviet Embassy on the morning of Daulton's arrest added another curiousity to the case" (p. 422).

Boyce's partner Daulton claimed that all along he was working undercover for the CIA. "The affair of the snowman and the spy who called himself the Falcon was an episode that demonstrated amazing ineptitude on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency" (p. 423).

Boyce's defense attorney George Chelius later developed a lucrative law practice in Orange County, California, catering to businessmen and land developers (p. 427).

A similar event was when William Kampiles sold the Russians a complete manual on the KH-11 (sometimes called the Big Bird, but technically not the same) satellite in March 1978. Kampiles was an operations clerk at CIA headquarters and resigned in October 1977, just after the Russian destruction of our satellites. In February 1978 he went to Athens, Greece. On February 23, he went to the Soviet Embassy and started making arrangements to sell them the documents. He was arrested and went to trial in November 1978 and was sentenced to 40 years.

The facility at Pine Gap, Australia, is something that needs a closer look. Stan Deyo, in *The Cosmic Conspiracy,* tells of a multi-national consortium at Pine Gap that have "radical atmospheric vehicles." In other words, UFOs have been seen going in and out of Pine Gap. Deyo mentions that Dr. Vannevar Bush (claimed to be a member of MJ-12) made repeated visits to the area. Deyo says they are conducting research on crashed UFO residue at Pine Gap.

I will close this section with something to ponder: Astronomer Dr. James Greenacre and four colleagues at a conference on "Moon Problems" in New York in 1964 said that on 29 October 1963 they observed several colorful spots on the moon that moved in formation. One month later Greenacre observed the same phenomena.

The May 1966 issue of *UFO Nachrichten.* Vol. 117, said: "Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 meters to 4.8 kilometers long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 meters in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the 'mother craft' occasionally changing color, as in the often-reported, pulsating style."

Keep looking up.


DISCLAIMER: "I know one thing for certain; that I know no thing (nothing) for certain." – One who knows.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." - Earl Weaver.



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No, my friend, the medium of email does not convey the nuances of messages and people often misunderstand. If I was sensitive about what people thought about what I write I would not write it. I have no ill will nor any other negative feeling against you or your questions! I am just very busy, and I routinely get about 50 to 150 emails A DAY (many from this list) and I simply cannot keep up with all of it.

By the way, I appreciate your posting the Fire From The Sky document on the internet, at the time I did not know how and was not even on the internet (except for some business networks that technically was internet I suppose).

As to Bush, Hoover, etc. being shape-shifters, I did not think that was a question -- how would I know whether they are or not? Although in fact the Russians made their breakthrough in scalar technology in the 1970's and developed clones in the late 1970's using physics that involves holograms, which could lead to more understanding of the shape-shifting phenomena. At some point, everything in the universe is a shape-shifter. You can find more than you wanted to know on this from Tom Bearden, Walter Russell and David Icke.

Since I am the "One Who Knows" of the original Battle of the Harvest Moon document, how about I make some statements to clear up some points (which will only cause more questions, I know).

The name "One Who Knows" was not my idea, it was given to me by a man who was in solitary confinement in prison as a direct result of what he knew about the Mena, Arkansas, Bush/Clinton drug operation. It is explained in my Fire From the Sky document, the various internet versions of it may or may not contain the story.

In the 1970's I worked in the secret section of Control Data Corporation in Sunnyvale, Calif. CDC had the world's most powerful computers at the time: the Cyber series, the Star 100, the Cray (Seymour Cray worked for Control Data. Later when he started his own company, Norris the owner of CDC financed the Cray Corporation and owned part of it). As a direct result we worked on the United States' most secret projects. Such as weather satellites -- which do more than weather, such as the computers under Cheyenne Mountain, and such as spy satellites. I had two security clearances, one official and one unofficial.

The security clearances and all are really beside the point, because most everything I wrote was already written somewhere else. Although I am the author of the Fire From The Sky document, I point out that it is just quotations from others. I was a compiler more than an author.

You stated that the writings were channeled through George Green and Doris Ekker from Hatonn (pronouncedd Aton). Well, Green was just a publisher, Doris was the channeler and the channeled material was mostly spiritual. The Battle of the Harvest Moon material did not come from Hatonn, it came from Dr. P. D. Beter who was involved in clandestine activities for MI6 and the Queen of England, he was assigned to the Export/Import Bank by President Kennedy.

Beter praticed law before the U.S. Supreme Court, he knew Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General George Brown personally and had secret contacts with Brown. Beter also had contact with extraterrestrials, he was the go-between between Brown and Hatonn. Brown got canned and later murdered because of that contact.

Yes, some of the Nazi's escaped and made contacts that lead directly to Ronald Reagan and George Bush. I am sure you know this already.

Yes, the astronauts went to the moon - but NASA lied about the whole program and gave us a false story. Check with Richard Hoagland, R. Rene, etc. Many have seen that the NASA material is hoaxed and have concluded that we did not go to the moon. We went to the moon all right, but that true story is highly classified. One of the original plans for the moon program is in the back of the book The Day After Roswell by Philip Curso.

I used to get a note every week from a man who was the camera operator for the moon landing hoaxed films. He died a few months ago now so I can't refer you to him. Just do your homework --the year that Gus Grissom, Edgar White and Roger Chaffee (Chaffee was U2 pilot with Frances Gary Powers and pilot that took the pictures that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The man who read the pictures and reported to the President is one of my customers, he works for the Texas Department of Transportation, and another of the U2 pilots is a friend of mine who is also my competitor, his business is the same as mine and his shop is across town from me) and a total of 8 astronauts were MURDERED the same year because they resisted the hoax. The rest of the astronauts got the message and went along with the program.

You stated "neither interviewed anyone with first hand knowledge." Well, talking about real first hand knowledge can get you suicided. I was first hand and I saw some of what was happening and I just point out to others some of what is going on. In fact, I know more than I tell but no one would even understand it if I told it much less believe it. So it is no different from if I knew nothing -- just do your own homework and I can help you know where to look if you wish.

"Contact was financed primarily through money provided by a wealthy eccentric from Austin, TX." Once again, no. Dave Overton the "wealthy eccentric" was my friend and customer, he bought the gold from me. When he died, the newspaper interviewed me and then printed a fantasy story that had little to do with the truth. They did not use ANYTHING that I told them, as far as I rememember and could tell. Dave tried to give the gold to Contact, but George Green stole it. It was not used in any way to finance Contact, they never got it. Just recently the gold was disposed but it still did not go to Contact.

When Contact Newspaper printed my letters to the man in solitary confinement which became the Fire From the Sky document, even they got some things wrong. One thing that comes to mind, I wrote that the National Reconnaissance Office developed the KH-11 satellite and I said it had a Byeman name Kennan. The proofreaders changed that to "by a man named Kennan." No, it was right exactly as I wrote it, the Byeman names were a method of code nameing. One of the projects that I worked on at Control Data was the KH-11. They also had SI (Special Intelligence) and TK (Talent-Keyhole) codenames, but that is ancient history now.

The U2 was Byeman code named Idealist and the SR71 (I did the billing for the SR71 program) was Oxcart. Tony Craddock, researcher and web master for CSETI told me that he has contacts in the NSA, Pentagon, CIA etc. and they all confirmed that everything in the Fire From The Sky document was true. Even the cloning of humans which began in the 1970s. You might contact him and see what he is willing to tell, and while you are at it, consider supporting CSETI, they have given presentations to the United Nations, the Pentagon, all the Chiefs of Staff of the military, etc., trying to break the secrecy seal on the UFO subject. Once the seal is broken, you people are going to be shocked, I can assure you. He is at

Best to you and all.

Calvin Burgin AKA "One Who Knows" (how would you like to be stuck with that name? grin)



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