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"I'm glad to support your work. I value your newsletters very much and find myself reading them thoroughly. I especially appreciate that as you scan so many different media on similar topics and events, your coverage of certain key issues is much more comprehensive than other media. We need the comprehensive and in-depth perspectives more than ever."
   ~~  Ralph Metzner, pioneering consciousness researcher and author on giving a monthly donation

Dear friends,

Exciting news! passed the 10 million visit mark last month right around the time of 9/11. And since it's founding in Feb. 2003 just under 10 years ago, the website has received nearly 18 millions page views. On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, we also set a record with 66,000 visits in one day. We currently average about 6,000 visits a day. Interest in the website is growing steadily and thousands of people are awakening to deeper realities every month thanks to our work.

"Thank you for thinking outside of the box. Thank you for asking questions that would have never occurred to most of us. Thank you for being so astute, concise, and irrefutable. This site has changed my perspective on the world profoundly. It's terrifying, but I feel stronger for it. Surely 'they' are watching us, but I'm free of any subsequent fear. Thanks again, from a college-educated, open-minded, rational, truth-seeking person."  ~~  Lauren

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I'm excited to tell you about our new readers forum and to invite new volunteers to step forward, but first I want to ask for your financial support. and PEERS are able to survive and thrive only because of the generosity of many of our readers and subscribers to this list. Thank you so much to all of you who have so kindly supported us financially and/or by offering valuable volunteer support. Please help us continue to thrive by donating now using the information below.

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To read the fascinating history of how came to be, click here. For the 2011 yearly report on PEERS and, including detailed financial information, click here. Referral Program has a great program through which our website earns a percentage of anything you buy without costing you anything extra. Simply by entering using a link with a code in the URL identifying that we referred you, our website gets 4 to 8% of the sale. As long as you enter through this link, any purchases you make support our work. If you shop at and want to support us at no extra cost to yourself, please bookmark or favorite the webpage URL below and use it any time you want to search for and purchase something on

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New Readers Forum, Volunteers, and Testimonials

We've been working hard lately to set up an online forum where you can communicate and share with many others who appreciate the work of This forum will have a place to post on any number of the key topics our website covers. Look for an announcement to sign up within the next week or two. We're very excited that there will soon be a place where all of you can connect with each other.

We are also setting up a separate online forum for any who are interested in volunteering with and PEERS. If you have a couple hours a week or more to support this great work, please click here and send a message expressing your interest. We'll then send you the information to sign up for the volunteer forum. We particularly welcome those with Internet and website management skills. For several effective ways you can help to support and spread the word on this important work, see our webpage with numerous suggestions at this link.

"I send kudos on your fabulous website. I only recently discovered it. I bookmarked it and now, every time I come in to browse some more, I am re-impressed with how good I think it is. I also like that you a) admonish against sliding into 'victim mode', and b) offer suggested avenues of effective activism."  ~~  Heather

Personal testimonials about our website can also be most valuable. Especially if you are financially supporting us or giving donations-in-kind (volunteering), we'd love to receive a short testimonial message from you. To send one now, click here. And please tell us whether we have permission to use your full name, city, and country, should we use your words of support. You've seen several testimonials in this message. Here's one more:

"You, bar none, are the BEST SOURCE on the entire world-wide-web! I will ASAP do a distribution of your SUPERB information, and your need for support. You deserve ENORMOUS SUPPORT!"  ~~  Connie S.

And of course it helps us greatly if you recommend our work to your friends and colleagues. By spreading the word on all that is going on behind the scenes, and even more importantly on what we can do about it, we can and will transform our world. Thank you for any and all ways you are helping to grow and thrive. And have a great one!

With deep gratitude and very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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"You guys are absolutely the best. This website is absolutely the best. I am a recovered MKULTRA experimental subject and your web site has helped me more than any other. Also I use it now for all my news. After I watch the BBC world news I go to the library and read your newsletters. I have been WAY FRUSTRATED with the mainstream news. FINALLY, I have found an alternative."  ~~  Anna W.

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