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April 14, 2013

Dear friends,

Thank you so much to the 55 generous individuals who contributed nearly $2,500 in response to our recent appeal to support our important work and help erase some of our red ink for the year. You rock!!! Thanks especially to the six individuals who signed up for a monthly contribution. You guys are helping us in a big way to open the eyes of many thousands of people every month.

And we still really need help from the rest of you to erase the current remaining deficit of over $5,000 in our yearly budget. With over 11,000 caring subscribers, I know we can keep this service well funded and erase our deficit for the year. Consider that the return on your investment is huge. You are helping countless individuals to open their eyes to profound information which can help them to join in shifting our world onto a much more positive track. Can you beat that?

I particularly want to make a special invitation to you to become a monthly supporter. The more monthly supporters we have, the more stable our budget is, and the easier it is to plan for our future. Will you help us by becoming a monthly supporter? Whether you choose to support us with a monthly contribution, with a one-time online donation, or with a check, the link below will enable you to support awesome change in our world.

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May the blossoming spring season bring lots of rich transformation and ever more love and meaningful connection into our lives and our world. And thank you for the part you are playing in all of this. Together, I have no doubt that we are making a big difference.

With deep gratitude and very best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: For any who are interested in the history of PEERS and, click here.

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