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Next Level
Thanks and Last Call to Help WTK Move to the Next Level

Dear friends,

Thanks so much to the several dozen subscribers who in the last 10 days donated a total of over $1,000 to support our efforts to secure a significant grant for Our new grant writer made a 12-hour bus ride to visit me in person last week. He showed me all the excellent work he's already done to begin the process. I was quite impressed and am excited to have him on board. We are both very optimistic we can raise enough to actually hire someone full time to work with me.

As we have significant upfront costs for both the grant writer and the Foundation Search service, I would greatly appreciate any of you who would be willing to join in helping us by making a contribution at the link below.

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I want you to know that we will not compromise the quality of our work on this. We will not accept any grants with conditions which in any way limit our work. As always, we will strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in all we do. I deeply appreciate your support and your collaboration in working together for the good of all. Take care and enjoy the day.

With excitement, deep gratitude, and very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: I've donated nearly $5,000 recently to PEERS out of my own limited funds to make this grant writing process a reality. I would love it if you are willing to share a little of your resources to support this great work, too.

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