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"You know how when you get a big pile of emails, you just want to ditch everything in the Inbox? Well, even when I feel that way, I leave email from WantToKnow alone. I mark it to read the next morning when I am fresh and in a better mood. I often learn a new perspective and am seldom disappointed. All of us who suffer from information overload have come to realize that the main purpose of WantToKnow is to relieve us of that burden by helping us to sort, saving us time and energy, while still not missing highly important things we want to know." -- Brad Blanton, Ph. D., Author of Radical Honesty

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We really need your help. You know that news reporting these days is filled with annoying advertisements and often covers only superficial aspects of what's going on in our world. You subscribe to the this list because you want a deeper analysis of what's going on behind the scenes in our world. We've chosen to have no advertising on our website or in emails both to keep the message clean and to help promote a new wave where readers rather than advertisers support the news service. This keeps corporate money and influence out of the news process.

I'm writing now to ask you to help us continue with our important work. We currently have a budget deficit of nearly $5,000 for this year. With over 13,000 subscribers and thousands visiting our website every day, we should be able to stay in the black. It turns out less than 5% of our readers help financially to keep this service going. Will you help us to increase those numbers and erase our deficit? In doing so, you are supporting an inspiring new wave in news reporting. Please help with a donation and/or by using the link mentioned below when making purchases on

"Thank you for sending your PEERS e-mails to me. This 93-year-old lady enjoys it tremendously. I especially appreciate the articles that you pick from the newspapers."
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For other effective ways you can help to support and spread this important work, see our webpage with numerous suggestions at this link. Thank you so much for your support. To read the fascinating history of how came to be, click here. For the 2013 yearly report on PEERS and, including detailed financial information, click here. has played a key role in educating all kinds of people from elementary school teachers to top policy makers. Prof. David Ray Griffin, whom many consider to be the most respected spokesperson of the 9/11 movement, originally learned about the 9/11 cover-up through the 9/11 summaries on our website. And many key government and military insiders have contacted us to express their thanks and sometimes provide us with vital inside information. continues to make a big difference in building a brighter future.

With deep gratitude and very best wishes,
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Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Note: For s short, powerfully inspiring video helping to usher in a new paradigm, see the "Metaphormosis" video available here.

"I know of no site that has used technology as well as yours. You have achieved the delightful goal I was looking for. One can follow one's thought processes forever with your links. There are many good websites on the Internet – but nothing I find compares to all you have put together in one place. One thing that is missing on the other sites is the most important connection to the spiritual world and learning to share our love. You have the most well-rounded site I have found." -- Dennis H.

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