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"Thank you for thinking outside of the box. Thank you for asking questions that would have never occurred to most of us. Thank you for being so astute, concise, and irrefutable. This site has changed my perspective on the world profoundly. It's terrifying, but I feel stronger for it. Surely 'they' are watching us, but I'm free of any subsequent fear. Thanks again, from a college educated, open-minded, rational, truth-seeking person."  ~~  Lauren

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I'm writing to kindly request your financial support of our work. Thanks to our many caring readers, PEERS and ended 2014 almost $2,400 in the black. Yet in this new year, we are already $5,800 in the red. Donations in January were slow and we incurred major once-a-year expenses both for our website service provider and for insurance of our non-profit organization. Even $5 helps, as many small donations from caring supporters like you make a big difference for us. And if you can afford a monthly donation of $5 or more, we would be deeply grateful.

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As PEERS is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit and is part of the PEERS network, all contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. To contribute using your credit card online, please visit the link above. Monthly donations are particularly helpful, as they allow us to make future plans knowing we can count on having the support we need to back it up. To send a check or money order, please make your donation out to PEERS and mail it to:

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We welcome checks and money orders in currencies other than U.S. dollars, however as there is a large fee to process these, our bank only allows us to cash checks in other currencies if the amount is equivalent to US $50 or more. Direct bank transfers are also very welcome and can be made in any amount with only a small processing fee. Please contact us for information on this. referral program has a great program through which our website earns a percentage of anything you buy without costing you anything extra. Simply by entering using a link with a code in the URL identifying that we referred you, our website gets 5 to 8% of the sale. As long as you enter through this link, any purchases you make support our work. If you shop at and want to support us at no extra cost to yourself, please bookmark or favorite the webpage URL below and use it any time you want to search for and purchase something on

Please note that you will not receive notification of your use of this referral program, but know that you are helping us any time you make a purchase using this link. We've earned over $10,000 in the last two years through the support of people like you with this program.

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For an inspiring description of how got started, click here. For those interested in an update, since its inception in early 2003, the website has received over 16 million visits and over 27 million page views. In the last year alone, we had over two million visits to the website. We also now have summaries of excerpts from over 6,000 powerful, revealing major media articles in our excellent news database. And our email list has well over 13,000 subscribers from 150 countries around the world. We are making a big difference! has also played a key role in educating all kinds of people from elementary school teachers to top policy makers. Many key government and military insiders have contacted us to express their thanks and to sometimes provide us with vital inside information. continues to make a big difference in building a brighter future. Thank you so much for your support, and may you have rich and meaningful year ahead.

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Note: For two short, powerfully inspiring videos helping to usher in a new paradigm, see the "HeartMath" video available here and "Intentional Chocolate" video at this link.

"Just when I thought I would again fall into despair I ran across your website. It is the most impressive website I've seen so far. Thank you so very much for taking such a courageous step on behalf of us all. I sent the link out to quite a number of friends to stir up support – and also to stir up awareness."  ~~  Patricia Z.

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