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"In these times of pervasive corporate censorship and increased government classification of information, and the PEERS websites serve the vital purpose of alternative media. They provide readers with the relevant facts necessary to filter out the deception and formulate a truly accurate world view."
-- Mark Stepnoski, two NFL Super Bowl championships and five straight Pro Bowl selections

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For those interested in an update, since its inception in early 2003, the website has now received over 15 million visits. In the last three months, we've averaged over 4,000 visits to the website per day. Our email list has grown to more than 13,000 caring subscribers from over 150 countries around the world. And we've also now summarized over 6,000 powerful, revealing major media articles in our awesome news database. has also played a key role in opening the eyes of all kinds of people from school teachers to top policy makers. Prof. David Ray Griffin, whom many consider to be the most respected spokesperson of the 9/11 movement, originally learned about the 9/11 cover-up through the 9/11 summaries on our website. And many key government and military insiders have contacted us to express their thanks and sometimes provide us with vital inside information. If you are interested in reading the inspiring history and development of, click here.

With your support, we have no doubt that we will continue to make a big difference in building a brighter future. And just imagine what we could do if we were able to significantly increase the size of our budget. Thanks so much for caring and for playing your part in these wild and crazy times.

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Note: For two short, powerfully inspiring videos helping to usher in a new paradigm, see the profound baby's first bath video available here and the sweet "Gratefulness" video at this link.

"Finally! I found the place that has all the info I want to read. I have been looking for a place like this forever. I love it. I thank you for all your work. We are so many out here that appreciate it. Thanks is not enough. Keep getting the word out."  ~~  Michelle H.

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