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Once again we are being censored. The news summary we sent out this Monday was censored by certain email service providers. Emails sent to the list are censored like this either by being filtered to spam or junk mail, or they completely disappear and can't even be found in the spam box. I subscribe to our list using four different email addresses (three gmail and one yahoo) to monitor this.

Our news summary this Monday was filtered to spam for all three of my gmail addresses and never arrived at all in my Yahoo account. Could it be that someone doesn't want this information going out? To check on this yourself, any time you suspect you have missed some messages, you can find an index to all previous messages sent to the list (including this last one) with the most recent ones listed first at this link. Read also the brief message on this webpage for more. This censorship shows that we must be doing something right.

Especially in light of this censorship, I want to ask you to support this important work financially. We work hard to provide you with valuable, organized information which helps you to better understand all that is going on. Some say we are one of the very best alternative news sources on the planet. Yet, we are currently $9,600 in the red for this year. We depend on your generosity in order to continue our mission. Please contribute whatever you can to help us awaken ever more people to the deeper realities in our world and to make a difference in building a brighter future for us all.

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To read the fascinating history of how came to be, click here. For the 2014 annual report on PEERS and, including detailed financial information, click here. referral program has a great program through which our website earns a percentage of anything you buy without costing you anything extra. Simply by entering using a link with a code in the URL identifying that we referred you, our website gets 5 to 8% of the sale. As long as you enter through this link, any purchases you make support our work. If you shop at and want to support us at no extra cost to yourself, please bookmark or favorite the webpage URL below and use it any time you want to search for and purchase something on

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With deep gratitude and very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

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