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Dear friends,

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At the beginning of this month, we were $12,600 in the red. With the awesome generosity of 208 of you, we are now under $6,000 in the deficit column. Thank you so much to all who have helped this to happen!

Now to the 14,000 of you who have not yet supported us, I first want to say that for those who really can't afford it, no problem. I just ask that you do your best to spread the word about this important work. And for those who have the means, every donation makes a difference. If just 10% of you give $5, our entire deficit would be erased.

The fact is that each year, only about 5 or 6% of our readers send in a donation, so if you can afford more that $5, we greatly appreciate it. And as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, any donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please help us to dig out of our whole by the end of the year.

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To send a check or money order, please make your donation out to PEERS and mail it to:

1607 Francisco St.
Berkeley, CA 94703  USA

Thanks for whatever support you are able to offer. May your holiday season be filled with love, joy, and good cheer.

With much gratitude to all who support our work,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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