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Exciting Breaking News an Appeal for Support

Dear friends,

I have some exciting breaking news to share, but first I'd like to make one last appeal for you to support our good work. Thank you sooooo much to all who have already given so generously this month! You have helped to bring our budget deficit down all the way from over $13,000 at the start of the month to now only $100 away from completely erasing our red ink. You rock!!! For those who have not yet donated, will you be a part of erasing this last bit of red ink and getting us solidly back into the black?

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The Breaking News

Now for the exciting news. First, let me say that this news may be too far out for some. It involves UFOs and an ongoing take down of those among the power elite in our world involved in child trafficking, pedophilia, and other activities which keep us from thriving.

If this is too much for you, please ignore this and know that, as one who has deeply researched these matters for 16 years, I am personally very excited by this news and optimistic that things are changing behind the scenes in a most wonderful, positive way.

If you are interested in this material, please know that I have been following deep state researcher David Wilcock for nearly 10 years now. I initially found his work to be extremely valuable. As he later made a number of big predictions which I was not surprised did not come true, I found less value in his work, but still occasionally checked in. At the recommendation of a close friend and fellow researcher, I read Wilcock's most recent post uploaded on Christmas day and was thrilled with what I read.

In this long, revealing post (which has over 100,000 views in two days), my suspicions were confirmed that big changes are brewing beneath the surface. I highly recommend at least skimming through Wilcock's recent post on this webpage. Unlike some previous posts, in this one he provides an abundance of links to reliable sources to back up his claims that huge changes are afoot.

Among the links he provides is one to an executive order on the White House website issued on Dec. 20th, which provides powerful evidence supporting his exciting claims. Another is this article in the UK's Daily Mail which questions why Hillary Clinton is still wearing a surgical boot two months after breaking her toe. And John McCain's surgical boot mysteriously changed feet, as pointed out in this MSN article. Could these boots actually be hiding a GPS monitoring bracelet?

Another article posted this month on the US Department of Defense website says the Pentagon will perform its first real audit ever. This hopefully will explain some of the trillions (yes trillions!!!) of dollars which have gone missing. If what Wilcock claims is true, the situation in our world will start to look much brighter in the coming few years. I invite you to explore his piece with an open mind. We live in exciting times!

Thanks again to all of you who support our work to educate and inspire all of us to come together in building a brighter future for ourselves and for our precious children. May the new year ahead be filled with love, joy, and meaning.

With much gratitude and very best wishes for a great new year ahead,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: Don't forget (if you haven't already) to support his vital work. And if you are interested, check out a speculative essay I wrote which explores the really big picture of what is happening on our planet.

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