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FoundationSearch Complaints
Complaints: FoundationSearch Guarantee

FoundationSearch Complaints

FoundationSearch complaints and the experience of our nonprofit PEERS with FoundationSearch show that the FoundationSearch money back guarantee is not to be trusted.

As the Executive Director of PEERS and manager of, I was interested in using the services of FoundationSearch to secure a grant. We don't have a large budget, but the FoundationSearch money back guarantee made it appear that we couldn't lose.

In convincing us that the steep price tag of $3,995 for one year was a very low risk, the FoundationSearch advisor assigned to us told us that if we didn't get at least one $4,000 grant, our fee for using FoundationSearch's services would be fully refunded. Unfortunately, a FoundationSearch director involved in refusing our application for the money back guarantee later told us this is not true. When I then tried to contact our original advisor about this, I was informed that he no longer worked at FoundationSearch. Strange.

You can read other FoundationSearch complaints showing serious problems with the money back guarantee at the bottom of the page at this link. To any nonprofits interested in help with grants, though FoundationSearch does have valuable resources to help with searching for grants, I highly recommend not trusting their money back guarantee, both based on the FoundationSearch complaints we've found and our own very sad personal experience. Consider using Foundation Center or one of the other much cheaper grant supports listed at the link above.

Even though we applied to 113 foundations for grants and received the required six letters of refusal, our application for the FoundationSearch money back guarantee was refused for a variety of petty reasons. Please feel free to contact us for more information on what happened, and good luck in finding grants for your organization.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: Don't trust the FoundationSearch review found at Better Business Bureau and touted by FoundationSearch. The BBB's A+ rating is highly overrated. I submitted a complaint about FoundationSearch and the BBB stated that FoundationSearch had made a good faith effort to resolve the complaint even before they made any response to the complaint. Note also the employee reviews for Metasoft (FoundationSearch's parent company) are only 2.5 out of 5 stars.