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Sexual Empowerment

Ideas to Empower Your Sexual Life

Dear friends,

Sexual Empowerment

As sex has been the cause of so much abuse over the ages, sexual empowerment on both personal and global levels can greatly help to transform our lives and world.

In a culture obsessed with sex, itís amazing how little quality information we are given about how to deal with sexuality. Our media, advertising, and entertainment industries are saturated with subtle and not-so-subtle messages about sex. Yet the underlying thrust is all about beauty, sexual desire, and how important it is to buy the products or operations which will make us popular, more attractive, and better lovers.

And even though advertising and entertainment are filled with sexual innuendo, it is rare that you will find anything other than tabloids and womenís magazines talking openly about both the joys and challenges of sex. In many communities, homes, and workplaces, serious discussion of sexuality continues to be a taboo subject.

Sexual orgasm is the most powerful physical pleasure that most of us ever experience. No wonder our culture is so obsessed with sex! For caring couples who help bring each other into ecstatic orgasm, this huge wave of bliss can bring unbelievable heights of love and connection that open their hearts and souls in ways that are truly magical and profound. Yet open talk of sex and orgasm is all but taboo in todayís world.

The power of sexual desire is an unstoppable force of nature that plays an absolutely vital role in life on Earth. None of us would be here if our parents didnít surrender to this incredible state of ecstasy. One moment of sexual union between our mother and father is what started the dance of the sperm and egg that ended up literally birthing the bodies we now inhabit. This sexual act quite literally is what keeps humanity going from generation to generation. Without the urge to merge, none of us would be here.

Yet while sex can bring incredible pleasure and rich, meaningful connection in our lives, yet it has also been the source of incredible amounts of pain and abuse when used for control and domination for many centuries. The summaries of major media news articles on this webpage reveal sex abuse at high levels of government, in churches, and even in the Boy Scouts. The amount of shame and secrecy around sex allows it to fester and get incredibly distorted in the darkness.

By shining light into this darkness, we can heal the shame and damage which so many have experienced. By talking about and educating ourselves on both the wonderful, empowering aspects of sexuality and the ways it has been used to control and dominate, we can set a clear course for ourselves in choosing the positive, connecting aspects of this sensitive topic and doing our best to stop the negative, destructive actions which continue rampant in our world.

It is extremely rare that any of society's many sexual messages even hints at sacred sexuality or the spiritual dimensions of sex. To those who have succumbed to all of these subliminal and overt messages, sacred sexuality might even seem like a contradiction in terms. Yet many who have explored the realms of sacred sexuality and tantra have found their lives to be greatly empowered and transformed. For those interested in exploring how to bring greater depth and meaning into their sexuality, click on the link below to read an excellent online lesson titled "Sacred Sexuality."

As the founder of and the PEERS websites, I am deeply dedicated to shining a loving light into the shadows of ourselves and our world. Other than the above lesson on sacred sexuality and our coverage of sexual abuse scandals, sexuality has not been a topic of interest on the the PEERS website. Both I and members of our board of directors feel as sexuality is such a sensitive topic that is best to keep sexuality separate from the PEERS work.

With that said, I personally have wanted to address this topic and bring sexuality out of the closet for a long time. Yet I am choosing to keep this work separate from the work of PEERS. I have taught and led events on tantra and sacred sexuality for nearly 20 years and found it to be incredibly empowering. It is a great joy to help others heal the deep, hidden shame experienced by so many and open to the beautiful aspects of sexuality which can bring much love and deeper connection.

As a result, completely independent of PEERS, I have created a website which I believe will help to empower many people it their sex lives. The website is called Let's Talk Sex! and is available at this link. Please note that the information and essays on this website are targeted to teenagers and young adults, though there may be useful information for older adults, too. The language used is sometimes filled with slang and words which some older folks may find distasteful, though it is commonly used by the younger generation.

Thanks for your interest in this sensitive topics. Please take what works for you and leave the rest.

With very best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks
Founder fo the PEERS empowerment websites

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