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11-11-2011 and 12-21-2012
Dates to Focus on Spreading Love and Transformation

"It's not about rebellion, it's about awakening to the infinite potentials within ourselves and all around us for ever deeper love and more meaningful connection!"

Dear friends,

What wild and exciting times we live in!!! I have a special invitation for everyone on this list and all others interested in supporting personal and global transformation. I'm sure many of you are now feeling major shifts happening on both personal and global levels. Though we are facing some real challenges, it's an awesome time to be alive, and each of us can play as big of a part as we feel ready to play in spreading love and transformation in our lives and world.

This exciting invitation involves two dates that have sparked the imagination of milions worldwide: 11-11-11 and 12-21-2012. With all of this concentrated attention, we have a powerful opportunity to focus our energies on these two dates to spread love, healing, and transformation both in our own lives and for all in our world. I have no doubt that when many people focus their energy at the same time on a shared vision, a collective energetic wave is generated which has far-reaching effects. Each extra person who joins in adds exponentially to this wave.

Whether or not the actual dates of Nov. 11, 2011 (11-11-11) and Dec. 21, 2012 have inherent value, the fact that so many are paying attention to these dates creates a rich opportunity for all interested to focus our energies together at these points in time. I invite each of you either to join in one of the events already planned around the world (see list below) or to call together a group of friends on these dates to join in inviting ever more love and transformation into our world.

Here are suggestions for a few key visions upon which we can focus together:

  • Shine light into the darkness
  • See the heart in every person
  • Spread love and transformation to all
  • Invite spiritual guidance in supporting these

Shine light into the darkness: Behind the scenes on the global stage, much information of key importance has been hidden from the public in order to forward secret agendas of power and control in our world. Let us join in calling for light to be shone into these dark and secret places, so that we all can better know what we are dealing with and work together to transform these agendas to support what's best for all in our world. And possibly even more important, let us each examine any secrets or hidden agendas we have in our own lives, and then find ways to shine light there and transform ourselves through inviting love and transformation into all parts of our lives.

See the heart in every person: Every person in the world has a heart. Think about it. Even those you most dislike have a heart. Even the world's most diabolical political leaders and greediest business executives have a heart. And every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. Let us open our own hearts as we seek to see the heart and support the desire to love and be loved in all around us, including even the world's leaders and richest people, and especially those with whom we have challenges in our personal lives.

Spread love and transformation to all: Let us join together in spreading heartfelt loving energy and wishes for transformation to all who are open to receive it, as well as to the beautiful planet which supports us in living here. Let's invite all to let go of the old polarizing us vs. them ways of thinking and open to the harmonizing beauty and joy of seeing that we are all members of one human family doing our best to survive, grow, and even thrive in these challenging times.

For global leaders who are still focused on old paradigm ways of power and money, and for the parts within each of us which might be overly focused on money and power, let's energetically invite these to open to the richness and power of our hearts to feel love and to value the deeper things in life. It's not about rebellion, it's about awakening to the infinite potentials within ourselves and all around us for ever deeper love and more meaningful connection!

Invite spiritual guidance in supporting these: I have no doubt that there are many guiding spirits, guardian angels, and beings from places beyond our planet and from dimensions more expanded than this three-dimensional world who are more than eager to support us in our desire to spread love and transformation. I also suspect that the support they can give us depends largely on our desire for this, so let's consciously invite and call in their help on both 11-11-11 and 12-21-2012.

If you are ready to ramp up your level of excitement around all of this another notch, I invite you to check out the awesome website and upcoming transformational documentary Thrive at the liink below. A great trailer is available there now, and Thrive is scheduled to premiere on 11-11-11. You can also stream the full, inspiring documentary at this website staring on 11-11-11 for US $5.

11-11-11 is rapidly approaching. If the idea of spreading love and transformation collectively inspires you, contact your friends now and invite them to gather on this special date. See if you can even arrange to be together at 11:11 in the morning or evening. Knowing that millions will be joining you on this special date, I invite you to breathe in this collective wave of love and support, and to share your heartfelt love and support with whoever is with you and with all in our world.

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Lake Titicaca, Peru: Spiritual 11-11-11 event - Information here

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For a list of lots more 11-11-11 gatherings around the globe, click here. You can also use an Internet search engine to enter the terms 11-11-11 and the name of your city to look for a gathering near you. Thanks for your interest in helping to transform our world. What an exciting time of great shift and possibility in our world!!! I have no doubt that what we are doing here makes a big difference. Take care, and enjoy the final week before this special date.

With sacred love, anticipation, and very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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