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Media Censorship
CBS Censors Cold Fusion Video - Was Fourth Most Popular

Dear friends,

The highly revealing 12-minute video clip from 60 Minutes on the fascinating resurgence of cold fusion I mentioned in a message yesterday has now been removed by CBS. I highly suspect media censorship at work here. A supporter emailed to tell me that the embedded video from an article I had posted on this at was not working. Checking back on my original links to the video revealed that a weak clip of less than two-minutes had replaced the engaging, longer original.

After some careful research, I discovered that the 12-minute video had moved up to the fourth most popular on the entire CBS website. Following the link on the CBS video page in the "Most Viewed Videos" section at the bottom, I found that though there were 70 comments posted under the video, it no longer functioned. I suspect someone didn't want us to see that video. What other reason would there be to censor this powerful clip? For more on this, see the informative article I posted here.

Please take advantage of the power of the Internet to spread the word, so that we can break through this kind of censorship. I encourage everyone to send CBS a short message using this link to ask why the amazing 60 Minutes video was removed and tell them you want it back. And please let me know if you are successful. Together, we can make a difference. Thanks for caring.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Special addendum 4/25/09: Possibly thanks to the dozens of you who emailed CBS, the 12-minute video clip has now been posted at another link. You can learn more and watch it here. Thanks so much to all who emailed and supported us in this.

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