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Hypnosis on Girls in Mind Control Programs
Image of Original Declassified CIA Document

CIA Document Mori ID: 190684, page 1 (page 4 available here)
Title: Outline of Special H Cases
Date: 7 January 1953

To check the veracity of this document, order it directly from the CIA as an individual document, or as part of the three CD set of declassified CIA mind control documents. Ordering instructions available here.

CIA Use of Hypnosis with Girls for Mind Control

What You Can Do

By taking action to inform ourselves and others, we can expose and transform these hidden manipulations..

  • Inform your media and political representatives of this important information. To contact representatives close to you, click here. Urge them bring these documents into the public light and release all documents pertaining to mind control and government-sanctioned use of hypnosis, especially on young girls.
  • Learn about the history and development of CIA mind control programs in this two-page summary.
  • Read concise summaries of revealing media reports on CIA mind control programs available here.
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