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Personal Mission Statement
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My Personal Mission Statement
By Russell Cameron Thomas

My personal mission is to make value visible in complex organization systems – private sector, public sector, and social sector.

I am on a quest for breakthroughs in our theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the qualitative dynamics of meaning, structure, and value. 

I feel this is my duty, responsibility, and calling.

I value individuals and want to enhance their creative thinking abilities.  I value human society, and want to help organizations and society manage the ever-increasing complexity we are creating and living.  I value the world, and want to help us live more gently in our world.  I expect to both increase our knowledge and increase our humility.

I will be an explorer of this uncharted world; a courageously creative thinker; a mid-wife for the ideas and creations that are waiting to be born; a caretaker for the fragile ideas before they are made substantial; an evangelist for a cause; a laborer getting done what needs to get done; a community builder to support the people working in this area and drawing support from them; and a witness – part of the universe looking back on itself.

To fulfill this personal mission statement, I will focus on the journey and the process, and share the fruits with the world along the way.  The material benefits will be used to support my family and me, and to support my personal mission.

I believe this mission will draw on all of my talents, challenge all my capabilities and energies, and require steadfast persistence.  I face uncertainty and risk, and potential failure, disappointment, and delusion.  Knowing all this, I commit myself completely.

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