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Crisis Actors

False Flag Operations and Crisis Actors

Dear friends,

The below photos and information on crisis actors raise serious questions on what's really happening with many of the mass murders and terrorist events which have occurred in the US. Take a look at decide for yourself. And for lots more reliable, verifiable information showing that many of these events are manipulated in major ways, check out an excellent article titled "Impossible Odds."

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: I did not compile this information, but copied it from another website.

False Flag Crisis Actors

This page shows a number of crisis actors who appear to have been used in several false flag events, which suggests that many terror events are controlled by clandestine groups.

False Flag Crisis Actors

Here is a same crisis actor who was supposedly a former classmate of the alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, yet who appears amazingly like the sister of James Foley, who was supposedly beheaded.


So ummmm, this video will help you see… ummmm, that they are the same people?

Here is Robbie Parker, supposed dad of a Sandy Hook child victim, smiling before the cameras are rolling, and then going into what looks like acting mode.

Here’s a link to a video compilation of the supposed parents of Sandy Hook children who were killed. They smile a lot, they look rested, and have no tears and no red eyes.

Here is a disabled army vet who is supposedly injured during the Boston Marathon. He looks pretty calm for missing two legs.



Here’s a video that exposes a woman who is interviewed at three separate terrorist events. For some still photos that further expose the deception, see this webpage.

This lady is the lawyer for the alleged shooter at the Batman Aurora Theater shooting, yet she also looks amazingly like a grieved parent of a Sandy Hook victim.


Boston Marathon runner Rebecca Roche looks like Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlan Roig.


Here’s Barbara Starr acting as a Pentagon correspondent for CNN, yet she looks amazingly similar to a crisis actor in both the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon massacres.


Same mouth, same nose, same hair.


Here’s a video of people caught in the act of the staging of the supposed Boston Bombing attack.

Nick Pugh was interviewed at the LAX shooting and on 9/11 just after the towers came down. Why did the police let him go from an airport shooting when he had no I.D. and no plane ticket? And in the 9/11 interview, he proclaims that the towers collapsed because of structural failure from the fire. But jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. Here’s a expose on 9/11 that reveals the truth about who was involved:

Here’s a young lady who appears to be involved in three different false flag events; the Aurora Theater shooting, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon attack. Here’s more information with detailed pictures of the faked Boston Marathon scenes


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