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Hidden in Plain Sight
Vital Information to Transform our World is an educational website which provides reliable, verifiable information from respected sources on major cover-ups and corruption occurring in our world today. Almost all information is taken from the most reliable sources available with links provided for easy verification. As a means of dealing with this sometimes disturbing information, also presents a wealth of inspiring and empowering information to build a brighter future for us all.

For the best quick introduction to these cover-ups, we've developed both two-page and ten-page summaries for each category below. These summaries are designed to be printed directly from the Internet. In the chart below, you can also find links to excellent information centers packed with revealing information for each major category, riveting one-paragraph summaries of major media news articles, and dynamic online lessons presenting the best videos, essays, quotes, and more on each topic. Thanks for caring.

Dynamic Online Courses Connect the Dots, Present Big Picture

The developers of have created several free, online courses designed to deepen understanding of our lives and world. These highly praised courses bring together the best of the Internet with mind expanding videos, essays, quotes, and more designed to nurture wisdom and connect the dots on the big picture of all that is happening in our world. The journey through these dynamic online courses will support you in feeling more connected with yourself and all around you, in more fully experiencing life in all its richness, and in making a difference in our world.

The Wisdom Courses

Summaries of Individual Resources

Banking Cover-up
The Fed is not what it seems
Seeds of Deception
Devastating GMO
The 9/11 Timeline
25 pages of 9/11 facts from media
The 9/11 Timeline
60 pages of 9/11 facts from media
Mind Controllers
Top secret mind control weapons
A Nation Betrayed
A mind control survivor tells all
MD complicity in mind control

Best Overall Summaries

Building a Brighter Future
What's happening & what we can do
Economic Hit Man
Global economic manipulations
Blueprint for Total Control
Monetary & psychological control
Tragedy and Hope
Professor on secretive banking elite
Mind Control, Hypnosis, and Ritual Abuse
Professor silenced after giving this revealing speech on cults and more
Deep Insider Speaks of Transformation
Powerful information on the creation, subjugation, transformation of Earth
Behind the Scenes
Deep insider discusses elite factions
Big Picture Speculation founder speculates
Shifting Paradigms
Beyond the hierarchical paradigm