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Because crime hurts, justice should heal. — John Braithwaite

Hey friends, has entered a new, creative era as we continue to educate the public about the powerful forces shaping society from behind the scenes. Media and society has changed significantly since 2003 when we first got started, yet our mission and purpose remains the same: exposing high level corruption and cover-ups and highlighting the best of humanity with solutions and stories that remind us of our innate goodness and collective power.

That’s why we created this 9-min video, which will be featured on our website and social media platforms. In a time when trust in journalism is low, we want to boldly share who we are and the unique role we have in the media landscape.

In our video, we discuss important societal issues that could bring us together across our seemingly vast differences. We also explore the Deep State, providing a nuanced perspective on the deep corruption and injustices that continue to happen regardless of who’s elected in office. Yet most importantly, we call for the restoration of human goodness and community—especially in the face of some of the most controversial and divisive issues.

Check out our 9-min video about the important work we do—and if you resonate with our message, please share widely!

We believe in a better version of humanity and society. A society that supports open, uncensored dialogue free of manipulation by the control regime, where power abusers are held accountable for their actions, and where technology is used for good and not exploitation. And in our Inspiration Center, we provide thousands of examples of how we’re making society a better place for all.

At, there’s a place for everyone—no matter where you stand on the political aisle. Our site serves as a useful research tool and comprehensive archive for a wide variety of topics. We save people time by summarizing important and revealing news articles, drawing from the most credible and verifiable sources across corporate and independent media. We now have a database of over 13,000 news article summaries and comprehensive information centers on corruption in government, medicine, food, national security, justice, technology, the financial industry, and UFO/UAP disclosure. We’re also on Substack where we write original investigations, and we host a variety of engaging video series on our social media platforms, which explore the news and controversial topics with uncensored investigation, nuance, and mindful inquiry.

Let’s stop the endless arguments with each other and work together to fix our broken systems!

With faith in a transforming world,
Amber Yang for PEERS and

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