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Our work at explores a key question facing humanity: What brings out the worst in us, and what brings out the best in us?

Censorship in all its forms, media polarization, and the prevailing loneliness epidemic are a few examples of the steep decline in social engagement playing out in society, impacting our ability to work together to solve collective problems. Perhaps this diminished collective creativity is our ultimate crisis: a crisis of imagination. This crisis seems to be driven, in part, by today's media and journalistic practices shaping public opinion about key issues.

Most news is about what we fear. The recurrence of human failures, war, terror, tragedy, and who's to blame contribute to a cycle of cynicism and disengagement. When society is polarized, we lose touch with what brings out the best in humanity: collaboration, creativity, openness to nuance and complexity, social-emotional intelligence, and shared purpose. Where's the empowering news that highlights these qualities?

Just as our negativity bias has helped us to survive, we need to know what is going right and well in the world, and that new ways of seeing and understanding the world are possible. Emerging neuroscience shows that the brain is designed to change and rewire itself. Every time we take in the good and hold it in our minds and bodies, we’re literally strengthening neural connections associated with these positive experiences, which has far-reaching healing potential.

Most importantly, our inspiring work cultivates a vision of love. Specifically, a type of love rooted in the Greek word agape, a moral imperative defined by Martin Luther King Jr. as the creative, redeeming, and understanding goodwill for all people. Agape is the willingness to go to any length to restore community, across our differences and divides.

Love brings the best of heart intelligence to all aspects of our lives. And through science, we know that the heart has its own electromagnetic field that affects others around us. It sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart. Numerous studies have even shown that heart rhythms stood out as the most reflective indicator of one’s well-being.

Many wisdom traditions see the heart as an organ of inner vision, allowing us to see the deeper meaning in everything we do, from ordinary daily events to the most challenging of circumstances. As nonviolent activist Kazu Haga once said, "if we carry intergenerational trauma, we also carry intergenerational wisdom" inside all of us.

Since 2003, we’ve documented some of the best insights, resources, and thousands of inspiring news articles on the powerful role of art and creativity in social change, solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, mysterious explorations into consciousness and spirituality, and incredible stories of human goodness and resilience.

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"If we carry intergenerational trauma, then we also carry intergenerational wisdom. It’s in our genes and our DNA."

— Kazu Haga

Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy. Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with reclaiming our dignity, joy, and liberation.

— adrienne maree brown

When one lives in a society where people can no longer rely on the institutions to tell them the truth, the truth must come from culture and art.

— John Trudell

If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.

— Joanna Macy

Words of Inspiration from PEERS Team

Amber Yang, PEERS
Associate Director

Beyond Polarizing Culture Wars: Centering an Ethic of Love for Activism and Society

With many awakening to mass deceptions and corruptions, our times call for some restoration of community, and our sense of common good and connection with each other. Paradoxically, this also means to pay attention to established interests that gain by confusing and dividing us.

Critical Thinking and Beyond: Using Sensemaking to Navigate the Media Landscape

To navigate the media landscape, we have two tools: good critical thinking and sensemaking. Sensemaking involves the weaving of body-based intelligence that reduces our defenses, maintains emotional regulation, stays open to different ways of perceiving the world, and holds conflicting feelings while navigating the complex information we're getting from our media systems.

Fred Burks,
PEERS Founder

A White House Insider's Journey: Down The Rabbit Hole and Back to Magnificence

Fred Burks served for 18 years as a language interpreter with the U.S. Department of State, eventually interpreting for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and numerous other world leaders. Late in his career, he stumbled down a deep rabbit hole where he discovered intense levels of global deception and manipulation. His courageous whistleblowing was reported on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Fred has gone on to develop key websites which have helped millions to open their eyes to deeper realities and to powerfully work together for an inspiring new paradigm.

Creating a New Paradigm

The means for establishing control are through promoting fear, secrecy, and polarization, and through distracting people from their deeper purpose in life. When these factions gain greater power and control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away without our even realizing it. These suggestions emphasize changing the collective consciousness of the world by transforming both our own personal lives and the world around us.

This section has touched the hearts and souls of millions. As this website specializes in issues of corruption and major cover-up issues, we believe it is important to balance this with empowering materials that inspire us to transform fear into hope and constructive action.

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In these transformational courses, we bring together heart and mind expanding materials designed to inspire your wisdom, and expand your awareness of all that is happening in our lives and world.

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Despite the challenges, there are many great reasons for hope and optimism. These inspiring trends suggest that we are in the midst of a huge shift that could very well lead to a much richer and more enjoyable world for all.

10 Reasons for
Hope and Optimism

What is the purpose of life for you? Finding and clarifying your life purpose and core life intentions can help you move with greater focus and clarity — especially in these challenging and uncertain times of COVID.

Life Purpose
and Life Intentions