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Truth Videos
Short Video Clips Reveal Deep Truths About Our World

Truth Videos.

The highly revealing truth videos below will inform, educate, and possibly open your eyes in a new way that will inspire you to take action. Most of these compelling documentaries were produced by mainstream media sources and are among the most important truth videos ever made.

Many are concise excerpts capturing the essence of longer truth videos, with links included to the original full-length documentaries for those inspired to explore deeper. Other links to dive further into reliable information on each topic are always included.

As some of these truth videos can be quite heavy and sobering, take in only as much as feels right to you. If you find yourself feeling triggered, consider taking a break by exploring our Inspiration Center or watching one of our amazingly inspiring videos to balance the heaviness. For ideas on what you can do about all this, see the "What you can do" section below the video descriptions. And thanks for caring enough to explore these vital topics and make a difference in our world.

Truth Video #1 : The Men Who Killed Kennedy (History Channel - 5 minutes)

Truth Video #2 : CIA Secret Weapon (Turner Home Entertainment - 1 minute)

Truth Video #3 : Secret Society - Skull & Bones (CNN - 4 minutes)

Truth Video #4 : The Power of Nightmares (BBC - 22 minutes)

Truth Video #5 : Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination (Canada's Vision TV - 6 min)

Truth Video #6 : Media Censorship and Monsanto (Former Fox reporters - 10 minutes)

Truth Video #7 : 9/11: Press for Truth (Independent - 15 minutes)

Truth Video #8 : Mind Control: America's Secret War (History Channel - 43 minutes)

Truth Video #9 : UFO Documentary Out of the Blue (Sci-Fi Channel - 90 minutes)

Truth Video #10 : Sweet Misery (Independent - 94 minutes)

Truth Video #1: The Men Who Killed Kennedy (History Channel: 5 minutes)

This five-minute segment from a comprehensive, nine-part History Channel series dealing with the mysterious death of President John F. Kennedy highlights some of the controversial findings and little-known facts of this most tragic event in our history. Links are provided for more in-depth study. To watch the final and most revealing full episode of this series (which was banned due to a lawsuit), click here. For key excerpts from numerous major media news articles presenting definitive evidence that a number of key assassinations were not what they seemed, click here. - 5 minute video clip

Truth Video #2: CIA Secret Weapon (Turner Home Entertainment: 1 minute)

This is a powerful one-minute excerpt from a 45-minute Turner Home Entertainment documentary entitled Secrets of the CIA. In this key clip, a CIA whistleblower and Congressional testimony from 1975 reveal a silent dart gun which can kill without a trace, mimicking a heart attack. To watch the full documentary, which features the whistleblowing testimony of five former CIA agents who eventually realized their work was not supporting their country, but rather a powerful elite, click here. - 1 minute video clip

Truth Video #3: Secret Society - Skull & Bones (CNN: 4 minutes)

Skull and Bones is Yale's oldest secret society. It's members include some of America's most powerful and privileged elite, including several presidents, supreme court justices, and top corporate CEOs, all sworn to secrecy. Some of their secrets are explored in this short, revealing CNN report. For key excerpts from many eye-opening major media news articles on secret societies, click here. - 4 minute video clip

Truth Video #4: The Power of Nightmares (BBC: 22 minutes)

This enlightening truth video has key excerpts from the BBC's Power of Nightmares, an excellent three-hour, three-part series exposing blatant manipulations by key politicians in the war on terror. Solid evidence is presented suggesting that much of the widespread fear in the post-9/11 world has been fabricated by those in power for their own interests. For more on this mind-expanding documentary and links to watch all three parts and/or read the transcripts, click here. - 22 minute video clip

Truth Video #5: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination (Canada's Vision TV: 6 minutes)

This carefully researched Vision TV program (Canada) shows powerful evidence that elements of the U.S. government were involved in the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. Learn about an astounding 1999 Memphis civil trial in which a jury found a major conspiracy in King's assassination. Yet the media failed to give any significant coverage to the entire trial. For lots more on the great work of King, click here. For key excerpts from numerous major media news articles presenting definitive evidence that a number of key assassinations were orchestrated, click here. - 6 minute video clip

Truth Video #6: Media Censorship and Monsanto (Former Fox reporters: 10 minutes)

Two courageous reporters give a riveting depiction of how they were fired by Fox News for revealing health dangers in milk. Monsanto's heavy pressure not to reveal the dangers of bovine growth hormone resulted in the widespread use of this unhealthy ingredient. For a highly engaging, two-page summary of many award-winning journalists who were stopped by their corporate ownership from reporting major stories which would have made top headlines, click here. - 10 minute video clip

Truth Video #7: 9/11: Press for Truth (Independent: 15 minutes)

This excerpt is taken from the 84-minute, highly revealing, carefully researched 9/11 video: 9/11 Press for Truth. Powerful, reliable evidence suggests complicity of certain top U.S. government officials in a major cover-up of the events of 9/11. For an excellent information center filled with verifiable information showing how deep this rabbit hole goes, click here. - 15 minute video clip

Truth Video #8: Mind Control: America's Secret War (History Channel: 43 minutes)

The History Channel produced this excellent video exploring the strange world of the CIA's secret mind control programs. Titled Mind Control: America's Secret War, this powerfully revealing documentary will send chills down your spine. For more about this eye-opening film, click here. To read excerpts from verifiable, declassified CIA documents revealing a major cover-up around the use of mind control techniques both to fight clandestine wars and for personal gain, click here. And if you are ready to dive even deeper down the rabbit hole, watch the banned Discovery Channel documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" at this link. - 43 minute video documentary

Truth Video #9: UFO Documentary Out of the Blue (Sci-Fi Channel: 90 minutes)

Out of the Blue is considered by many serious researchers to be the best documentary film ever made about UFOs. The film's producers traveled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record. Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel and riveting video footage, this award-winning, two-part film presents powerful evidence that at least some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. For part two, click here. For lots more reliable, verifiable information on a major UFO cover-up, click here. - 90 minute video documentary (in two parts)

Truth Video #10: Sweet Misery (Independent: 94 minutes)

The carefully researched documentary Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World explores the serious health risks of aspartame. Engaging interviews with top MDs and researchers are both revealing and tremendously moving, exploring all facets of this artificial sweetener, how it was approved under very shady circumstances, and the powerful people who pushed it through the FDA. This film has saved lives. If you care about your health and that of your loved ones, don't miss this. For lots more reliable, verifiable information on cover-ups and manipulations in the field of health, click here. - 94 minute video documentary

We invite you to share these revealing truth videos with your friends and colleagues. Using the amazing power of the Internet, we can spread this powerful, largely hidden information around our planet. And for a number of truly amazing and inspiring videos, click here. Together, we are making a big difference. Have a rich and meaningful day, week, and life ahead!

Special Note: This list was compiled by William Van Vechten and Fred Burks for Fred is a former language interpreter for Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. For any interested in an engaging 24-minute radio interview describing his high-level interpreting activities and more, click here. This talk is from his appearance in an episode titled "Journeys Toward Truth" on the excellent program Hitchhiking Off the Map. Though not at the level of the above videos, you may find his story to be revealing in its own way.

What you can do:
  • Inform your media and political representatives of these important and revealing truth videos. To contact those close to you, click here.
  • For lots more reliable, verifiable information on key topics which are being hidden from the public and a call to work together for positive change, click here.
  • For an inspiring essay on how we can work together for a brighter future, click here.
  • For a heart and mind expanding online course covering similar topics and mixing the dark cover-up information with highly inspiring material on how our world is changing in a most wonderful way, see the free Insight Course.
  • Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on key news websites using the "Share" icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.

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