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Best Summaries of World Politics
Essays for Looking Deeper and Going Beyond Partisan Politics

Best Summaries of World Politics

We believe in the open, uncensored flow of information. The perspectives we draw upon are varietal and often controversial, and they’re not always aligned with social consensus.

The engaging summaries below are quite different from each other, yet they each carry intriguing information on what's going on behind the scenes on the stage of world politics.

Be aware, however, that some of the information in these summaries does not measure up to the standards of reliability and verifiability normally adhered to on Please consider this information as powerful food for thought and discard whatever portions do not work for you.

The first inspiring essay is one of the most important documents ever in summarizing both the shadow and the light sides of our world. The concise, thought-provoking essay titled "Creating a New Paradigm" summarizes what is currently happening in the world and gives empowering suggestions on what we can do about it. At only two pages, you will likely find this short essay well worth your time. - Creating a New Paradigm (2 pg.)

An excellent, seven-page summary by a deep insider explains in simple terms how global economics are manipulated to keep the money flowing into the pockets of the wealthy elite of the world. John Perkins worked for 10 years as an economic hit man selling huge international loans and promoting misleading economic forecasts to keep money flowing from poorer nations to the wealthiest multinational corporations. This highly insightful summary explains a key aspect of how money is manipulated behind the scenes and why so few are aware of it. - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (7 pg.)

Carroll Quigley was one of the most prominent historians of the twentieth century. This brilliant scholar taught at Harvard and Yale before taking a history professorship at Georgetown University for over three decades. His life's work, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, is one of the few history books to openly discuss the critical and ultra-powerful role of the world's top bankers in the development of history in the Western world. He reveals that "the powers of financial capitalism had [a] far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." The links below provide fascinating summaries of excerpts from Professor Quigley's 1,300-page landmark work on world history. - Tragedy and Hope (10 pg.) - Tragedy and Hope (40 pg.)

The next summary is incredibly valuable for providing clear descriptions of the larger context within which all of the behind the scenes manipulation of world politics are taking place. This penetrating essay covers deep banking manipulations, the plan to microchip the masses, and how people are secretly manipulated and controlled by a small, but powerful elite. It also provides excellent suggestions on what we can do to bring about positive change. This well written piece will almost certainly help to expand your awareness of what is happening in our world. - Blueprint for Total Control (20 pg.)

This revealing essay on the role of cults in our world is the transcript of a courageous, landmark lecture by psychologist D. Corydon Hammond, a respected professor and author of many key books and articles. In this revealing talk, Dr. Hammond took great personal risk in presenting extensive research into ritual abuse being carried out by a system of cults around the world. These highly secretive cults appear to be intent upon gaining as much control over our world as possible through developing an army of Manchurian Candidates which have infiltrated many aspects of government. Due to intense threats, Dr. Hammond stopped speaking about this shortly after this speech and has remained quiet on the topic since. Yet his speech continues to be highly regarded among many therapists who deal with these issues. - Prof. Hammond's lecture (3 pg.) - Prof. Hammond's lecture (18 pg.)

A woman who uses the name Svali claims she was a lead trainer in a highly secretive, yet powerful cult called the Illuminati. She escaped once she realized that the same deceptive and painful techniques she used on children as a trainer were used on she herself as a child. In special activities carried out under extreme secrecy, she says Illuminati children are subjected from a young age to sessions using drugs, hypnosis, and shock-reward conditioning. This is a summary of some of her extensive writings on the Illuminati, which she says she has written in an attempt to make up for all the unnecessary suffering she caused as a trainer in this cult. - Svali on the Illuminati (10 pg.)

A powerful message which has opened the eyes of many who were already well aware of the major cover-ups comes interestingly from one who claims to be a spiritual leader of one of the ruling bloodlines of this planet. It may sound bizarre, but this essay presents both a fascinating creation story and a highly intriguing response to the question of why there is so much violence and destruction on Earth. Explore this most thought-provoking message by one who calls himself Hidden Hand at the links below. Though the four-page summary is a good introduction, the 16-page version is much deeper and more inspiring. - A deep insider speaks out (4 pg.) - Hidden Hand essay (16 pg.)

Another eye-opening summary is by the now deceased Dr. Peter Beter, who worked for many years in the top echelons of global finance. Meeting with key banking, political, and financial leaders around the world, Dr. Beter came to understand major secrets being carefully and cleverly hidden from the people of the world – secrets which play a decisive role in the development of world affairs. After leaving the world of high finance, he dedicated himself to revealing these important secrets and empowering people to take action to change this corrupt system. Though this summary was written in 1983 and is not easily verifiable, the information can still be highly useful in understanding the power struggles going on today between factions of the global elite. - Summary of Dr. Peter Beter's Audio Letters (20 pg.)

Lifting the Veil is a free, online book which is the best single summary revealing the deepest levels of deception in our world. And it uses highly reliable sources on almost everything presented, with links to verify it all. Explore undeniable proof of cults made up of psychopaths hell bent on dominating and controlling this planet. And learn how they are able to keep all of this out of the eye of the public. This most excellent book is a must read for all who want to be educated and join in building a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations. - Lifting the Veil (164 pg.)

A compelling seven-page essay by Fred Burks, the founder of, provides deep speculation on the UFO presence on our planet and its implications. Though this is a speculative essay in which some sources provided are not as reliable as those usually used on the website, plentiful links are provided to explore some of the fascinating theories proposed. A second, eight-page essay relates Fred's extraordinary personal journey to the White House, down the rabbit hole, and back to hope and inspiration. Don't miss these inspiring essays which call on each of us to join in transforming our beautiful planet. - Speculation by WantToKnow Founder (7 pg.) - Down the Rabbit Hole (8 pg.)

The final incisive essay focuses on the hierarchical system which distracts us from accessing our own inner wisdom. Written from an incredibly broad, universal perspective, this essay unravels the intricacies of the power structures which allow for mass control, yet also provides excellent ideas on how to gain personal control of your own life and how to assist in positive transformation of both your life and our world. The first link below is a concise, two-page summary of the much deeper ten-page essay available at the second link. - Shifting Paradigms (2 pg.) - Shifting Paradigms (10 pg.)

Though not up to our normal standards of reliability, all of the above essays can greatly help to expand your horizons. And no matter how bad things may appear externally, there are clearly major positive shifts afoot in our world. The free and easy access we now have to the information above is one clear example of this. By working together to spread the news and to take whatever action each of us knows is best and right for us, we are building a brighter future for us all. For a free online course, which brings all of this together in a most inspiring way, click here.

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