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I value your newsletters very much and read them thoroughly. I especially appreciate that you scan so many different media and your coverage of certain key issues is much more comprehensive than other media. We need the comprehensive and in-depth perspectives more than ever. ~  Ralph Metzner, pioneering consciousness researcher

Once every two weeks or so we also send out an inspiring story or news as a balance to the material on cover-ups and corruption. To view recent messages sent to this list, click here. This list currently has over 15,000 subscribers from more than 160 countries around the world. Thanks for wanting to know and for joining us in building a brighter future. Only a name and email address are required. We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with anyone except our email service provider.

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As a seeker of knowledge, I have subscribed to many websites. I am often overwhelmed. Since I have started receiving 'WantToKnow' emails, I can justify canceling many other websites. Your information is the greatest. My highest regards to your information team. A finer job could not be done by anyone. Thank you for your contribution to life on planet earth..   ~~   Frank S.

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This was the most powerful, awareness-expanding experience I've ever had. The course brought tears of love, joy and gratitude to my eyes. It helped bring out my inner core and revisit shadows I had pushed away. It has already been manifesting a beautiful love and gratitude in my life that will be with me always.   ~~   Thomas A.