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We live in a complex world. Mainstream media rarely tells us the whole story. embraces a dual purpose of exposing high level corruption and cover-ups and highlighting the best of humanity with solutions and stories that remind us of our innate goodness and collective power.

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All information on is taken from the most reliable sources available, both corporate and independent. They can be verified using the links provided to their original, respected sources.

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"No society can understand itself without looking at its shadow side."

— Gabor Maté

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Our organization was founded by White House whistleblower Fred Burks in 2003, after he discovered significant levels of global deception and manipulation in his work as a language interpreter for presidents and top government officials around the world. This website has received over 24 million visits since it was first established in 2003, with a dedicated mission to provide our readers with reliable, verifiable information.

Our site is an excellent research tool and comprehensive resource for uncovering major corruption avoided by the mainstream media. We host a variety of engaging video series and original investigations on Substack, where we explore the news and controversial topics with uncensored investigation, nuance, and mindful inquiry.

In our weekly newsletters, we research and summarize reliable news reports on important issues shaping society beyond mainstream narratives and inspiring solutions that inspire hope. Our weekly newsletters are carefully curated, drawing from the best of the corporate and independent media landscape.

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We host a variety of engaging video series which explore the news and controversial topics with uncensored investigation, nuance, and mindful inquiry. And no matter the topic, we always end our news briefs on an inspiring, constructive note.

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"Propaganda ends where simple dialogue begins."

— Jacques Ellul, French political and social scientist

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Our newsletters are carefully curated, drawing from the best of the corporate and independent media landscape. Each week, we research and summarize over a dozen key media articles that challenge mainstream narratives on important issues shaping society. Once every two weeks, we also send out an inspiring story or news to a separate email list as a balance to the challenging material on cover-ups and corruption. Explore our newsletter archive to see past messages.

Our list has over 15,000 subscribers from more than 160 countries around the world. Only a name and email address are required. We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with anyone except our email service provider. The email messages will show PEERS as the sender, as The list is managed by PEERS (Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.

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"In these times of pervasive corporate censorship and increased government classification of information, and the PEERS websites serve the vital purpose of alternative media. They provide readers with the relevant facts necessary to filter out the deception and formulate a truly accurate world view."
— Mark Stepnoski, NFL Super Bowl champion

"It's my honor to financially support and PEERS as the single best source for the most comprehensive and accurate information on important topics. I have helped shape over 300 briefs to Members of Congress on policy issues for ending poverty. PEERS is always verifiably accurate with the most revealing facts on an issue. I have shared this site's information with confidence to colleagues for over ten years. I have always had positive feedback, and never received any criticism for inaccurate and/or biased information. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to truth, justice, and a brighter future for all."
— Carl Herman, National Board Certified Teacher in History, Government, and Economics

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"The collective fear, secrecy, polarization, and loss of purpose within all of us have allowed leaders to subvert democracy, and to take away our freedoms. By each one of us making a commitment to work on these issues both inside ourselves and out in the world, we are changing our collective dinrection for a brighter future."

— Fred Burks, PEERS Founder

Information Centers

This website has received over 24 million visits since it was first established in 2003, with a dedicated mission to provide our readers with reliable, verifiable information.

We compile information from trustworthy sources. The perspectives we draw upon are varietal, and they’re not always aligned with social consensus. Our approach invites our readers to make better sense of the complex issues society is facing, in order to be informed and balanced in our thinking. To help with this sensemaking, we’ve put together Information Centers on a dozen of the most critical topics.

Did You Know?

Half of Americans think national news media misleads or misinforms the public. 20 leading journalists, including winners of several Emmys and a Pulitzer, have described being silenced by corporate forces when reporting important stories on major cover-ups.
Government documents released through the Freedom of Information Act show top Pentagon generals once approved plans to foment terrorism and kill innocent civilians in major U.S. cities as a justification for war with Cuba.
Wars have always been backed by corporate interests. In 1935, highly decorated US General Smedley Butler shed light on this in his book War is a Racket. While much has changed between then and now, war profiteering remains commonplace.
Declassified CIA documents prove the existence of secret government programs involving hypnosis, drugs, electric shock, mind control, and more. Some of these programs were designed to create super spies, terrorists, and assassins.
The entertainment industry and tech giants like Google, TikTok, and Facebook have extensive relationships with intelligence and law enforcement agencies. These agencies covertly influence public discourse and collect our personal data.
More than half of children now have chronic health conditions. 1 in 6 kids lives with a developmental disorder and 1 in 30 children have autism. Why is this not being thoroughly investigated?

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Understanding the magnitude of secrecy, corruption, and power abuses hidden from public awareness is vital to a democratic society. Yet reporting on the problems of the world is not enough. Solutions to society's problems are often under-reported and reforms go unrealized. We’ve summarized and categorized over 3,000 inspiring news articles since the beginning of our organization in 2003, focusing on solutions, bridging divides, and unique human stories. Explore our Inspiration Center.

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"We became so enamored of topple-the-mighty journalism that we forgot about raise-up-the-people journalism."

— Geneva Overholser, award-winning journalist, educator and scholar

Key Members of the PEERS Team is a website of the nonprofit Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service (PEERS). We are a small organization with a large network of volunteers of people with diverse backgrounds in media activism, journalism, high-level government work, academia, social justice advocacy, grassroots organizing, and metaphysics and spirituality work. The work of relies on a group of courageous, dedicated researchers and concerned citizens from around the globe who have made key contributions to our site. Some of these people have written key books which are concisely summarized on this website. Others have sent valuable information revealing major cover-ups.

Our website was founded by Fred Burks, who served as a language interpreter for presidents and other government officials around the world including G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, and Cheney. Late in his career, he stumbled down a rabbit hole where he discovered significant levels of global deception and manipulation. His courageous whistleblowing was reported on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Learn more about the fascinating history of PEERS and

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