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" is a great source of information. I first learned about the problems in the official account of 9/11 from this website early in 2003. It has continued since that time to provide exactly what it says: 'reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups.' is eminently worthy of support."
    ~~  David Ray Griffin, renowned theologian and author of dozens of books

Key Members of the PEERS Team is a website of the nonprofit Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service (PEERS). We are a small organization with a large network of volunteers of people with diverse backgrounds in media activism, social justice advocacy, grassroots organizing, and metaphysics and spirituality work. The work of relies on a group of courageous, dedicated researchers and concerned citizens from around the globe who have made key contributions to our site. Some of these people have written key books which are concisely summarized on this website. Others have sent valuable information revealing major cover-ups.

Our website was founded by Fred Burks, who served as a language interpreter for presidents and other government officials around the world including G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, and Cheney. Late in his career, he stumbled down a rabbit hole where he discovered significant levels of global deception and manipulation. His courageous whistleblowing was reported on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Learn more about the fascinating history of PEERS and

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