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Inspiring Messages
A Sampling of Inspiring Messages from Readers

" is a great source of information. I myself first learned about the problems in the official account of 9/11 from this website early in 2003. It has continued since that time to provide exactly what it says: 'reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups.' is eminently worthy of support."
     -- Dr. David Ray Griffin, renowned theologian and prolific author on the 9/11 deception

"I'm glad to support your work. I value your newsletters very much and find myself reading them thoroughly. I especially appreciate that as you scan so many different media on similar topics and events, your coverage of certain issues (e.g. 9/11, UFO/ET cover-ups) is much more comprehensive than other media. We need the comprehensive and in-depth perspectives more than ever."
     -- Ralph Metzner, pioneering consciousness researcher and author on giving a monthly donation

"In these times of pervasive corporate censorship and increased government classification of information, and the PEERS websites serve the vital purpose of alternative media. They provide readers with the relevant facts necessary to filter out the deception and formulate a truly accurate world view."
     -- Mark Stepnoski, two NFL Super Bowl championships and five straight Pro Bowl selections

"You know how when you get a big pile of emails, you just want to ditch everything in the Inbox? Well, even when I feel that way, I leave the email from WantToKnow alone. I mark it to read the next morning when I am fresh and in a better mood. I often learn a new perspective and a truer story and am seldom disappointed when I scan what this website focuses on. All of us who suffer from information overload have come to realize that the main purpose of WantToKnow is to relieve us of that burden by helping us to sort, saving us time and energy while still not missing highly important things we want to know about."
    -- Brad Blanton, Ph. D., Author of Radical Honesty

"The information and inspiration on the PEERS websites and have been of unsurpassed value in my professional work and for me personally. covers some of the darkest and most disturbing domains of human skullduggery, yet never fails to see the larger picture and is able to help us see that there is much to be hopeful for. These sites are wonderful resources for any spiritual seeker and indeed for anyone who hungers for the latest information about the world."
     -- Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Author of Lessons from the Light

"It's my honor to financially support and PEERS as the single best source for the most comprehensive and accurate information on our most important topics. I have helped shape over 300 briefs to Members of Congress on policy issues for ending poverty. PEERS is always verifiably accurate with the most revealing facts on an issue. I have shared this site's information with confidence to colleagues for over ten years. I have always had positive feedback, and never received any criticism for inaccurate and/or biased information. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to truth, justice, and a brighter future for all."
     -- Carl Herman, National Board Certified Teacher in History, Government, and Economics

"Finally! I found the place that has all the info I want to read. I have been looking for a place like this forever. I love it. I thank you for all your work. We are so many out here that appreciate it. Thanks is not enough. Keep getting the word out." -- Michelle H.

"I know of no site that has used technology as well as yours. You have achieved the delightful goal I was looking for. One can follow one's thought processes forever with your links. There are many good websites on the Internet - but nothing I find compares to all you have put together in one place. One thing that is missing on the other sites is the most important connection to the spiritual world and learning to share our love. You have the most well-rounded site I have found." -- Dennis H.

"No single website has had a bigger impact on my personal transformation than the site, because while it has a plethora of information which once frightened and angered me, it also showed me a way to alleviate my fear through personal service to others. Thank you for your inspiration to go beyond my fear and accept what is, especially when I don't like it." -- Laila S.

"When our son was born in July 2012, he was healthy except for a rash the doctor told us was eczema. He had trouble sleeping due to the itchiness and oozing from the wounds. Around January this year (2013), my wife Silia stumbled onto and the story on Seeds of Deception. We ordered the book and started an organic and GMO free diet. Our son's eczema completely disappeared with the change in diet. When later we ran out of the organic formula and gave him some of the regular one we still had, he flared up with the rash again by the end of the day. Our health has dramatically improved as well." -- Reynaldo R.

"You're doing important work and doing an outstanding job! Not a day passes without a visit from me, and I keep finding more and more interesting reads. " - Charlie T.

"I am very impressed with your web site. It is the most complete, well structured and positive information center that I have found on the net. It would be wonderful to translate your site." - Bernadette L. in Germany

"I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant work you're doing. I hope it continues. You have certainly opened my eyes, and I hope it won't be too long before the rest of the world wakes up." -- Stacie

"Whenever I take the icy plunge for 'truth' in the ocean of this existence, I find that... after the initial shock of not knowing which way is up and with the amount of information *almost* as staggering and bewildering as the myriad different perspectives of the very same ... your site always appears to me to be the deep, dark-blue calm beneath the battering and breaking waves." -- Dino in New York

"Thank you guys for your website. I've been researching this stuff for months and have been disappointed by most websites on the subject. They either go too far, pull up information that makes them look crazy, or quite simply don't realize what the solution is. Fighting negativity with negativity is pointless. Your site is a beautiful work of organization, the best videos, the real solutions. I was contemplating building a site like it until I found it. No need now. You guys did the work. You are the only site I've donated to." - Quinten C.

"You are the true patriots and courageous persons of our time. My husband and I feel strongly that democracy, if it is to have value, must rely on hearing the TRUTH. Thank you for your RESPONSIBILITY and your COURAGE. This service is PRICELESS. If there is any way we can help, let us know." - Anne R.

"I really appreciate the informative emails that I receive, both highlighting important news that is left out of mainstream media and positive steps folks are taking to addressing the many ills our community faces. I'm impressed by your ability to address the negative without becoming jaded or cynical. I'm really thankful that you are able to juggle all this and still remain positive. It really touches on the model that can set things in positive directions - that we can't respond to negative patterns with more negative patterns, but rather with positive energy and hope and confidence in the love available within our world. Blessings on your ongoing work." -- Ross R.

"This site is AMAZING! I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I love the way you have all of your information about 9/11 set up. I love how all of your information is backed by reliable and verifiable sources. It is just what we need. I can't stop spreading the word about you guys. Thank you for caring, and for putting forth the effort to make this site. It is so so so important!" -- Alicia R.

"This is the best website of its kind in the world." -- Byron B.

"Thank you for your brilliant work, and fabulous, balanced web site. That you have the insight to combine political activism with inspirational relief from it, is a welcome paradigm shift. As a spiritual person, I find your organization a very welcome tool with which to navigate this bizarre time." -- Jane E.

"You people scare the living beejeezers out of me, but I believe fear is a motivator. I think I have been looking for this website all my life. I found it while searching for a car that could get 100 mpg. It might take me the rest of my life to read all your stuff, but I really wasn't doing anything when I found it so now I have something to do. Everything I have done in my entire life led up to the instant I clicked on your website. Coincidence? Perhaps not! Thanks for the eye opener!" -- Robbie O.

"Just when I thought I would again fall into despair I ran across your website. This is the most impressive thing I've seen so far. Thank you so very much for taking such a courageous step on behalf of us all. I sent the link out to quite a number of friends to stir up support - and also to stir up awareness." -- Patricia Z.

"Thank you for this wonderful website. Now is a great time to be alive and to be able to finally see through the veils of deception. It's because of the truth that people like myself feel empowered to keep on searching for the benefit of all. It is a blessing to be able to inform people of your website, so they also can find out more of the workings of our governments and make CLEAR decisions without the fear factor. Bless you all." -- Robert V.

"I already subscribe to your email list. I have for a long time, and I am passing your website on to everyone I know. You have REALLY made changes in many people's lives. Some key friends of mine, I am learning, found you a long time ago, on their own. You are doing the most important thing that moral people and true American patriots can do - revealing all the unbelievable lies the Powers that Be have woven over the population. You are brave, moral people and I admire you for your hard work and courage. It is the MOST important work being done in the world at this time! -- John H.

I am so excited that you exist. Thank you! I support you whole heartedly. Please let me know what I can do for you! -- Jenny

"This is a brilliant website. You've done a fantastic job making sure to walk a line of truth that will not discourage the average brainwashed person. I'd like very much to be put on your subscription list and keep contact with your group. Thank you for making this website." -- Rob B.

"There's no way to express how surprised and delighted I was to have my prayers and wishes -- and I mean that literally -- granted when I found this site. I've just scratched the surface, exploring what's included here. It's amazing. All the things I'm concerned about and interested in, in one place. I was hoping there wasn't some wild and frivolous group behind it, and was certainly impressed to read the info at the link, "About Us" and see all the intellect and wisdom offered, by the many who are involved in making up this wonderful site. Thank You...ALL...So Much!" -- S. A. M.

"You've made an excellent website - well organized, easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and very thorough with the information. I don't usually contact website owners with compliments like this, but yours is one of the best I've seen since I started using a computer about ten years ago." -- Pat

"You, bar none, are the BEST SOURCE on the entire world-wide-web! I will ASAP do a distribution of your SUPERB information, and your need for support. You deserve ENORMOUS SUPPORT!" -- Connie S.

"Just feel the urge to let you know how much I believe in your hard work. For this I am ever so grateful. If only for myself to know I'm not alone in working hard in doing good, to see the ultimate truths no matter where it takes me, and in not letting fear rule my decisions. Thank you, because you give me heart to keep trying. I do want you to know. My dear sweet wife & I make a humble living, and if not for that I would surely make some donation. We will do our best to spread the words you've sent. Thank you sincerely." -- Don M.

"I send kudos on your FABULOUS website. I only recently discovered it. I bookmarked it and now, every time I come in to browse some more, I am re-impressed with how good I think it is. I also like that you a) admonish against sliding into "victim mode", and b) offer suggested avenues of effective activism. Good for you!" -- Heather

"You guys are absolutely the best. This website is absolutely the best. I am a recovered MKULTRA experimental subject and your web site has helped me more than any other. Also I use it now for all my news. After I watch the BBC world news I go to the library and read your newsletters. I have been WAY FRUSTRATED with the [mainstream] news. FINALLY, I have found an alternative." -- Anna W.

"Thank you for thinking outside of the box. Thank you for asking questions that would have never occurred to most of us. Thank you for being so astute, concise, and unrefutable. This site has changed my perspective on the world profoundly. It's terrifying, but I feel stronger for it. Surely "they" are watching us, but I'm free of any subsequent fear. Thanks again, from a college educated, open-minded, rational, truth-seeking person." -- Lauren

"I had an article from this site sent to me and I have just spent 2 hours here copying and pasting these articles for saving and reading. What a gift. There are so few really good information sites that have everything in one place. I had despaired of ever getting a big picture, but your work did it for me. I have emailed out a bunch of these articles to the gazzillion friends that I have, and I have passed around your site link extolling its virtues. Thanks so much and please do not go away. We need something like this during these harrowing times. This is the best site I have ever found on the Internet bar none." -- Pat R.

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