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Mindful News Brief: How the US Government Facilitates Child Trafficking at the Border

The U.S. government has become the middleman in a large scale, multibillion-dollar child trafficking operation that is run by bad actors seeking to profit off of the lives of children.testimony of Health and Human Services whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas at the The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement hearing

Dear friends,

The US border and immigration crisis is a polarizing topic, yet what if I told you that the solution lies in all of us coming together across our differences to ask the hard questions that aren’t being asked in the mainstream media?

Welcome to our first Mindful News Brief series where we discuss highlights of our weekly newsletter summaries with nuance, uncensored investigation, and compassion for all sides. And no matter the topic, we always end our news briefs on an inspiring, constructive note. Let's work together for the greater good.

The partisan culture wars in the media drown out any meaningful discussion of the real and current threats to children safety, human rights, privacy, and local governments when discussing the border and immigration crisis. Through broken border policies, government agencies have become a child trafficking and exploitation service.

Watch our first 8-min Mindful News Brief series video below:

While Trump era policies forcibly separated children from their families in devastating ways, the tens of thousands of children currently missing under the Biden Administration should alarm people just as much.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, unaccompanied children who arrive at the border has swelled from over 33,000 in 2020 to more than 152,000 in 2022.

Meanwhile, a report by the Center for Public Integrity revealed how thousands of migrant children disappear every year. Worst off, there is no clear local, state or federal government agency responsible for searching for missing children or investigating why a growing number have disappeared. This creates grave risks to children involving forced labor, slavery, and sex trafficking.

Aaron Stevenson, a whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security confirmed this horrific reality. Stevenson was a federal employee for DHS, tasked with identifying and tracking transnational organized criminals and traffickers. When a case showed up where a watchlisted criminal was sponsoring an unaccompanied child who had arrived at the US border, he began to notice a pattern. Many criminals, including sex traffickers, across the world were becoming sponsors for unaccompanied children. Worst off, when he tried to track down who was monitoring and vetting the sponsors, he couldn't find any information about it.

This shocking reality comes at a time when the $150 billion dollar industry of human trafficking is becoming more profitable than drugs and guns. Why is this not making front page news?

Tune into our Mindful News Brief for more!

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  • A whistleblower and former immigration contractor Carlos Arellano alleges that the US government is the largest trafficker of children in the world. This interview discusses his shocking experiences at some of the immigration facilities
  • Last year, a Florida grand jury accused federal immigration authorities of “human trafficking” in their oversight of unaccompanied migrant children in the state. The report denounces the federal Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), for leaving vulnerable migrant children with unvetted caregivers, or “sponsors” — and with no oversight of their welfare
  • A Department of Homeland Security insider explains how international child sex trafficking gangs exploit the “Reasonable Fear” loophole in immigration policies
  • An investigation into how immigration enforcement has become the new source of income for private prison companies after US President Biden signed an executive order banning federal contracts with private prison companies in 2021
  • The House Committee on Homeland Security full hearing on the human cost of broken US border policies

Child sex trafficking operations reach the highest levels of government. Below is a list of some of the most reliable coverage of the issue we've found. Note: This material may be challenging. Here are the ways that people are helping end human trafficking. And if you're feeling a need for emotional wellness support around these topics, explore these resources.

As long as we choose complacency over awareness, these dysfunctions in the system will continue. Disturbing information like this can paradoxically remind us of the greater good. It is the courage of the people and the love for the common good that bring these injustices to light—fueling uncensored dialogue and constructive action. As ever increasing numbers of us come together in the intention of positive change — without being in denial of the destructive forces we face — we are helping shift the vision of humanity towards a more connected, free, and compassionate way of life.

With faith in a transforming world,
Amber Yang for PEERS and

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