Speculation Station: UFO Technology
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Speculation Station: UFO Technology

Hey there WantToKnow.info friends,

Today, we our launching our Speculation Station video series! The first stop: UFO/UAP Technology! Before you scroll down to the video, we want to explain our intentions for this video series.

We live in a time when trust in journalism is low, and the mainstream media rarely tells us the full story. Going deeper, the future of humanity seems deeply uncertain. Yet Albert Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Opening to new ways of seeing the world’s problems can be a powerful remedy to the sense of overwhelm, burnout, and cynicism that many of us feel.

I once heard that the opposite of love isn’t hate—it’s being right and certain about our position. What would it be like if we suspend certainty? The world is vast, mysterious, and complex. There’s so much we don’t know, and we need each other to create a more free, informed, and caring society.

That’s why we launched Speculation Station. Healthy speculation and credible inquiry into society’s most controversial issues allows us to think creatively and openly about real possibilities. It invites diversity of thought, bringing people together across differences to think holistically and unconventionally about the complex challenges we face. And it fosters healthy skepticism of authority, and the status quo norms shaping media and society. Yet most importantly, healthy speculation has fun. Since when did controversial issues have to be so boring and serious? Growth lies outside of our comfort zone. Let’s open our hearts and minds!

On today's Speculation Station, WTK news editor Mark Bailey joins me for a discussion on the most relevant and intriguing parts of current discussion about UFO/UAP technology.

It’s important that the mainstream media is further normalizing UFO discussion. Yet still to this day, government narratives claim that no secret ET programs have existed. In this 33-min video, we look at specific UFO technologies that have allegedly been recovered from crashes to how these other-worldly technologies might have helped accelerate the development of some human technologies. We also explore the long-standing history of UFO secrecy and cover-ups that have prevented any real, holistic understanding of this issue. Factions within the government and defense contractor industry likely possess significant and possibly revolutionary UFO knowledge.

01:18 What’s at the heart of the matter for us? Why is this topic important?
03:48 Recovered ET technologies alleged to warp time and space
07:50 Colonel Philip Corso of the Foreign Technology program within the US army, and his purported role in exploiting ET technologies recovered from the infamous 1947 Roswell Crash
12:08 Did ET tech help accelerate the development of bulletproof vests?
14:18 ET Headbands, brain-computer interfaces and military neurowarfare
18:30 The ET spacecraft allegedly recovered from the Roswell Crash
20:04 Top secret reverse-engineering programs, MJ-12, and the Deep State
23:18 Why ET technologies are kept secret, even from most presidents and US gov. officials
26:48 What would a healthy and responsible disclosure of ET tech look like?

Watch our 33-min Speculation Station video on UFO Technology below:

Check out our newly updated UFO Information Center for more resources!

Leave your comments, questions, insights, and feedback in the comments section! And if you liked this video, please share it widely! Thanks for tuning in, PEERS community.

With faith in a transforming world,
Amber Yang for PEERS and WantToKnow.info

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