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About relies on the great work of an informal network of respected researchers and concerned citizens from around the globe. Some of these people have written key books which are summarized on this website. Others have sent valuable information revealing major cover-ups. All are courageous citizens who venture where many dare not go. We share a deep commitment to inspiring us all to work together to build a brighter future for us all. is part of the PEERS network of empowerment websites.

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Individuals Who Have Made Key Contributions to

Kristina Borjesson – As an investigative reporter and independent producer for more than twenty years, Kristina Borjesson has worked at a variety of top media agencies including CBS network, where she won an Emmy and a Murrow Award for her investigative reporting on "CBS Reports: Legacy of Shame" with Dan Rather and Randall Pinkston. She she has worked for CBS, CNN, and PBS covering a rich variety of topics including the TWA flight 800 disaster, Haiti, Fidel Castro, and crocodiles.

Kristina compiled and edited the landmark book Into the Buzzsaw—a collaborative effort of 20 award-winning journalists. Each of these brave journalists suffered from concerted corporate and/or government efforts to kill their highly revealing stories and their careers. This courageous book is by far the best, most reliable source we've seen that exposes the cover-up of some of the most important news ever reported. For an excellent two-page summary, see

Fred Burks – Before resigning from the US State Department in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, Fred Burks served many years as a language interpreter for presidents and other dignitaries. He interpreted for G.W. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the US and other countries. Having participated in secret meetings where the only people allowed were the principals and their interpreters, he has acquired important inside information and contacts.

After receiving a wealth of eye-opening information on major cover-ups from respected friends and colleagues, Fred was inspired to develop this website in October 2002. Continually opening to divine guidance, Fred has dedicated himself both to getting the word out about the cover-ups, and to inspiring others to help transform ourselves and our world through love and empowerment. He is currently executive director of the PEERS network of websites and manager of

Fred has also helped develop and foster several inspiring communities and websites, including Moment of Love and the free Personal Growth Courses. To read some of his inspirational writings, click here. For a fun, inspiring 12-minute talk on his interpreting experiences, click here. For Fred's incredible personal journey, click here. Fred's deepest commitment in life can be summed up with these simple words: "I give all that I am into the service of All That Is."

Norma Carr-Ruffino, PhD ( the past 30 years Prof. Carr-Ruffino has devoted more and more time and energy to reconnecting with the her soul and spirit—and to sharing her insights in seminars and books. In recent years, she's learned about major cover-ups of which few are aware, and has had a growing need to know just what our government has been doing in our name. Her pattern these days is "find the truth no matter how disturbing."

Here is a brief summary of Norma's history:

  • MBA and Ph.D., University of North Texas, 1969 and 1973
  • Professor of Management, San Francisco State University since 1973
  • Founder or co-founder of 3 businesses

Author of 9 books:
       Making Diversity Work, 2004.
       Managing Diversity: People Connections in a Diverse Workplace, 2003.
       The Innovative Woman: Hot Skills for the New Economy, 2001
       The Creative Intelligence Model: Building Innovative Skills, 2001
       Diversity Success Strategies, 1999
       The Promotable Woman: 10 Essential Skills for the New Millennium,
       Mujer de Empresa, 1999 (Spanish version of The Promotable Woman)
       Business Students Guide,
1991 (a course supplementary text)
       Writing Short Business Reports, 1980

Steven M. Greer, MD – A lifetime member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the nation's most prestigious medical honor society, Dr. Greer is the Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project. He is also an emergency physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at a hospital in North Carolina.

On May 9, 2001, as Director of The Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer presided over The Disclosure Project Press Conference, held at the highly esteemed National Press Club in Washington, DC. At this landmark event, over twenty military, government, intelligence, and corporate witnesses gave compelling testimony of their personal experiences regarding the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms visiting the planet.

Many millions around the globe watched or heard about this press conference through webcast and subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. Dr. Greer has also been seen and heard by millions world-wide on shows such as The Larry King Show, CBS, BBC, NTV in Japan.

Leonard Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH – An internationally-known authority in public health education, Dr. Horowitz is the award-winning author of numerous books in the fields of emerging diseases, bioterrorism, toxic warfare, and natural healing methods. He received his doctorate from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and a Master of Public Health degree in behavioral science from Harvard University. He currently serves as President of Tetrahedron, a non-profit educational corporation.

Dr. Horowitz's book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, strikes at the heart of an inbred culture of secrecy responsible for the latest forms of biochemical terrorism, mind control warfare, and ecogenocide. The revelations contained in this monumental book offer more than a reality check concerning the war against terrorism. The advice Dr. Horowitz provides gives humanity, you, and your loved ones a choice for survival. This revelatory information is available through See his official website at

Michael Levine – Michael Levine is a 25-year veteran of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) turned best-selling author and journalist. Currently, he hosts the popular Expert Witness radio show on WBAI in New York, while working on his next book. His articles and interviews on the drug war have been published in numerous national newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and Esquire.

Mike is the author of two best-selling books on his drug war experiences: the New York Times best-seller, Deep Cover and the national best-seller, The Big White Lie. He has served as a consultant and on-air expert for various national television programs in both Spanish and English, including 60 Minutes, Crossfire, MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, Good Morning America, and Contrapunto. Read about his riveting experiences with the DEA at

Peter A. Lindemann, DSc – Dr. Lindemann became interested in new energy in 1973, when he was introduced to the work of Edwin Gray. By 1981, he had developed his own new energy systems based on variable reluctance generators and pulsed motor designs. During the 1980's, he worked off and on with both Bruce DePalma and Eric Dollard. In 1988, he joined the board of directors at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, and served until 1999.

Currently, Dr. Lindemann is a research associate of Dr. Robert Adams in New Zealand, as well as a close collaborator with Trevor James Constable in the U.S. Dr. Lindemann is one of the foremost authorities on the practical applications of ether technology and cold electricity. His inspiring summary of the new energy field may be the best out there. See Dr. Lindemann's new energy website at

Pamela J. Monday, PhD – A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Monday received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas. She teaches and supervises licensed therapists, and presents at conferences around the US. She serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations, Imago Relationships International, and PEERS.

Dr. Monday specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families to achieve satisfying and fulfilling lives and relationships. She empowers people to reach their potential, and to find meaning, purpose, and happiness in life. Dr. Monday has worked with numerous clients with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and with other victims of physical and psychological trauma. She has worked extensively with other professionals in understanding and deprogramming survivors of little-known government mind control programs which actively induced DID. Learn more about Dr. Monday on her website at

Peter Phillips, PhD – A professor and Department Chair of Sociology at Sonoma State University, Prof. Phillips teaches classes in Media Censorship, Sociology of Power, Political Sociology, and Sociology of Media. He was also director of the highly esteemed Project Censored, a research group composed of 200 faculty, students, and community experts. Project Censored covers top news stories that were either ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media each year. Many editions of Censored: Media Democracy in Action were published under his skilled leadership.

Prof. Phillips regularly writes op-ed pieces for independent media nationwide and speaks on media censorship and various socio-political issues on radio and TV talk shows heard and seen across the US. He is also the national and international news editor of the North Bay Progressive in Santa Rosa, California — a monthly publication serving a five-county area north of San Francisco. Prof. Phillips' doctoral dissertation was entitled A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club.

Carol Rutz Carol Rutz is the courageous author of A Nation Betrayed. This well-written, landmark book exposes a major cover-up of government mind control programs from one who knows the topic all too well. Though she bases key parts of this revealing book on her research of over 18,000 pages of declassified government mind control documents, Carol speaks from personal experience as a survivor of these secret programs.

A Nation Betrayed tells the true story of secret Cold War experiments performed on children and other unsuspecting citizens. Through both extensive research and networking with other survivors, Carol has pieced together this little-known story of the most heinous secret experiments conducted by top doctors, scientists, and government officials under the guise of national security. Carol remains active in the survivor community where she has published numerous articles and has been featured at various conferences. You can read an eye-opening 10-page summary of her harrowing encounters at

Peter Dale Scott, PhD – A former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Scott is a poet, writer, and researcher. He was a co-founder of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), and of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC Berkeley. He has authored numerous articles and books on US foreign affairs.

His poetry has dealt with both his experience and his research, the latter of which has centered on US covert operations, their impact on democracy at home and abroad, and their relations to the John F. Kennedy assassination and the global drug trade. The poet-critic Robert Hass has written (Agni, 31/32, p. 335) that his "Coming to Jakarta is the most important political poem to appear in the English language in a very long time." Prof. Scott has won numerous awards for both his poetry and his political commentary. Learn more about him at this link.

Paul Thompson – Paul Thompson is the creator and primary author of the information-packed 9/11 timeline. His book The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11–and America's Response is used as a powerful reference by many key researchers of the 9/11 movement.

he name is an alias because he wants to maintain some privacy and anonymity. He was born in California and graduated from Stanford University in the early '90s. Never previously involved in politics or activism, he began creating the timeline in mid-2002 after slowly realizing the many holes in the official story. For an excellent two-page summary of the timeline, see

Charles S. Viar – A top expert in the fields of intelligence and counterintelligence, Charles Viar first became involved in intelligence during his service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve (1971-1973). He has been continuously involved in intelligence or intelligence related matters ever since. He holds undergraduate degrees in history, political science, and education; a masters degree in international relations; and has published several hundred articles addressing various aspects of national security.

After working at the American Security Council and the Heritage Foundation, Mr. Viar became Executive Director and President of the Security and Intelligence Foundation. Between 1985 and 1987, he had the unique privilege of studying under the late James J. Angleton, the legendary former chief of CIA Counterintelligence. Since 1989, he has been Chairman and CEO of the Center for Intelligence Studies in Washington, DC. For Mr. Viar's gripping autobiographical story, click here. For his excellent article on the history and development of mind control as an intelligence weapon, click here.

We extend heart-felt gratitude to each of these dedicated individuals and to the countless others who are deeply committed to helping us spread the empowering information on this website to all concerned citizens of the world. Together, we are all building a brighter future for ourselves, for our children, and for our world.

Note: To read about the history and development of, click here.