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9/11 Truth Movement
9/11: Invitation to show people around the world
the strength of the 9/11 movement

Subject: Declaring Myself a Supporter of the Worldwide Movement for 9/11 Truth

Dear friends,

I am a supporter of the 9/11 truth movement. I may not be very outspoken about this to some of you, but as we arrive at the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I now want to declare myself to you, to all my friends, and to the entire world. I write also to invite you to join me in building a better world.

If you are at all triggered by this, I invite you to take a deep breath and hold an open mind before reading on. If you are a supporter of the 9/11 movement, I invite you to join me and declare yourself, too. I invite you to do this either by forwarding this message to all of your friends with a note of support at the top, or by writing a similar message of your own with an invitation for all of us to declare ourselves openly. Let us join together in letting the world know the vast numbers of us who question the official story of 9/11 and support this noble movement.

I am writing this message not only to declare myself and invite others to do the same, but even more so to show you the numbers of highly respected people from a wide variety of professions who have publicly declared themselves, stating that the 9/11 Commission Report was filled with omissions and distortions, and that we need a new, independent investigation. Did you know that the numbers who have joined the 9/11 truth movement now include:

  • Over 200 senior military and government officials
  • Over 250 pilots and aviation professionals
  • Over 300 9/11 survivors and family members
  • Over 400 respected professors
  • Over 3,000 architects and engineers

You can read the name, profession, and statements with links for verification for every one of these people on the great website at Included are U.S. Senators, members of Congress, a former president of Italy, military generals, and many more. And there are thousands more of this stature who are not willing to go public yet, or who simply have not contacted the above website to share their information. For a more concise listing of revealing statements made by the top 50 senior government officials and over 100 respected professors, click here and here.

The media greatly underplays the number and quality of people involved in the 9/11 movement. Neither do they give much coverage to the solid, verifiable evidence of complicity that we have accumulated. For how and why the major media has largely failed to report on this, click here.

I am writing to all of you as one who has carefully researched the abundant evidence surrounding 9/11 from reliable, verifiable sources and come to the conclusion that certain rogue elements within the U.S. government were very likely involved in the attacks. Though this idea may be disturbing for you to entertain, consider that if what I and many others are saying is true, we place ourselves in great peril by not seriously considering the evidence.

The motive for certain rogue government elements in manipulating the events of 9/11 is fairly obvious. Without the 9/11 attacks, we almost certainly would never have spent trillions of dollars on two major wars and beefing up national security, which I'm sure you know has greatly padded the pockets of some of the richest individuals and corporations in the world. For a Washington Post article showing over $3 trillion in Iraq War spending alone, click here. For the comments of a top U.S. general on major manipulations to keep us at war, click here.

Some of you may not know that I graduated a valedictorian from high school, graduated with honors and a 3.8 GPA from college, received numerous awards and scholarships for my studies, and went on to became the U.S. Department of State's top Indonesian language interpreter. I eventually had the honor of personally interpreting for Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and many other top government officials from around the world. I share this only to show that I have some credibility in these matters.

To read the story of how I became aware of the likelihood of a major cover-up on the day of 9/11 and, even more importantly, why I am optimistic about our future, click here. To explore some of the abundance of reliable, verifiable information available suggesting a major cover-up, see the 9/11 Information Center at this link. This webpage includes links to some of the best videos, major media articles, government documents, and more which are the basis of the 9/11 movement.

Though this information may be scary and difficult to digest for some, I invite you to consider this as a golden opportunity for us to work together for a better world. Please join me not only in calling for a new, independent investigation of 9/11, but also in working towards a brighter future for all of us. Contact your friends and your political and media representatives to let them know where you stand. I have no doubt that when we come together on vital matters like this, we can make a difference and transform our world for the better. Thanks for caring, and have a good day.

With very best wishes and hopes for a brighter future,
Fred Burks
Former White House language interpreter and founder of PEERS and

Note: If you forward this message as a supporter of the 9/11 movement, don't forget to use BCC, and please consider adding a short message at the top declaring yourself as a supporter. And feel free to write your own message based on what I've written. You can copy, delete, add to, or change anything I've written, though if you use the personal information I gave on myself, please don't change that. Thanks! This message is also available online at this link.

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