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Life After Death Stories
Amazing True Stories of Life After Death

Life After Death True Stories

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."  ~~  inspired by Albert Einstein

Dear friends,

Is there life after death? This key question has intrigued humankind from the dawn of history. Below are some of the most amazing and inspiring true stories of life after death ever told. These powerful stories are part of lesson nine of the heart and mind expanding Insight Course, which you can explore free online at this link. May these life after death stories touch your heart and inspire you to live your life more fully in each precious moment.

With very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: To see excerpts from an award-winning film exploring the most compelling scientific evidence for life after death ever presented in a documentary, click here. This film is absolutely mind boggling.

Insight Course: Lesson Nine
Life After Death Stories of Transformation

Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is. I am not. Why should I fear that which cannot exist when I do?   ~  Epicurus

When faced with the potential of imminent death, most people suddenly find that life takes on a whole new perspective. Suddenly all of the belongings they might have accumulated seem quite meaningless, while the relationships formed and love shared take on great significance.

Some have had the rare opportunity to pass through the portal of death and return, only to find their understanding of life radically transformed. A recently developed field of study for these near-death experiences (NDEs) has blossomed and provided us with inspiring, true stories of of those who have experienced life after death and come back.

A number of doctors and scientists have even dedicated themselves to finding and studying these life after death stories – the experiences of those who were actually declared clinically dead, yet somehow came back to life. The amazing results have been published in numerous books and on inspiring websites (see end of lesson for a few of these).

For a three-page summary of the astonishing, deeply moving experience of one man who traveled far into mystical realms after dying, yet came back to tell us about it, click below to read the riveting story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict.

After taking time to absorb the rich wisdom of the above story, watch the below 18-minute video of an inquisitive scientist who had a most unusual near-death experience. As a neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor was amazingly able to explore scientifically some of what was happening to her as her brain shut down. Yet her powerful experience also took her far beyond the realms of science.

Remember that there is no rush here. Consider taking a few minutes to pause and meditate on what you just saw. Let the wisdom shared sink into the depths of your being, so that you might better integrate the powerful messages shared.

Once you are ready to move on, please click the link below for another powerful NDE (near-death experience) by a man named Dannion Brinkley:

If you read Dannion's riveting book on this dramatically life-altering experience, Saved by the Light, you will learn that up until his first NDE, Dannion was a government assassin for the U.S. military. During his experience out of his body, he went through a life review where he personally experienced every feeling and emotion he had caused in his life.

Dannion not only experienced the pain, suffering, and fear of those he killed, but also all of the grief and other emotions of family members of those he killed in his military work.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to experience every emotion that you ever caused to every person whose life you have touched. Imagine what it would be like to feel even the emotional ripple effects of your actions on others you don't know. How does that feel? We invite you to spend some time considering this and reflect on the emotional impact that you have in your life on those around you.

    Sacred Cows
True life after death stories
Sacred Cows © Spyder Webb

Our future selves are constantly transmitting great ideas to us back through time, but most of us don't believe that's possible and consequently are not alert for it.  ~  Vimala Blavatsky

Mellen-Thomas mentions reincarnation in describing his journey, yet he finds himself reincarnating back into this lifetime. Though we don't promote any particular point of view on this subject, we feel that it is important to raise questions and consider this topic with a willingness to use our fluid intelligence. For an intriguing article in the U.K.'s popular newspaper, The Sun, on a five-year old boy who wouldn't rest until he could see his parents from a previous life, click below:

For a second, even more intriguing case reported on both Fox and ABC News, watch below the fascinating five-minute video clip about a boy who knew not only his full name from a previous life when he was shot down as a World War II navy pilot, but also the names of his ship and even shipmates.

Fascinating accounts! Those who take this course have a wide diversity of beliefs on reincarnation. Some have vivid memories of past lives. Others are skeptical. Some feel that past lives are only relevant to the extent that they affect our present experience.

We do not promote any particular beliefs, yet we welcome constructive dialogue and sharing of experiences on engaging topics like this. We do feel that the present moment – the eternal sacred now – is the most important place to focus our attention and intention, yet past experiences and future concerns most certainly can have an impact on the here and now.

Many have found that the rigid segmentation of time so prevalent in the old paradigm does not resonate with their experience of reality. Time may be much more fluid than we are raised to believe. Some have found it very powerful to breathe sacred love with themselves in the past and future.

Consider closing your eyes and imagining yourself at a particularly difficult time in the past. Once you have that difficult memory clear, connect with that past self that is you. When you can feel a connection, breathe sacred love in and out with that past aspect of yourself. Allow the sacred love you breathe now to envelope your past self and shift the difficult energy around the experience. Take a moment now to stop reading and explore this possibility.

Now imagine yourself at a time in the future when you might want some support. Breathe love to that future self. Some involved with this course have been doing this for years, so that any time they go through challenging experiences, they have only to breathe and open their hearts to feel all of the love and support being sent to them by their past selves from the many times in the past when they have sent love to that future self. Take a moment now to breathe sacred love with your future self.

Expanding that further, you can breathe sacred love with all of your past and future selves, whether or not you believe in reincarnation. In doing this, you can literally change the energy around your past and future selves, thus transforming your experience of past and future events. It's a radical idea, yet a practice which can literally transform your life. You may discover that time is much more fluid than you previously imagined possible.

We encourage you to spend some time today and in the days and weeks ahead playing with the idea of connecting with your past and future selves in this way. Consider also that in addition to breathing sacred love, you can use the transformative ho'oponopono technique (I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you) to heal any wounds from the past or future.

Once we allow ourselves to step outside of old, rigid beliefs, infinite new possibilities arise. We can choose now to open ourselves to the infinite ways in which we can love and support ourselves and all around us.

To close this lesson, enjoy the below short flash presentation diving into the mysteries of life. - What is Real?

Have we forgotten that we always have choice over how we perceive the world? Have we forgotten that we always have choice over how we create our experience of reality?  ~   Peter Russell

True stories of life after death

Image by Teka Luttrell of

Take Action: Suggested Activities to Be the Change

  • What does death mean to you? Is there a part of you that harbors fear or avoids death? Explore the possibility that death can be a powerful portal and a potent teacher in your life.
  • If you were to die right now and go through a life review like Dannion Brinkley, where you had to relive all emotions you caused in those around you, what would be there? Take some time now to put on some beautiful music and ask for spiritual guidance as you close your eyes, dive within, and create your own near-death experience with full life review.
  • Notice how much of your understanding of life is based on the physical world around you. Are you open to the possibility that, as Einstein postulated, all matter is actually a form of energy? Rather than focusing on the words spoken and what your eyes see, play with feeling the energy of every person you meet and feeling the underlying energetics of your interactions.
  • What are your views on reincarnation? Open to the possibility of past and future aspects or incarnations of yourself. Consider communicating with them and even asking for guidance. You can also offer love and guidance, and breathe love with your past and future selves.
  • What is your relationship with your ancestors? How do they affect you? Are there places you would like to heal around this? Open to heart connection with anyone you know who has died. Do the same with any spirits or non-embodied spiritual guides who may be assisting in your spiritual development. Take a moment now to breathe sacred love and gratitude with them and with your ancestors.
  • As you pass people casually on the street or in a store, play with sending a "mental hello," where you simply think and feel a hello and send it to a person without any words or movement. Notice if you feel any response as you do. Close your eyes and send a mental hello right now to a friend or family member who lives far away. Again open your heart and notice if you feel any energetic response. Breathe some sacred love with them afterward.

For Those Who Want More - Near-Death Experience Resources

Links to several incredibly rich and inspiring documentaries and true stories on fascinating near-death experiences. These are some of the best, most moving life after death true stories outside of those included in this lesson. - The International Association of Near-Death Studies

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is the first organization in the world devoted exclusively to the study of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and Near-Death-Like experiences. Based on scientific and scholarly research, IANDS is the most trusted source for researchers, experiencers, professional care providers, clergy and seekers of greater meaning. - Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

A comprehensive resource to various aspects of near-death experiences. Quickly find what you're looking for on this fascinating topic. - Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD

Michael Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, initially set out to debunk claims of reincarnation. He ended up becoming the premiere expert on life between lives, i.e. what happens from the moment of death until the time of rebirth. This book gives fascinating verbatim transcripts of dozens of people's journeys exploring their time between lives. Don't miss this highly intriguing and incredibly inspiring book which gives a peek to what is possible beyond the veil. 12-page summary available here. - Dannion Brinkley website

"After my near death experience ... I returned from the Heavens with exceptional gifts, and more than one hundred visions of the future. In dedication to the mission given to me ... I have spent the past 30 some years in service to humanity. With over 18,000 hours as a hospice volunteer, through three best selling books, thousands of lectures worldwide along with countless television and radio shows, I have done my best to spread the good news: there is no such thing as death!" - Final Gifts by Callanan and Kelley

This beautifully written book by two caring hospice nurses shares moving, intimate experiences of those they assisted to move through death. It includes the near-miraculous ways in which the dying communicate their needs and even choreograph their own final moments. The "final gifts" are the comfort and enlightenment offered by the dying to those attending them. If you are interested in growing more comfortable with death and dying, don't miss this gem of a book.

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Special Note:
Watch 16 minutes of excerpts from an award-winning film exploring the most compelling scientific evidence for life after death ever presented in a documentary. Produced by Tim Coleman, who also co-produced the amazing documentary on UFOs Out of the Blue, this film is absolutely mind boggling.

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