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Be the Change You Want to See
The Insight Course

Dear friends,

Be the Change You Want to See

Are you ready to rise above all of the craziness of our world to explore the bigger picture of all that is going on? Are you ready to expand your understanding of both the light and shadow sides of our world and be the change you want to see? If the answer is yes, the highly-praised Insight Course was designed just for you.

This free, online course brings together the best of PEERS and the best essays, videos, and quotes of the Internet to inspire and educate in a dynamic and powerful way.

The journey through the course can both expand your awareness of hidden forces which have a great affect on all that is going on in our world and provide you with inspiring tools to manage all that is happening and to more effectively build a better life and world.

The Insight Course

I have struggled for seven years and 3,000 hours of research into the dark side and did not know what to do with it. This course was wonderful in integrating it with the light side, as well as with both of these sides in me. I am much more at peace with the dark side of the world and, more importantly, my own dark side. This should facilitate a dramatic reduction in my use of judgment and a focus on creating a world from gratitude and joy.  ~  Jim G.

The heart and mind expanding Insight Course covers a rich variety of life topics masterfully woven together. Course lessons will deepen your insight, expand your horizons, and embolden you to be the change you want to see in the world. Each lesson contains thought-provoking essays, quotes, photos, online videos, and exercises designed to inspire and to bring greater understanding and deeper meaning to your life. And you can move through the course at whatever pace is best for you, with the option of having the support of caring guides who have completed the course.

I considered myself a relatively well informed person before I began the course, but I learned a lot, and especially benefited from the overall perspective that the course gave me. All this vitally important info in one place, with the needed support to withstand the disturbing truths. I've never seen anything like it.  ~  Meredith T.

The comments of almost all course participants have been highly appreciative. Many have experienced major transformation in their lives. You can read below more moving messages from those who have completed the course. Should you choose to explore the course, you will likely be very thankful for having taken the time. And it's all free of charge!

To see the manifestation of this course in so many areas of my life is extremely reassuring. I have come a long way from being someone who was always tough on himself and self persecuting. My growth and understanding have been nothing short of remarkable in terms of manifestation in my relationships and perspective. I look forward to each day with a sense of confidence in my ability to remain focused on my intentions and in a constant positive flow. I have made a portfolio of material from the course that I carry with me. It is the fitness center for my soul, and it is open 24/7.  ~  Lance M.

With all the craziness going on in our world, there is no better time than now to open to hope and empowering change in our world. The Insight Course provides invaluable information and practical tools you can use to better be the change you want to see in these wild times. To see the table of contents for the course, click here. To begin this rich and powerful journey, visit the link below:

The Insight Course

With very best wishes for inspiring change,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: If you feel you don't have time for the whole course, you might appreciate exploring just one or two lessons. The two lessons which have consistently drawn the most positive reviews are lesson 3 and lesson 20. Enjoy!

More Messages of Appreciation for the Insight Course

I am definitely getting a more complete picture of the world around me. This makes all sorts of things easier to comprehend and hence less "scary." I feel more connected to people around me. When I see people going about their business, I can imagine they have families, brothers, sisters, joys and sorrows ... a life, just as important to them as mine is to me. I can't help but be nicer, more tolerant of people when I see them like this.  ~  Jeremy W.

The course has helped me to get grounded when people, information and energies around me are going wacko.  ~  Mary A.

I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful to have found this course. What a HUGE gift it has been for me! I am healing in ways I had no hope of healing.  ~  Brian

Each day I find more peace of mind and am experiencing so much growth. I am feeling so centered and peaceful. I am finding the course wonderful, and am excited everyday that I can spend the two hours or so for each lesson.  ~  Jennifer L.

I was profoundly moved and inspired. From the depth of my being, thank you for your role in our awakening.  ~  John L.

The most empowering, thought-provoking, shit-disturbing message that you repeat over and over is the acceptance of "what is" and the power of love as a transformational tool. I thank you for that. I am doing the breath work more often and with a wider variety of others - friends, enemies, and family. I find myself humming almost non-stop and definitely am smiling more!  ~  Cathy M.

I'm still awestruck that I've been led to the information and inspiration of the course. I don't have the words to express the thrill that it gives me to have this happening in my life. Thank you so much for this info and for just being there. It's a great relief that I've been led to a group of souls who I can relate to. ~ Craig Z.

I really got how my view was perpetuating the results I obtained in my world. I've been scouring your site, breathing and being grateful for all that occurs in my life. I find that I'm much more hopeful and excited – and much more interactive once again with people. So, it follows that breakthroughs are beginning to occur – my daughter found a house, my health is restored, and I'm back to the gym.  ~  Cathie B.

I am forever indebted to this course for being instrumental in changing my attitude towards my parents, which in the past was filled with deeply rooted bitterness and anger. You have convinced me I am responsible for my own circumstances, and that in order to change them, I am the one who has to change. My new attitude is already starting to pay huge dividends, and I am eternally grateful.  ~  David J.

I am feeling a circle of energy that is giving positive feedback, which will manifest more positive energy and more feedback. I am really excited. I cannot appreciate you enough for giving me the amazing opportunity to walk this transformation path. It is giving a huge new dimension to my life. Thank you sooo much!  ~  Esther V.

Don't miss this powerful opportunity to transform your life and be the change you want to see in our world. To begin your journey through the Insight Course, click the link below:

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