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Valentine's Day Gift of Love

Dear friends,

The brief statement below comes from the inspiring website These words are designed as a gift of love to be shared with all around us on Valentine's Day and beyond. Take a moment to read these words slowly and really feel the beautiful message here. By choosing to focus less on what divides us, and more on what unites us, we can build a world filled with more love and caring together.

A Gift of Love for Valentine's Day

Every person in the world has a heart.

Every heart has a place within
that wants only to love and be loved.

Let us connect with that
place of love in our own heart
and in the hearts of those around us.

Let us take a moment now
to open to the heart connection
we share with all people through love.

If these words helped to open your heart to the gift of love, spread the word by sharing this message with your friends and loved ones. You might also enjoy exploring the wonderful website which has an abundance of inspiring news, stories, and resources for spreading the gift of love. Thank you for taking this moment to invite more heartfelt love into our lives and into our world on Valentine's Day and beyond.

With very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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