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A rape survivor and the man who raped her teamed up to write a book and tell their story
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle, February 10, 2017
Posted: February 19th, 2017

The healing process from sexual assault is deeply personal and varies by individual, but a rape survivor and the man who raped her have teamed up to share their story in order to bring light to the social issue. Thordis Elva was raped in 1996 at 16 years old by Tom Stranger, her boyfriend at the time. After over 20 years, the pair has teamed together to talk candidly about their individual experiences of the rape during a TED Talk in San Francisco in October. The two of them are also co-authors of a book being released in March titled "South of Forgiveness," which tells the tale of what they both call "the darkest moment of their lives." Before they begin their story, they are careful to say their journey of reconciliation and forgiveness is not meant to be set as an example for others to follow, but to demonstrate that healing and forgiveness are possible. It's jarring ... to see a self-professed rapist take the mic, and the audience questioned Elva on why she decided to give Stranger a voice in the matter. She responded, "I understand those who are inclined to criticize me as someone who enabled a perpetrator to have a voice in this discussion," Elva says during a Q&A follow-up. "But I believe that a lot can be learned by listening to those who have been a part of the problem - if they're willing to become part of the solution - about what ideas and attitudes drove their violent actions, so we can work on uprooting them effectively. Just imagine all the suffering we could alleviate if we dare to face this issue together."

Note: The TED video available at the link above is quite moving.

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