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Pentagon: Wikileaks is threat
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of New York Times

New York Times, March 17, 2010
Posted: March 28th, 2010

To the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States, the Pentagon has added, a tiny online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world would prefer to keep secret. The Pentagon assessed the danger posed to the Army in a report marked unauthorized disclosure subject to criminal sanctions. It concluded that represents a potential force protection, counterintelligence, OPSEC and INFOSEC threat to the U.S. Army or, in plain English, a threat to Army operations and information. WikiLeaks, true to its mission to publish materials that expose secrets of all kinds, published the 2008 Pentagon report about itself on [March 15]. WikiLeaks ... has rankled governments and companies around the world with its publication of materials intended to be kept secret. The Armys interest in WikiLeaks appears to have been spurred by ... its publication and analysis of classified and unclassified Army documents containing information about military equipment, units, operations and nearly the entire order of battle for American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in April 2007. WikiLeaks also published an ... unclassified copy of the standard operating procedures at the military prison in Guantnamo Bay, Cuba. WikiLeaks said the document revealed methods by which the military prevented prisoners from meeting with the International Red Cross and the use of extreme psychological stress as a means of torture.

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