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Conspiracy film rewrites Sept. 11
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of USA Today

USA Today, April 27, 2006
Posted: November 11th, 2006

Loose being downloaded from the Internet and shown in small screenings here and overseas. The film appears especially popular among young people immersed in a Web culture brimming with sites that question the credibility of government. They see 9/11 as the defining moment of their lives. Professors and researchers of film and politics say the Internet is making it far easier to spread such theories because the traditional media are losing their hold on the news. Internet chat rooms are full of promos for screenings of Loose Change. Most of what the film alleges is refuted by the evidence at hand. Anything not answered definitively by the government is interpreted by the film as proof of a coverup. Some college students who saw Loose Change and are promoting it say it's good to raise questions. The film "at the very least suggests that we don't know the whole truth" says Matt Latham, a freshman at the University of California, Santa Cruz. People believe in conspiracy theories because the truth "is either too simple or too remote," says sociologist Clifton Bryant of Virginia Tech University. "We're always ready to believe something about which we know nothing."

Note: A big thank you to USA Today for carrying this article, even though overall it is trying to debunk the film. Loose Change ranked in the top 10 most viewed videos on Google for many months, and even reached the #1 position for a number of days. Don't miss this incredibly eye-opening film which is waking up caring citizens around the world. Click here.

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