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Navy's 'Fat Leonard' sex-for-secrets scandal widens, ensnares retired admiral
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor, March 15, 2017
Posted: March 26th, 2017

A retired US Navy admiral is one of six former officers arrested and charged with bribery in a recently-unsealed indictment, part of an ongoing investigation into the Fat Leonard scandal. Retired Navy Adm. Bruce Loveless ... stood accused of providing classified information and offering preferential business treatment to Malaysian defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis, known as Fat Leonard. In exchange, the indictment charges, he and the other members of Mr. Franciss Wolf Pack received a host of bribes, including meals, hotels, and encounters with prostitutes. Franciss company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, had long serviced Navy ships in the Pacific, cleaning, refueling, and restocking the ships. Over the course of a decade starting round 2005, Francis and his company worked to develop ties with Navy officers. These Navy officers, in turn, helped recruit others who might be willing to share classified shipping schedules and route Navy ships through ports where Franciss company could charge fake tariffs, prosecutors allege. In 2007, an email from chief warrant officer Robert Gorsuch told Francis that these officers were developing personality profiles on potential recruits. The rewards for participating Navy officers for this association which Francis admitted in 2015 cost the Navy $200 million were substantial. The indictment enumerates the bribes received by officers between 2006 and 2012. All in all, 13 defendants have pleaded guilty so far.

Note: At one point, Frances bribed Naval officials to redirect an aircraft carrier, and avoided prosecution for years by also bribing military investigators. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about corruption in the military and in the corporate world.

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