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Not so great expectations
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of The Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida's leading newspaper)

The Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida's leading newspaper), February 18, 2009
Posted: March 7th, 2009

The co-authors of the most extraordinary UFO report ever ignored by the media arent expecting much [coverage]. Robert Powell and Glenn Schulze, who produced Stephenville Lights: A Comprehensive Radar and Witness Study Regarding the Events of January 8, 2008 last summer for the Mutual UFO Network, continue to troll the bureaucracies for more data. Their analysis of radar returns from five civilian sites in the Stephenville, Tex., vicinity put the military into a jam after eyewitnesses reported a mammoth UFO being chased by F-16s. Responding to FOIA requests, authorities have a) surrendered only redacted flight logs of the 457th Fighter Squadron jets in the air that night, b) claim they have no military radar records of that incident, and c) offer no explanation for why their planes exited their military operating area on what theyve described as routine training missions. Powell doubts a serious search was made for his request. For the trickle-down flow of information to work, he says, you have to have a push on top of that executive order. If theres no pressure on them to do their jobs, they dont have to pay attention. In Littleton, Colo., Schulze has moved on. Sort of. Hes working on radar records for three additional UFO incidents, one of them involving yet another sighting over Stephenville on 10/23/08. Multiple witnesses, nighttime sighting, F-16s nearby, etc. Schulze calls it Stephenville II.

Note: For more on the intriguing Stephenville sightings, click here. For many reports from reliable, verifiable sources on UFO sightings, click here.

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