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Rep. Paul renews uphill push to abolish Fed
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of CNBC

CNBC, March 17, 2011
Posted: April 12th, 2011

Representative Ron Paul, a persistent critic of the Federal Reserve, [has] renewed his uphill fight to abolish the U.S. central bank, warning it is on track to create an inflation that will hit lower-income Americans especially hard. The Texas lawmaker has long championed dismantling the Fed, but at a hearing on [March 17] slammed its $600 billion bond buying program, which he said was creating inflation and undercutting the dollar. This week he introduced legislation abolishing the Fed. Congress considered curbing Fed regulatory powers in legislation passed last year but backed away, ultimately delegating more authority to the central bank to police the financial system. Paul's criticism of the Fed and its bond buying program has struck a chord with Republicans, particularly Tea Party activists. Other GOP lawmakers have introduced a measure that would strip the Fed of its full employment mandate and require it to concentrate exclusively on inflation. Rising energy and commodity prices have stirred inflation worries around the world and criticism that the Fed's vast expansion of bank reserves to buy Treasuries has stoked price rises.

Note: To understand why Rep. Paul is questioning the usefulness of the Fed, see reliable information on Fed manipulations at this link.

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