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Solazyme inks big deal with Unilever for algae oil
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of San Francisco Chronicle (SF's leading newspaper)

San Francisco Chronicle (SF's leading newspaper), September 25, 2013
Posted: October 1st, 2013

Ready for some genetically altered algae in your Dove soap or Ben & Jerry's ice cream? South San Francisco biofuel company Solazyme has struck a deal with British conglomerate Unilever to manufacture 3 million gallons of algae-based oil for the multinational whose brands include Dove and Ben & Jerry's. It's a big one for Solazyme, which started out 10 years ago producing jet and automobile fuel from algae and has since expanded into food and cosmetics with its "microalgae" additives. In addition to Dove and Ben & Jerry's, Unilever brands include Pond's, Caress and Noxzema in the personal care category, and Hellmann's, Lipton and Breyers in the food department. The "tailored oils," targeted initially at Unilever's beauty products, are the first to be produced on a commercial scale at Solazyme's sugarcane processing facility in Brazil. The company's own line of algae-infused cosmetics, including an antiaging ingredient called alguronic acid, have been sold in Sephora stores since 2011 under the Algenist label.

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