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Guide to Best Information

Best Information: General Introduction

Best information.

As this website contains many thousands of pages of reliable, verifiable information dealing with a wide variety of topics, this page is designed to help you quickly find the best information that is of most interest to you.

Reading through the whole page before exploring the links provided is recommended. This information is presented as an opportunity to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us to work together to strengthen democracy and build a brighter future for all. specializes in providing information-packed summaries and key media articles containing reliable, verifiable material on a number of major cover-ups. For a table listing all summaries available on our website, click on Concise Summaries. To access our news database of one-paragraph summaries of the most revealing news articles published in the mainstream media, click on Best Articles Ever. For an index to all of the topics covered with links direct to brief excerpts of the best major media articles on each topic, explore our News Article Index.

If you have a specific topic of interest, use the "Search" function at the top of every page to search for relevant documents. Information centers are also provided with links to areas of the website specializing in quality information on each of the major cover-ups. These information centers list what we feel are the best documents, summaries, videos, and an online lesson related to each specific cover-up.

Our Truth Videos section provides links to the best documentaries we have found available for free viewing. A wealth of Inspirational Resources are also provided as a balance to all of the information on cover-ups and corruption. We highly advise interspersing your reading with these refreshing materials which inspire us to be all that we can be and to work together for the good of all.

Best Information: Specific Recommendations

Best Concise Summaries recommends starting with the concise, revealing summaries of the critical cover-ups listed below. Most of this information is directly verifiable by using the links provided, which take you to the original information sources on well respected websites. To gain an better understanding of the breadth and depth of all that is being hidden from us, explore our full collection of engaging summaries available here.

9/11 Cover-up - Two-Page Summary
Banking Cover-up - Three-Page Summary
Health Cover-up - Two-Page Summary
Media Cover-up - Two-Page Summary
Mind Control - Two-Page Summary

Best Summaries of Big Picture

After reading the above summaries, you might want to take an inspiration break by reading our two-page summary of the big picture. This concise article not only briefly summarizes what is going on behind the scenes, it then provides inspiring suggestions on how we can powerfully work together to build a brighter future. - Two-Page Summary

The best single source revealing the deepest levels of deception is an amazing, free online book titled Lifting the Veil. Inviting you on a journey far down the rabbit hole, this masterpiece provides over 500 footnotes to highly credible sources to show how our lives and world have been manipulated by powerful groups of psychopaths in ways you may not have suspected. Yet it also shows that when we take personal responsibility, we can free ourselves to live the lives we choose. Don't miss this incredibly rich, informative book. - Lifting the Veil

Best Videos Available for Free Viewing

You can intersperse your reading with highly educational videos available for free viewing. Full transcripts of these fascinating documentaries are also provided when available. The first link below will take you to ten of the most revealing documentaries ever produced, most by major media sources. Following this are links to several amazing videos we most highly recommend.

10 Best Truth Videos

9/11 Documentary: 9/11 Press for Truth

BBC documentary: Power of Nightmares

PBS: The Secret Government

Discovery Channel documentary on child porn ring leading to highest levels of government

Excellent History Channel Documentary: Mind Control: America's Secret War

Top Major Media News Articles

We've summarized over 12,000 news articles from respected media sources which expose major cover-ups and corruption. Links are always provided to the original sources for verification. The first link below contains one-paragraph excerpts from some of the most revealing news articles ever published. The next link contains a list of only headlines and links to all articles we've summarized. The third link lists the many news topics for which we have one-paragraph news summaries. - Highly revealing news excerpts - News headlines, dates, and links only - List of links to news summary topics

Best Collections of News Articles by Topic:

9/11 News: Major cover-up hidden in plain sight

Financial/Banking News: Major manipulations of the ruling elite

Health News: Profit motive seriously damages our health

Media News: Media manipulations greatly limit public debate

Elections News: Major flaws in elections systems well hidden

Mind Control: Secret government programs used to manipulate global politics

UFO News: Top military officers reveal a major cover-up

Greed and the Military/Industrial Complex

To understand how greed and the military/industrial complex combine to keep the war machine primed, we recommend three important documents. First is a summary of the book War is a Racket, which though written by a highly decorated US general back in the 1930s, remains amazingly relevant today. The second link shows how the New York Times and other media hid the devastating effects of the first atomic bomb in order to promote weapons of mass destruction. The third gives excerpts from and links to declassified US government documents describing Operation Northwoods, where the Pentagon chiefs signed off on plans to orchestrate acts of terrorism in US cities and kill innocent civilians in order to provoke a war with Cuba in 1962.

Two-Page Summary of War is a Racket

Four-Page Article on Major Cover-up of WWII Atomic Bomb Effects in New York Times

Three-Page Summary of Declassified Documents: Pentagon Plans to Foment Terrorism in US

Big Business Wants Your Food to be Genetically Modified

We recommend you learn how greed in multinational corporations can directly affect your health. The link below presents the case of the multinational Monsanto corporation working in conjunction with the FDA to quietly slip dangerous GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) into the food you eat. Our 10-page summary of researcher Jeffrey M. Smith's landmark book Seeds of Deception includes plenty of footnotes to verify the engaging information provided.

Ten-page summary of Seeds of Deception

Best Inspirational Articles

We highly recommend interspersing your reading of the major cover-ups with some of the highly inspiration materials on our website. Any time you find yourself slipping into fear or anger, consider reading one or more of the moving articles below which remind us that when we work together, we can powerfully build a brighter future for all of us. To visit our Inspiration Center, which is filled with a variety of empowering, inspirational materials, see

Academic Mayor Transforms Bogotá

You Are Here to Help Us Through the Storm

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

A Deeply Inspiring Near-Death Experience

The Christmas Truce

Free Online Courses Bring It All Together

The creators of this website have compiled four free, powerful online courses which connects the dots on the big picture of all that's going on in our world. These courses not only give a comprehensive view of all that is being hidden, they also provide practical, inspiring ideas on what we can do to turn it all around and make a difference in our world. Even if you are aware of the big picture, you are almost guaranteed both to find some pearls and to find more hope through these mind-expanding courses. Choose the course which best matches your taste.

The Personal Growth Courses

Note: Read rave reviews to understand the value gained by those who have completed a course.

What You Can Do

Finally, we recommend taking a look at the information centers for each topic covered. You can choose which of these is of most interest to you, and then explore our recommendations for the best information on that topic. We also welcome any reliable, verifiable information you might have on these and other cover-ups. To contact us, click here.

What You Can Do. We have no doubt that by working together we can and will build a brighter future. When we step out of fear, secrecy, and polarization, we choose to join with the ever increasing numbers of people dedicated to working together for the good of all in our world. For a sister website which explores all of these cover-ups, places them in a greater context, and interweaves them with some of the many inspiring and transformational movements taking place in our world, see the powerful website of the free Insight Course available here.

You can make a difference right now by sharing the best information from with your family, friends, and colleagues. Click on the "share" links at the top or bottom of any page on this website for a variety of ways to spread the word. All pages, especially our summaries, are also designed to print well so that you can copy and share the information given. To contact your media and political representatives with this valuable information, click here. If you would like to send a short email introducing all of the empowering information provided on, click on the link below. And thanks for caring!