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Elections Guide: Comparison of Endorsements
For Propositions and Candidates

An Elections Guide to Save You Time on Voting

Dear friends,

By making good use of Internet search capabilities, you can save lots of time deciding on who and what you vote for in any election. The quick, easy way to do this is to find and compare the endorsements and recommendations of the organizations you most respect. By reviewing and deciding based on the in-depth research carried out by organizations that you support, you can save yourself lots of time and feel better about your choices on candidates and propositions about which you don't know much. A search on a good search engine can make this easy.

For example, you might do a search on "California November 2016 elections endorsements" (without the quotation marks). Place your own state or province name at the beginning of this string of words. You can also add to this string of search terms your favorite political party, newspaper, or whatever organization you most respect to find their recommendations and endorsements. Add the word "propositions" and/or "measures" if your ballot includes these. This process can save you time no matter what country, state, or province in which you live.

You can use a similar method for propositions or measures and for candidates in local elections as well, where party affiliations are not always mentioned. I searched for Alameda County, where I live, and found the below Democratic, Republican, and Green party endorsements. I first searched and found each party's website for my county by using the search terms "alameda county democratic/republican/green party." I then searched on these official party websites for their endorsements page. You can very likely find similar information for your local elections district. - Democratic Party - Republican Party endorsements (click on "Candidates List") - Green Party endorsements

You may also be able to find a chart which compares recommendations of numerous organizations. Simply add words to your search like "comparison" and/or "chart." Using this method, I found the excellent link below which provides an easy to use list comparing endorsements of many different organizations of all political persuasions on the various California propositions. By comparing the recommendations of the organizations I most respect on this chart, I didn't have to spend any time researching the propositions, yet could make choices in which I felt very confident. Here's the link:

And for some empowering information on the deep politics behind the electoral process, take a look at the reliable, verifiable information we've put together in our Elections Information Center at this link. Our elections may be much more manipulated than you think. And for a great website exposing electoral manipulations, see Black Box Voting at this link. By educating ourselves on these important matters, we can make a difference. Take care, and thanks for any efforts you are making to help build a better world for all of us.

With very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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