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Join Me in Flooding

Our World Leaders with Best Wishes


Oct. 15, 2003

Dear friends,


My life continues to be filled with amazing blessings. I'm going to be interpreting again for President Bush and President Megawati! This time the meeting will take place in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday, October 22nd. I invite you to join me in sending energy and prayers for love and opening to these two world leaders as I'm right there beside them.


Just last month, many of you participated in creating a small miracle when I was interpreting from English into Indonesian for these two leaders in New York, where they were both speaking at the UN. Literally hundreds of friends joined me in focusing our loving energies at that special meeting. Our invitation for Bush and Megawati to open to more love was so strong that I could feel the room vibrating. I know that on some level everyone present felt and was moved by this loving presence.


After this powerful experience, several of you emailed to ask that I give more advance notice if this happens again, so that you might forward the information and invite even more people to join in focusing their love on these leaders as I'm there with them. Well, though I've never before interpreted for the president more than once in a year, I've been asked to do it again only one month later! I invite you to spread the word now so that all who are interested can join us in focusing our energies on reaching the love and the divine spark that lies within the hearts of these world leaders.


Let me give you the exact times I will be with Bush and Megawati. Our meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd at 3:30 - 6:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (England), which is 11:30 to 2:00 AM Eastern Time in the US and 8:30 - 11:00PM on Tuesday night (the 21st) Pacific Time in the US. We will first have a formal discussion, followed by a working lunch (this will be lunchtime in Bali). Not long afterward, I'll interpret for Bush as he meets with several Indonesian Muslim leaders, though I don't know the exact time for this. In these meetings, it is very likely that Colin Powell and several other top officials will also be present.


I first interpreted for a president with Clinton in 1995 through a series of small miracles. I never even tried to become a top interpreter, yet it is very clear that God wanted me to do this work. From that very first time in 1995, what I have done in these meetings whenever I'm not focused on interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present. I know that this is the reason this work has been given to me.


It was wonderful to channel love on my own at those first meetings, yet eventually I realized how much more powerful it would be to have friends supporting me. So I invited friends to join me in this for the first time when I interpreted for Bush and Megawati in the Oval Office on Sept. 19, 2001, just eight days after 9/11! The second time I invited friends was just last month, when for the first time, I used my email address list to reach many more friends. For this upcoming meeting, I invite you to forward this to any of your friends who might be interested to so that we can have an even larger number of people all focused at the same time on inviting these leaders to open their hearts. Every one of you who chooses to join us strengthens this powerful invitation exponentially. Together, I know we have a huge impact!


Just so you know, in these meetings I rarely have any personal communication with those involved other than the pleasantries of hello, thank you, etc. And for anyone who is interested in all of the little miracles that brought me to interpret for presidents, I've written a one-page essay on that inspiring story which you can find at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the very first issue of Inspirations for the story "Little Miracles Lead Me to Interpret for the President." It's the second story in that issue.


If for whatever reason you can't send energy at the appointed time, I invite you to join us whenever and in whatever way you can. You can take a moment right now to send energy to Bush and to all world leaders that they and we might focus more on what's best for all on this planet, and that they/we invite in more love and harmony around the globe. Whether you join me at the appointed time or at any other time, thanks for joining us in this wonderful opportunity. And thanks for all that you are doing to create a better world for all of us!


With lots of love and very best wishes,



PS Even if you get this message after the meeting, you can send the invitation back in time to join us in that special moment. And let me know if you aren't on my mailing list and want to be added. Thanks for caring!

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