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"I'm glad to support your work. I value your newsletters very much and find myself reading them thoroughly. I especially appreciate that as you scan so many different media on similar topics and events, your coverage of certain key issues is much more comprehensive than other media. We need the comprehensive and in-depth perspectives more than ever."
   ~~  Ralph Metzner, pioneering consciousness researcher and author on giving a monthly donation

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"Thank you for your brilliant work, and fabulous, balanced web site. That you have the insight to combine political activism with inspirational relief from it, is a welcome paradigm shift. As a spiritual person, I find your organization a very welcome tool with which to navigate this bizarre time."  ~~  Jane E.

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"I send kudos on your fabulous website. I only recently discovered it. I bookmarked it and now, every time I come in to browse some more, I am re-impressed with how good I think it is. I also like that you a) admonish against sliding into 'victim mode', and b) offer suggested avenues of effective activism."  ~~  Heather

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"You, bar none, are the BEST SOURCE on the entire world-wide-web! I will ASAP do a distribution of your SUPERB information, and your need for support. You deserve ENORMOUS SUPPORT!"  ~~  Connie S.

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Note: For two short, powerfully inspiring videos helping to usher in a new paradigm, see the "Paradigm Shift" video available here and the fun "Wombat" video at this link.

"You guys are absolutely the best. This website is absolutely the best. I am a recovered MKULTRA experimental subject and your web site has helped me more than any other. Also I use it now for all my news. After I watch the BBC world news I go to the library and read your newsletters. I have been WAY FRUSTRATED with the mainstream news. FINALLY, I have found an alternative."  ~~  Anna W.

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