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In the Know Email List

Special message from PEERS and founder Fred Burks

Dear friends and supporters, and PEERS survive almost entirely on donations from caring individuals like you. And we offer everything we produce free of charge to all interested. Yet we have a special offer for those who make are major contributors as an expression of gratitude for their generous support. This special offer is membership in a private email list I manage.

Due to's popularity and global reach, over the years several dozen awesome individuals from around the world who are both serious researchers and deeply dedicated to helping transform our planet have made contact and eventually developed a rich, ongoing connection with me, as's manager. A few of these are government insiders, though most are caring citizens who have made serious contributions to educating large numbers of people to all that is going on behind the scenes. These people are real movers and shakers in our world.

For a number of years, I had a special email list only for these people, which I call the "In the know" list. Now, I am happy to invite all who are major donors to also become members of this list. The emails sent to this list generally include the most profound and/or impactful information that I receive. They cover incredibly deep, sometimes disturbing, and sometimes deeply penetrating and inspiring material which goes beyond the interest of most subscribers to the list.

To our email list (which has over 10,000 subscribers), only the most reliable, verifiable information is sent. Almost all information sent comes from sources recognized and respected by the general public. Though I manage this list, I very rarely offer my own speculation as to what is going on in the bigger picture of life and our world.

For the private "In the Know" list, however, I send out much more speculative, yet also thoroughly grounded information. Often this information is quite valuable to those who are researching deep into both the positive and negative forces which have a strong influence on our world. I also forward key information sent to me from members of the list to the others on the list. The information shared has even stimulated some engaging conversations which have been most helpful and enlightening to us all.

The messages sent to this list cover a wide range of topics, including: archetypes of consciousness; paranormal phenomena; speculation on how certain secret societies have played a major role in the hidden history of our world; expanded dimensions of reality and how they may be used by ETs, spirits, and people using mind-expanding drugs; explorations into how we are all interconnected yet have somehow co-created a reality which includes pain and suffering on a large scale; and many other topics focused on personal and global transformation.

On average I send out email messages to this list about once a month, though this can vary quite a bit, depending on the amount of really powerful and/or enlightening information coming in. All emails to this list are sent from my personal email address. The email addresses of all members on this list are sent using BCC, so no one's identity on the list is ever revealed. These email addresses are never shared with anyone without their permission.

Please note also that the people on this list have both a deep understanding of the major cover-ups and a solid spiritual base. We come from a variety of religious backgrounds, yet we all believe that every person in the world has a heart, that every one of us makes a difference, and that we are all somehow interconnected in a divine cosmic dance.

I highly recommend that all who wish to join this private list read three key essays which I believe give the best big picture summary of all that is going on in our lives and world. In case you have not seen one or more of these incisive essays, you can read them at the links below. - Building a Brighter Future (2-page essay) - Speculation on Big Picture (7-page essay) - Shifting Paradigms (10-page essay)

These essays give an excellent background for information shared on the "In the know" list. If you choose to join this list, yet later find it isn't useful, you can always unsubscribe at any time by just sending me an email asking to be unsubscribed. And please note that even though I'm very selective about who is added to this list, members are free to share anything I send out to the list in whatever ways feels appropriate.

I so wish I could make this list available free of charge to any who are interested, yet I also feel it is important to have something like this to express gratitude to our major donors and supporters. Yet if anyone who is not a major donor feels it is important for them to be on this list and truly can't afford to donate, please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom right of this page and send a message explaining your circumstances. I will make exceptions in unusual situations. Thanks for all that you do to help transform our world, and you take care.

With deep gratitude and very best wishes to all of our supporters,
Fred Burks
PEERS Executive Director and manager of

P.S. For an incredibly inspiring, one-minute video titled "Unbelievably Lucky," which shows the quality of some of our inspirational material, click here.