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Hidden Knowledge
Taking to the Next Level

Hidden Knowledge is filled with hidden knowledge that can help you to better understand all that is going on in our world. For those who are already aware of much of the hidden knowledge covered here, you will likely appreciate several essays which brilliantly explore the bigger picture of all that is going on here on planet Earth. Brief descriptions and links for these essays are available here.

For those who are relatively new to all of this hidden knowledge, we recommend that you start with concise summaries of each major topic available at this link. Or even better, consider the online course put together by the founders of The Hidden Knowledge Course. If you are ready to take the powerfully revealing information of and use it to make a difference in your life and in our world, the Hidden Knowledge Course was designed for you.

This free, online course brings together the best of and connects the dots on all that is being hidden, enabling you to better face today's challenges and to be a positive force for change in your life, and in our world. Though the course is excellent for bringing those with limited knowledge of the major cover-ups up to speed, even seasoned researchers will likely appreciate the way the course ties it all together and gives ideas on what we can do to build a brighter future.

Amazing – I learned more than I thought I would. Thanks for inspiring me to do more and be more!  ~  Steve P.

The mind-expanding Hidden Knowledge Course covers a rich variety of topics masterfully woven into 11 lessons. In these information-packed lessons, the most powerful and revealing material on each major topic covered by is arranged to give you full-spectrum understanding of the many manipulations being carried out by the power elite of our world. Always using reliable, verifiable sources, the course also lays out the reasons and principles behind all that is going on.

"I really liked the Hidden Knowledge course because instead of the paranoid and angry voice demanding change, it emphasizes that we don't stoop to the level of some of the people out there. It takes a true shift in values to bring good to the world. This course did a fantastic job of bringing people together instead of tearing them apart."  ~  Nicole

Especially with all of the secrecy and craziness going on in our world, now is the time to open to hope and powerful change in our world. Through highly revealing essays, powerful online videos, thought-provoking quotes, and lots more, the Hidden Knowledge Course can give you the invaluable information and practical tools you need to more effectively make a difference in these exciting times. To begin this rich and transformative journey, click below.

The Hidden Knowledge Course

PEERS, the nonprofit organization under which operates, has developed a number of dynamic, free online courses. The Hidden Knowledge Course focuses largely on the shadow side of our world. If you are interested in exploring another course which also exposes the dark underbelly of our world, yet intermixes this with some of the most inspiring material available on the Internet, the Insight Course may be a better choice for you.

The Insight Course includes and interweaves all of the powerful, eye-opening information contained in the Hidden Knowledge Course with amazingly inspiring materials in 21 heart and mind expanding lessons. Read the comments of those who have completed the course at this link and consider taking this transformative journey which powerfully inspires us both to step ever more fully into our magnificence and to make a real difference in our world.

This course has been incredibly insightful (and appropriately named!). I was already getting into the shadow side of all the things being hidden from us and feeling fear, frustration and desperation. This course helped me solidify a bigger and more complete picture of this. Yet I was also inspired to want to be the change, and to not go down the path of fear and frustration. I realized that we CAN do something about the bad things in this world.  ~  Justin

The Insight Course