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What Would It Feel Like to
Trust the Universe?

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Poetry and other art forms can be meaningful catalysts for social change and collective awakening. Enjoy this beautiful poem that invites you to explore your relationship with trust.

With very best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for the PEERS empowerment websites

What Would It Feel Like to Trust the Universe?
By Amara Karuna

What would it feel like
To have no fear of the future?
What if I could stride forward with confidence and faith 
Knowing that whatever comes is medicine?
Assured that I will be equal to whatever task arises, or at least give it a good try?

What if the waves of change and destruction 
Can be met with interest,
Free from anxiety?
What if death is not to be feared?

What if there is a path through the pain
A shining trail through the darkness 
That can always be found by asking 
And blazed with a light from within?

What if I could face a dark cloud of imminent doom with equanimity?

What if I could see the people vying to control the world
As aspects of the world mind
Unwilling to admit their tiny specks of power 
Are actually minute particles
in a vastness
That can never be tamed?

What would it feel like
To lean in to the future grinning
Like leaning in to a strong wild wind
With arms spread wide
And hair whipping everywhere 
Letting the forces that guide us
Have their way?

What would it feel like
To really trust the universe.

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