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My Top Information Sources and Some Astounding News

Jan. 27, 2004

Dear friends,


I find that when government dominates media, the Internet is the most powerful tool to stay informed. To keep up on news not covered in the mainstream media, I depend on some great, alternative information sources. As several people have asked about this, I'm sending you this email with these excellent news summaries and how to subscribe to them. I've also got links to two dynamite articles below the summaries. I largely depend on three free (donation-based) Internet news sources.


Truth-Out sends out one daily email giving only the headlines of about 10 articles. They provide a link for each headline if you want to read the full article. I simply scan the headlines for anything that grabs me. Many days nothing grabs me and I move through the email in less than a minute. Other days, I find two or three fascinating articles which I don't find in the general media. I find Truth-Out's information to be highly reliable and useful. To get on their list, see and click on "Subscribe" near the bottom of the page.


GlobalCirclenet sends out emails once or twice a week. Each email lists and numbers 10 to 25 headlines. Underneath this concise list, you can read a summary of the article or sometimes the entire article. Links to the original sources are usually provided. Besides thumbnail excerpts, readers are provided links to many news sources largely unknown in the U.S and elsewhere. Subscribe with an email to:

[email protected]


Information Clearing House (ICH) sends out a daily email giving headlines and brief summaries of a good number of articles, with links to original sources. This one takes a little more time to go through, as there is no list of headlines. Even so, if there is nothing that catches my eye, it only takes a minute or two for me skip through and read all the headlines. Usually, however, there are at least one or two articles I want to read. And even the headlines in themselves help to keep me up on what's going on. You can subscribe by going to and giving your email address in the subscribe box at the bottom of the page.


For those who are interested in being more actively involved in global transformation, I highly recommend MoveOn.This organization has a membership of two million people who are making a big difference. They have carefully written petitions which are completely legitimate and listened to in Congress (most Internet petitions which simply require names are not considered seriously). They have also led some fantastic campaigns which often only require a few minutes of your time or a modest donation. They send out an email every few days on average with ideas for action. Join in and help to create a better world! Go to and click on "Sign Up for Action Updates."


I highly recommend each of the above resources. They take very little of my time, yet I know I am keeping myself well informed and joining in making a big difference. Below are two astounding articles have come out just in the last few days on one or more of the above news lists. The first is:


"Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?" This incredible article is from the San Francisco Chronicle website. People are starting to wake up!


The second article is a transcript of a speech by Republican Presidential candidate John Buchanan, who is running against Bush. Buchanan is running on the platform that Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11! He says we need to get this country back to democracy. He's even been getting some media attention.


For those who are interested in the websites I manage, the website continues to get several hundred visitors every day with an occasional spike to several thousand. We've now had a total of about 140,000 visitors. Some high level officials have contacted us through this website to offer both support and important information. We are making a big difference.


The other three websites, Moment of Love, Global Community for All, and Web of Love, are averaging anywhere from 10 to 50 visitors a day. I'd love to find more volunteers interested in adding inspirational content and making these sites more attractive. I welcome any thoughts that you might have on this. All four of these website are a manifestation of my deep commitment to personal and global transformation through love and empowerment. Thanks for your commitment to creating a better world, and you have a great day and week ahead!


With love and very best wishes,




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